August Holiday Bingo

august-holiday-bingoThe first Monday of August is a civic holiday for people all across Canada. Depending on where you’re from in Canada, this holiday can be known as Regatta Day in Newfoundland, Natal Day in Nova Scotia, Simcoe Day in Toronto, and Colonel By Day in Ottawa. Regardless of where you’re from however, everyone in Canada knows is as the August Long Weekend.

Many celebrations are organized by local community members and many people enjoy taking this time for road trips, camping, and going to the cottage.

For this reason, Monday August 5th calls for another celebration, CyberBingo will hold a Big Event called August Holiday Bingo to celebrate midsummer with all our Canadian roomies. This will consist of starting $75 Game at $0.75c per card. We will also have a High or Low $75/$150 Game at $0.75c per card fallow up by a mid-hour game of $200 Guaranteed in the Seasonal Room and an Hourly FREE $25 Bingo Game.

So make sure you preorder your bingo cards and don’t miss this great event. Come on over roomies, it’s time to play, win and have lots of fun!

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