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While you wait for the next online bingo game to start, you can browse through some Bingo Articles for your amusement or time-pass and you may come across the following tit-bits.

Bingo Articles

Bingo Articles

In the Greene County, Ohio, United States, a dispute whether operating a bingo machine was legal or not, had been going on for a long time. A pretrial hearing on the legal aspects of bingo remained unheard because a judge could not be found to hear the case. The dispute started after a “Task Force” to stop illegal gambling, formed by the Governor of the State, confiscated about 800 bingo machines from bingo halls spread over the state. After disbanding the Task Force later, the gambling houses in the state demanded that this dispute be settled and the ban be lifted permanently as similar bingo machines were still being used by casinos and bingo halls in other states throughout America. For example, all the casinos in Las Vegas were using these bingo machines as there was no law in Las-Vegas against any form of gambling whatsoever.

The story of Rupert and his bespectacled white terrier named Bingo from the Rupert Bear Annuals which appeared from 50’s to 70’s may still be fresh in the minds of the people playing bingo. Bingo used to walk on two legs and got considered as a great inventor by the villagers of Nutwood.

People in a website called talk about the characters created in audio plays and how their voices used to match these characters. The people who give these talks and lend their voices for TV advertisements include some of those who are very famous in their respective fields. During a game of bingo, a contributor to these talk shows once declared that she was studying some voice patterns which are excellent to work with by developing and imitating them. One of them was the voice of the caller in that bingo game which she described as having a distinct personality of its own. If this good bit of news could be passed on to the caller, then he or she could be delighted to use their so-called distinctive voice for promoting insurance, furniture or even toilet paper on TV. Somebody could also imitate their distinctive style of talking for advertising different types of products. Imagine the amount of money that could be earned every time we use this copyrighted voice. Of course, this idea is improbable as otherwise all the politicians could have become very rich comedians and mimics imitated their voices while speaking to the public on TV.

There are some online bingo sites that help you make bingo cards for a range of subjects but without any numbers on them. This fact is relatively unknown to many people. The cards are on different subjects like literature, religion, physical and life sciences, and even on tools and tackles. Instead of numbers being called out, the caller calls out questions related to one of the subjects. The square with the correct answer is the marked by the bingo player. Sometimes the game becomes quite confusing when someone shouts “bingo”, and it is found that a square with a wrong answer id marked. The 90 number system is always preferred as it is very difficult to remember 90 types of chemicals or tools for that matter.

Gamble Aware ( is managed by the Responsibility in Gambling Trust, an independent charity which funds treatment, research and education about responsible gambling. The website has been developed by a Task Force made up of representatives from the Gambling Commission, DCMS, academia and industry.

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