Bingo community – A true community with a soul

Bingo is something that we remember from our childhood when we played our first game in school. Since that day to date, the fun, frolic and the excitement of playing bingo is same and this is mute testimony to the reason that this game is so popular in all age groups and for all occasions, be it private or public.

It will not be an exaggeration to say that this game is like part of the culture and its signs are evident in the whole history of modern society. Though one can say that gambling has always been a part of human culture in one form or the other and playing bingo is also an act from this realm of human psyche, but the good part is that bingo can be played in a harmless fashion by anybody such that the fun overshadows the small loss that one can incur. It is a true community game and helps in building a close group by the hearty interactions that takes place during the course of the game among players. That is the main reason that we all love to play bingo, irrespective of the fact that we win or lose.

bingo community

It is simple, easy to learn and anybody can easily play it. This game is played easily by a group of people with different cultures languages and socioeconomic background. This is the real magic which makes bingo a true community game. There are very few games which have so easily overcome the boundaries that separate the mankind and are normally considered insurmountable. Rather the sense of community that this game develops is really great.

If we look at its effect on us from the personal perspective, one must remember the times when we played bingo in the classroom and enjoyed the few moments of fun and the good times spent with our friends. When we grew older, we visited the local bingo rooms and while playing interacted with new people, thus made relationships. Whether it is played in church for raising charity, family get-together, meeting of old friends or the local club, bingo creates a perfect background for the people involved to interact light heartedly, thus making them smile and laugh together. The relations that are built playing bingo make us closer to the society we live-in, thus it won’t be an exaggeration when we say that bingo is a Community Game.

Now, with the increase in popularity of online bingo games, the level of interaction has become even wider. Now the players are interacting across countries through the bingo chat rooms. These are normally friendly chat rooms and here everyone is always welcome.  This makes one the member of an international community. A good news for the ones who do not want to leave their bingo hall with fear that they will lose their social circle, that there is nothing to worry about as the online bingo halls are made such that the players get the same social community feeling by interacting freely with other players, rather on a much larger scale than it was done ever before.

So, win or lose, if you are a social animal (which we all are supposed to be) then online bingo is for you that you will love to play and thus making friends on the way.

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Gary Beal

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