Bingo is for whom?

Most of us think of bingo goers as older women who don’t have anything else more exciting going on in their lives. Well, this is just stereotyping. From what I have learned, which you can guess came from playing too much bingo, here are some of the conclusions that I have come to arrive at. They are not what you expect most bingo players to be and you will surely be surprised at some of them.



Those who have just set out on their journey towards being a gambler:

These players are mostly those who seem to be occupying a large percentage of people who play gambling on the internet. Usually, they are men and women who have just reached their age of majority – the time when they can be allowed to gamble according to the law. They are the types who will grab any type of opportunity to gamble that comes their way.

Bingo is becoming one of their top favorites due to the speed that where the game is played. Today, the younger types of gamblers are being exposed to the game in different types of advertisements. One of its main attracting qualities to the younger gamblers is the amount of prize, which can be quite larger than in other types of gambling, and it can also be won at a much faster pace.

Those who do not get much social exposure aside from their homes:

These types of players are those who cannot find the time to get out of their houses and do other activities. They are the handicapped, parents who have much to do at home, and those who perform their social vocation in their homes.

Since it can be quite an easy task to play bingo while you are doing other chores inside the home, this is definitely a suitable game for these people. You can still pay attention to the numbers as they are being called and cook a simple dish or check on the children while doing so.

Hardworking people:

It can be quite surprising to learn that people in their offices are actually playing the online version of this game from their computers. According to them, it is their way of relieving the stress that they get from work and is also a pleasurable distraction from it. It is quite effective as it can take your mind off of your work in a moment and forget about a hard task or an overbearing boss.

The elderly:

Can you imagine a bingo hall where you cannot see older people playing? Of course not, I bet the experience wouldn’t be the same if it were not for these old folks.

Online bingo sites are now even creating ways to make it easier for these folks to play the virtual version of the game. They made larger font sizes for these people as well as methods of manually marking their tickets so they would still get the experience even if it’s played online.

As you can see, bingo is not just for your old aunts or grandmothers. There are different kinds of people who play the bingo game ranging from the young, the professional, and the unemployed and even professional gamblers. It is gambling conducted in a more amiable tone and you can play it online if your country is one of those who allow such games.

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Gary Beal

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