Bingo for free at Alumni Party

One of the most appreciated games in the world, Bingo, can be played on various occasions as it is such a great fun activity. One such great idea is to play bingo at the Alumni party. With the dose of fun and excitement at hand, bingo will be a great way to spend time with your old colleagues, making everyone want to win (once again), and restoring the competitive spirit that was once present in your group. Alumni party bingo is a good idea because you can also play bingo for free. Other activities may involve a lot of money, but bingo is simple and cheap. All you need is some paper, pens and someone willing to run the activity, and with no expenses you can have a lot of fun with your old buddies. When you play bingo you get to stay in group, and thus get time to talk and remember all the fun adventures you and your colleagues had together during good old college days. Competition will also be again revived, just like in the old days when you fought for grades, but now you do it for a first place in bingo.

Bingo for free at Alumni Party

Bingo for free at Alumni Party

The Alumni party is a great occasion to see once again all your friends and go down memory lane. While seated together at a bingo game, this is very easy to accomplish. Other formats of such parties may be boring as the alumni might not have been in touch and thus they may not have pretty much in common. Maybe sometimes they feel reluctant to open a discussion, but if they play bingo, they will have the opportunity to start a discussion just because they are having fun together – just like in the old days.

Another great idea would be to make the winner give a speech. This will give the chance for a lot of people to talk freely and to be remembered by all the other guests, and also to raise long distant memories. They can compare if the winners are still the persons who always had success while in school.

If the winners have to give a speech, maybe the losers should get punished. They would have to tell a funny or an embarrassing story from the good old days about them or about other colleagues. These stories and speeches will make everybody laugh, and it will also make some people focus harder while playing bingo if they don’t want to share anything, or they do want to tell something.

Bingo creates friendships, and even if you didn’t keep in touch with your old colleagues, you will now have the opportunity to catch up. This is only the first step in reviving friendships. You will be amazed to find out how easy it is to trust once again people that you already knew and with whom you share a lot of great memories. If you did keep in touch, then this will be a good way to see who’s best, everyone knows that a competitive spirit never settles down, and if there’s a stake involved (the speech or the story), that’s one more reason to want to win. So if you want to spice up your alumni party, one of the best solutions for you and your colleagues may be to play bingo, because it is free, fun and allows you to catch up.

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