Bingo Trivia


We all love playing Bingo but did you know that it originated in Italy during the 16th century? Yes, it really has been going a long time.

Here at CyberBingo we love Bingo trivia, here are a few more interesting facts that you may or may not know.

  • Bingo is played by millions of people all around the world, but it’s not just for the older generation, about 30% of bingo players are under the age of 35.
  • An estimated 96% of all bingo players have won some money while playing bingo. Try to remember that the next time the caller forgets to call your numbers.
  • The original name for Bingo was “Beano” due to players marking off their cards with beans. Thank goodness for online gaming, the beans can now be eaten.
  • We all have our lucky charms but it seems cats win out as the number one pet of bingo players.
  • Bingo is played by both sexes but the ladies still have the edge with approximately 80% of online bingo players being women.
  • There are approximately 552,446,474,061,128,648,601,600,000. different bingo card combinations. That’s five hundred and fifty-two septillion, four hundred and forty-six sextillion, four hundred and seventy-four quintillion, sixty-one quadrillion, one hundred and twenty-eight trillion, six hundred and forty-eight billion, six hundred and one million, six hundred thousand
  • Strangely enough purple is the apparent favourite colour for bingo players. A purple coloured dauber seems to be the must have accessory these days.
  • Despite what some people might think, bingo is good for you. Bingo improves concentration, memory and observation skills. It is used in many professions from schooling to rehabilitation for many medical conditions

Why People Should Love Internet Bingo

Bingo On the Internet? – Why Not!

For several years, participating in bingo games has been one of the most popular pastimes across the world. It is a good meeting place for relatives and buddies and a good spot to get to know new people in a casual environment. That is why the fact that there are a lot more than sixty million players of bingo all over the world isn’t surprising.

The average players are female, between the ages of thirty five to sixty and are located in The States. The majority of bingo enthusiasts don’t alter their routine, they play bingo on same days every week and playing bingo becomes a part of their way of life. They begin to form a friendship with the players around them and players can spot when a frequent player is not there. A lot of players have their preferred seats that they believe to bring them luck. There are some problems with old fashioned bingo halls though, it’s not easy to manage multiple cards and it can be difficult to access the halls or some individuals just can not find the time, moms who are staying home with the kids for example.

bingo online

But hold on, there has been a progress in the bingo generation. There is a new style of bingo now. It is bingo on the internet, bingo online! You could wonder, how can taking part in bingo online provide the same satisfaction as participating in bingo together with friends and family in a traditional bingo hall? Why should there be a change in my lifestyle? The reply is, online bingo has numerous advantages. In the newest study performed by a well known online bingo website, the top reason behind participating in bingo online, was meeting new people.

Playing bingo online tears down borders and enables you to play live with other players all over the world. You heard me correctly, one game can be played by multiple players from all over the world.

Multi Chat is a feature available on every internet bingo portal with a Chat Host who is known as a CM. The Chat Host is in charge of creating the atmosphere of a true bingo hall and helping with every issue which may come up. Multi Chat is also great for meeting new people and chatting with them live; and when you’re not too far from winning, you can share your joy! You wished to meet more people? There you have it, loads of acquaintances only a click away. The longer you chat, the longer the fun lasts!

There are many advantages to playing bingo on the net. Suppose you reside too far from your local bingo hall? What if the weather outside is terrible? Or if you’re too lazy to get dressed and drive all the way to the bingo hall? Or you are disabled and it’s a challenge for you to get around? What if your work day has been simply too tiring? The solution to all your problems is internet bingo. Simply go and sit behind the laptop or computer, visit your favorite portal, click and you are ready to play.

As a result of improved technology it’s possible to play as many cards as you wish. Playing with more cards increases your chances of winning. Your bingo cards are completed on auto-pilot, which means you need not be worried about finishing your cards and wonder whether you overlooked a few calls. And if you get the lucky card, your balance is also credited automatically.

Online bingo portals have done an admirable job recreating the traditional bingo hall atmosphere for web players The greatest thing about online bingo, it can be accessed at any hour of the day, 7 days a week from the comfort of your home Online bingo will never replace your regional bingo hall, but both off-line and online bingo seem to have their own list of special advantages.

So if you’re feeling tired of your everyday life, get in front of the computer and give yourself an opportunity to win fantastic prizes. Who knows, maybe you’ll even win the jackpot!

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Playing the Wonderful Game of Bingo Online

Try Playing Bingo Online

online bingo

For many years, taking part in the regular version of bingo has been one of the most popular pastimes around the globe. It’s a good meeting place for close friends and a great spot to get to know new people in a nice and enjoyable atmosphere. No wonder then that there are about sixty million gamers in the world.

The typical player is generally a woman, between the ages of thirty-60, and is located in The USA. Big fans follow their routines, taking part in the activity only on certain nights, week after week. Part of their way of life eventually involves playing bingo. Friendships are formed between players and a missing regular won’t go unnoticed. Most bingo players also have a lucky seat. There might be different reasons why a classic bingo hall is not the best choice, for some people, it’s not easy to manage multiple cards and some individuals can’t find the time to go to the bingo centre, housewives for example.

But hold on, there has been a progress in the bingo generation. There’s a new style of bingo now. It’s bingo online! Some individuals may ask, how could sitting behind the computer be as gratifying as playing bingo in a classic bingo hall with friends and family? Why would anyone change their lifestyle? The reply is, this great game has several pros when you play it online. The newest study by a popular online bingo portal demonstrates the # 1 reason for playing bingo online is meeting new people.

Participating in bingo online tears down borders and lets you play online bingo live with other players around the globe. You heard me correctly; online bingo is with multiple players – one game with players from all over the world.

Multi Chat is a feature available on every internet bingo portal with a Chat Host who is referred to as a CM. The Chat Host is responsible for creating the atmosphere of a true bingo hall and helping with every issue which may occur. Multi Chat also allows you to make new friends and chat in real-time plus share the fun when you have just one number to go and the acronym “1TG” shows up! You wished to socialize with your buddies, well there you have it, lots of new friends at the click of a mouse. The longer you chat, the longer the fun lasts!

There are plenty of advantages to playing bingo online. What if your local bingo hall isn’t near your home. Or if there is a storm outside? What if you are not feeling like putting on clothes and traveling to the smoke filled bingo hall? Or you are disabled and it’s a challenge for you to get around? What if you are just too tired from the work day? The solution to all your problems is internet bingo. Simply go and visit your chosen portal and get ready to be transported into the fantastic world of internet bingo.

Development in bingo sites also means you can play as many cards as you desire. Playing with more cards improves your chances of winning. There is no reason to worry about missing one or two calls or completing your cards since they get filled out by the system. When you hold that lucky card your account is credited automatically as well.

All in all, web bingo companies have done a great job on providing the internet based players with a bingo hall atmosphere. And for the best part, it’s always accessible, 24 hours a day, seven days a week and you can play the game in the convenience of your own house. Online bingo will never take the place of your regional bingo hall, but both online and off-line versions of the game appear to have their own set of special advantages.

So do you want to get out of the routine of your life? Just go and try your luck on a bingo website, who knows, you might even win the jackpot!

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Comprehension of the Odds in Bingo game

The odds against you in a bingo game can be calculated as 4 percent when the number of cards you hold, e.g. 4, divided by total number of cards being held by the players, e.g. 100. By multiplying the total number of players by an average number of cards gives you the total number of cards in the game.

bingo game

bingo game

This odds calculation does not hold for a progressive jackpot game without any winner. Obtaining a winning pattern in this game is so remote that it may take weeks and months for a win.

What are the numbers which appear frequently?

All balls in a bingo game have to be tamperproof, without any manufacturing defect and the full complement of 75 balls loaded in a fully operational machine. This ensures that all 75 balls have equal chances of appearing at the same frequency.

A coin flipped thrice may land with heads twice and tails once and vice versa. But if it is flipped for three hours at a stretch it might come up with the same number of heads and tails.

The ball N-31 may appear four times whereas ball N-42 never appears in a two hour bingo game. This does not mean that you should buy all cards with the number N-31 because it may be a coincidence. When the game stretches over a longer time this difference may disappear altogether.

What method should you follow to win?

The following hints may help to make the odds favourable to you.

Play at bingo halls which are less crowded as the odds against you becomes less.

Visit the bingo hall when the inclement weather keeps most of the players away.

Choose the middle of the afternoon or late nights to play bingo when other players are away and occupied with their own commitments.

Get acquainted with the surroundings before you start a game because low attendance may also mean a low jackpot.

Try to play with as many cards as possible to increase your winning chances.

Multiple cards make the odds better, e.g. 100 players with 4 cards each is a total of 400 cards. If you buy 20 cards instead of 4, then the odds in your favour, increases by 5 times, i.e. 5 percent whereas the odds for other players, is 1 percent.

Though the calculation of odds become much more favourable with multiple cards, you may also stand to lose more money.

Choose any number of cards according to your convenience but it is better if you calculate the average and play with the same number. Adding some more to this average makes the game more interesting but you must be able to handle them.

Try to choose cards which are not duplicates of one another to increase your chances of winning.

If the bingo hall allows it, hold the set you have chosen through multiple sessions. Some players may think that the set is lucky because they have won with it earlier and some others think the set is due for a win.

You may have won a number of times with the same set of cards but you may have lost also which you never consider.

The set of cards you are holding through the sessions may be familiar to you and you may have more confidence in playing with them.

You have to concentrate on the game so that you do not miss a call and thus you fail to win a bingo.

Always have a positive attitude towards the bingo game and you can enjoy even though you do not win.

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Misunderstandings about Online Bingo and Roulette

People normally misunderstand what online bingo or the game roulette is all about. Some people think that online bingo is a game for the aged and not for young people while others feel that roulette is a very unpopular form of game which is not played normally by anybody. If you delve into the aspects of the games then you will come to the conclusion that it is not actually the way it appears to be. In fact both online bingo and online roulette are the most popular online games that are played by thousands of players all over the world. But earlier this was not the scenario because of the following facts.

Online Bingo

Online Bingo

People started playing online roulette since the first day it was introduced by an online casino site. As a matter of fact, roulette and blackjack were the first online gamers to be offered to the world of gamblers and both became an instant hit with the players. Many people who wanted to play blackjack or roulette but lacked the confidence to walk into a casino in person to play the game, felt more confident in playing the game in the privacy of their homes where there was less chance of disturbance or embarrassment. Most of the people who started playing these games on the online sites from the confines of their homes got hooked to the game instantly. This gave them confidence about the game and online roulette players started to crowd the online casinos in great numbers. The game of online roulette has become so popular that it has become a game which is invariably played by all serious players when they want to have a change from other online games. The latest internet technology has improved the online roulette game by bringing in 3D effects to the game which has been greatly appreciated by the players.

Comparatively online bingo is a recent phenomenon which has been attracting a large number of online gamblers to it. Though the game of bingo was introduced to the people a long time ago it has still not become as popular as it should have. There are people who describe the game as a means for raising funds for charity and that it is played by the old people who find it difficult to cope with the thrill and mental pressure of a normal online game, which is not quite true. Online bingo can generate the same amount of fun, excitement and financial gain as the next online game. As the number of players trying out their hand at online bingo is growing each day, the more popular it is becoming among the masses as did online roulette.

Both these online games have become so easily accessible to the masses that their popularity has reached sky high proportions. Any online bingo game player is sure to answer that he plays either online bingo or online roulette if asked what online games he is usually interested in playing.

Earlier players had to register themselves at different sites to play online bingo and online roulette. Nowadays you do not have to do so because you can play both the online games at any of the top notch online bingo sites. These sites offer various other online games besides online bingo like blackjack, roulette, crap and others at the same location. You can very well sign up at these top notch sites to play the games of your choice as they provide excellent customer service very huge bonuses.

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Latest Fashion trend for Ladies – Play Online Bingo Game

The popularity of the bingo game has been growing at an exponential rate since its inception in 1530. The popularity has grown to such an extent that nowadays people from different age groups have started playing the game in real earnest. But one group of players have shown an exceptional interest in the game which is quite incomparable to that shown by other groups. This group is comprised of women players whose ages vary from the middle aged to those who are quite old. These women players seem to have a motivation for playing online bingo for more reasons than just plain entertainment.

bingo Game

bingo Game

Most of the people play online bingo to make some money as well as to entertain themselves in their free time. The middle aged women players also play online bingo to entertain themselves and to win some cash on the side so that they can spend the money they win at online bingo, on the latest trends in fashion. Hence it can be fairly said that fashion and the game of online bingo are interlinked to some extent as far as the interest shown by the women players is concerned. The so called non-essentials in life like fashionable dresses and jewellery can only be obtained by spending some money. The condition of the economy being tough at the moment, it is almost impossible to make any unnecessary expenditure on fashion items which are considered non-essentials. Though there is no guarantee that you will make big profits by playing online bingo, there is always a chance that you may win some money to spend on fashionable items or on something else which interests you.

More and more young people are taking to playing online bingo nowadays. Some of the young generation spend their winnings from a bingo game on fashion but most of them do not feel that there exists a bond between a game of bingo and fashion. The trend of spending their bingo winnings on items for fashion is more prevalent with young ladies and online bingo has become a part of their daily activities. The internet has provided the opportunity to young women to play online bingo and also to buy fashion articles online. The main reason behind the interest shown by the young generation is the ease with which the internet can be accessed along with the ease with which the game of online bingo can be played. You may not find a bingo hall or parlour in every town, but there will definitely be casinos where you can play the game online. The recent trends show that the youth are becoming interested to play online bingo more and more frequently for entertainment and money.

Players from all age groups are making a bee line for a large number of bingo sites owned by big and reputable companies in order to play online bingo at these sites. The reputation of the companies owning these online bingo sites ensure that you can play bingo at these sites without any hindrance or any harm befalling you. The sites also offer reward programs and sweepstakes which are the best in the industry. The jackpots you can win here can be equal to 1 million British Pounds or you can win a chance to go on a Caribbean cruise. You can be sure that these types of prizes can be offered for playing online bingo on their sites only by multinational companies and not by any other ordinary company.

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Bingo for Education and Fun

There are a lot of different types of bingo which are played besides the normal game played in land based bingo halls and online bingo sites. These games have been devised to help in education and for pleasure and do not involve any money whatsoever.

Bingo for Education

Bingo for Education

The bingo cards used in these games have pictures, phrases and words on different subjects printed on them instead of the normal numbers. Numbers are not called out like in the normal game, but questions on the topics related to the pictures and words printed on the cards are asked. The cards used are sometimes duplicates of one another so that everybody playing the game is given an even opportunity to win and no amount of luck is involved to favour any player individually. You are required to mark the picture or word or phrase which you think is the correct choice in answer to the questions being asked. The card of the person calling out bingo is checked whether the player has marked the right picture in reply to the questions and not the wrong ones. Only knowledge and skill is required to get all your answers correct and the card marked correctly wins the game.

This type of the bingo game helps in the learning process of both the children and the adults as they enjoy playing the game and improving their knowledge simultaneously. If every card used in this version of the bingo game is different from the others with a different of pictures and words per card, then the question of luck comes in. You have to have both knowledge and some luck in your favor to find and mark the correct answer on the card to win.

The topics, on which the pictures and words are based upon, can vary from the very easy ones like nouns, verbs and adjectives in a language to the most complicated ones like the different kinds of parasites in the world or even the different varieties of yachts available. The cards which have nouns, verbs and adjectives can be used to educate the children about the English language and can be used for other languages also.

A bingo game of this type which was prepared for a political debate held a few months earlier was found to be the most interesting. There were four political parties participating in the debate and a color was assigned to the card of each party. The supporters of the parties were each given a card which had the color assigned to his party. The cards had the phrases, rhetoric and buzz-words normally used by the leaders of his party leaders printed on them. The supporter was asked to mark similar words and phrases that were being used whenever a leader stood up to speak. The catch was to find a card not with maximum markings but with the minimum number of markings signifying the ability of the political leader to use minimum amount of rhetoric while engaging in a debate over political topics.

Some of the words printed on the cards were economic reforms, increase in inflation, climate changes, crime control, building blocks, fiscal growth, banking sector reforms and social issues.

Another type of bingo game, that can be played with children while travelling by car, to stop them from inquiring whether they have arrived or not, involves cards with pictures of petrol stations, coaches, cows, bridges, roundabouts and anything which they see passing by. The winner was the child who had the most number of markings. You can also try out your own form of bingo sometimes.

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Bingo Halls for learning Bingo and its Ten Commandments

The Ten Commandments of bingo were not brought down from the mountains on stone tablets. They had no single author but evolved over time with the increasing popularity of bingo. They are the basic rules laid down when playing bingo during good old days in bingo halls. A few of these rules are valid for online bingo also.

Bingo Halls

Bingo Halls

The etiquettes you need to observe when play0ing against experienced bingo players have been described in the first five commandments. If you do not follow them then you may find yourself in trouble. For example, if you attend a real poker game after gaining some experience in playing some free online poker games, you may not be aware that the cards in your hand are to be held in such a way so that the back of all the cards are visible to the other players. You may get reprimanded for your inexperience and lack of knowledge regarding the rules of the game.

Following are the ten commandments of bingo:

1. You cannot sit in the favorite seat of another player. All regular persons frequenting a particular bar have their own favorite sitting arrangements. Similarly in bingo the regular players have their favorite or lucky seats which they occupy while playing. But as they are not marked and being new to the bingo hall, you cannot make them out as being reserved for some regular person. Before being sorry for getting rebuked, it is better for you to ask the staff about vacant seats available which you can occupy safely.

2. You cannot steal or borrow cards, dauber for marking the cards or the dabbers from some other player.

3. You cannot call for a replacement of the caller even if you think that he is responsible for your loss or your run of bad luck.

4. You cannot wish bad luck to the other players or speak badly of them.

5. You cannot call out bingo if you have not actually won the game.

6. You cannot harm the caller in any way because you were not able to win the game or lost too much money.

7. You cannot steal from your spouse and use the money to play bingo.

8. You cannot lie to others when asked about the amount you have won. If you do not want to disclose the amount you have to tell them that you prefer not to mention the amount or just say that you have won a modest amount.

9. You cannot usurp or steal the money won by another player.

10. You have to be quiet during a game of bingo and refrain yourself from irritating, disturbing or distracting the other players participating in the game.

The commandments numbered 3, 4, 5, 6, 8 and 10 out of the Ten Commandments given above can also easily apply to a game of online bingo. The commandments ensure that the exchange of information, views and news which goes on in the chat rooms between games, remain courteous.

All callers and ex-callers feel happy about the implementation of the commandments number 3 and 6 even if they are unable to match the required speed in responding to the players demands, are inaudible while calling out the numbers or are unable to control the game. The commandments save the callers from players who seem very menacing and try to disrupt the game.

Remember the Ten Commandments of bingo when you log into an online bingo site next time or go to a land based bingo hall to play bingo.

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Learn to play Online Bingo

The rules and schemes of the original live bingo applies to the online bingo games, however there are significant differences that will be cited in here. Nevertheless, understanding more the online bingo game requires background knowledge on the land/live bingo game. However, the online game is far more convenient than the physical game. These modifications have been made possible through the application of high technology which gives the user the opportunity to enjoy games with comfort and convenience of his home or elsewhere.

Online Bingo

Online Bingo

Let us start with the software that is running bingo game on your pc and laptops making it available anywhere you may want to play the game. There are array of sites which you can choose from which are considered to be efficient in its service, however m is one of the most preferred.

Generally, you may choose which the game provider best suited to your taste and preference, either to play bingo or other games or go into the chat rooms. Then you consider the financial state of the site which you will be joining whether or not it will cater to your financial outlay and provides good offer.

Online bingo games also deal with real money and online payment, it is important to enter a site wherein your created accounts are highly secured and password protected to ensure that your credit accounts will not be meeting any problem.

As a new player, it is recommended to look for a site offering incentives like games for free or free credits on cash. The most important thing is that you are able to enjoy your online bingo game, get a grasp of the games as you are starting to play online. You have the option to choose your kind of game and how will you be spending your money.

Also at stake for some sites is the Progressive Jackpots. This is advertised in many bingo sites which highlights greater amount of money in the pot of luck. The amount is increasing from a percentage on the ticket sales which is usually sold in lower prices. The players tend to purchase more tickets for greater probability of winning. The winner in Progressive Jackpots follows a full house pattern or a certain pattern of marked off number games decided in every particular session.

Onlinebingo gameseliminates that annoying experience in live bingo that you were not able to mark your number in the card for reasons that maybe you were not able to clearly hear out the caller as declaring the number. Here in the online bingo, the software has an automatic dauber option that marks off automatically your number card. Having different tickets or number card in a session is not a problem anymore because the software will keep tabs on your tickets and will automatically mark the card with matching number.

A feature of best card sorting is also available in online game. This is an option when the user can see the card which is most marked off.

Playing online bingo seems to be more enjoyable than live bingo especially when you are able to get well-acquainted with the software of the game sites. Fewer issues in playing bingo since there are features that are readily available to make your online bingo experience more attractive to luck.

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Learn saying “NO” to Bingo Bullies

Why do you have to be afraid in turning down Bingo Bullies in a Bingo Chat Room? Primarily, you do not want to hurt anybody’s feeling and probably not wanting to be labelled as “mean” in the bingo chat room where these bingo bullies are lurking to lure their next subject. With this, you might just find yourself saying yes even if it is contrary to your belief.

bingo bullies

bingo bullies

Actually, difficulty to say “NO” is not a rare issue. There are lot other people that are usually trapped in uncomfortable situation because of wanting to have social approval and end up doing the opposite of what they want to have. If you have this kind of personality and become a bingo player in the internet and these bingo bullies find you they will draw you to take their bait. You will be deceived by their schemes of making you their bingo buddy but they are only up to sizing you. They are just trying to know if you can loan them money if they run out of theirs. These manipulators have ways to annoy their targeted bingo player that the concerned may think that saying “yes” will solve their problem. Remember that once you give in to their tricks, they will keep on coming back to you making you someone they can run to for loans and they will do any way they can to convince you.

How will you identify these persons? Well, be cautious with those persons in bingo chat room who will be fond of offering you free points. They will keep on doing you favor even if you decline their offer, they will insist. This is the tactic that they do to make you feel indebted and you will not just turn them down whenever they seek for favor from you. However, this kind of players may be difficult to be differentiated from others who genuinely share their winnings but expects nothing in return. The best indicator of their difference, I guess the genuine ones will not call you in a private bingo chat room just to ask you to loan them money

How will you make protect yourself from becoming soft target of bingo bully? How will you do it in a way that you will not become mean-spirited and will not offend a so called “buddy”? Remember to be firm in your decision of saying NO. Then even if you do not actually have to explain to anybody, you may do so. This will make you appear not so aggressive. Tell someone asking for bingo loans that it is your principle not to lend money to anyone for the purpose of making things fair. Tell the concerned bingo buddy that you do this because you have tight budget. Do not feel guilty for not lending money. After all, you are doing it to everyone. This will protect from being fooled by bingo bully you will not end up regretting that the money you worked hard to earn was just carted away just as fast as saying “Yes” by someone who deceived you.

Do not be hesitant, say “NO”. Them nicely and be firm. You may ignore them or report them to bingo master if they become a nuisance.

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How many Balls for game Bingo

As we are aware of the most loved game of our time as the enchanting game bingo .It still hides some facts from us .There is a problem of defining the exact number of balls which are used in the game. As some people believe, they use 75 balls to play their standard bingo in the North America, while the standard players of the European countries state that the number is 90.So what is the correct figure?

game bingo

game bingo

To find the answer we have to go back in to the history of the Bingo game.

As we all know the base of the bingo is a game which is related to the game Lotto. That evolved in to the most cherished game of our time. Since a long time ago people were used to lotteries. At the beginning they were not like the things that we have now. In those days the players matched the numbers and become winners. About 2 centuries of the birth of the lottery, the game bingo did start to take place in the European countries. If I mention preciously first in UK and then spread to other countries.

In the lotteries you have to pick your winning numbers but in the system of bingo you were given a card with a printed set of selected numbers on it. If we look in to some more difference the lottery will be held in selected days and times, while bingo can be played anywhere and anytime. And you can try your luck in online, live or at the Bingo halls. Not only one system appears in the lottery system, you can enjoy many types to play in the bingo.

Let’s go back to the 19th century; they played a game with 90 balls in countries like Germany as a result of the influence of the games in the UK. The British Army and Navy did a great service to spread the game in many places of the world. At that time in the UK they played another game which has got similar rules and regulations to 90 balls Bingo. Until 1960 the game had not a proper name .It was widely known as Bingo after1966.

On the same time there were some activities in the USA and some other European countries. They have adapted this game with the number of 75 balls and they called the game as Beano. It was very popular event in the carnivals thosedays. That game was the ancestor of the modern Bingo with 75 balls. So that is the story of the bingo game of 75 balls.

There was a toy seller called Edwin Lowe in the city of New York in 1929. He used to travel long distances for his commercial purposes. He saw some people were playing and went near, suddenly a winner cried out “Bingo “instead of “beano”. At once he saw the chance and try to market the new game and later become a very successful businessman. So he was the creator of the modern game of 75 balls.

At the end of the day, we can’t be sure where the missing 15 balls went when the game crossed to North America. Online, you can usually take your choice and play 90, 75 or even 80 balls Bingo. Just remember that if you’re playing 75 ball Bingo and you get a card with a number between 76 and 90 on it, you will go Bingo!

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Points of interest in a Online Bingo site

In 1996, the Bingo Act laid down in the UK, changed the classification of the bingo game from a game for gambling to a game for recreation. But as far as the levy of taxes on online bingo sites were concerned, they remained the same as per gambling laws.



Millions of people across the world play online bingo everyday on the Internet, which has further boosted the existing 60 year old popularity of the bingo game.

The online bingo sites are under huge pressure to make the best services available to the large number of competing players as otherwise they would have to close down. The mandatory services that an online bingo site should provide are given below.

To choose the best online bingo sites, a new player looking for information on online bingo sites, will be able to decide better by considering the following:

1. Quality and number of bingo games on offer: The features of the games on offer are various:

· A good number of both the 75-ball and 90-ball games should be on offer by any decent online bingo site. To retain the interest of the players in the interval between two main bingo games a decent site should offer other games like keno and slot-machine games. Without these, the online bingo site becomes unpopular, with less people playing and less prize money being involved.

· The online bingo games should have expertly designed graphics which can be easily handled by the player’s computer.

· Most of the online bingo games should have their entry price usually on the lower side between the range from $0.10 to $0.50 and not more. Games with jackpots may be higher priced as an exception.

· Tournaments and progressive jackpots should be offered by the online bingo site regularly.

· Online bingo sites should have schemes where loyalties and rewards are available.

2. Online bingo sites should offer incentives for the promotion of the game:

· All new players should be offered a bonus as a welcome gesture by all online bingo sites which seriously want to do business.

· Players should play on those online bingo sites which offer promotions like bonuses on deposits. Sites like these are in plenty to choose from.

· Referral bonuses should be offered to players by the best online bingo sites for introducing new players to the site.

3. More about prizes:

· In order to offer more excitement and a large prize, sometimes almost half a million dollars, online bingo sites should have a minimum of one game where a progressive jackpot is on offer.

· A minimum of one tournament for winning a big prize should be held per week or month.

· To win some great prize money over and above the money to be won in a regular bingo game, the best online bingo sites should have chat rooms with more games on offer for the player.

4. Forums for discussion, information from chat rooms and services available to players:

· A player should be able to access the online bingo site’s helpdesk or service desk on a 24-hour basis without which the site may be considered below normal standards.

· Online bingo sites should have the best software running on their machine to make sure that the player can play without any hindrance. In the case of a player moving away or a lost connection, the software should be running the auto-daub feature to mark the cards.

· In some of the online bingo sites the color of the cards change when only three cards out of several remain. This change signifies that the end of the game is near and enhances the feeling of excitement.

· A bingo player should play bingo only on those online bingo sites which presently allow the player to play more than one game simultaneously.

· A new player should have access to discussions and reviews related to the bingo game in general, and the online bingo site in particular, to help him to make his own decisions. But the player should always be wary of those online bingo sites which have shady chat rooms and biased reviews reeking of self promotion.

To choose the most suitable bingo site to play on, the information given above can be used to check the credibility of the online bingo site. To help the player derive the maximum enjoyment out of a game of bingo, the online bingo site should always provide incentives, ensure smooth play, offer chat rooms and discussion forums par excellence, and give access to round-the-clock helpdesk services.

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The Art of Bingo Patterns

Playing Bingo game has never been so fun and interesting. The creative operators that made this game, managed to attract more and more players for it by adding different bingo patterns for each of its versions. The players are getting constantly amused by this art of adding limitless patterns for the game and can’t refuse one more session.

Online Bingo patterns

Online Bingo patterns

All this sensation of the different patterns for the game of bingo impulsed some of the players to create a few by themselves. They know what they prefer when it comes to bingo patterns and they thought there couldn’t be greater ones than the ones made by them. So, the list of numerous patterns for this game is now even bigger than it was when the creators started this whole frenzy.

Even so, there are some bingo patterns that may appear under different names. For example, out of the huge list of bingo patterns, one could find the kite pattern and the magic wand pattern as being one and the same.

Usually, before the bingo session starts, the winning pattern is already known because it is announced in the bingo hall. But when playing, one should know that he/ she can base his luck not only on a single winning patter. For example, one could be playing for the picture frame and for the blackout pattern at the same time.

This game gives you the chance of winning two jackpots. Or, you could share your luck with a friend, and play a couple of patterns during a single game, which will make you both jackpot winners. The crazy pattern, which a bingo pattern may take, may make it point to different card direction. For example, it can go on a side to side direction. Also, there is the possibility of an up side down direction, increasing the players’ chances of winning.

This roll down of bingo patterns proved to be confusing for some of the players. Because they are more complicated now, together with their increase in number, some players find it hard to cope with their complexity and they sometimes miss calling a bingo.

Still, the constant renewal of bingo patterns has as goal to make the game more interesting and to avoid monotony from part of the players. The patterns will help building a skill factor in order to play the game successfully.

The bingo halls have electronic boards for the player to keep track of the lucky, winning numbers that were called. Also, these electronic boards help the players to keep their eyes on the winning bingo patterns that are so important in this game.

Besides the electronic boards that are very helpful for players, the callers from the bingo hall are there to provide instructions for the most complicated bingo patterns. This way, before the beginning of the game, by having things clear and by paying attention to one’s card, the game won’t be erratic or complicated.

The emergence of bingo patterns manages to attract more and more players for this game. Their complexity challenge the players to win and besides all the enigma created around the bingo patterns, it seems that the players have gradually increasing attraction to this game, the game of bingo.

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Get to play the online Bingo and win loads of money

This article is to help those who want to play online bingo in the State of Arizona. The information is about the rules and regulations that are to be followed. If at any point it is found inconsistent or something has been omitted due to oversight, then the Arizona Revised Statutes and/or the Arizona Administrative Code will be over-riding over the information given below.

arizona online bingo

arizona online bingo

How a game of Bingo is to be conducted:

1. The maximum prize money cannot be more than $1000 for any single game of bingo.

2. Except in the case when a Special Bonus Game is conducted, the maximum prize money cannot be more than $3000 for a single session of more than one bingo game.

3. Any incentive given cannot be more than $250 during a single session of bingo.

4. If any player asks for a copy of the bingo rules and regulations then he is to be provided with a copy.

5. While the bingo session is going on, a qualified supervisor should be present all through.

6. It is to be seen that all equipment for conducting the game are working without any problems.

7. It has to be ensured by the Licensees in the presence of one or more bingo players that the receptacle contains all the bingo balls and they do not have any defects.

8. Players take the cards to the playing area only after paying for them.

9. Cards can neither be reserved for any player nor can any player reserve them for someone.

10. Bingo cards cannot be duplicated.

11. The amount of prize money and the winning pattern have to be declared before the game is started.

12. The ball which is to be called next has to be secured in case the machine has been turned off.

13. A player who is not the winner has to be called upon to verify the winning card in that game.

14. There can be only one winning pattern which can be verified for any one bingo game.

15. Each game is closed officially only when the caller calls out.

16. Checks can be signed only by the supervisor or any of the officers of the organization.

17. Enough quantity of money has to be maintained by the Licensee in his account so that all the checks which are being signed can be covered.

18. When cash is awarded to the winners, they have to sign the receipts for the cash.

19. Only Class A Licensees and not any of those conducting the session, can take part in game of bingo when the session is in progress.

20. The age of each player has to be at least 18 years and above.

21. Except the state lottery, no other lottery or raffle can be conducted within twelve hours prior to or after the end of a bingo session as per law.

22. All records related to the cards sold to and the money received from the players has to be maintained by the Licensees.

Notices displayed

1. During a bingo session, the license for conducting the bingo and any amendments to the license, have to be displayed prominently on the notice board.

2. The license for any Special Bonus Game, if conducted, has to be displayed also so that it can be seen by everybody during the bingo session.

3. Before any bingo cards can be sold, all information regarding fees for admission, the cost of services and incentives being offered and the cost of the bingo cards have to be clearly displayed.

4. The exact amount of each prize has to be displayed on the notice board. Exact information regarding “Split-the-pot” or “Winner-take-all” prizes have also to be displayed. A statement saying that the prize money will be equally divided between all the verified winners in the event of multiple winners, has also to be put up on the notice board.

5. There should also be a notice saying that the booklet describing all the bingo rules and regulations is available for reference on request.

Limitations on Prize money

1. For any Licensee, except for a Class B or a Class C Licensee who has a Special Bonus Game License, the prize money for a single game of bingo is limited to a maximum of $1000.

2. For a session of more than one game of bingo, $3000 is the maximum limit for the prize money which a Licensee can offer, except for a Class B or a Class C Licensee who has a Special Bonus Game License.

3. To get a Special Bonus Game license, a Class B or a Class C Licensee has to apply for it. A Special Bonus Game is a game held on two consecutive days of a week with a prize money limited to a maximum $12,000 in a quarter.

4. Payments are to be made in the form of checks for any prize money which equals to or exceeds $150.

5. The winner(s) have to sign receipts for any prize money which is less than $150.

6. Prizes awarded for bingo cannot include alcoholic beverages.

7. Prize money won by multiple winners have to be equally divided amongst all winners. The Licensee is allowed to round off any fraction of the equally divided money to the next highest dollar.

8. In case the prize is not cash but some other merchandise which cannot be equally divided amongst the winners, then the Licensee has to give away substitute merchandise, whose total value is equal to the value of the original merchandise, to all the winners.

9. Conversion or redemption of prizes given in the form of merchandise into cash is not permissible in bingo.

10. The selection of the minimum prize is at the discretion of the Licensee.

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Free Bingo : Discover an unusual way to prevent Alzheimer

Alzheimer is the nightmare of old people in the western societies and their beloved ones. The disease hits in an overwhelming proportion of old men and women that without any specific outside reason start losing their memory on a short-term and long-term level. However studies have shown that mind games such as free bingo for all along with some sort of physical activity, even a very limited one, can help the mind protect itself from this condition.

free bingo

free bingo

For many this means one thing; recommend free bingo forthose that fear Alzheimer will invade their life. But why is that so many people consider to play bingo game as the solution for this problem? Here we are going to present some of the advantages that bingo present and why this game can really offer what scientist suggest as a preventive process to face Alzheimer.

The first thing is free bingo is for all those that are accustomed to it is as their daily routine. No matter how old a person gets, he or she will be always capable of playing this game. The fact that they usually play bingo game from their young age is definitely helpful. It is true that there are many games out there that can have the same preventive ability as bingo but teaching old people to play them may be quite challenging. Due to its simple nature bingo is easy absorbed and followed.

The second thing to keep in mind is that bingo is that this game requires someone’s constant attention and this is a very good thing. Focusing is the one thing that helps the mind sharpens and creates more and more connections and anybody that play bingo game knows the amount of focus required. A healthy mind that knows how to pay attention and have interests is definitely not as susceptible to disease as an untrained mind. In this way to play bingo game may be the exact thing a mind needs to draw away the potential of an Alzheimer case in the future.

The third thing that elevates bingo among the best anti Alzheimer games out there is that it is a fun game. Especially the new internet editions have brought free bingo for all players around the world at arms length. In the good old days this game required organization and a fairly large crowd to be gathered at the bingo hall to play the game, but not anymore. Now days everybody with a computer can play free bingo game online even for free for there are free of charge services out there and they are not even that difficult to find. Even people with basic computer skills can get access to them. One should pinpoint here that many people play bingo game for it is a fun game and not for it helps prevent Alzheimer.

As a conclusion one can say that if you are a bingo fan and in a certain age that is concerned about Alzheimer all you have to do is keep play bingo game as often as you can. It will work wonders for your mental health. It is a first class opportunity to do something that you love and help you mind to become stronger and more resilient toward mental diseases such as Alzheimer.

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Use bingo as a teaching tool

Bingo is not only a game for fun, but also a teaching game for the young ones who find it difficult to study some of the topics in school or kindergarten. All the teacher must have is a little imagination, and for the imaginative teachers bingo can be a very effective teaching tool and if used properly children will definitely benefit from the bingo teaching.

teaching through bingo

teaching through bingo

The application of the bingo game as a teaching tool depends on the teacher’s initiative and if planned well it can be applied effectively to teach maths, biology, the alphabets, grammar, spelling and many others dry topics the kids fear most. Planning for the game is simple and needs minimum resources like some pieces of paper, pens and a lot of imagination and patience.

Once the bingo sheets are distributed to the students the teacher then can use the blackboard for further communication. Lets say that the class is that of English Vocabulary and spellings. The teacher can select are write the words on the blackboard wrongly spelt. The students are asked to select few of the words and write them correctly on their bingo sheets. After that teacher will select the words one by one and also tell the correct spellings. The students who have written the spelling correctly only can cross the word in his or her sheet. The one who cuts all the words first is the bingo winner or the spelling wizard of the class for the day.

This way, the children can learn to spell correctly while playing, and their competitiveness will come in handy for their future, in any other domain. It will be easier for them to remember how the words are spelled correctly by repeating them over and over, with their full attention working. Prizes can also be used, to make them even more competitive and attentive.

At the end of the bingo teaching, the teacher could give each student a sheet of paper where all the words are spelled correctly, alongwith their definitions. This teaching method will even make the children tell their parents about the game, and if the student has further problems with spelling, the parents can help him while playing bingo in the comfort of their own house. Also, the crossed sheets must remain with the children, so they can analyze their game any time they want, and maybe learn the lessons even better.

This game can be applied to any class, as said above, and the results will be easily observed by the teacher, the students and the parents as well. It is very important for the little ones to believe they are really just playing a game because that’s what they really understand the best. In the future, they might even apply the same method to learn more difficult classes, in high school or even college.

It is hence recommended that for the serious teachers who take their work seriously the game of bingo can be used very effectively to teach a plethora of complex topics very easily and in an entertaining manner. Besides teaching it also develops the team spirit among the class and improves the interpersonal relationships. These are the skills which are as important as that of the subject to lead a more fulfilling and successful life within and after completing the school.

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Feeling lucky? Test your luck, super bingo it!

Bingo is a pure game of luck! If anyone of you wish to find out how lucky you are, then play bingo right away. Here is how we get lucky in super bingo; the player has a ticket with numbers printed on it and the bidder calls out random numbers. The player checks for the numbers called out on the ticket and marks the number that has already been called out. The first person to finish a row/column/ticket (depending on what they are playing for) wins the game and takes home the preset prize!

free super bingo

free super bingo

Super bingo is full of thrill and suspense. Every player eager to hear the number they need! The feeling of excitement every time a new number is called out makes a game of super bingo the actual heart pumper. Quickly jotting down the number on the ticket and coping up with the call out requires full concentration and speed. Let’s not forget the disappointment that sinks the heart of the player when someone else calls out “bingo” before him! Playing this game with a group of people is the most preferable way for some people; a room where super bingo is being played has a unique environment to it. A feeling of competition combined with thrill creates a perfect environment to play this game!

Moreover, playing super bingo online is also getting popular day by day. With thousands of games online, bingo is one of them but the most popular one. There are several types of bingo online games, ranging from different websites to different versions of the game. Some of the examples of modifications are like a bingo where the number is announced through rolling out different balls with numbers labeled on them, or to change colors and types of tickets and sometimes etc.

Online bingo sometimes is also bingo for free! Meaning you can play it anytime without any deposit and as many times as you wish!

Playing free bingo online has a unique charm to it, no hassle of buying tickets and no tension of losing money. Free bingo is purely for fun! It is a very good time pass; people kill time with online games all the time and free bingo is one of the best ways to do it. People even get addicted to such games at times! With the millions of free online games; bingo has always had its own popularity and reputation.

Hit super bingo in a search engine and see for yourself; there are thousands of online free bingo games available. Hundreds of reviews, lots of varieties and features are available through these online bingo formats. So how will it be if you grab a cup of coffee and try your luck at a bingo game?

Super bingo had a history of its own; this is like a tradition that have evolved over centuries. This game is very much liked and regularly played at places like, family gatherings, clubs, parties, hi-teas etc. There are annual bingo nights arranged solely for bingo lovers to meet and play together. Winning prizes can be as small as a tea set to an air ticket for a vacation! Playing super bingo with family and friends adds an element of a different type of fun that is not usually there at such gatherings.

Super bingo is very popular amongst older people. Old homes are full of bingo lovers who’ve either played super bingo all their life or are simply enjoying the old days spinning their luck!

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Bingo: Remembering Real American Values

America is known as the land of hopes and dreams. The first immigrants to the United States brought with them certain ideals that they held close to their hearts, which they in turn taught to their children, and the children of children that followed, until we saw this culture culminate in the rise of a great international power. Instead of becoming immigrants struggling to start a new life for them, we can instead learn these values from an activity called bingo.

bingo and american spirit

Bingo, a game of chance, is a very American game despite having a long history reaching back to medieval Europe. In the land of the free, bingo is often used for entertainment and for raising money for charities and events. This reminds us of the concern that Americans have for others, where their actions as a great country need to help the helpless countries with no expectations in return. Bingo for Americans is for entertainment and used for trying to help others, usually at a cost to themselves with little concern for return.

There is no restriction on the number of cards that can be played by one single player, thus once again reminding that bingo in America falls in line with the American characteristic of being industrious.

Americans are united as a nation, but they have personalities that made America great by investing in various industrial pursuits, such as steel, lumber, weapons and food. As such great feats cannot be done without investing ones time and money so does bingo also require you to make a small deposit for the possibility of greater returns.

In bingo, we have terms like “Jumping the gun,” “False Alarm” and so on. Americans are taught from birth that they are to be fearless, to believe in their own destiny and to never be afraid to speak or to oppose anything. They are free to speak their mind on anything, regardless of whether the timing is correct or whether they are perceived to be right or wrong.

What scholars call American realism is the cornerstone of American culture? They are raised to value and respect individuality and the reality in which they live, they are taught to never give up even if everyone else was against them, to value realism over feelings. In free bingo, this sense of realism has also crept in. Bingo relies on “calling” to determine the winners, and if a person misses a call or calls too early, the game does not allow for them to win on that particular pattern. This is where the other cards come into play if there are others, because missing one card does not mean you miss them all.

These three characteristics are what make up the American Spirit. It has been attained through hard work, and also has not been achieved for free; so bingo is also the same. Bingo in few ways is the manifestation of the idea that any American is free to work hard, be successful, and to benefit from their hard work and some luck of course. And any American can rise from being poor to being one of the richest people. And once that success is achieved, it must be maintained. In bingo, one cannot be great immediately. Getting a few free bingo games is good, and in the long run, the more games you play the better you will get. While bingo halls across the United States are closing because of declining players, it can be revived with a little hard work and reviving the spirit!

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How to be a bingo winner

bingo winner Ms Florence Alred

bingo winner Ms Florence Alred

The nice lady in the photo is Ms Florence Alred is the bingo winner and she has something to say to all bingo players:

“Hello I’m fhalred. I’ve been playing at Cyberbingo for a couple months. I recently won $1000 and $500 several times on several different video games, I still have yet to win big on bingo! I have tried a different online bingo site and wasn’t pleased with the gaming experience. Cyberbingo is a great place to have fun! Thanks to Cyberbingo I will get an early start on my Christmas shopping! Have fun and good luck!”

Though opting for Cyberbingo can be a better way of winning in a bingo game, but How to normally win in bingo? or in other words how to tame the luck in the game of bingo? are the questions that are affecting  thousand of players and thus must be addressed. So we have dedicated this article to give tips to help better the chances in the game. But the readers must never forget that in the end bingo is a game of chance and these tips at best can improve your chances in the game.

The good or bad part of the issue is that actually bingo is a very simple game, that requires very little or no strategy and practically no complexity and extremely simple. In one way it is good that anyone can play it easily, but on the other hand this simplicity makes it more a game of chance and less about strategy or planning (which can improve the chances of the smart ones at least)

Still some tips, simple ones of course, to better your chances are:

  • Play on days when the number of players in the game is less. This will improve your chances to end with a gain. More players, means the more reward amount, but also the better probability to win.
  • One can also improve his chances to win by playing with as many cards as is possible for him to manage. But go only to the extent till when you can keep with. Also this strategy will work better with the physical games but may not work on the online bingo format as there most of the bingo rooms do not allow that one player play on more than one virtual card.
  • There is another interesting theory called the Tippet Theory. As per this the longer the game the better the probability that the numbers called are closer to the median of the number range and that is number 38. It means that of the game is expected to be short like that the early five formats, and then bingo player has better chances if he chooses his card with numbers close to 1 or 78. But if the format use of a longer game like that of full house format than the players is expected to perform better by choosing cards with numbers closer to 38.
  • One concept says that the longer you remain in the game better will be your chances to will the game.

So, next time you go to play the bingo game, despite that fact that it is actually more a game of chance, you may be able to start with a strategy so that in the end of the day you go only after winning a part of the bingo royalty.

excited bingo winner

excited bingo winner

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Bingo Diwali – Let Goddess of Wealth come to your home this Diwali

Diwali, the most followed of the Hindu festivals, is the time when Hindus pray to the goddess of wealth “Laxmi”, seeking her blessings for prosperity and wealth. It is customary to play cards or other games of chance on the eve of Diwali, to try their luck and to judge if the Goddess LAxmi is going to favor them or not. Here we must say that there cannot be a better way to do this than the game of Diwali Bingo. This is not only great fun and the best way to spend quality time with family and friends, but will also get you know if Goddess Laxmi is in your favor. And if you are away from family but still want to check your chances then there is an online bingo option available and one such option is the Bingo Jackpot.

deepawli bingo

bingo on the festival of lights

Bingo jackpot is a special format which is played in the bingo rooms in parallel to the normal bingo games and involves huge cash prizes to be won. As the clientele and thus the prize amounts in the bingo rooms are limited as it depends on the membership, online options are definitely more convenient and better involving much bigger prize amounts and one can play them easily in the convenience of their home at the time they want.

Most of the best and trusted bingo online sites offer the bingo jackpot option and have many formats in this category to choose from, like that of Progressive Jackpot and the Super Jackpot. One can play any one of them or both of them if need be. But these games are normally offered by the paid sites and thus one must make deposit to take part in these. But the amount paid is nothing for the fun that one can expect in the way.

In the gala bingo Progressive jackpot option the winning condition is defined, the game starts with an amount of $400 to $2000 and it is played again and again, continued till the time the jackpot is won. The longer it is played the higher will be the total winning amount as every time the condition is not met the prize amount is added to the next game.

In the Super Jackpot option the amount does not increase but the prize amount is normally big are are played to special occasion. Diwali can be one such occasion. The great attractive option of the game is that it has huge prizes as high as $10000. And if you win it this Diwali then you can be sure that Goddess Laxmi is definitely working in your favor and that it is the start of your best times.

Besides the fact that the amounts won are fantastic, the feeling that one gets after winning such an amount is just great. If you end up being the winner, be sure that everybody shall be coming to congratulate you and the most favored one chosen by Lady Luck. Even if you are playing online, you can be sure to be the center of chats on the frantic activities that will happen on the chat room after winning the jackpot.

So, on the eve of Diwali, chose your most favored bingo sites, register, pay the deposit and get ready to try for your luck and in case you get the blessings of Goddess Laxmi for wealth, then you can surely be the winner of the Jackpot. And even if you are not a Hindu, you can join the fun and may be chosen by the Goddess Laxmi, Who knows?

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