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Great site for online bingo

What exactly is Speed Bingo? How is the game of bingo beginning to get faster? Bingo is not becoming faster because the caller of a land based bingo hall suddenly starts calling out the numbers very fast because he has a nature’s call to attend to and he wants to finish the bingo game fast in order to rush off. Nor it is an online bingo game where a virus infects the server of the bingo provider and instead of degrading the system performance it makes the numbers appear at ever increasing speeds and there is a cacophony of unbearable sounds until the system eventually crashes and the game ends.



A game of bingo has become faster by the introduction of the 30-ball bingo game. In this new version of the game, the total number of balls has been reduced from 90 to 30 and the cards have a 3×3 square matrix instead of the normal 3×9 format. Only one-third of the numbers in the original game i.e. 30 numbers are required to be called for finishing a game in lesser time. You need to mark only 9 numbers on each card to win. There are no one-line or two-lines to be won in this game. You can only win a full-house in this form of bingo game whether it is land based or online. The short span of time required by this version of the game to finish enables you to play more games in an hour’s time thereby increasing your chances of winning a bingo more frequently.

The popularity this form of the 30-ball bingo game has been phenomenal with the amount of the jackpots becoming more and more as larger number of players are getting attracted to the game.

Since there are less numbers to call out, you need to concentrate more to avoid getting distracted and failing to hear the number being called out when you are playing in a land based bingo hall. The auto-dauber feature of an online bingo game is able to handle the speed at which the numbers appear on your computer screen without any problem.

Speed Bingo is preferred by players who want to play a warm up game before they play an actual 90-ball game. New players can get acquainted with the rudiments of the game by playing a game of Speed Bingo. It is quite possible that the young people who do not seem to have much time on their hands or feel impatient about a normal game taking too much time to finish, normally prefer the Speed Bingo.

If you have not played 30-ball Speed Bingo till now, it is recommended that you try your hand at it at least once. You can play the Speed Bingo as a warm up game before the actual session of bingo starts or a cool down game after the actual session of bingo has ended. The best part of a game of bingo is the suspense created by your cards getting filled up by marked numbers and the tension generated by the thought about whether you are going to win or not. With the calling of more and more numbers your level of anticipation flow of adrenalin increases which is not there in a 30-ball Speed Bingo. The large time taken for you to win eventually gives you a higher level of enjoyment. But it is your discretion to choose whichever form of the game you prefer as after all it is your money and you are paying for the game.

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Great site for online bingo

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