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Great site for online bingo

There are a lot of different types of bingo which are played besides the normal game played in land based bingo halls and online bingo sites. These games have been devised to help in education and for pleasure and do not involve any money whatsoever.

Bingo for Education

Bingo for Education

The bingo cards used in these games have pictures, phrases and words on different subjects printed on them instead of the normal numbers. Numbers are not called out like in the normal game, but questions on the topics related to the pictures and words printed on the cards are asked. The cards used are sometimes duplicates of one another so that everybody playing the game is given an even opportunity to win and no amount of luck is involved to favour any player individually. You are required to mark the picture or word or phrase which you think is the correct choice in answer to the questions being asked. The card of the person calling out bingo is checked whether the player has marked the right picture in reply to the questions and not the wrong ones. Only knowledge and skill is required to get all your answers correct and the card marked correctly wins the game.

This type of the bingo game helps in the learning process of both the children and the adults as they enjoy playing the game and improving their knowledge simultaneously. If every card used in this version of the bingo game is different from the others with a different of pictures and words per card, then the question of luck comes in. You have to have both knowledge and some luck in your favor to find and mark the correct answer on the card to win.

The topics, on which the pictures and words are based upon, can vary from the very easy ones like nouns, verbs and adjectives in a language to the most complicated ones like the different kinds of parasites in the world or even the different varieties of yachts available. The cards which have nouns, verbs and adjectives can be used to educate the children about the English language and can be used for other languages also.

A bingo game of this type which was prepared for a political debate held a few months earlier was found to be the most interesting. There were four political parties participating in the debate and a color was assigned to the card of each party. The supporters of the parties were each given a card which had the color assigned to his party. The cards had the phrases, rhetoric and buzz-words normally used by the leaders of his party leaders printed on them. The supporter was asked to mark similar words and phrases that were being used whenever a leader stood up to speak. The catch was to find a card not with maximum markings but with the minimum number of markings signifying the ability of the political leader to use minimum amount of rhetoric while engaging in a debate over political topics.

Some of the words printed on the cards were economic reforms, increase in inflation, climate changes, crime control, building blocks, fiscal growth, banking sector reforms and social issues.

Another type of bingo game, that can be played with children while travelling by car, to stop them from inquiring whether they have arrived or not, involves cards with pictures of petrol stations, coaches, cows, bridges, roundabouts and anything which they see passing by. The winner was the child who had the most number of markings. You can also try out your own form of bingo sometimes.

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Great site for online bingo

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