Bingo Diwali – Let Goddess of Wealth come to your home this Diwali

Diwali, the most followed of the Hindu festivals, is the time when Hindus pray to the goddess of wealth “Laxmi”, seeking her blessings for prosperity and wealth. It is customary to play cards or other games of chance on the eve of Diwali, to try their luck and to judge if the Goddess LAxmi is going to favor them or not. Here we must say that there cannot be a better way to do this than the game of Diwali Bingo. This is not only great fun and the best way to spend quality time with family and friends, but will also get you know if Goddess Laxmi is in your favor. And if you are away from family but still want to check your chances then there is an online bingo option available and one such option is the Bingo Jackpot.

deepawli bingo

bingo on the festival of lights

Bingo jackpot is a special format which is played in the bingo rooms in parallel to the normal bingo games and involves huge cash prizes to be won. As the clientele and thus the prize amounts in the bingo rooms are limited as it depends on the membership, online options are definitely more convenient and better involving much bigger prize amounts and one can play them easily in the convenience of their home at the time they want.

Most of the best and trusted bingo online sites offer the bingo jackpot option and have many formats in this category to choose from, like that of Progressive Jackpot and the Super Jackpot. One can play any one of them or both of them if need be. But these games are normally offered by the paid sites and thus one must make deposit to take part in these. But the amount paid is nothing for the fun that one can expect in the way.

In the gala bingo Progressive jackpot option the winning condition is defined, the game starts with an amount of $400 to $2000 and it is played again and again, continued till the time the jackpot is won. The longer it is played the higher will be the total winning amount as every time the condition is not met the prize amount is added to the next game.

In the Super Jackpot option the amount does not increase but the prize amount is normally big are are played to special occasion. Diwali can be one such occasion. The great attractive option of the game is that it has huge prizes as high as $10000. And if you win it this Diwali then you can be sure that Goddess Laxmi is definitely working in your favor and that it is the start of your best times.

Besides the fact that the amounts won are fantastic, the feeling that one gets after winning such an amount is just great. If you end up being the winner, be sure that everybody shall be coming to congratulate you and the most favored one chosen by Lady Luck. Even if you are playing online, you can be sure to be the center of chats on the frantic activities that will happen on the chat room after winning the jackpot.

So, on the eve of Diwali, chose your most favored bingo sites, register, pay the deposit and get ready to try for your luck and in case you get the blessings of Goddess Laxmi for wealth, then you can surely be the winner of the Jackpot. And even if you are not a Hindu, you can join the fun and may be chosen by the Goddess Laxmi, Who knows?

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