500% Bonus Blowout Special

Here at Cyberbingo we’re constantly thinking of new offers and ways to make your bingo experience all the more enjoyable and stress free. But now we really feel that our next offer is guaranteed to blow the roof off everything we’ve ever done before!

We’ve come up with an incredible promotion where if you deposit GBP100 or more on the 10th of July (and only on that day), you will get an incredible bonus of 500%! You may think that your eyesight is failing you but it is true, a 500% bonus for every GBP100 deposited. What’s more you can avail yourself of this bonus as many times as you like as long as you continue depositing $100 or over all throughout July 10th.

This is an offer which you really cannot afford to pass you by. Just imagine, with every GBP100 you deposit you end up with GBP 600 in your account!

Don’t forget you can use this Blowout Bonus in our next promotion which is Betty Boop’s $500 Guaranteed taking place next Saturday July 13th.

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