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Modern technology gave birth to games with convenience and easy access anytime and anywhere the player feels like playing. Just like online bingo sites that flourished on the web as people who want to play bingo grew exponentially. It makes you earn bonuses. How does it work in games played on online bingo sites? Are the bonus offers real?

Play Bingo

Play Bingo

Pay out in online bingo sites is close to 70% on real cash. You will earn the same regardless the amount of bonus money given. On a card-by-card basis, if you use your bonus money in playing, your pay out per card lowers.

· You cannot redeem bonus money as real cash. As you play bingo online, you will have to make deposits. You will also win and earn bonuses but you can spend bonuses only as last recourse.

· Bonus money discourages cash out in live bingo. On per card basis, it improves effective pay out. It will also be lost when you redeem your winnings. Most sites reset bonus money to $0 if you claim your winnings.

· Bonus money expires. There is bonus money offered in live bingo. The bonus money may come from deposits or chat games. To play bingo online with bonuses offered, they let it expire after 30 days.

· Scams detected in bingo bonuses. As mentioned earlier, you cannot redeem bonus money and disregarding the amount of bonus money in pay out makes me wonder more. So, what is the essence of having this bonus money if you play bingo? Will live bingo be more credible? It seems that earning bonuses is just an illusion to add value on their sites.

Looking at the brighter side, bonuses can also become valuable in sites with live bingo. Here is how bonus money becomes an advantage … you only have to know how it works.

This happens if as you play bingo, you decrease the bonus money in play. How will it happen? Thru redeeming cash, expiration of bonus money or spending it on promotions. Yet, the reality on payout never changes.

· The amount of bingo bonus is greater than the average bonus money. It is helpful if you get more bonus money than the average player does. The pay out of about 70% is distributed to real and bonus money. With the same pay out and let’ average bonus of 50% then the net payout 47%. You will get $35, which is 47% of $75. That $35 is also the 70% of $50. A 100% bonus on a $50 deposit while having average bonus of 50%, payout is in your advantage. However, this does not give you greater chances of winning but gives the ability to buy more cards.

· What is great with unused bonus? It lowers the average bonus.

Generally, bingo bonus encourages greater distribution of winnings. Truly remains an illusion if the net average bonus in play is greater than your bonus money. Claim your money if you win greater amount. Do not play with your deposits or bonus money but with your winnings. Now that live bingo games are flourishing over the internet, it provides more attraction than going to bingo halls.

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Learn to play Online Bingo

The rules and schemes of the original live bingo applies to the online bingo games, however there are significant differences that will be cited in here. Nevertheless, understanding more the online bingo game requires background knowledge on the land/live bingo game. However, the online game is far more convenient than the physical game. These modifications have been made possible through the application of high technology which gives the user the opportunity to enjoy games with comfort and convenience of his home or elsewhere.

Online Bingo

Online Bingo

Let us start with the software that is running bingo game on your pc and laptops making it available anywhere you may want to play the game. There are array of sites which you can choose from which are considered to be efficient in its service, however m is one of the most preferred.

Generally, you may choose which the game provider best suited to your taste and preference, either to play bingo or other games or go into the chat rooms. Then you consider the financial state of the site which you will be joining whether or not it will cater to your financial outlay and provides good offer.

Online bingo games also deal with real money and online payment, it is important to enter a site wherein your created accounts are highly secured and password protected to ensure that your credit accounts will not be meeting any problem.

As a new player, it is recommended to look for a site offering incentives like games for free or free credits on cash. The most important thing is that you are able to enjoy your online bingo game, get a grasp of the games as you are starting to play online. You have the option to choose your kind of game and how will you be spending your money.

Also at stake for some sites is the Progressive Jackpots. This is advertised in many bingo sites which highlights greater amount of money in the pot of luck. The amount is increasing from a percentage on the ticket sales which is usually sold in lower prices. The players tend to purchase more tickets for greater probability of winning. The winner in Progressive Jackpots follows a full house pattern or a certain pattern of marked off number games decided in every particular session.

Onlinebingo gameseliminates that annoying experience in live bingo that you were not able to mark your number in the card for reasons that maybe you were not able to clearly hear out the caller as declaring the number. Here in the online bingo, the software has an automatic dauber option that marks off automatically your number card. Having different tickets or number card in a session is not a problem anymore because the software will keep tabs on your tickets and will automatically mark the card with matching number.

A feature of best card sorting is also available in online game. This is an option when the user can see the card which is most marked off.

Playing online bingo seems to be more enjoyable than live bingo especially when you are able to get well-acquainted with the software of the game sites. Fewer issues in playing bingo since there are features that are readily available to make your online bingo experience more attractive to luck.

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How Bingo became a Booming business

The game of bingo was first played in Italy under the name of Lo Giuoco del Lotto or the Italian National Lottery in the year 1530. The game is still played on Saturdays and has helped the Italian treasury collect revenues up to a billion Euros every year. The highest win ever recorded was about 150 million Euros or 128,000,000 Pounds Sterling on 22nd August, 2009, by a person from Tuscany.



The game of bingo has different names in different countries. It is called Lotto or Tombola in European countries, Housey in the UK and Beano in the USA.

The game of Lotto would be played in Italy at all family gatherings on weekends and occasions like Christmas. Even the children were allowed to play this game. Cost of each card would be kept low and small prizes would be given to winners. A caller would draw the numbers ranging from 1 to 90 from a sack at random and call them out. The wooden discs containing the called number would be laid down on a table having a matrix of 90 squares.

In France, upper classes adopted this Italian game and made it very popular among the gentry. Later on, the French Revolution changed matters and the game took a back seat.

The Germans adopted this bingo game as a tool for teaching mathematics to their children. The game spread slowly in other countries too, and was brought to UK in 1918 by the British troops returning home after the First World War. The bingo game reached immense popularity and was successful commercially only when it reached America in 1929.

A toy salesman named Edwin Lowe, on his way to Georgia from New York, chanced upon the bingo game in a county fair. He saw the owner calling out numbers and the players covering the same number on their cards with beans. Whenever anybody completed covering a line on the card, he would shout out “Beano”, and would be given a Kewpie doll as a prize.

Edwin Lowe was so impressed with the addictive nature of the game, that on his return, he called his friends in New York to join him in a game of bingo. One day, while the game was in progress in his house, a lady friend, unable to hold back her excitement, called out “Bingo” instead of Beano, on winning a line. Edwin Lowe liked the new name and the name stuck. Edwin Lowe started a thriving business by selling 12 bingo cards for 1 dollar and 24 bingo cards for 2 dollars.

A Catholic priest from Pennsylvania saw the game and asked Lowe to use the game to raise funds to build his church. This caused a new problem to appear as the prize money had to be shared by more winners holding cards with the same numbers.

Edwin Lowe appointed Carl Leffler, a mathematics professor from Columbia University, to solve this problem. By the end of 1930, Leffler could design 6000 bingo cards, each with its own set of random numbers, but the pressure made him go insane. From 1934 onwards, more than 10,000 bingo games are played every day. Today almost 90 million dollars change hands daily due to this game of bingo.

A change in the gambling laws in UK enacted by the Macmillan government, gave a huge boost to the game of bingo. The owner of MECCA, Eric Morley, converted all cinema halls which had closed down due to the onslaught of television, into Mecca Bingo halls all over UK. Soon other entrepreneurs followed suit, and more and more people flocked to Mecca Bingo halls instead watching football matches.

Today, all the major companies holding bingo games have gone online. The online bingo games can be played from home without any restrictions about smoking and with no restrictions on dress codes. It is the greatest attraction with huge prize monies to be won sitting in the comfort of your homes. The business generated by online bingo sites seems to be going straight up with no downturn visible in the near future.

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Points of interest in a Online Bingo site

In 1996, the Bingo Act laid down in the UK, changed the classification of the bingo game from a game for gambling to a game for recreation. But as far as the levy of taxes on online bingo sites were concerned, they remained the same as per gambling laws.



Millions of people across the world play online bingo everyday on the Internet, which has further boosted the existing 60 year old popularity of the bingo game.

The online bingo sites are under huge pressure to make the best services available to the large number of competing players as otherwise they would have to close down. The mandatory services that an online bingo site should provide are given below.

To choose the best online bingo sites, a new player looking for information on online bingo sites, will be able to decide better by considering the following:

1. Quality and number of bingo games on offer: The features of the games on offer are various:

· A good number of both the 75-ball and 90-ball games should be on offer by any decent online bingo site. To retain the interest of the players in the interval between two main bingo games a decent site should offer other games like keno and slot-machine games. Without these, the online bingo site becomes unpopular, with less people playing and less prize money being involved.

· The online bingo games should have expertly designed graphics which can be easily handled by the player’s computer.

· Most of the online bingo games should have their entry price usually on the lower side between the range from $0.10 to $0.50 and not more. Games with jackpots may be higher priced as an exception.

· Tournaments and progressive jackpots should be offered by the online bingo site regularly.

· Online bingo sites should have schemes where loyalties and rewards are available.

2. Online bingo sites should offer incentives for the promotion of the game:

· All new players should be offered a bonus as a welcome gesture by all online bingo sites which seriously want to do business.

· Players should play on those online bingo sites which offer promotions like bonuses on deposits. Sites like these are in plenty to choose from.

· Referral bonuses should be offered to players by the best online bingo sites for introducing new players to the site.

3. More about prizes:

· In order to offer more excitement and a large prize, sometimes almost half a million dollars, online bingo sites should have a minimum of one game where a progressive jackpot is on offer.

· A minimum of one tournament for winning a big prize should be held per week or month.

· To win some great prize money over and above the money to be won in a regular bingo game, the best online bingo sites should have chat rooms with more games on offer for the player.

4. Forums for discussion, information from chat rooms and services available to players:

· A player should be able to access the online bingo site’s helpdesk or service desk on a 24-hour basis without which the site may be considered below normal standards.

· Online bingo sites should have the best software running on their machine to make sure that the player can play without any hindrance. In the case of a player moving away or a lost connection, the software should be running the auto-daub feature to mark the cards.

· In some of the online bingo sites the color of the cards change when only three cards out of several remain. This change signifies that the end of the game is near and enhances the feeling of excitement.

· A bingo player should play bingo only on those online bingo sites which presently allow the player to play more than one game simultaneously.

· A new player should have access to discussions and reviews related to the bingo game in general, and the online bingo site in particular, to help him to make his own decisions. But the player should always be wary of those online bingo sites which have shady chat rooms and biased reviews reeking of self promotion.

To choose the most suitable bingo site to play on, the information given above can be used to check the credibility of the online bingo site. To help the player derive the maximum enjoyment out of a game of bingo, the online bingo site should always provide incentives, ensure smooth play, offer chat rooms and discussion forums par excellence, and give access to round-the-clock helpdesk services.

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Bingo industry made the game easy for American citizens

The huge revenue garnered by the Bingo industry has prompted many online bingo sites to sap the huge American bingo market by making augmentations in the sites in order to be more attractive to the general American player. These sites are not necessarily based in the US or owned by Americans or have licenses issued by the American government.

bingo industry

bingo industry

The qualitative differences between US and non-US online bingo sites are not much. The rules governing these sites are neither uniform nor are they of the same quality.

Some of the characteristics of non-US sites but catering to American market are outlined below:

1) They basically target the American bingo market. As they cater to US citizens, they expect mostly American players to participate in their online bingo games. Hence the possibility of playing against and chatting to fellow Americans is more.

2) The currency used in the online bingo game is American dollars. Thus the value of the prices of the cards, the prizes, the bonuses and other transactions are given in American Dollars and Cents instead of British Pounds and Shillings or Euros.

3) All transactions with the bank are usually done in American dollars. Purchases have to be made in dollars and payouts also will be in dollars. The default currency is US Dollars though the option of UK Pounds and Euros may be there.

4) Payments by Visa and MasterCard are acceptable by these online bingo sites.

5) The sites may recruit Americans living in America to act as hosts in the chat rooms. This creates an atmosphere which is comfortable to American players in the chat rooms.

6) Although these online bingo sites are not located in America, they use pictures of the Empire State Building, the casinos at Las Vegas or Atlanta City in their sites to give a feeling of familiarity to the American players.

7) Both the UK type 90-ball game and the US type 75-ball games are offered by the majority of these online bingo sites. The 75-ball game using cards with 5×5 square matrices is mostly played in these sites as in the US. The 90-ball game using cards having 3×9 square matrices is usually played in Europe and elsewhere. The type of game offered by these online bingo sites depends on the software which runs on their server computer.

8) Help from the customer support service of these online bingo sites may be available for the fortunate few. But on most occasions as these sites are not located in America, only e-mail addresses are available for communication with them.

9) The owner of some of these online bingo sites may be American companies. They do not get involved in the daily activities of these sites. The employees or “Operators” running these sites may be located outside the American mainland.

10) These online bingo sites do not have licenses issued by the US government or by any other country where US laws have jurisdiction as the bingo game has been declared to be illegal by the US government. These online bingo sites have licenses issued by governments of countries which do not follow the laws of the American government.

The first two characteristics may be true for all these sites which market themselves as US online bingo sites and use American Dollars as the currency for all transactions to attract American players. All the other features are very dicey and need to be investigated by any American player who is interested in the facts of an online bingo site.

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Get to play the online Bingo and win loads of money

This article is to help those who want to play online bingo in the State of Arizona. The information is about the rules and regulations that are to be followed. If at any point it is found inconsistent or something has been omitted due to oversight, then the Arizona Revised Statutes and/or the Arizona Administrative Code will be over-riding over the information given below.

arizona online bingo

arizona online bingo

How a game of Bingo is to be conducted:

1. The maximum prize money cannot be more than $1000 for any single game of bingo.

2. Except in the case when a Special Bonus Game is conducted, the maximum prize money cannot be more than $3000 for a single session of more than one bingo game.

3. Any incentive given cannot be more than $250 during a single session of bingo.

4. If any player asks for a copy of the bingo rules and regulations then he is to be provided with a copy.

5. While the bingo session is going on, a qualified supervisor should be present all through.

6. It is to be seen that all equipment for conducting the game are working without any problems.

7. It has to be ensured by the Licensees in the presence of one or more bingo players that the receptacle contains all the bingo balls and they do not have any defects.

8. Players take the cards to the playing area only after paying for them.

9. Cards can neither be reserved for any player nor can any player reserve them for someone.

10. Bingo cards cannot be duplicated.

11. The amount of prize money and the winning pattern have to be declared before the game is started.

12. The ball which is to be called next has to be secured in case the machine has been turned off.

13. A player who is not the winner has to be called upon to verify the winning card in that game.

14. There can be only one winning pattern which can be verified for any one bingo game.

15. Each game is closed officially only when the caller calls out.

16. Checks can be signed only by the supervisor or any of the officers of the organization.

17. Enough quantity of money has to be maintained by the Licensee in his account so that all the checks which are being signed can be covered.

18. When cash is awarded to the winners, they have to sign the receipts for the cash.

19. Only Class A Licensees and not any of those conducting the session, can take part in game of bingo when the session is in progress.

20. The age of each player has to be at least 18 years and above.

21. Except the state lottery, no other lottery or raffle can be conducted within twelve hours prior to or after the end of a bingo session as per law.

22. All records related to the cards sold to and the money received from the players has to be maintained by the Licensees.

Notices displayed

1. During a bingo session, the license for conducting the bingo and any amendments to the license, have to be displayed prominently on the notice board.

2. The license for any Special Bonus Game, if conducted, has to be displayed also so that it can be seen by everybody during the bingo session.

3. Before any bingo cards can be sold, all information regarding fees for admission, the cost of services and incentives being offered and the cost of the bingo cards have to be clearly displayed.

4. The exact amount of each prize has to be displayed on the notice board. Exact information regarding “Split-the-pot” or “Winner-take-all” prizes have also to be displayed. A statement saying that the prize money will be equally divided between all the verified winners in the event of multiple winners, has also to be put up on the notice board.

5. There should also be a notice saying that the booklet describing all the bingo rules and regulations is available for reference on request.

Limitations on Prize money

1. For any Licensee, except for a Class B or a Class C Licensee who has a Special Bonus Game License, the prize money for a single game of bingo is limited to a maximum of $1000.

2. For a session of more than one game of bingo, $3000 is the maximum limit for the prize money which a Licensee can offer, except for a Class B or a Class C Licensee who has a Special Bonus Game License.

3. To get a Special Bonus Game license, a Class B or a Class C Licensee has to apply for it. A Special Bonus Game is a game held on two consecutive days of a week with a prize money limited to a maximum $12,000 in a quarter.

4. Payments are to be made in the form of checks for any prize money which equals to or exceeds $150.

5. The winner(s) have to sign receipts for any prize money which is less than $150.

6. Prizes awarded for bingo cannot include alcoholic beverages.

7. Prize money won by multiple winners have to be equally divided amongst all winners. The Licensee is allowed to round off any fraction of the equally divided money to the next highest dollar.

8. In case the prize is not cash but some other merchandise which cannot be equally divided amongst the winners, then the Licensee has to give away substitute merchandise, whose total value is equal to the value of the original merchandise, to all the winners.

9. Conversion or redemption of prizes given in the form of merchandise into cash is not permissible in bingo.

10. The selection of the minimum prize is at the discretion of the Licensee.

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Christmas Ideas to Play Free Bingo for the Family

At the end of the year, when the air starts getting colder and the final countdown starts to when Christmas arrives, everyone starts becoming excited about it. Christmas is the time of the year when everyone with their friends and families comes together to celebrate a wonderful year that has passed. Usually, someone gets stuck with the task of coming up with a plan for the activities to help the whole family reconnect with each other after a long year apart. And if you’re looking for an idea, why not use an old game to form a new tradition? A game where everyone can join in, an idea that can be done practically to play free bingo, family style!



One of the most wonderful and great things about family is that no matter what happens, the family will always be there for you, and as such, getting to know them should be something very important. And Christmas is as good an excuse as any to get to know family members better. And a good activity for such a celebration is a tradition-free bingo game! Instead of using numbers and letters for the bingo game, you will want people to interact with each other, and thus improving family relations and having a good time in general. Because you want your family members to play free bingo is the idea.

So, like it was mentioned earlier, you want the numbers and letters to be replaced by personal characteristics. For example, instead of having B3, D16 and A5 on the playing cards, you can have “A Person with Curly Hair” or “A Left Handed Person” or “The Prettiest Cousin.” Go wild with it; use your imagination to come up with fun for practically free! Bingo does this best, as instead of using marks or punching holes in the card, you want your family to interact by going around and getting people who meet the description to sign on their card. It is pretty simple and straight forward, and children should find it easy to play. Free bingo prizes at the end for the winners are a must!

If you aren’t interested in a human bingo game, another variation to the old bingo game would be a picture bingo game. Instead of using numbers and letters, you take drawings of Christmas-related images like snowmen, angels, presents, reindeer and others, arrange them then print them onto some paper. In order to play free bingo space must be maintained so that everyone can see what the selected drawings are, and everyone colors them in. This style of bingo is child-friendly, so it means everyone can really play!

So, to conclude, Christmas is a very good time to reconnect with the family and free bingo is a good activity that can draw people together during this time at the end of the year. Adding a new tradition to the family celebrations might just be repeated the following years, and it is a good reminder of how well games can bring people together, even if it is just a simple matter of gathering to play free bingo or some other group game. The heart of the matter is that bingo and Christmas can go together to bring everyone closer together in the spirit of Christmas.

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Super Bingo – The Real Game of Chances

Bingo! This is the golden word for lots of bingo players yearn to exclaim. The probability of being able to say the word may not be that high, considering the many opponents also hoping to be able to shout it before anyone will ever do, but nobody can deny how lots of people find this game delightfully entertaining, and possibly for a few, even addictive. Nowadays, lots of lottery games have taken the internet territory. One of the biggest and the most played, clearly because it is not only fun but can also be profitable, if the odds are not against you, is Super Bingo.



What makes it enjoyable is definitely not the risk involved. Bingo players have already assumed that the minute they bought the ticket. Like any other game, there will be a winner, a lucky person or perhaps a few fortunate individuals. But there will always be a great number of those who lose their money. This is the risk a lot of people who get into games like this fear, and ultimately want to outmaneuver. It is also the reason why many of them get thrilled.

How do you play Super Bingo anyway? Just like any other similar bingo game, you mark the numbers on your card once it is drawn. The drawing is taken randomly, of course. That makes it fair to everybody. The first player to uncover a pattern such as a line, 4 corners, the letter T or X, or a box, wins. The minute he creates the match, he should call out “Bingo”. He then gets the money prize. Super Bingo is said to have a prize payout of more than fifty thousand dollars. That certainly explains why a lot of bingo players don’t mind the risk. Aside from that, the mechanics of the game are very simple and straightforward. That is why this game is played by people of all ages, except those who can’t recognize numbers, obviously.

It is not a matter to be questioned. Super Bingo is a game of chances. There are chances of winning it big, of winning it but with plenty to divide the gain with, or of losing it. It is definitely gambling in every sense. As such, it is not good to rely on luck all the time, for you may not be as fortunate as the others. You need to have a reality check from time to time. If you realize you have already spent far too much and even after winning will not be able to recover the waste of your money and your time, then better stop. Don’t let the game become an uncontrollable addiction. It is not a harmless hobby anymore if you cut your social life and your productivity as a person altogether. It is not engaging anymore if you are leading yourself to financial ruins. Keep yourself together. If you have the means, then play. Play not only for money, but also for the fun of it.

Super Bingo is a good game. Try it if you have the time. It is not all money. It is also an avenue to have a great bonding time with friends or with your family. Enjoy the game, bingo players! And may the odds always be with you.

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How to be a bingo winner

bingo winner Ms Florence Alred

bingo winner Ms Florence Alred

The nice lady in the photo is Ms Florence Alred is the bingo winner and she has something to say to all bingo players:

“Hello I’m fhalred. I’ve been playing at Cyberbingo for a couple months. I recently won $1000 and $500 several times on several different video games, I still have yet to win big on bingo! I have tried a different online bingo site and wasn’t pleased with the gaming experience. Cyberbingo is a great place to have fun! Thanks to Cyberbingo I will get an early start on my Christmas shopping! Have fun and good luck!”

Though opting for Cyberbingo can be a better way of winning in a bingo game, but How to normally win in bingo? or in other words how to tame the luck in the game of bingo? are the questions that are affecting  thousand of players and thus must be addressed. So we have dedicated this article to give tips to help better the chances in the game. But the readers must never forget that in the end bingo is a game of chance and these tips at best can improve your chances in the game.

The good or bad part of the issue is that actually bingo is a very simple game, that requires very little or no strategy and practically no complexity and extremely simple. In one way it is good that anyone can play it easily, but on the other hand this simplicity makes it more a game of chance and less about strategy or planning (which can improve the chances of the smart ones at least)

Still some tips, simple ones of course, to better your chances are:

  • Play on days when the number of players in the game is less. This will improve your chances to end with a gain. More players, means the more reward amount, but also the better probability to win.
  • One can also improve his chances to win by playing with as many cards as is possible for him to manage. But go only to the extent till when you can keep with. Also this strategy will work better with the physical games but may not work on the online bingo format as there most of the bingo rooms do not allow that one player play on more than one virtual card.
  • There is another interesting theory called the Tippet Theory. As per this the longer the game the better the probability that the numbers called are closer to the median of the number range and that is number 38. It means that of the game is expected to be short like that the early five formats, and then bingo player has better chances if he chooses his card with numbers close to 1 or 78. But if the format use of a longer game like that of full house format than the players is expected to perform better by choosing cards with numbers closer to 38.
  • One concept says that the longer you remain in the game better will be your chances to will the game.

So, next time you go to play the bingo game, despite that fact that it is actually more a game of chance, you may be able to start with a strategy so that in the end of the day you go only after winning a part of the bingo royalty.

excited bingo winner

excited bingo winner

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How Bingo Bonus can Work for You

Free online bingo is rated among the most popular games. It appeals to everyone group including teenagers, adults and even the aged. Though this fan base has rapidly grown in the recent years due to bingo bonus and free bingo games, bingo naturally commanded a huge number of followers. Nevertheless, I’m not going to dwell on the game’s fan base but I’ll be more concerned about these bonuses! Yes, bingo bonus and how you can make them work for you.

There are numerous types of bingo bonus some of which include freeroll, redeemable bingo points, real money, no deposit bingo, double deposit and many more. With deposit bingo, players are awarded an amount equivalent or double what they have deposited. But I want us to agree that different websites offer different bonuses. And you need to be careful when considering these bonuses, because not all actually hold water. If you approach bingo bonuses in a carefree manner, you can make ultimate blunder and this can cost you dearly. Therefore, have it your mind that bingo royalties can be double aged swords, both very helpful and harmful depending on how you use them.

Bingo Bonuses Policies

For you to utilize the bingo bonuses, you must first ensure that you are updated about policies and rules governing them. There are a lot of polices that govern these bonuses, and it is important you understand them before you can fully enjoy the rewards.

Bingo bonuses are redeemable for cash and most bingo websites will give 50% of the real cash in redemption. In fact, it is a common rule that players spend the bonuses last. It is only possible to spend the bonuses once you have spent the winnings then followed by your deposits. And on the same note, you can lose a bonus if you withdraw your winnings. This is a measure meant to promote saving more money for the game, while discouraging withdrawals.

In addition, the bonuses have a limited lifespan, mostly lasting for 30 days only. Once the days are gone, the bonuses are deemed expired and are not redeemable. This is what is considered by most players as the most unfair practice by bingo companies.

How to Capitalize on Bingo Bonuses

It does not require a sixth sense to tell true bingo bonuses from scams. A simple such of this phrase “Bingo Bonus”, will give you a host of results. But it is easy to filter the best genuine bingo offers. You will note that there is a common rate offered by most super bingo websites. It would be advisable to go for a common offer rather than choose bonuses that are outrageously high.

What you need to have at the back of your mind is the main role of bingo bonuses to bingo companies. Bonuses are used by bingo owners to discourage bingo players from withdrawing the deposits. As you know, when you withdraw the deposit you lose the bonuses.

Bottom Line

Even though I might have instilled a lot of fear in you regarding bingo bonus, they are not scams. Before you take the numerous online slots, what you need to do is to trade with a little caution. Just understand the bingo rules and policies, and remember gauging the bingo bonuses according to market trends is a priceless hint.

Bingo bonus is should positively benefit you, but you can also lose a lot if you go in without properly studying the bonus concept. If you are clever enough, you can always get the better side of the bonuses as you continue to play bingo.

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No Deposit Bingo

As the name suggests, no deposit bingo allows the player to play bingo for free meaning you do not have to make any initial investment in the bingo site. First, no deposit bingo was just a promotional offer indented to attract more bingo players looking to have fun with bingo games but unwilling to make any investment in return. However, bingo sites (almost all of them) have made this offer a permanent feature. After the strategy of no deposit bingo proven very successful, the entire industry of online bingo has been rolling out different variants of the offer.

We should admit that no deposit bingo is the most popular variant of the game though bingo itself came into more than 4 centuries ago. The ease of playing no deposit bingo in the comfort of your house has definitely helped the overall game grow in reputation. Big, humid bingo halls, which were identical to the game, have nearly disappeared in the last few years. It is safe to say that traditional bingo has been changed by the brand new graphical, player-oriented bingo sites. Online bingo grew to become an immediate craze with reports estimating how the UK business alone may be worth greater than a billion bucks.

You will find hundreds of bingo and casino sites that offer no deposit bingo and more are being rolled out literally every hour. Interestingly enough, there has been a great rise in the number of bingo players but most of the bingo and casino sites are not doing good business mainly because of the stiff competition raging out there. As a result, new bingo sites are not able to bring forth a steadfast image and draw new players. In such a market where competition has reached its peak, bingo and casino sites are resorting to innovation to sustain their old members and attract new ones if possible. And no deposit bingo is one very successful innovation that has ever happened.

No Deposit Bingo and Free Bingo

When you sign up with a no deposit bingo site, you will actually be given a balance in your account and the amount depends on whatever was promised before signing up. Remember you cannot withdraw the [fake] money in your account given by the website but you can use it to participate in different bingo games and explore the site just the way an actual user [who made a deposit] would do.

No Deposit Bingo

No Deposit Bingo

It is, however, worth observing that no deposit bingo sites may frequently call for credit cards to be registered as soon as you sign up. This would help with age confirmation and ensure the exact same person doesn’t keep opening multiple various accounts on the same website. The bingo site will not take anything from your credit card if you don’t explicitly want them to.

On the other hand, free bingo sites will ask for a deposit to be made upon registration. In return, you will have full access to any bingo lobby and play as many games as you like and the prizes you will ever win may be worth of £1 to £1,000. You can choose to play either free games, which do not reward you any money, or paid games, which require you to have some money in your account.

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No Deposit Bingo, a Better Way Exploring Bingo Games

What is no deposit bingo and how does it work? Perhaps, these are some of the questions that you are asking yourself. Play bingo without depositing a single coin? Yes, this is true! As much as you may have the financial capacity to deposit a specific amount in your bingo games’ account, you will be more than pleased if the same games are offered for free. We are living in a heavily commercialised world but still there are some scenarios, attributed to the cut-throat competition in the market, which if we exploit well we can benefit greatly. One of these loopholes is the no deposit bingo.

Why You May Choose No Deposit Bingo

There are numerous advantages of exploiting the No deposit bingo, however, there are players who don’t like playing for free and don’t wish to capitalize on them. But here are some of the reasons that may lead you to considering these bonuses.

Bingo bonuses range from real cash to redeemable bingo points. You can redeem these points for free bingo games and you can win fabulous prizes if you emerge the game winner. While playing bingo to win is a gamble, when you exploit the No deposit bingo leeway, you have chances of winning great prices without risking your money at all.

If you specialize in no deposit bingo, you will have a chance to make the most of the bingo websites available in the market. Because you’ll be playing at no cost, you can move from one website to another and while doing so, you get to compare the quality of services offered by different websites. You can judge the sites by the quality of their chat tools, the graphic and sound quality, and how interactive they are. It is difficult to do this if your money is involved in each case. Interestingly, you are not barred from competing with other players and thus you can also win amazing prizes while doing this.

No deposit bingo is even better for the greenhorns, given that they can lose a lot of money if they were to deposit in order to play.  Since these players don’t have adequate experience, taking advantage of no deposit bingo will allow them to gain enough experience at no cost. They will play free bingo, learn the bingo rules and have a chance to meet seasoned players. Therefore, if you are still new into bingo, you have a chance of gaining a lot from these bonuses.

For those who play deposit bingo, you might run out of cash while you still have lust for the game. You don’t have to worry; all you need to do is find bingo online slots from trusted websites that will allow you to play no deposit bingo game.

How to Choose a No Deposit Bingo Website

There are numerous websites that offer no deposit bingo, however, not all websites that state this, actually do it! You will find many bogus offers meant to attract you to website for cyber traffic reasons. Therefore, you need to know how to identify genuine offers.

The first way to identify a true bingo royalty is to look for the seal and authentication of that website. You will find this feature on the landing page of the website. Another effective way is to read reviews and opinions of season bingo players in bingo forums. You can also use the chat feature that is available on these websites to interact with other players and find any important information.


There is no better way to explore the benefits of bingo games than taking advantage of no deposit bingo bonuses. It gives you an opportunity to enjoy free online bingo games with maximum benefits at stake. Freeroll today in a trusted bingo website, and enjoy super bingo absolutely for free!

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Gala Bingo, a Fantastic Choice for All

Online Bingo at Gala Bingo has undoubtedly swept the feet of the gaming community and especially here in the UK. There are many sites where you can play this game but the fact that there are financial details involved, you can never afford to be carefree! But since Gala Bingo has won the hearts and trust of thousands of bingo enthusiast, you have nothing to worry about.

A bingo gala offers a collection free bingo games, and while there are a variety of bingo games online, very few can be as thrilling as those offered at Gala Bingo. The combination of art and updated software makes online bingo in this site as exhilarating as no other game. In the online niche, it is known that what makes the game interesting is the excellent graphics, quality sound tracks and progressive jackpots. These three features are eminent and are equally merged to create the core pillars of Gala Bingo.

Gala Bingo owns a whooping 175 world class clubs across the world, and thus it controls the online gaming. Every website that reviews bingo sites has this company among its most preferred gaming sites. It is a big name not only in the UK but the world as a whole, and has commanding number of disciples all over the world.

But that is not all, Gala Bingo offers unique services for instance; there is the club selector service which helps you chose the best club to visit based on your game choice and the corresponding club hosting it. Just like the online services, the Gala Bingo clubs too are run 24 hrs a day, seven days a week. You can choose the best time to play and win fabulous prizes. Nevertheless, in case you choose to play free bingo online, the experience is no less breathtaking! Moreover, the bingo rules remain constant both in club and online niche. There are a number free online slots and a variety of bingo games online that will offer you gratifying experience.

This company also frequently offers freeroll, bonuses, discounts and free games. Just imagine I was awarded ten pounds the moment I successfully completed my registration. Gala Bingo holds every player with high regards and the treatment you get here is special. Besides the bonuses, you stand to gain in enjoying no deposit bingo games offers and get rewards for inviting more bingo enthusiast to join you. While the site offers different variations of bingo game, you will never fail to find one that matches your taste and game level.

As I said earlier, Gala Bingo has all the required qualities to make a bingo website appealing. However, this is completely an understatement given the quality of software that this company maintains. It is rare to find bingo software that meets any imagination as far as customization is concerned. But I can confidently tell you that Gala’s software will exceed your expectation and go beyond your imagination. Whatever you can think of has been taken care of! Buying bingo cards online is made easier, the graphic design is great, the sound and animations are fanatical, and the online chat feature is just incredible.

If you want to play super bingo and have more than fun, then the number one UK bingo provider should be your choice. It is exciting to play at Gala Bingo and its reputation only tells that it is managed by professionals who value you and not just your money! Join today and get a bingo royalty, be a member and enjoy the special treat, and finally play today to win enormous prizes. Truly, Gala bingo is fantastic choice for all bingo players!

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Bingo Diwali – Let Goddess of Wealth come to your home this Diwali

Diwali, the most followed of the Hindu festivals, is the time when Hindus pray to the goddess of wealth “Laxmi”, seeking her blessings for prosperity and wealth. It is customary to play cards or other games of chance on the eve of Diwali, to try their luck and to judge if the Goddess LAxmi is going to favor them or not. Here we must say that there cannot be a better way to do this than the game of Diwali Bingo. This is not only great fun and the best way to spend quality time with family and friends, but will also get you know if Goddess Laxmi is in your favor. And if you are away from family but still want to check your chances then there is an online bingo option available and one such option is the Bingo Jackpot.

deepawli bingo

bingo on the festival of lights

Bingo jackpot is a special format which is played in the bingo rooms in parallel to the normal bingo games and involves huge cash prizes to be won. As the clientele and thus the prize amounts in the bingo rooms are limited as it depends on the membership, online options are definitely more convenient and better involving much bigger prize amounts and one can play them easily in the convenience of their home at the time they want.

Most of the best and trusted bingo online sites offer the bingo jackpot option and have many formats in this category to choose from, like that of Progressive Jackpot and the Super Jackpot. One can play any one of them or both of them if need be. But these games are normally offered by the paid sites and thus one must make deposit to take part in these. But the amount paid is nothing for the fun that one can expect in the way.

In the gala bingo Progressive jackpot option the winning condition is defined, the game starts with an amount of $400 to $2000 and it is played again and again, continued till the time the jackpot is won. The longer it is played the higher will be the total winning amount as every time the condition is not met the prize amount is added to the next game.

In the Super Jackpot option the amount does not increase but the prize amount is normally big are are played to special occasion. Diwali can be one such occasion. The great attractive option of the game is that it has huge prizes as high as $10000. And if you win it this Diwali then you can be sure that Goddess Laxmi is definitely working in your favor and that it is the start of your best times.

Besides the fact that the amounts won are fantastic, the feeling that one gets after winning such an amount is just great. If you end up being the winner, be sure that everybody shall be coming to congratulate you and the most favored one chosen by Lady Luck. Even if you are playing online, you can be sure to be the center of chats on the frantic activities that will happen on the chat room after winning the jackpot.

So, on the eve of Diwali, chose your most favored bingo sites, register, pay the deposit and get ready to try for your luck and in case you get the blessings of Goddess Laxmi for wealth, then you can surely be the winner of the Jackpot. And even if you are not a Hindu, you can join the fun and may be chosen by the Goddess Laxmi, Who knows?

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Online bingo – Thy sleigh bells are ringing, and the fingers are clicking

With Halloween finished, Thanksgiving nearly over and Black Friday is approaching it can only mean one thing that those Christmas bells will soon be ringing as it comes to the countdown of the big man in the red suit that flies on his sleigh delivering presents to all the good girls and boys. Christmas time though however, means it’s that time of the year to have some fun, and nothing beats playing bingo with family and friends. Christmas without a game of bingo especially the online bingo, is like Christmas without the decorations and holiday cheer. A great tip though, before you head to play Christmas Bingo with your friends and family, why not gather and build up your experience and gain some tips and advantages by playing a few games of online bingo.

online bingo

Online Bingo

Even better is that when you decide to look up and track down some online bingo games, you will discover a mixture of free bingo games online as well as a few paid bingo games. The paid online bingo games if you are keen and confident is a great way to earn some extra cash to help you over the Christmas period.

Over the Christmas period, one of my favorite online bingo gaming pages I like to follow is a bingo and lifestyle community page called “Online Bingo Lady”. It contains online bingo links for a number of different sectors from USA Bingo Games to UK Bingo Sites, Are you a new bingo play and wanting to learn beginner bingo to prepare you for the bingo games against your friends and family when you gather for the Christmas season. What’s my favorite thing about Online Bingo Lady is that it includes a Bingo Blog where you can read up on posts which include bingo techniques to keep you on top of your game and a forum where you can post questions and meet other online bingo fanatics. To get you into the Christmas spirit, you can play an Advent calendar filled with different online bingo games – one a day to prepare you for the takedown of your family come the 25th December 2012.

If you are experiencing a white Christmas in the United Kingdom and are a more experienced bingo player, why not check out the phenomenon known as Gala Bingo. What is gala bingo you may ask? For over two decades, Gala bingo has been the United Kingdom’s most loved and trusted bingo operators, a name that has become synonymous in households with the gaming industry. Gala bingo boasts to having over 143 clubs with 5 million members and pays out prizes totalling approximately £42 million pounds in both retail and online bingo games.

Gala Bingo is a great way this Christmas to have some fun, enjoy a bit of entertainment and meet a lot of like minded and similar people. Gala bingo is all about making friends this Christmas, with a set of friendly chat hosts and members who like to ensure that their Gala bingo club is a warm and friendly environment for all.  With any game of bingo, it is a chance of luck and with gala bingo there is nothing that quite beats the thrill and the pump of adrenaline that is pulsating through your body as they call your numbers and the most awesome thing about Gala bingo is that everyone leaves with something and there’s a lot of games that are no cost to join. Imagine all the money you can earn to buy Christmas presents all by playing a few rounds of gala bingo.

So bingo lovers from far and wide , gather around and discover the world of Christmas Bingo – whether it’s brushing up your skills playing games of free bingo online or checking out the world of gala bingo and earning some hard-cold pennies to help you have a little more spending money to reel in the Christmas period with.  As the title said “The sleigh bells are ringing and dinging and that means it’s time to get those fingers a-clicking through the gaming world of online bingo and opening those eyes to a new opportunity in gala bingo.

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Bingo Games – A big business and a great fun

Though Bingo games may be a great fun, but there is no doubt that serious business associated with. Otherwise it is difficult to sustain such an organized platform, liked by so many in all age groups. For some who are not too conversant of the reach or bingo games, they may feel that this game is limited to fund raising activities at local churches or the community centers during some odd occasions and festivals, or a favorite game during the kitty parties of ladies where it is a favorite past time especially the older ones as they have lots of free time.

bingo games

But such a perception is nowhere closer to the truth and today Bingo games are a big and serious business. Many have questioned the legality of this game as it is from the gambling stable and also doubt the source of money involved in playing the game. They may be right if the Bingo games that we are talking about is being conducted at places with weak administrative controls, but in states where there are strict local restrictions of conducting such activities, it can be said that the bingo games are conducted with the help of the legal sources of money and even then there is big money involved in this.

The bingo games are played in different formats, with varying prize money. It may be played at the local churches where the prize may be limited to some hundred dollars or a food hamper with the main intent to raise money for some social cause, It is also played in serious formats in which the prize money may be as high as thousands of dollars or serious gifts as a house, car or a foreign trip, just anything can be there.

If that is so then from where such big money comes from to be played to players. Its main source is the sale of bingo cards, which are sold at rates varying from a few cents to few hundred dollars depending on the place and intent of the game and also the prize money involved. Many serious players do buy hundred of tickets thus improving their chances to win the big money or the bingo games which are played for long periods involving a number of quick bingo games.

Then the format of the bingo games also affects the prize money. Some online sites offer the progressive bingo games in which there is a special jackpot if the game id won under certain calls, and it will keep on adding from game to game till the time it is not won. This type of progressive bingo games sometimes has thousands of dollars of the prize to be won. Many times few bingo organizations offer combined bingo, which make the prize money really big. The prize may be as high as once in a lifetime amount.

There are many bingo games, both physical as well as online, which offer bingo 24/7 and so many do make tall claims. But players are advised to see and confirm the credentials of the arranger before committing their money. One good way is to see the number of players registered with the site. The more the better, after all the reputation counts and it is built on continuing efforts to maintain the quality of product and service. The online bingo is getting more and more popular, where the bingo options are available on the global stage and also 24/7. These online sites are offering great prizes and even provide free bingo game opportunities, bonuses and freebies. Though there are scamsters who are working in this domain. But as the area of operation is large and these sites also get lots of advertising revenue they are in a position to offer lots of benefits which may not be available on your friendly neighborhood bingo club with limited clientele.

With the advice that the players do need to be extra cautious in selecting their bingo arranger, but in the end if the choice is right, it is going to be great fun and one may win a jackpot as big as their lifetime savings.

Gamble Aware ( is managed by the Responsibility in Gambling Trust, an independent charity which funds treatment, research and education about responsible gambling. The website has been developed by a Task Force made up of representatives from the Gambling Commission, DCMS, academia and industry.

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Bingo Games Bonuses – Things one should know

Many times and in many ways, bingo players do get bonus credit while playing. This may be at the time of deposit, or expenditure or simply winning in the course of Bingo games.

bingo games

bingo games

Though, at the face value one may feel that these bonuses are as well as the redeemable cash, but the devil lies in the details. To understand this further lets discuss the topic further:

a)      The bingo games arrangers are never at a loss

Most of the bingo sites pay out nearly 60 to 70% of the cash that they had received at the beginning of the game. This includes the prize money as well as the bonus amounts. In other words if more bonuses are paid then the effective payout per bingo card is proportionately decreased. But as the player can buy more cards with the help of this bonus credit, eventually he is not a loser.

b)      Is your Bonus is redeemable in bingo games

Regarding redemption, different sites have different rules and regulations. But generally deposits, prize money and the bonus credits are all treated separately. Like deposits cannot be always withdrawn. Also at the time of spending the deposit money is spent first, then the prize money is spent and at last the bonus credit is spent.

If you wish to withdraw your prize money, then most of the sites set the bonus credit to zero. This arrangement reduced the tendency of player for cash out and also improves the average payout per bingo player card.

c)       Bonus may not last forever – so better use them

Unlike the deposits or prize money, bonuses (like deposit bonus or the game bonus) do not last forever. In most of bingo games they normally expire in 30 to 60 days.

d)      There is nothing like free lunch

Many times the players do wonder from where the bingo sites give the bonuses. Actually with bonus or without bonus, the net payout of the site conducting bingo games is same. In other words the net earnings of the site remain around 30-40%. Means with more bonuses the prize money is less and vice versa. So, bonus is nothing but a psychological motivation to play more. They are normally structured to spend your deposits and also the prize money before the bonus credit expires. Sometimes the bonus is also used to motivate players to deposit more funds to play, means more bonus for larger deposits. But bonus has one nice side effect. Whenever a player uses bonus, or let it expire so as to redeem cash, or use it in some other promotions the total bonus gets reduced and effective payout per cards gets increased.

e)      When does my bingo bonus work in my favor?

The bonus in bingo games works in favor of the player when the bonus is more than the average bonus money in the play.

In short it can be said that bingo bonus scheme is nothing but an illusion and serves the purpose of better distributions of the prize money in the game. The bonus is good for the player of the bonus payout is more than the net average bonus in the game. We recommend that if you win, better redeem your prize money because playing with winnings do not get your bonuses, thus making it costly compared to playing with the deposit or the bonus money.

Gamble Aware ( is managed by the Responsibility in Gambling Trust, an independent charity which funds treatment, research and education about responsible gambling. The website has been developed by a Task Force made up of representatives from the Gambling Commission, DCMS, academia and industry.

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