The Bingo Evolution and Variations

Bingo Overview

Bingo is a very old game dating back to 1500s, but it has evolved and it has now a number of variations. The game started as a house game, but now it has moved to the casinos and social halls where it is played for leisure and commercial purposes or to raise finances. However, there are versions that have salt away it as a house game. In this piece, we are going to match concerned about the common 5 by 5 worksheet matrix. We are also going to look at the transition that has finally landed it to the internet, where online bingo is a pastime that can be played for free.

Bingo is purely based on chance, just as it was over a thousand years ago. Players are given bingo worksheets, commonly referred as bingo cards, and numbers are randomly generated. The cards have numbers on them in a square matrix, and the players cross reference the generated numbers with those on their cards. A player should mark out the numbers that are called on his/her card so as to achieve a specific pattern. Once this has been achieved, the player should shout “BINGO” and the caller will confirm the player’s claim, and indeed the player gets the pattern, he/she is declared the winner. If you are out to win, you must do this before anyone else does. Actually, this is the general preview of the game and most variations of the game revolve around this.

Bingo has evolved to produce unlimited patterns while its popularity spread, but it has retained its ground rules. The evolution has added more flare to the game and in the process ensuring that the players are thrilled as ever, even after multiple games. But what has taken the gaming industry by a storm is the free online bingo which can be played at home and win tremendous prizes just as people in gaming halls.

Variations of Bingo

Some of the variations of bingo include the well-liked Chinese casino game U-Pick’Em Bingo. The game is no different to Keno, a renowned game in casinos, which is played by selecting any numbers the players desire to mark and have a keep an eye on for a win. Halloween Bingo is another version which instead of numbers has letters that spell out items related to Halloween. This is mostly played by families or moms and their kids. Another variation id the Quick Shot Bingo where players use pre-drawn numbers to match the sealed bingo cards to attain a specified pattern. This is a very challenging variation of bingo which can be lengthy and thus can be played for even months before a player can win the jackpot. There is also the Bingo Bonanza and this requires 43 pre-drawn numbers to be crossed out on the players’ bingo cards. The player who gets the winning pattern is declared the winner, but when no one does, a new game is set but with an increased jackpot at stake. There is also another bingo variation called Fast-Paced Horse Racing and this only allow a maximum of 15 players and they compete in filling five numbers in one column. And finally there is the electronic bingo, whose online version is known as Slingo, is a bingo game integrated in a slot machine and played against a huge number of players.

Note that bingo, be it online or casino based, is a one game which is ended after a player calls out “BINGO” and being confirmed the winner for the jackpot prize.

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