Ice Cream Bingo Tourney

Everyone loves an ice cream to help cool down in the warm summer months in the warm summer months. Ice Cream is usually made from dairy products, such as milk and cream, and combined with a variety of fruits or other flavours to produce a wide selection of different tasting ice cream varieties.
Ice cream is loved by both children and adults and is mainly seen as a treat, a special occasion, although in this modern age most home have some form of ice cream in their freezers. Ice cream can vary greatly in consistency from soft scoop to a soft whipped version popular at fairs and fetes. With more recent demand for a luxurious, thicker ice cream, the popularity of brands such as Ben & Jerry’s and Häagen-Dazs have reinvented the humble ice cream to be more of a luxury treat that comes in an even larger selection of flavours and tastes.
ice-cream-tourney-desktop-gbpJuly is National Ice-cream month and you can enjoy a month filled with delicious Ice-Cream bingo fun at CyberBingo. Enjoy a scoop of your favorite Ice-Cream in July at CyberBingo as we play for a refreshingly cool £2,400 in delicious prizes in the CyberBingo Ice-Cream Bingo Tourney.
CyberBingo’s tasty Ice-cream Bingo Tourney plays in the Summer Bingo room from July 4th till July 31st and you can get more chances to win £600 as the tourney winner with a tasty Buy 6 Get 3 Free offer on all cards.

That’s free chances to win every game you play!

Sweet Tasting Candy Bingo Fun

Our taste buds love the taste of sweet things, candy, fizzy drinks chocolate bars and it’s hard to imagine a time when sweet foods were not part of our diet. Sweet foods date back to ancient times when people discovered that the well-guarded contents of a bee’s hive contain sweet tasting honey. Getting hold of this favored food may have been dangerous but the rewards were unrivalled by another other food in our diets. The first candy bars (or closest comparison) comprised of nuts and fruits that were rolled in honey. The manufacturing of sugar during the middle ages brought candy to the people but the cost was so prohibitive that is was reserved for the upper classes, those with money. As the price of manufacturing sugar was reduced in the seventeenth century, hard candy became popular within the masses and led to the modern day “sweet tooth” that sees us enjoy candy nearly every day.
candy-bingo-tourney-desktop-gbpEnjoy delicious bingo treats in CyberBingo’s Spring bingo room between June 6th and July 3rd and play for a share of £1,800 in fabulous prizes in the CyberBingo Candy Bingo Tourney. CyberBingo will play one its special tourney bingo games every hour of every day during this tasty tournament and each time you win one of these sweet bingo games, you will be added to the tourney leaderboard. The more of these games you win, the higher you can climb up the CyberBingo Candy Bingo Tourney leaderboard and the winner of a sweet £600 first prize!

Keno fun and excitement in June

Keno is one of the oldest games in the casinos, and as you would expect in a game that has existed for more than three thousand years. Best reports suggest that Keno was invented approximately 3000 years ago by Cheung Leung, a ruler of the great Han Dynasty. At the time, Leung’s city was involved in a long, drawn out war, one that had all but exhausted the city’s funds and resources. Unable to draw more tax money from the residents, Cheung Leung conceived of an idea that would both fill his city’s coffers and would not place extra taxation on his citizens. The game he invented was somewhat similar to the modern keno we play today and enabled Cheung Leung to earn enough money in order to finance the war. The game may have changed over the years from an original 1000-character game to our modern 80 number version but the method of play remains.

53018_thumb_keno-tourney-fbChoose your lucky numbers between June 6th and June 26th at CyberBingo and you could be crowned the CyberBingo Keno Tournament winner of £300 cash. For your chance to win, play any or all of CyberBingo’s selection of Keno machines and your aggregate winnings will be totaled up and added to the tourney leaderboard. With £1,500 in prizes to be won by the top 20 players who win the most playing keno, start playing CyberBingo’s fun filled Keno machines for your chance to be a winner in the CyberBingo Keno Tournament.

Spread the Word in May

When it comes to the good things in life, great deals, the best shops, our favorite restaurants, we all love to share them with our friends. Whether it’s by word of mouth, FaceBook, Twitter or any other method of social media, we want to make sure that all our friends know about them. On the flip side, we all love to receive great deals and suggestions from our friends, things that we did not know about and had been missing out on. Word of mouth and nowadays social media are the best form of advertising as you are sure that the information you receive comes from a trusted source, your friends.

Spread the word and share the fun and excitement of playing at CyberBingo with all your friends in May and you could be playing more of the great bingo games you love for free.

For every friend that registers a new account in May, CyberBingo will reward you with a fabulous £20 free bonus. All your friends will instantly receive a £25 free bonus to play and a massive 500% bonus on their first deposit. You’ll also receive a buddy commission of 5% on every deposit your friends make, that free bonuses every time they fund. That’s a win, win situation for both you and your friends as you share the great bingo playing experience of CyberBingo.
Spread the word in May!

National BBQ Month

Summer is just around the corner and it’s time to fire up the BBQ in May for National BBQ month. BBQ’s area way of life for the summer months, Steaks, ribs, burgers, there’s not much that can’t be cooked and enjoyed on a BBQ grill. When it comes to great BBQ food there are many views on how best to cook the perfect BBQ. Some love to marinade their meats in delicious secret recipes, others prefer to just throw meat straight on the grill as they are, but the real art to a great BBQ is the friends and family that you invite to come on over and join in the fun.

Celebrate National BBQ month with us at CyberBingo and your BBQ’s could be the talk of the town this summer as we give away a fabulous new BBQ grill. This incredible raffle is open to everyone and costs nothing to enter and is only open until 5am BST, June 1st, so make sure to get your entry in for your chance to win yourself an Incredible gas BBQ grill courtesy of CyberBingo.


All you have to do is follow 4 easy steps:
1) Follow CyberBingo on our Facebook page.
2) Post a photo of yourself playing Bingo games at CyberBingo.
3) Use the hashtag ‪#‎IWIN@CyberBingo along with your CyberBingo username.
4) Enter the Code BBQ2016 under my account>bonus section after placing a minimum of one deposit during the month of May.

Kentucky Derby Speedy Bingo

It’s time to experience “The Most Exciting Two Minutes In Sports” on Saturday May 7th as racegoers descend upon Churchill Downs in Louisville, Kentucky for the 142nd Kentucky Derby. The race is also known as “The Fastest Two Minutes in Sports” for the time it takes to run and also as “The Run for the Roses” due to the blanket of roses that are draped over the winner. Time seems to stop still for this great race, nothing else seems to matter for those 2 minutes, filled with excitement, it’s incredible how many £1000’s of pounds are won and lost in such a short space of time. Being the first race in the calendar for the American Triple Crown, it has great importance for riders and owners. Whether you watch it live from your home or at Churchill Downs, this truly is a sporting spectacle not to be missed.
51973_thumb_kentucky-derby-700x700Enjoy all the excitement of the Kentucky Derby with your CyberBingo roomies from 1am BST on Saturday night as we play our exclusive Kentucky Derby Speedy bingo games. The fun filled, fast paced bingo games are filled with bingo excitement as we race towards great cash prizes every game. We’re under Starters orders at 1am BST in the CyberBingo Spring bingo room, so grab your Mint Julep and get ready to keep up with the caller as we play Kentucky Derby Speedy Bingo!

Making our planet a better place

Cyberbingo is inviting all roomies to get together on Friday April 22nd in an attempt to make our planet a better place and celebrate Earth Day as a community.

To do this we are offering you four hours of great bingo fun as we play for guaranteed cash prizes in our Save the Planet Multi-Part Bingo games, starting from 10pm BST in the spring bingo room.

And with an amazing Buy 6 Get 3 Free on all cards in our Save the Planet Multi- Part Bingo games, you can join in today’s celebrations with more chances to win for free!Save-the-Planet-Multi-Part-Bingo-700x700

Literally millions of people around the world come together and participate in Earth Day celebrations as a way to encourage changes in human behaviour and trigger positive changes with the hope of making our home a better place to live in.

Simple acts like buying local products, making use of reusable shopping bags, switching to more energy saving light bulbs can all be considered as small acts which can considerably make a positive impact on our planet.

Naturally deciding whether or not you want to make a difference in the environment we live in is up to you but while Earth Day activities may be portrayed as useless and ineffective acts, in the end making a move to support positive change will always make a difference.

Patriot’s Day with Cyberbingo

April 18th is Patriot’s Day.  This historic day is annually held on the third Monday of April and is celebrated as the first and major step in securing the independence of the United States.

Here are 5 things to know about this historic day;

  1. Significance

The significance of this day revolves around the importance of the country’s independence as a result of the American War of Independence.

  1. History

The American War of independence is considered to be as the great step which ensured the United State’s independence.  The first battles in this war were fought solely in the area of Lexington and Concord on April 19th, 1775.  It is therefore why this day is seen as a symbolic representation for the emerging renaissance of the country.

  1. Minutemen

Minutemen were part-time soldiers whose job was to quickly respond and assist to any threats which may occur.

  1. Paul Reverse

One of the most respected patriots to be commemorated with great honour on Patriot’s Day.  Reverse was an American silversmith who is memorialized in Henry Wadworth Longfellow’s poem ‘Paul Reverse’s Ride’.

  1. How do you celebrate Patriot’s Day?

With so many fun activities taking place, there is really nothing one cannot do to commemorate such an eventful day.  With festivities stretching over an entire weekend with parades, re-enactments and commemorative ceremonies in Boston, Lexington, Concord and surrounding towns, you can be rest assured to have a wide variety of options to choose from and enjoy.aff-patriots-day-700x700

At Cyberbingo we will be doing the exact same thing;  celebrating Patriot’s Day the only way we know how: play our favourite games in bingo.  We are inviting all roomies to join the fun in the USA bingo room and celebrate this historic occasion and play for fantastic cash prizes.

Our Patriot’s Day Coverall games start at 12AM BST on Monday April 18th and we will play 3 incredible £2,000 min £200 coverall games with each game playing as a top of the hour game with a cash pot starting at £2,000.

More Chance to win

With each card costing just £0.60 each and with a fantastic Buy 6 Get 3 offer on all cards, chances are you may very well end up a winner on Patriot’s Day at Cyberbingo.

What’s attracting the younger audience to online bingo?

It is often said that one of the most prominent problems with the bingo industry in recent years has been the perception that the industry is made up of an ageing population.  For many reasons now, this notion simply does not apply anymore.

For starters as our societies and technology evolve, it was of utmost important that past habits and traditions find a way into the modern world.  And this is exactly what Bingo has done; it has adopted greatly and testament to this is the rapid growth from the younger demographic which has seen a remarkable surge in popularity among the younger age groups.

Notably this has been possible with the introduction of Mobile bingo.  Technology has become an extremely fundamental part in our lives; where many of us don’t go an hour without checking our phones and this is exactly why mobile bingo is making such quick strides.

Online Bingo

Another advantage is the convenience bingo players have nowadays where players can enjoy a game or two at a time that most suits them, wherever they are.  Thanks to the live chat features, the sense of community is still ever present as online players can choose to chat and make friends as they please.  The game is also cheaper than games in traditional halls, so enjoying your favourite bingo game is also a financially viable option.

While the most  of traditional bingo fans can still be found in many towns around the world,  what seems to be certain is that the future seems to lie in online bingo where the combination of both worlds create a fun, exciting and fast paced exciting game.

Enjoying a day with our Pets!

Sometimes we tend to be so busy with our jobs, friends, travel and our lives in general that most often we tend to ignore (those who do own a pet) and deny our loving pets the quality time and attention they seek.  Even though we do love our pets every day, it is quite appreciative to have a whole day dedicated to pamper our pets a little bit more.  Well today is Pet Day, so here’s our chance.

There is so much one can do with his pets – If it’s a dog for example you can choose to go for an extra mile or two giving him the chance to socialise with other dogs.petday3

Give them a special treat.  Special treats are always a great way to pamper your pet.  Just always make sure it is suitable.  Best of all is that they all appreciate what we do for them.

Show them extra attention.  This is the easiest and simplest way to show that you truly care for your pet.  They are always there to keep us company and love us unconditionally, so why not take the chance to repay the favour?

Win yourself fantastic weekly treats this April

The Flowers are now blossoming at almost full swing and with the spring season in the air, Cyberbingo is offering you the chance to win fantastic prizes every week in April with our April Weekly Raffle Treat.

Each week in April at Cyberbingo we will be offering a unique flower code for you to redeem that will automatically enter you into our weekly raffle draw for some exciting prizes to be won.  Remember that to redeem your code you simply have to log into your Cyberbingo account and enter it under my account>bonusapril-weekly-raffle-fb

For more information on how to redeem our weekly’s exclusive codes this month visit;

Spin and Win on our Spring Slots Tourney

With Spring well way in our calendar, why not make the most out of it at Cyberbingo this year?  You could be in with a chance to win a share of £1,800 in fantastic prizes playing in our Spring Slots Tourney.

You are guaranteed a full 3 weeks of great fun and the very best slot action between April 4th and April 25th with a fantastic cash prize of £600 to the winner.spring-slots-tourney-700x700

So don’t forget The Spring Slots Tourney plays from Monday, April 4th at 5.01 GBT till April 25th at 10.59 am GBT


Win a Summer Cruise

If your idea of a dream vacation is five to seven days of some great food, same accommodation, stress-free transportation and fun packed activities to enjoy throughout the whole trip, then you definitely cannot pass away the chance to win this fantastic 8 day 7 nights summer cruise offer from Cyberbingo.

Cruising has come a long way especially with many travellers eager to change from the usual flying experience one is normally used to.  Ships are getting bigger and bigger and the activities are so diverse that no one can feel left out.

So what’s included?


With cruising you get to stay in the same room for the duration of your vacation and what better feeling to have than going back to your room to find your beds all tidy? aff-summer-cruise-giveaway-FB

A guaranteed good time:

Entertainment is one of the things travellers on a cruise are definitely guaranteed of.  Spas for example are very popular these days and some of the suites you will find will most certainly relax and refresh you.  World class performers in some truly fantastic original shows by Royal Caribbean Productions is also something you are sure to enjoy.

Food and Dining:

Just picture a dinner with an appetizer of calamari, prime rib for entrée and a cheesecake and coffee for dessert.  These delicious treats are just some of what make cruise dining so spectacular; and all this can all be waiting for you.

Activities to enjoy:

Inside cruise activities from a day at the pool, aqua aerobics to rock wall climbing for the adventures kind, with all equipment provided.

Staying Fit:

With so much food being consumed throughout the trip, it’s almost impossible to not manage to do any exercise.  Your conscience won’t let you.  Try putting in at least half an hour a day to fitness related activities.  With some of the best equipment around, the options are there really.

This incredible Summer Cruise Giveaway is for 2 people with regular boarding fair tickets.  Air Fare to Florida is included.  Alcoholic drinks are subject to change including cruise dates due to cruise availability.

Celebrating April fool’s day at Cyberbingo

One particular April Fool’s prank for the record books took place in Venice, Italy precisely in 1919.  What happened was that when the city’s residents woke up, what they could see was horse manure dotting the streets which can be considered as very strange for a city with such a few number of horses.  It’s funny even thinking about though!  It had turned that a visiting British who was well known for his pranks, took the time to transport manure from the mainland and drop piles of the stuff around the city.  It’s definitely one for the records!

Cyberbingo will this year be celebrating this tradition in the craziest of fashions.  We will be in the Spring Bingo room and everyone is invited to join the craziest bingo fun in our Crazy Fool Bingo playing for fabulous prizes.crazy-fool-bingo-700x700-fb2

Starting from 10pm BST in the spring bingo room, you can be with a chance to win prizes of up to £600 and with a card cost of £0.90 a card, you are definitely guaranteed a fantastic 4 hours of nonstop fun!

Free Cards

Increase your chances to win on April fool’s Day with our Great Buy 6 Get 3 Free bingo card offer.  All you have to do is pick 9 cards and you will get charged just for 6!

Celebrating Easter at Cyberbingo

Almost there now.  Just a few more hours for Easter and guess what?  At Cyberbingo we are just getting ready for a full fun packed weekend filled with great fun, excitement and bingo with fantastic bingo cash prizes waiting to be won in our Easter Weekend Eggstravaganza.

Our top of the charts Easter Weekend Eggstravaganza kicks off this Friday March 25th opening its’ doors at 11pm GBT and runs till Sunday March 27th.  Each night at 11 pm GBT we will play an Easter Eggstravaganza bingo game for a coverall prizes of up to £9,000 cash.  All this great Easter fun will take place in the Spring bingo guaranteeing the very best to celebrate this Easter in style.eggstravaganza-easter-fb

You can get more bingo fun and more chances to win this weekend with an incredible Buy 6 Get 3 free offer on all bingo cards.  If you think you cannot make the weekend, no problem.  Pre buy your Easter Weekend Eggstravaganza bingo cards for a chance to win a share of up to £9,000 in cash prizes during the Easter weekend.

At Cyberbingo we always seem to get extra excited at the end of the month and excitement levels always seem to go above the norm.  This is because The Big Bingo Event is just round the corner with guaranteed bingo fun to finish off the month on a great high.aff-march-50k-coverall-FB

We guarantee incredible bingo fun and excitement on Saturday March 26th as you get a chance to win a fantastic cash prizes of up to $25,000 Coverall Minimum £5,000 Event.  The Big Bingo event will be kicking off at 12am GBT in the Bingo tourney room with three top of the hour £500 guaranteed games and at 12 am GBT, you could be the one to walk away with the big prize of up to £25,000 in cash.

Happy Easter and Have a blast playing with Cyberbingo!

As we’re in the last few days before Easter, we try to remember what this festivity brings and what it means in different countries around the world and the customs people normally practice.  Traditionally Easter is widely regarded as a religious holiday which commemorates love, sacrifice and the beginning of a new life.

Such is the popularity of Chocolate and Easter eggs nowadays that confectionary industries seem to come up with all kinds of different chocolate eggs every year.  Who can blame anyone for this love for chocolates eggs filled with bonbons?  It’s these little things which makes life so great  :)

While we agree about the deliciousness of these little things, it is also important that Easter eggs carry a very old tradition symbolising spring and a new life.  In fact they are a popular custom in many countries not just in the United Kingdom, with many different games associated to egg hunts taking place.  Nowadays people give each other delicious Chocolate Easter eggs to indulge in, and children looking for their Easter eggs around their homes or garden by the Easter bunny.easterbunny

The inclusion of children in the origin of the fun side of Easter can be widely be accredited to the complex and different issues surrounding the real meaning of Easter, which is the life and death of Jesus Christ.  So because of this, we tend to divert to the more light hearted and eye catching symbols of eggs and rabbits which have therefore resulted in the traditional joy-filled egg hunts.

We hope our Cyberbingo readers have found this short insight to Easter traditions.  Remember our next blog edition will focus on our upcoming ‘Easter Eggstravaganza’ weekend as we bring you more fantastic chances to win amazing bingo prizes this Easter.

St. Patrick’s Guaranteed Pots

When you think of March 17th, you almost surely think of green, spending time with friends and having a good time.

From rowdy pub crawls to entertaining parades and family-friendly festivals; there is nothing quite like St. Patrick’s’ day for a guaranteed fun day.

With such a popular holiday being celebrated all over the world, from the U.S. to Australia to Argentina and even the Asian region, we all know Cyberbingo is the perfect place to be when it comes to celebrating popular events and having a great time together.

In fact, Cyberbingo is inviting you to wear your favourite green shirt and make your way to the Spring Bingo room on March 17th for a chance to win £1,500 cash playing in our Saint Patrick’s guaranteed

Playing from 10 PM GMT, each pot will have a guaranteed prize of £500 cash which means all you have to do is show up with your lucky charm!

Not sure you will be around for the day? Why not Pre-order your cards now for your chance to win up to £1,500 in cash? Simply log into your Cyberbingo account and Pre-order your cards TODAY!

International Women’s day on Tuesday March 8th

International Women’s Day is celebrated all over the world, every year on March 8th. On this day the world celebrates womanhood and pays tribute to influential role models, mothers, sisters, powerful politicians and history makers that have been women. Values and achievements made by women across the globe.

Every country in the world celebrates this day differently. In certain countries for instance, the day is celebrated as a national holiday where women get the day off work! In other countries, it is a day where men get a chance to honour the women in their lives by giving flowers and nice gifts.

This day is all about recognising and appreciating the presence of women in our lives; whoever it might be. This is why here at Cyberbingo we want to join the celebration on International Women’s Day in recognition of the great women around

Join your bingo roomies from 11pm GMT in the Spring Bingo room on March 8th room to enjoy a day full of excitement playing your favourite bingo games.

With fantastic cash prizes to be won every game and an incredible Buy 6 Get 3 Free offer on all cards, let’s make this day a day to remember with super bingo fun and excitement at Cyberbingo!

Win yourself the perfect Spring brunch to enjoy with family and loved ones!

If you’re asking how or why, let us give you a brief explanation on how lucky you may turn out to be. Basically Cyberbingo is giving away a fantastic £200 gift card to use at one of your favourite restaurant or to spend at your local grocery store if you prefer to impress them with your cooking skill set.spring-holiday-brunch-fbmarch2016

To participate is very easy. All you have to do is enter the given code when you next fund your account during the month of March to be automatically entered into the Spring Holiday Brunch free draw to win this amazing £200 Spring Holiday Brunch gift card.

Leap Day fun and excitement with CyberBingo

Surrounded in history and tradition, February 29 only comes around once every four years – and we happen to have one just TODAY!

It is extremely rare or almost impossible to have a birthday on February 29th. In fact it is so rare that the chances of having a leap birthday are one in 1,461. People who are born on February 29th are normally referred to as ‘’leaplings’’ or ‘’leapers’’.

It is why this day is so rare to us that Cyberbingo is giving all its’ lovely roomies the opportunity to have more fun playing bingo games thanks to an incredible Leap Day bonus of up to 600% every time you fund your account.leap-dayBONUS-fb

  • Deposit between £10 and £29 to receive a 200% Leap Day bonus
  • Deposit between $30 and $59 to receive a 400% Leap Day bonus
  • Deposit £60 or more to receive an amazing 600% Leap Day bonus!

These special Leap Day bonuses are only available until 4.59AM on March 1st, so make sure to claim yours TODAY as leap day will only come back again in 2020!