Should You Try Playing Bingo Online?

Trying Bingo Online

Throughout the world, playing regular bingo has been a very popular form of entertainment for ages. Seeing family and friends and meeting new people in a very laid back environment is great. That’s why it is no big surprise that there are a lot more than sixty million fans throughout the world.

A bingo fan is usually female, aged 30 to 60, and is from The United States. Devoted bingo players follow their routines, like taking part in bingo on specific evenings of the week each and every week. A part of their lifestyle eventually includes playing this game. When a regular player is absent, people will notice as friendships are formed quickly during the game. Plenty of players have their favourite seats that they consider lucky. There might be specific reasons why a classic bingo hall is not the best choice. For some people, it’s not easy to manage multiple cards and some individuals can not find the time to go to the bingo centre, housewives for example.

But wait! There is a new kind of bingo now, an improvement in the bingo generation of sorts. It is  bingo online! You may wonder, how could replacing a traditional bingo hall where you can play alongside friends and family be as gratifying as participating in online bingo? Why would I change my lifestyle? The reply is, playing this game online has lots of advantages. In a recent study carried out by a well-liked online bingo portal, the main reason for participating in online bingo, was “meeting new people”.

No borders exist with online bingo and your opponents can be situated anywhere in the world. You heard me correctly, one game can be played by multiple players from all over the world.

online bingo

Every online bingo portal includes a feature called Multi Chat with a Chat Host also known as CM. It’s the job of the Chat Host to recreate the ambiance of a bingo hall and also assist with support. Multi Chat is also good for meeting new people and chatting with them live; plus once you have only 1 number to go and the acronym “1TG” shows up, you can share the excitement! You wanted to socialize with your mates, well there you go, plenty of new friends at the press of a button. More chatting, more fun!

There are a lot of other advantages to playing bingo online. Let’s suppose your local bingo hall is way too far from your residence. Or what if the weather outside is terrible? What if you are not up to changing clothes and driving to the smoke filled bingo hall? What if you’re impaired and think it’s challenging to move around? What if your day has been just too tiring? The solution to all your problems is online bingo. To play and to be transported into the awesome realm of web bingo, you just have to sit down and visit your favourite bingo site.

You can play as many cards as you desire simultaneously due to improved technology. Playing with more cards improves your odds of winning. Your bingo cards are filled in on auto-pilot so you don’t need to be concerned about completing your cards and wonder whether you’ve overlooked a couple of calls. And if you get the lucky card your balance is also credited automatically.

As a final note, online bingo industries have done a great job at creating a traditional bingo hall atmosphere for online players. And here’s the best part: it’s always accessible, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and you can play the game from the comfort of your own home. Online bingo will never take the place of your local bingo hall, but both off-line and online bingo seem to have their own set of special advantages.

So if you are sick of your routine or if you just want to escape to a special place, jump in front of the laptop and be next in line to win great cash prizes, you never know, you might even win the jackpot!

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Playing the Wonderful Game of Bingo Online

Try Playing Bingo Online

online bingo

For many years, taking part in the regular version of bingo has been one of the most popular pastimes around the globe. It’s a good meeting place for close friends and a great spot to get to know new people in a nice and enjoyable atmosphere. No wonder then that there are about sixty million gamers in the world.

The typical player is generally a woman, between the ages of thirty-60, and is located in The USA. Big fans follow their routines, taking part in the activity only on certain nights, week after week. Part of their way of life eventually involves playing bingo. Friendships are formed between players and a missing regular won’t go unnoticed. Most bingo players also have a lucky seat. There might be different reasons why a classic bingo hall is not the best choice, for some people, it’s not easy to manage multiple cards and some individuals can’t find the time to go to the bingo centre, housewives for example.

But hold on, there has been a progress in the bingo generation. There’s a new style of bingo now. It’s bingo online! Some individuals may ask, how could sitting behind the computer be as gratifying as playing bingo in a classic bingo hall with friends and family? Why would anyone change their lifestyle? The reply is, this great game has several pros when you play it online. The newest study by a popular online bingo portal demonstrates the # 1 reason for playing bingo online is meeting new people.

Participating in bingo online tears down borders and lets you play online bingo live with other players around the globe. You heard me correctly; online bingo is with multiple players – one game with players from all over the world.

Multi Chat is a feature available on every internet bingo portal with a Chat Host who is referred to as a CM. The Chat Host is responsible for creating the atmosphere of a true bingo hall and helping with every issue which may occur. Multi Chat also allows you to make new friends and chat in real-time plus share the fun when you have just one number to go and the acronym “1TG” shows up! You wished to socialize with your buddies, well there you have it, lots of new friends at the click of a mouse. The longer you chat, the longer the fun lasts!

There are plenty of advantages to playing bingo online. What if your local bingo hall isn’t near your home. Or if there is a storm outside? What if you are not feeling like putting on clothes and traveling to the smoke filled bingo hall? Or you are disabled and it’s a challenge for you to get around? What if you are just too tired from the work day? The solution to all your problems is internet bingo. Simply go and visit your chosen portal and get ready to be transported into the fantastic world of internet bingo.

Development in bingo sites also means you can play as many cards as you desire. Playing with more cards improves your chances of winning. There is no reason to worry about missing one or two calls or completing your cards since they get filled out by the system. When you hold that lucky card your account is credited automatically as well.

All in all, web bingo companies have done a great job on providing the internet based players with a bingo hall atmosphere. And for the best part, it’s always accessible, 24 hours a day, seven days a week and you can play the game in the convenience of your own house. Online bingo will never take the place of your regional bingo hall, but both online and off-line versions of the game appear to have their own set of special advantages.

So do you want to get out of the routine of your life? Just go and try your luck on a bingo website, who knows, you might even win the jackpot!

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A Bingo Winner story

As the story goes for a bingo winner, there was this lady player who would regularly spent some time playing online bingo but could not win much even after playing every day without fail.

The lady was an avid bingo player but could not spare enough time to play during the day or night as she felt very tired after a day’s hard work. But being a great lover of the game, she used to get up early every morning and have a game of bingo before moving over to her daily household tasks. She had to do the laundry, scrub the tiles, sweep the floors, vacuum the carpets and myriad other jobs which a housewife has to do.

Bingo Winner

Bingo Winner

One day as usual she got up early end logged into her favourite online bingo site and started playing bingo. But soon she realized that she was not winning anything at all, but just like all the other days only losing money steadily. Frustrated due to the losing streak she was facing, she decided to finish off her daily chores which looked more important to her.

But she could not give up the game and so she bought some cards and then she went about her business. She started by sweeping the floors as she could use a machine to do the job and did not have to go down on her knees to do it. This made it easier for her to make frequent checks on the computer and the progress of the game as she worked on her chores at the same time. She would hurry to the computer, buy some cards if required to continue the game, and return to her work.

But every time as usual, she would find that the balance was getting less and less as she bought the cards but won nothing in return. She was afraid that she would soon lose all her balance and have no more money to pay for the cards. She started to dread this moment as it would mean that she would have to borrow money from her family so that she could play online bingo.

It happened on one of her frequent checks when she found that her balance amount displayed on the computer screen had suddenly shot up by a huge amount. She stood staring at the computer screen for some time unable to believe what she was seeing.

She was so habituated to losing that she could not absorb the fact the Lady Luck had smiled on her at last. Not able to take in what she saw on the screen she stopped the game and logged herself out from the online bingo site. She thought that there must be something wrong with the computer or the internet or the site’s server conducting the game.

She logged in again into the online bingo site and checked the balance displayed on the screen again. Indeed the screen displayed that she had won a huge amount of cash in the last game she had played and the amount was being displayed after being added to her balance. She was totally unable comprehend as to how or when she had won the bingo but felt elated that she had been able to win.

She felt herself on cloud nine after winning such a huge prize. Such was her excitement at winning this huge amount of cash after patiently playing the game of online bingo for such a long time, that she forgot all about her daily chores in the exhilaration of the moment.

Patience and consistency in bingo definitely has its rewards.

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Resolutions taken by Bingo players for the New Year 2013

2012 was bid goodbye and the New Year 2013 was welcomed all over the world over cork-popping bottles of champagne and good humour. As fire crackers burst all over the sky, everybody hugged each other and their loved ones with sky-high expectations of the good things to come in 2013. People were having incredible visions and even more incredible dreams of good health and prosperity which they would be able to achieve in the coming months of this New Year. Resolutions to discard old habits and beliefs and to take up new strategies to go forward were taken. New decisions and resolutions became the order of the day and bingo players across the world also came up with some of their own.

bingo players

bingo players

Though bingo provides a lot of thrill an excitement, discipline is a very vital factor for winning in any game of luck. All bingo players should exercise restraint to remain in control of the game and make smart decisions while playing bingo. Once you start on a game of bingo the circumstances prevailing at the moment can make you get carried away. It is absolutely essential for you to decide on your strategy before you proceed any further. You should spend your money judiciously by setting limits to your expenses and by remaining within those limits you have created for yourself whatever happens.

Stop yourself from chasing your losses with the idea of regaining some of it. It is a common mistake which is made by all inexperienced bingo players which results in a bigger loss than if they had stopped their game in time when the loss was small. Going after a big win when you are having a losing streak is usually very foolhardy and normally does not work.

Avoid drinking too much while you are placing your bets. Too much alcohol deprives you of a clear mind and straight thinking and makes you take rash decisions and unnecessary risks. Limit your intake of alcohol to small amounts when you are playing bingo so that you can remain completely sober throughout the game.

Do not consider your winnings to be money belonging to the bingo house and not to you and do not return it because you think so. The actual game is not only to have fun and enjoy the game but also to win some money as you play bingo against the house. So whenever you are lucky enough to win some cash, try to get it out from the house for which you will be thanking your stars at a later date.

Retain your style of playing bingo even if you are on a winning streak. If you are a habitual low bettor, then you should try to retain the way you bet even if it is tough when you are having a winning streak and thinking that you may win more if you bet more. There is always chance that your winning streak may end suddenly and you will lose much more because your wager was big.

A lot of fun and excitement can be derived out of the games of slots, bingo and scratch cards. But you should remember to disengage yourself from the game and rethink a different strategy if the present strategy is forcing you to draw upon your funds for household uses. Take a resolution that you will use your wisdom to play smart bingo this New Year 2013 and if Lady Luck smiles on you then you might come out a winner after all.

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Rules and Etiquettes in a Bingo Game

What if you get the full bingo card pattern? A simple, loud “Bingo!” is the customary way to make caller notice you. Once you notify the caller, an assistant, who is sometimes called a floor walker, will verify your win. Once your bingo game numbers are verified by the computer, your winning bingo card will be posted all throughout the night for other players to check. This is needed to keep the things transparent.

bingo game

bingo game

If two players win a bingo game on the same declared number, the jackpot is equally divided into two. Same thing when three people win together. The prize is also divided into three.

Common Rules

  • Bingo halls may vary when it comes to rules. What you have to do is just read and observe the rules carefully before you start the game.
  • Never, ever cheat. Alteration of a card is worthless and you can’t fool anybody. Be a good example to every player. Play safe by being honest. Below are some common rules you may encounter:
  • In most halls, players must be 18 years of age or older.
  • Not every bingo hall permits alcoholic beverages although there are some who sells them and even soda drinks. Certain establishments may expect you to buy foods only within their area.
  • During special high-stakes games, players should not frequently enter and leave the room.
  • Reservation of specific cards is not allowed.
  • While playing, other people who are not part of the game should not stay inside to watch. Seats are exclusive only for people who have their buy-in. Some halls even require attendance tickets for the players.
  • If a player wins, he or she should notify the caller by shouting a loud “bingo!” to temporarily stop the game before the next number is announced. Bingo should be claimed right after most-recent number is called. If the caller already announced the next ball, then it’s too late to call for you to call “bingo”. When a caller closes the game and drops the balls for the next game, any missed bingos becomes invalid.
  • One practical reminder: Bring a photo ID in case you hit the big one. For large jackpots, players should produce a Social Security card which they would fill out to state their earnings and tax.
  • In addition, the hall has the right to announce the identity of the winners and the winning numbers.

Bingo Etiquettes

  • Most bingo players are cordial and they are more than happy to converse with you should you have any bingo problem. Always observe friendly manners to them.
  • Avoid stepping on any toes as you make your way through the bingo hall.
  • Pipe down instantly as soon as the caller gets down to business.
  • Choose a lucky seat.
  • Don’t serve as a parrot. Never announce numbers in repetition as you are just be distracting other players.
  • If you bring your kids along with you, make sure to involve them in certain activities to keep them quiet. This is to avoid distracting other players.
  • Whatever the game leads you, never ever let your frustrations annoy anybody around the hall. If you have any concern, the bingo manager is always there to listen and assist you.
  • Double check your numbers before you call bingo.
  • If you smoke, you can do it in a designated area.
  • For the first-timers and seasonal players, just follow the playing tips the players mention in the next section.

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Comprehension of the Odds in Bingo game

The odds against you in a bingo game can be calculated as 4 percent when the number of cards you hold, e.g. 4, divided by total number of cards being held by the players, e.g. 100. By multiplying the total number of players by an average number of cards gives you the total number of cards in the game.

bingo game

bingo game

This odds calculation does not hold for a progressive jackpot game without any winner. Obtaining a winning pattern in this game is so remote that it may take weeks and months for a win.

What are the numbers which appear frequently?

All balls in a bingo game have to be tamperproof, without any manufacturing defect and the full complement of 75 balls loaded in a fully operational machine. This ensures that all 75 balls have equal chances of appearing at the same frequency.

A coin flipped thrice may land with heads twice and tails once and vice versa. But if it is flipped for three hours at a stretch it might come up with the same number of heads and tails.

The ball N-31 may appear four times whereas ball N-42 never appears in a two hour bingo game. This does not mean that you should buy all cards with the number N-31 because it may be a coincidence. When the game stretches over a longer time this difference may disappear altogether.

What method should you follow to win?

The following hints may help to make the odds favourable to you.

Play at bingo halls which are less crowded as the odds against you becomes less.

Visit the bingo hall when the inclement weather keeps most of the players away.

Choose the middle of the afternoon or late nights to play bingo when other players are away and occupied with their own commitments.

Get acquainted with the surroundings before you start a game because low attendance may also mean a low jackpot.

Try to play with as many cards as possible to increase your winning chances.

Multiple cards make the odds better, e.g. 100 players with 4 cards each is a total of 400 cards. If you buy 20 cards instead of 4, then the odds in your favour, increases by 5 times, i.e. 5 percent whereas the odds for other players, is 1 percent.

Though the calculation of odds become much more favourable with multiple cards, you may also stand to lose more money.

Choose any number of cards according to your convenience but it is better if you calculate the average and play with the same number. Adding some more to this average makes the game more interesting but you must be able to handle them.

Try to choose cards which are not duplicates of one another to increase your chances of winning.

If the bingo hall allows it, hold the set you have chosen through multiple sessions. Some players may think that the set is lucky because they have won with it earlier and some others think the set is due for a win.

You may have won a number of times with the same set of cards but you may have lost also which you never consider.

The set of cards you are holding through the sessions may be familiar to you and you may have more confidence in playing with them.

You have to concentrate on the game so that you do not miss a call and thus you fail to win a bingo.

Always have a positive attitude towards the bingo game and you can enjoy even though you do not win.

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Moments in the history of Bingo

The quality and number of games, promotions and the excellent customer service offered by the top notch online bingo sites make the players of bingo go crazy about the game. They love the game of online bingo because it provides both excitement and monetary benefits, but it is doubtful whether they know anything about the history of bingo and its evolution.

History of Bingo

History of Bingo

Bingo in its infancy.

Opinions and arguments have differed about the origin of bingo just as the origins of all other games from the past. There is a common consent that the game of bingo, as it is known today, was first conducted as a game of lottery on a nationwide basis in Italy in 1530. This game was used by the Italian government to raise money to meet its expenses. In the 1700s the game was imported by the French and the French government started to sponsor this bingo game as a state effort for the same purpose of raising money for the common exchequer. The game started by the French government did not have the name of bingo at that time and was not exactly similar to the bingo game which is played today.

Change of the Bingo game with time

With the passage of time, people who were spreading the knowledge of this game of bingo realised that the game had some qualities which could contribute to the field of education. They understood that the children could be taught numbers, mathematics and multiplication tables with the help of this game. This is why the popularity of bingo started growing amongst the children in schools in the 1800s.

Arrival in America

The game of bingo was known by different names in different parts of the world before it arrived in America. An American toy salesman while travelling chanced upon a carnival in a village where this game was being played. He was fascinated by the game and spread it amongst his friends who started playing the game in real earnest. At that time beans were used to mark the numbers on the cards and anyone achieving a winning pattern would call out “Beano”. The history of evolution of the game of bingo says the name got changed to “Bingo” as the game became more and more popular and the name stuck.

The present status of bingo and what it holds for the future.

Online bingo at present is the most popular online gambling game being played with the help of internet though it did not catch the fancy of the people in the beginning when online poker was more appealing. But as a greater number people realised the advantages of playing online bingo, they started to crowd the online bingo web sites to play the game. The reputed online bingo sites are facing a population explosion and there is no stopping the game in the future. What is the future of bingo? Nobody is sure about where the game is headed for in the future, but the top notch operators are trying hard to incorporate more and more new concepts into the game so that it becomes more thrilling to the players and they can achieve more financial gains. Even online bingo tournaments are held nowadays which had never been heard of before. The existence of chat rooms and chat applications on the online bingo sites were never thought to be possible earlier. The only fact that everyone seems to be sure about is that online bingo will become more and more exciting in the coming days.

Gamble Aware ( is managed by the Responsibility in Gambling Trust, an independent charity which funds treatment, research and education about responsible gambling. The website has been developed by a Task Force made up of representatives from the Gambling Commission, DCMS, academia and industry.

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Latest Fashion trend for Ladies – Play Online Bingo Game

The popularity of the bingo game has been growing at an exponential rate since its inception in 1530. The popularity has grown to such an extent that nowadays people from different age groups have started playing the game in real earnest. But one group of players have shown an exceptional interest in the game which is quite incomparable to that shown by other groups. This group is comprised of women players whose ages vary from the middle aged to those who are quite old. These women players seem to have a motivation for playing online bingo for more reasons than just plain entertainment.

bingo Game

bingo Game

Most of the people play online bingo to make some money as well as to entertain themselves in their free time. The middle aged women players also play online bingo to entertain themselves and to win some cash on the side so that they can spend the money they win at online bingo, on the latest trends in fashion. Hence it can be fairly said that fashion and the game of online bingo are interlinked to some extent as far as the interest shown by the women players is concerned. The so called non-essentials in life like fashionable dresses and jewellery can only be obtained by spending some money. The condition of the economy being tough at the moment, it is almost impossible to make any unnecessary expenditure on fashion items which are considered non-essentials. Though there is no guarantee that you will make big profits by playing online bingo, there is always a chance that you may win some money to spend on fashionable items or on something else which interests you.

More and more young people are taking to playing online bingo nowadays. Some of the young generation spend their winnings from a bingo game on fashion but most of them do not feel that there exists a bond between a game of bingo and fashion. The trend of spending their bingo winnings on items for fashion is more prevalent with young ladies and online bingo has become a part of their daily activities. The internet has provided the opportunity to young women to play online bingo and also to buy fashion articles online. The main reason behind the interest shown by the young generation is the ease with which the internet can be accessed along with the ease with which the game of online bingo can be played. You may not find a bingo hall or parlour in every town, but there will definitely be casinos where you can play the game online. The recent trends show that the youth are becoming interested to play online bingo more and more frequently for entertainment and money.

Players from all age groups are making a bee line for a large number of bingo sites owned by big and reputable companies in order to play online bingo at these sites. The reputation of the companies owning these online bingo sites ensure that you can play bingo at these sites without any hindrance or any harm befalling you. The sites also offer reward programs and sweepstakes which are the best in the industry. The jackpots you can win here can be equal to 1 million British Pounds or you can win a chance to go on a Caribbean cruise. You can be sure that these types of prizes can be offered for playing online bingo on their sites only by multinational companies and not by any other ordinary company.

Gamble Aware ( is managed by the Responsibility in Gambling Trust, an independent charity which funds treatment, research and education about responsible gambling. The website has been developed by a Task Force made up of representatives from the Gambling Commission, DCMS, academia and industry.

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Online Bingo for people who are regulars at the Horse racing tracks

Even those who lead very busy lives and have packed work schedules to follow daily, sometimes find themselves in situations where they have time on their hands but nothing much to do during this free period. These situations neither permit you to take up a fresh job which can be completed in such a short amount of time nor can you decide how to spend the free time which you have in hand. Whenever people find themselves in this kind of situations where they have nothing else to do, they think of playing some online game on their laptops. The best game to play during this time is a game of online bingo.

Online Bingo for Money

Online Bingo for Money

The greatest way to pass time is to play a game of online bingo because you do not have to prepare yourself or need too much concentration for playing the bingo game as it takes very little time to complete. Unlike other online games, a game of online bingo can be completed in approximately 10 minutes and you can win some money also as you play. This is not possible if you play online poker or online blackjack as the time required for such a game to complete is much more than the 10 minutes you have in your hand to cover. A game of online bingo can produce the most exciting of experiences in a very short period of time. You can sometimes be fooled by the simplicity of the game into thinking that it is boring and might not be that interesting. But it takes only 10 minutes or so in getting your daily shot of online bingo to get your adrenalin pumping.

The greatest thing about online bingo is that you can log in to your favorite site from any computer which is connected to the internet and located anywhere in the world and play a bingo game with the help of the internet. You can play any of the online games like bingo, slots, blackjack, poker or other games which an online site offers from wherever in the world you are at the time.

Those people who are addicted to betting on horse races have started to play online bingo during the period they wait for the results of the previous race to come out. Some of them have been found in extreme situations to bring their laptops to the race track and play online bingo even while the race is under progress. They can watch the race taking place while at the same time they can play online bingo without paying much attention to the game. There are people who follow the races taking place on the track with a lot of attention. If you are not one of them but go to the races regularly, then it hardly matters if you take your laptop to play online bingo as the race unfolds before you.

You should think of playing online bingo if you bet regularly on horse races, or you do some job which provides you a lot of spare time and nothing to do. Online bingo helps you to pass the time perfectly while allowing you to make some money and enjoy yourself on the side. The minimum thing you need is a laptop connected to the internet to play online bingo whether you are working, betting on horses at the race track or doing some other job.

Gamble Aware ( is managed by the Responsibility in Gambling Trust, an independent charity which funds treatment, research and education about responsible gambling. The website has been developed by a Task Force made up of representatives from the Gambling Commission, DCMS, academia and industry.

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Learn to play Online Bingo

The rules and schemes of the original live bingo applies to the online bingo games, however there are significant differences that will be cited in here. Nevertheless, understanding more the online bingo game requires background knowledge on the land/live bingo game. However, the online game is far more convenient than the physical game. These modifications have been made possible through the application of high technology which gives the user the opportunity to enjoy games with comfort and convenience of his home or elsewhere.

Online Bingo

Online Bingo

Let us start with the software that is running bingo game on your pc and laptops making it available anywhere you may want to play the game. There are array of sites which you can choose from which are considered to be efficient in its service, however m is one of the most preferred.

Generally, you may choose which the game provider best suited to your taste and preference, either to play bingo or other games or go into the chat rooms. Then you consider the financial state of the site which you will be joining whether or not it will cater to your financial outlay and provides good offer.

Online bingo games also deal with real money and online payment, it is important to enter a site wherein your created accounts are highly secured and password protected to ensure that your credit accounts will not be meeting any problem.

As a new player, it is recommended to look for a site offering incentives like games for free or free credits on cash. The most important thing is that you are able to enjoy your online bingo game, get a grasp of the games as you are starting to play online. You have the option to choose your kind of game and how will you be spending your money.

Also at stake for some sites is the Progressive Jackpots. This is advertised in many bingo sites which highlights greater amount of money in the pot of luck. The amount is increasing from a percentage on the ticket sales which is usually sold in lower prices. The players tend to purchase more tickets for greater probability of winning. The winner in Progressive Jackpots follows a full house pattern or a certain pattern of marked off number games decided in every particular session.

Onlinebingo gameseliminates that annoying experience in live bingo that you were not able to mark your number in the card for reasons that maybe you were not able to clearly hear out the caller as declaring the number. Here in the online bingo, the software has an automatic dauber option that marks off automatically your number card. Having different tickets or number card in a session is not a problem anymore because the software will keep tabs on your tickets and will automatically mark the card with matching number.

A feature of best card sorting is also available in online game. This is an option when the user can see the card which is most marked off.

Playing online bingo seems to be more enjoyable than live bingo especially when you are able to get well-acquainted with the software of the game sites. Fewer issues in playing bingo since there are features that are readily available to make your online bingo experience more attractive to luck.

Gamble Aware ( is managed by the Responsibility in Gambling Trust, an independent charity which funds treatment, research and education about responsible gambling. The website has been developed by a Task Force made up of representatives from the Gambling Commission, DCMS, academia and industry.

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How many Balls for game Bingo

As we are aware of the most loved game of our time as the enchanting game bingo .It still hides some facts from us .There is a problem of defining the exact number of balls which are used in the game. As some people believe, they use 75 balls to play their standard bingo in the North America, while the standard players of the European countries state that the number is 90.So what is the correct figure?

game bingo

game bingo

To find the answer we have to go back in to the history of the Bingo game.

As we all know the base of the bingo is a game which is related to the game Lotto. That evolved in to the most cherished game of our time. Since a long time ago people were used to lotteries. At the beginning they were not like the things that we have now. In those days the players matched the numbers and become winners. About 2 centuries of the birth of the lottery, the game bingo did start to take place in the European countries. If I mention preciously first in UK and then spread to other countries.

In the lotteries you have to pick your winning numbers but in the system of bingo you were given a card with a printed set of selected numbers on it. If we look in to some more difference the lottery will be held in selected days and times, while bingo can be played anywhere and anytime. And you can try your luck in online, live or at the Bingo halls. Not only one system appears in the lottery system, you can enjoy many types to play in the bingo.

Let’s go back to the 19th century; they played a game with 90 balls in countries like Germany as a result of the influence of the games in the UK. The British Army and Navy did a great service to spread the game in many places of the world. At that time in the UK they played another game which has got similar rules and regulations to 90 balls Bingo. Until 1960 the game had not a proper name .It was widely known as Bingo after1966.

On the same time there were some activities in the USA and some other European countries. They have adapted this game with the number of 75 balls and they called the game as Beano. It was very popular event in the carnivals thosedays. That game was the ancestor of the modern Bingo with 75 balls. So that is the story of the bingo game of 75 balls.

There was a toy seller called Edwin Lowe in the city of New York in 1929. He used to travel long distances for his commercial purposes. He saw some people were playing and went near, suddenly a winner cried out “Bingo “instead of “beano”. At once he saw the chance and try to market the new game and later become a very successful businessman. So he was the creator of the modern game of 75 balls.

At the end of the day, we can’t be sure where the missing 15 balls went when the game crossed to North America. Online, you can usually take your choice and play 90, 75 or even 80 balls Bingo. Just remember that if you’re playing 75 ball Bingo and you get a card with a number between 76 and 90 on it, you will go Bingo!

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Bingo Biz: Bingo for Free to Stimulate Your Business

Advertisement comes in many different shapes and sizes. You know how it goes; flyers, pamphlets, posters, banners… Word of mouth works nicely too, and technology and social working helps move your product along the right channels for everybody’s awareness. Get your product on air through radio or television and you can be sure to get the hits. And why not just do good old fashioned demonstrations at the nearest mall? People could be crowding up the stall just to take a look at this wonderful new product of yours, as if they were going to play bingo for free.

business bingo for free promotion

business bingo for free promotion

Needless to say, and whatever that product is, advertisement is the key to selling your stuff. One can only imagine how much profit you can get if you do the right thing with this very important phase, or otherwise how much potential profit you can lose by not doing anything to show it. Variation, originality, great presentation, and above all catching the vibe of today’s consumers, are only some of the ways you can get your product in the spotlight. Just being imaginative goes a long way.

There’s one form of advertisement out there that’s always known to work. How about if you took one of the most popular games of all time, a game for all ages and social status, a game so recognizable and so easy to participate in and win, and use that as a commercial tool? You’ll probably have a lot of examples in mind right now: poker, spin-the-wheel, obstacle relay, Ping-Pong even (for the beer fanatics) lottery games, basketball shoot-outs, and what else do you have? Why not something more straightforward? Why not a game linked to big winnings? My dear potential business giants and actual business giants alike, since we mentioned it already why not just host a bingo for free game for your own claim to great takings? Why not get people to play bingo to give your product the exposure it needs, and have them try that product out as well?

The idea is simple, really. For people to play bingo associated to something you want to promote, have them play free bingo. This will of course have to be sponsored by the mall and the makers of the product themselves, as a show of generosity, and also so that they know how serious you are and yet how much you want your potential customers to have fun. Set the whole event up so that the lucky winner gets to have a nice cash prize and a free unit of the product you are selling (so if it’s an appliance, it should be one unit; for food and other non-count products, be unstinting and give them a nice fat basket will you?). Make it sound like people will want to win this product; that is, you have to make it sound exciting right before the bingo for free game starts. Get other small freebies in the mix for the game proper itself and you’ll be all set.

Now all you have to do is to get the game going! Work out a pattern that spells the name of your product for example (letter patterns) or print out bingo cards that have your company and product designs on them. The possibilities are limitless!

Now get everybody to play bingo, and you might just be getting the jackpot yourself!

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Free Bingo : Discover an unusual way to prevent Alzheimer

Alzheimer is the nightmare of old people in the western societies and their beloved ones. The disease hits in an overwhelming proportion of old men and women that without any specific outside reason start losing their memory on a short-term and long-term level. However studies have shown that mind games such as free bingo for all along with some sort of physical activity, even a very limited one, can help the mind protect itself from this condition.

free bingo

free bingo

For many this means one thing; recommend free bingo forthose that fear Alzheimer will invade their life. But why is that so many people consider to play bingo game as the solution for this problem? Here we are going to present some of the advantages that bingo present and why this game can really offer what scientist suggest as a preventive process to face Alzheimer.

The first thing is free bingo is for all those that are accustomed to it is as their daily routine. No matter how old a person gets, he or she will be always capable of playing this game. The fact that they usually play bingo game from their young age is definitely helpful. It is true that there are many games out there that can have the same preventive ability as bingo but teaching old people to play them may be quite challenging. Due to its simple nature bingo is easy absorbed and followed.

The second thing to keep in mind is that bingo is that this game requires someone’s constant attention and this is a very good thing. Focusing is the one thing that helps the mind sharpens and creates more and more connections and anybody that play bingo game knows the amount of focus required. A healthy mind that knows how to pay attention and have interests is definitely not as susceptible to disease as an untrained mind. In this way to play bingo game may be the exact thing a mind needs to draw away the potential of an Alzheimer case in the future.

The third thing that elevates bingo among the best anti Alzheimer games out there is that it is a fun game. Especially the new internet editions have brought free bingo for all players around the world at arms length. In the good old days this game required organization and a fairly large crowd to be gathered at the bingo hall to play the game, but not anymore. Now days everybody with a computer can play free bingo game online even for free for there are free of charge services out there and they are not even that difficult to find. Even people with basic computer skills can get access to them. One should pinpoint here that many people play bingo game for it is a fun game and not for it helps prevent Alzheimer.

As a conclusion one can say that if you are a bingo fan and in a certain age that is concerned about Alzheimer all you have to do is keep play bingo game as often as you can. It will work wonders for your mental health. It is a first class opportunity to do something that you love and help you mind to become stronger and more resilient toward mental diseases such as Alzheimer.

Gamble Aware ( is managed by the Responsibility in Gambling Trust, an independent charity which funds treatment, research and education about responsible gambling. The website has been developed by a Task Force made up of representatives from the Gambling Commission, DCMS, academia and industry.

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