Bingo Trivia


We all love playing Bingo but did you know that it originated in Italy during the 16th century? Yes, it really has been going a long time.

Here at CyberBingo we love Bingo trivia, here are a few more interesting facts that you may or may not know.

  • Bingo is played by millions of people all around the world, but it’s not just for the older generation, about 30% of bingo players are under the age of 35.
  • An estimated 96% of all bingo players have won some money while playing bingo. Try to remember that the next time the caller forgets to call your numbers.
  • The original name for Bingo was “Beano” due to players marking off their cards with beans. Thank goodness for online gaming, the beans can now be eaten.
  • We all have our lucky charms but it seems cats win out as the number one pet of bingo players.
  • Bingo is played by both sexes but the ladies still have the edge with approximately 80% of online bingo players being women.
  • There are approximately 552,446,474,061,128,648,601,600,000. different bingo card combinations. That’s five hundred and fifty-two septillion, four hundred and forty-six sextillion, four hundred and seventy-four quintillion, sixty-one quadrillion, one hundred and twenty-eight trillion, six hundred and forty-eight billion, six hundred and one million, six hundred thousand
  • Strangely enough purple is the apparent favourite colour for bingo players. A purple coloured dauber seems to be the must have accessory these days.
  • Despite what some people might think, bingo is good for you. Bingo improves concentration, memory and observation skills. It is used in many professions from schooling to rehabilitation for many medical conditions

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A cup of Coffee shared with your friends is happiness tasted and time well spent.

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CyberBingo Now Accepting UK Players

VistaGaming’s most popular website CyberBingo has made a complete transformation over the past month! It all started off with a few tweaks here and there, and resulted in a whole new fresh and squeaky clean website. CyberBingo never fail to offer their players the very best!logoCB_ALTA-300x120

The icing on the cake comes in the form of the new Summer Bingo Room with better functionality and the use of technologies that no other bingo site has had their hands on just yet. This really lets you play Bingo your way! The new Summer Bingo Room launches on Monday August 19th – the very same day that CyberBingo will be opening its doors to new UK Players, so go on and expand your horizons!

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Bertha’s Beauty Bingo Week

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Points in favour of the entertainment provided by Online Bingo

The basic aim of the online bingo sites is to entertain the players who are interested in an online game. You can win some money by playing bingo on these online sites, but usually nobody plays bingo to make a profit.

Most of the new online bingo sites have players who say that they play online bingo for entertainment and to relax themselves. In case they win some money from the game, it goes to enable them to continue with their game by paying for it. If they lose some money then they consider that the money has been spent on entertaining themselves.

Online Bingo

Online Bingo

The players who are dedicated to playing online bingo are actually trying to find a portal with the help of which they can fulfil all their wishes. Since there are no restrictions imposed by the online bingo sites on location, age, gender or language, the game of bingo has become extremely popular to the people all over the world. Instead of losing popularity, the game of bingo has spread like wildfire among the masses throughout the globe and has a large number of people who are huge fans of the game.

The integration of the chat rooms with the operation of the online bingo sites has been the most attractive aspect of the game of online bingo. On top of this facility anyone can choose to play bingo without any money if he wants to. The chat rooms which are an integral part of the online bingo sites help the players to socialize as well as play the game of bingo. They help the players to keep in constant contact with one another during the period when the game is in progress.

The minimum requirement for playing the online bingo game is a personal computer which is connected to the internet. The online bingo sites offer huge bonuses which can be used to play a large number of games as soon as a player logs into the site and registers himself in order to play the game. Any fan of online bingo will tell you on being asked all about the games offered by the online site and how these games can help to increase the popularity of the industry related to gaming.

A large number of features have been added to the existing regulations and rules which a player should be conversant with. There are a large number of sites which pay cash to the winners directly. In order to show their trustworthiness some sites ask for deposits. Before putting your money on these sites it is better if you check beforehand reliability of the gateways used by the sites for making payments.

The availability of the numerous online bingo sites on the internet increases the opportunity of playing bingo for all the serious bingo players. As the online bingo is very similar to the land based bingo game, it becomes very easy for people who are familiar with the land based game to adapt to the online version.

You can relax after a day’s work by playing online bingo as the game does not require too much mental pressure. The software of the online bingo game does all the work for you by purchasing the cards, checking the numbers, auto daubing the cards and calling out bingo as well. The automatic feature of the game helps to reduce the errors caused by human intervention to a minimum. Thus it can be confidently stated that there is no entertainment like the one provided by a game of online bingo.

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Patterns used in Bingo

The patterns are declared and explained by the caller before the bingo game starts and are displayed on an overhead screen. A game can have two patterns. One player may win both the patterns or there may be one winner for each pattern.



Some popular patterns and how to understand them are given below.

The straight pattern is used in one line, two line or three line bingo cards. The line containing five numbers can be diagonal, vertical or horizontal in one line bingo. It can be in any direction in two or three line bingos.

The pattern T is shown upright whereas a crazy T pattern can be upside down, slanted or sideways.

Two lines in parallel make up a pattern similar to the two tracks of a railway line in double or triple bingo.

Two diagonal starting at opposite corners and a central vertical line make up the Asterisk pattern. Adding a horizontal line through the middle forms the Starburst pattern. The Bow Tie pattern is made up of the diagonal lines connected by two vertical lines at each edge.

Straight lines are used to make patterns look like alphabets both normal and crazy ones with their upside down, reverse and sideways formations.

A horizontal line in the topmost row connected to a diagonal line starting at the top rightmost corner makes up the 7 pattern.

A coverall or blackout pattern consists of all the numbers on a card getting marked within a fixed number of calls in a progressive game. If progressive jackpots are not allowed, then the game is carried on without any restrictions on the number of calls.

The odd-even pattern is made up of all the odd numbers or all the even numbers of a card.

Speedball pattern is the same as coverall pattern with only the speed of the caller being very fast by omitting the letters of the numbered balls.

All the spaces along the edges of the card makes up the pattern called the outside picture frame. The inside frame pattern is formed by squares surrounding an empty square in the middle.

The little diamond pattern is made up of four squares with an empty square at the centre. The big diamond is made up of eight squares with five empty squares in the centre.

A Single Postage Stamp pattern is made up of four adjacent squares at the corner of the card. Double or Triple Postage Stamp patterns are two or three corners of the card. A postage stamp pattern with four corners is called a Clover Leaf pattern

Just like the postage stamp pattern which has two adjacent rows with two squares each, the Six Pack pattern has two adjacent rows with three squares in each row and the Block of Eight pattern has four squares in adjacent two rows.

The kite or magic wand pattern is made up of four adjacent squares in one corner of the card with a diagonal line across the card. A crazy kite pattern is upside down with the tail pointing towards any one corner. The arrow pattern is a six square triangle.

The pattern looking like the American flag consists of all squares on the three top rows with two vertical squares as flag poles on either the left or the rightmost edge of the card. The castle pattern has all squares on the bottom two rows and a vertical line in the centre column.

A zigzag line made up of five squares starting at column B, represents the snake pattern. A crazy snake pattern can start at any of the other corners of a bingo card.

Gamble Aware ( is managed by the Responsibility in Gambling Trust, an independent charity which funds treatment, research and education about responsible gambling. The website has been developed by a Task Force made up of representatives from the Gambling Commission, DCMS, academia and industry.

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Playing Bingo with electronic gadgets

In a game of electronic bingo you can track a large number of cards which is always not possible in the traditional form of Playing Bingo . Before deciding which is better you have to play bingo with modern electronic tools.

Playing Bingo

Playing Bingo

Handheld devices used for playing bingo at the bingo halls

The inconvenient paper cards in the bingo halls are being replaced by portable handheld devices. These devices allow the players to play with numerous cards without any problem, sometimes allowing the players to play with twice or thrice the number of cards which they could not manage earlier. Almost 20 per cent of the players in bingo halls use these devices nowadays to play bingo.

The handheld devices are equipped to track every card of the set bought by the player without missing any. This equipment helps even novices and physically disabled players to play with the same confidence as the experts.

The players have to punch the keys corresponding to the number being called on these handheld devices and the computer marks the numbers automatically. A player has to only to shout bingo if the winning card appears on the screen of his device.

There are different kinds of handheld devices in existence. One type can display up to 12 cards on its screen. It has a tracker for the cards and background sounds to complete the effect. There are other devices which can display up to 200 cards for one game depending on the restrictions adopted by the particular bingo hall.

Restrictions in Texas allow only 66 cards to be displayed per game as the owners of the bingo halls are afraid that the number of old-fashioned players will diminish if the players using the handheld devices win consistently.

Video devices used for playing bingo at casinos

The video bingo machine is a standalone machine just as other video machines for playing poker or a slot game. Though these machines have not become as popular as the other machines, they can still be used for passing your time and to have fun.

25 cents to one dollar is required to play these machines and the payout is 80 to 90 per cent of the total collection which can be up to $1,000. You have to press the “cash out” button which gives a printed ticket to be exchanged for the cash you win.

Evergreen is a game played on a number of video machines connected to each other. The winning pattern is the four corners of the bingo card chosen by a player. Balls numbered B-1 to O-75 are chosen by the machine at random and the numbers are displayed on the screen. The players are given three seconds to push the “Daub” button to mark the numbers on their cards.

The prize is split between the multiple winners. The jackpot can be won by getting all the four corners in the first four calls.

The difference between Bingo and Keno

Keno originated in China and was introduced to the American people by the immigrants from China during the last part of the 19th century.

Players mark numbers between 1 and 80 printed on a card and insert it into a computer which reads the markings and prints out a ticket with the marked numbers. The computer randomly chooses a set of its own. The player wins prizes depending on the matches between his numbers and the numbers selected by the computer.

All those who really love playing traditional bingo can also enhance their playing experience with electronic bingo. They have both the options available to them to enjoy.

Gamble Aware ( is managed by the Responsibility in Gambling Trust, an independent charity which funds treatment, research and education about responsible gambling. The website has been developed by a Task Force made up of representatives from the Gambling Commission, DCMS, academia and industry.

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Online Bingo for people who are regulars at the Horse racing tracks

Even those who lead very busy lives and have packed work schedules to follow daily, sometimes find themselves in situations where they have time on their hands but nothing much to do during this free period. These situations neither permit you to take up a fresh job which can be completed in such a short amount of time nor can you decide how to spend the free time which you have in hand. Whenever people find themselves in this kind of situations where they have nothing else to do, they think of playing some online game on their laptops. The best game to play during this time is a game of online bingo.

Online Bingo for Money

Online Bingo for Money

The greatest way to pass time is to play a game of online bingo because you do not have to prepare yourself or need too much concentration for playing the bingo game as it takes very little time to complete. Unlike other online games, a game of online bingo can be completed in approximately 10 minutes and you can win some money also as you play. This is not possible if you play online poker or online blackjack as the time required for such a game to complete is much more than the 10 minutes you have in your hand to cover. A game of online bingo can produce the most exciting of experiences in a very short period of time. You can sometimes be fooled by the simplicity of the game into thinking that it is boring and might not be that interesting. But it takes only 10 minutes or so in getting your daily shot of online bingo to get your adrenalin pumping.

The greatest thing about online bingo is that you can log in to your favorite site from any computer which is connected to the internet and located anywhere in the world and play a bingo game with the help of the internet. You can play any of the online games like bingo, slots, blackjack, poker or other games which an online site offers from wherever in the world you are at the time.

Those people who are addicted to betting on horse races have started to play online bingo during the period they wait for the results of the previous race to come out. Some of them have been found in extreme situations to bring their laptops to the race track and play online bingo even while the race is under progress. They can watch the race taking place while at the same time they can play online bingo without paying much attention to the game. There are people who follow the races taking place on the track with a lot of attention. If you are not one of them but go to the races regularly, then it hardly matters if you take your laptop to play online bingo as the race unfolds before you.

You should think of playing online bingo if you bet regularly on horse races, or you do some job which provides you a lot of spare time and nothing to do. Online bingo helps you to pass the time perfectly while allowing you to make some money and enjoy yourself on the side. The minimum thing you need is a laptop connected to the internet to play online bingo whether you are working, betting on horses at the race track or doing some other job.

Gamble Aware ( is managed by the Responsibility in Gambling Trust, an independent charity which funds treatment, research and education about responsible gambling. The website has been developed by a Task Force made up of representatives from the Gambling Commission, DCMS, academia and industry.

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Bingo Halls for learning Bingo and its Ten Commandments

The Ten Commandments of bingo were not brought down from the mountains on stone tablets. They had no single author but evolved over time with the increasing popularity of bingo. They are the basic rules laid down when playing bingo during good old days in bingo halls. A few of these rules are valid for online bingo also.

Bingo Halls

Bingo Halls

The etiquettes you need to observe when play0ing against experienced bingo players have been described in the first five commandments. If you do not follow them then you may find yourself in trouble. For example, if you attend a real poker game after gaining some experience in playing some free online poker games, you may not be aware that the cards in your hand are to be held in such a way so that the back of all the cards are visible to the other players. You may get reprimanded for your inexperience and lack of knowledge regarding the rules of the game.

Following are the ten commandments of bingo:

1. You cannot sit in the favorite seat of another player. All regular persons frequenting a particular bar have their own favorite sitting arrangements. Similarly in bingo the regular players have their favorite or lucky seats which they occupy while playing. But as they are not marked and being new to the bingo hall, you cannot make them out as being reserved for some regular person. Before being sorry for getting rebuked, it is better for you to ask the staff about vacant seats available which you can occupy safely.

2. You cannot steal or borrow cards, dauber for marking the cards or the dabbers from some other player.

3. You cannot call for a replacement of the caller even if you think that he is responsible for your loss or your run of bad luck.

4. You cannot wish bad luck to the other players or speak badly of them.

5. You cannot call out bingo if you have not actually won the game.

6. You cannot harm the caller in any way because you were not able to win the game or lost too much money.

7. You cannot steal from your spouse and use the money to play bingo.

8. You cannot lie to others when asked about the amount you have won. If you do not want to disclose the amount you have to tell them that you prefer not to mention the amount or just say that you have won a modest amount.

9. You cannot usurp or steal the money won by another player.

10. You have to be quiet during a game of bingo and refrain yourself from irritating, disturbing or distracting the other players participating in the game.

The commandments numbered 3, 4, 5, 6, 8 and 10 out of the Ten Commandments given above can also easily apply to a game of online bingo. The commandments ensure that the exchange of information, views and news which goes on in the chat rooms between games, remain courteous.

All callers and ex-callers feel happy about the implementation of the commandments number 3 and 6 even if they are unable to match the required speed in responding to the players demands, are inaudible while calling out the numbers or are unable to control the game. The commandments save the callers from players who seem very menacing and try to disrupt the game.

Remember the Ten Commandments of bingo when you log into an online bingo site next time or go to a land based bingo hall to play bingo.

Gamble Aware ( is managed by the Responsibility in Gambling Trust, an independent charity which funds treatment, research and education about responsible gambling. The website has been developed by a Task Force made up of representatives from the Gambling Commission, DCMS, academia and industry.

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Bingo Chat Rooms – The Chat and Chatter of the Bingo Site

It is true that all of those who really love to play bingo in land based bingo halls, may not be interested in playing online bingo. It is also true that all of those who love to play online bingo may not be interested in the facilities and entertainment provided by the Bingo chat rooms.

Bingo Chat Rooms

Bingo Chat Rooms

The reason why people want privacy while playing online bingo is not known exactly. It maybe because of some guilty pleasure they want to enjoy alone, or maybe they do not have the time or are not inclined to mix with other players. It is very difficult to change their attitudes, but there may be newcomers to the game of online bingo, who would like to experience the enjoyment, offered by the bingo chat rooms but have not yet made up their minds to do so.

The purpose of the people who visited the bingo halls during the period from 1950’s to 1980’s was not only to play bingo but also to socialize with other players. The bingo halls still provide the environment for socializing, while the online bingo sites have started to provide the same environment with the help of their integrated bingo chat rooms. The advantage of these chat rooms are, that you can meet people hitherto unknown to you and you can become a part of an online community of bingo lovers. You get a chance to come across people whose interests are similar to yours and you can start relationships quite easily with them. You can achieve all this while enjoying the comforts provided by your own home.

You can find people who welcome and encourage you, show their interest in you and what you do, when you join bingo chat rooms for the very first time. The initial conversations may start with basic things like whether you have played online bingo earlier, what are the sites which interest you most and maybe some personal questions like where you stay, what hobbies you have and all that.

There are moderators in the chat rooms who overlook the conversations taking place in the bingo chat rooms, and who will steer away from you players who ask too many questions. The chat room moderators make you feel at home and take care so that you do not get bothered by other players.

You may often find events in bingo chat rooms of an online bingo site which you can use for holding a private party with the players you have befriended recently without any problem. You can easily find out the chat rooms which you prefer and which are attended by like-minded players with whom you would like to chat and mix. But at the back of all this is the common love for bingo which is shared by all of you and your friends and which will make you return to the game again and again.

A special game called a Team Bingo is played in many online bingo sites. In this game the bingo chat rooms are divided into separate teams of players which compete against one another and try to get as many bingo wins as they can. The players in each team chat among themselves and easily form bonds of friendship especially when they work together to win a bingo.

Your experience of online bingo can easily be enhanced by befriending players in the chat rooms. It has happened that people have met their future spouses when they attended these bingo chat rooms. A time may come when marriage ceremonies may be held in these chat rooms but as of now, it is not possible.

Recent news that has come of recently in Cyberbingo chat room is given below for the benefit of readers to tell them what actually can happen in these chat rooms. This is actually the message from one Jackpot winner, actually a thanks giving message to the site and all the friends playing on the site

“Thank you so much Cyberbingo Sky! I love playing at this site! It is the best site online!

I was playing the new game in the Arcade Tweet Tweet I was having fun i love how the birds fly in and out.

The Winner

The Winner

I could not believe it when I had a bunch of the same birds and won $1,000. I was so excited! Then I played a few more times and hit $2,000. Those were the prettiest birds I ever saw. I could not believe my eyes! I love all of the games and everyone is so nice! I will be playing here for a long time! Thank you again!! Good Luck to everyone!! If I can win so can you”!

So, are readers able to get what actually can happen on a Cyberbingo Site? What are you waiting for then?

Gamble Aware ( is managed by the Responsibility in Gambling Trust, an independent charity which funds treatment, research and education about responsible gambling. The website has been developed by a Task Force made up of representatives from the Gambling Commission, DCMS, academia and industry.

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More tips on how to play Online Bingo

Bingo games are played widely throughout world, in both physical as well as online bingo format. This is a game wherein bingo cards are being purchased. These cards are printed with numbers from 1 to 75 or up to 90. Numbers are randomly called out. If the called out number is in your card, you mark it off. The winner declares “bingo” when a line of number in your card is all marked off. The players in this game include the caller and the player. The “caller” is calling the number randomly selected by electronic number generator or any simple way to draw a number. Bingo games that are not online start when the caller declares so and orders “eyes down”. Then the caller starts calling numbers. Meanwhile, the players will listen to the numbers being called and mark off any number that is found in your number card.

Online Bingo

Online Bingo

Most people buy more than 1 number card in each game. Shading the number that matches in your card should be carefully done in a way that number underneath can still be seen. This is done so that when you are the one who first got “bingo” or completely marked off a line of numbers, the organizers will examine your numbers and the number cards. If confirmed, you will be the declared winner. In bingo games, there is the so-called “session” where it offers not only one opportunity to win a prize. In UK, there are three ways to win: one line across, two lines across, and a full house which means all numbers in the card is marked off.

What is the difference when we talk of online bingo games? Everything is almost the same – rules and schemes but in online bingo there is the absence of real caller but a “virtual” caller and you can play anywhere as long as you have a PC or laptop and internet connection. One more thing, you are able to chat with other players in bingo chat rooms.

Unlike real bingo games where geographical considerations are set whether 75 or 90 number games. Like for example 90 number game is most popular bingo game in Australia and New Zealand. The 75 number game is popular in North America. Online bingo eliminated these differences since you only have to enter whichever number games you prefer. The role of the player is to win by marking off the number called and be the first to have a line of numbers or all numbers are marked off – full house. A 75 ball game has twenty five number displayed in number card with 5 x 5 grid lay in the card. The 90 ball game has a number card with 9 x 3 lay out giving you a total selection of fifteen numbers.

Chances of winning in 90 number game is 1 in 4 while 1 in 3 chances are available if playing in 75 number games. Here, it is better to have more players though it gives less chances of winning, bigger prizes are available.

Nowadays, online bingo games were able to have 80 number game. However, the original rules of the land bingo are still being adapted in this newly developed game. Purchase a card, listen and mark number in your card that matches called number, then win or lose.

Gamble Aware ( is managed by the Responsibility in Gambling Trust, an independent charity which funds treatment, research and education about responsible gambling. The website has been developed by a Task Force made up of representatives from the Gambling Commission, DCMS, academia and industry.

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Bingo Halls and Cinemas

When I was a nipper (as all smart stories begin) I remember vaguely, that native cinemas near American state were not doing well on movies, however some were turning into one thing else that I didn’t quite perceive. As a Saturday morning photos fan, I favoured getting to the cinema and was ravaged to seek out that on a Saturday trip to our native in Catford, South East London, in 1966, there appeared to be just one film. That film was referred to as “bingo”, didn’t enable kids in, and ne’er modified for following fifteen years! What was that blockbuster board game moving picture that recurrent every week?



Aaah i used to be so innocent in those days!

In fact there was an invention that had a dramatic result on individuals hard bent on Cinema from 1955 forager, a minimum of alb initio, the TV. Unimaginable to assume that the shrunken black and white indistinct set of beam pictures designed into a walnut wardrobe would have such a sway. If you could afford a TV, or going spherical to someone’s place that had one, it absolutely was low cost amusement.

Moreover until the 1960 there was a UK based “entertainment tax” to supply funds for the govt (originally for the primary World War) once you went bent on the cinema or theatre. This was scrapped in 1960, however the mix of the TV and reduced post-war incomes meant that the death knell for several cinemas had plumbed.

A lot of ad hoc cinemas within the Great Britain at the time reacted in numerous ways. So that some people dismantled a number of their cinemas and sold the land. Some re-opened to faucet into the new artefact wave of youth entertainment- the Bowling Alley (and the Lewisham one remains going sturdy today!). Others unfit, back to the past and have become dance/concert halls (with the appearance of rock n roll these were not getting to last long!). Whereas others embraced the new phenomenon… board game!

Some qualified their bets by keeping the venue as a twin purpose one- Bingo weekday and weekday, cinema alternative days, except diversion Saturday. Except for a short while board game was the salvation of the many of the venues.

Changing a cinema to a board game Hall was not that complicated:

1. Taking away the moving picture screen and make a stage.

2. Install necessary board game equipment and a couple of armed bandits (now referred to as slot machines!).

3. Improve the lighting in order that players might see their board game cards well.

4. Commutation with the stalls with tables and chairs.

5. If one wasn’t already gift, adding a bar or place for food/refreshments.

With the appearance of home computers, on-line board game, and plenty of alternative leisure and pleasures competitive for our time and cash, several bingo game Halls also eventually fell into decline and neglect.

However the sport of bingo game continues to grow in quality along with huge popularity and most of the people currently like the convenience of enjoying on-line. Simply don’t be tempted to yell “Bingo” once you next in your native cinema as a blast back to the past!

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Learn saying “NO” to Bingo Bullies

Why do you have to be afraid in turning down Bingo Bullies in a Bingo Chat Room? Primarily, you do not want to hurt anybody’s feeling and probably not wanting to be labelled as “mean” in the bingo chat room where these bingo bullies are lurking to lure their next subject. With this, you might just find yourself saying yes even if it is contrary to your belief.

bingo bullies

bingo bullies

Actually, difficulty to say “NO” is not a rare issue. There are lot other people that are usually trapped in uncomfortable situation because of wanting to have social approval and end up doing the opposite of what they want to have. If you have this kind of personality and become a bingo player in the internet and these bingo bullies find you they will draw you to take their bait. You will be deceived by their schemes of making you their bingo buddy but they are only up to sizing you. They are just trying to know if you can loan them money if they run out of theirs. These manipulators have ways to annoy their targeted bingo player that the concerned may think that saying “yes” will solve their problem. Remember that once you give in to their tricks, they will keep on coming back to you making you someone they can run to for loans and they will do any way they can to convince you.

How will you identify these persons? Well, be cautious with those persons in bingo chat room who will be fond of offering you free points. They will keep on doing you favor even if you decline their offer, they will insist. This is the tactic that they do to make you feel indebted and you will not just turn them down whenever they seek for favor from you. However, this kind of players may be difficult to be differentiated from others who genuinely share their winnings but expects nothing in return. The best indicator of their difference, I guess the genuine ones will not call you in a private bingo chat room just to ask you to loan them money

How will you make protect yourself from becoming soft target of bingo bully? How will you do it in a way that you will not become mean-spirited and will not offend a so called “buddy”? Remember to be firm in your decision of saying NO. Then even if you do not actually have to explain to anybody, you may do so. This will make you appear not so aggressive. Tell someone asking for bingo loans that it is your principle not to lend money to anyone for the purpose of making things fair. Tell the concerned bingo buddy that you do this because you have tight budget. Do not feel guilty for not lending money. After all, you are doing it to everyone. This will protect from being fooled by bingo bully you will not end up regretting that the money you worked hard to earn was just carted away just as fast as saying “Yes” by someone who deceived you.

Do not be hesitant, say “NO”. Them nicely and be firm. You may ignore them or report them to bingo master if they become a nuisance.

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Bingo: The Old vs. the Young

Southampton University’s Psychology Department has recently concluded a study on the benefits of Bingo. They’ve found that Bingo helps improve hand-eye coordination, cognitive ability and social skills. It was also shown to have particularly good effects on the older players of the game. Those who regularly played the game maintained sharper minds and social skills by enjoying many an afternoon around a Bingo table.



The study found that Bingo players outperformed non-Bingo players in tests of memory, mental speed and information processing. The key, they found, was the time constraint built into the rules of Bingo. Players are required to process the number called and accurately mark off the correct square on their own sheets. The subjects who played developed and maintained their mental agility through repetition of this task. This was also the key to improved hand-eye coordination as the players had to mark their sheets correctly. The desire to win and beat any possibly competitors to calling, “BINGO,” gave the players the motivation to perform this task as quickly and so improved the speed of players across all tests.

Southampton’s test group consisted of 112 individuals. 56 of the test subjects were between the ages of 18 and 40. The other 56 were between the ages of 60 and 82. Half of each age bracket was asked to play Bingo on a regular basis. Tests were given to all participants before the start of the study. They were tested again at the end. As stated, the Bingo players outperformed the non-players across all tests. But what was especially interesting was that the older players often outperformed the younger players. The younger players were faster, but the older players were far more accurate. That data further supports the theory that games and Bingo in particular, are beneficial to aging populations.

Bingo fans have used the results found by the researchers at Southampton to help promote the playing of Bingo in retirement homes, community centers and other social areas frequented by seniors. The research has also been a boon to the online Bingo community. Online Bingo sites are growing in popularity, but they can now claim to help seniors across many different areas while also improving their computer skills.

Part of the benefit of Bingo comes from the fact that Bingo has a strong social aspect to it. Live Bingo is often played in community centers and common rooms with large groups of people, and online Bingo sites, understanding how important the social aspect of the game was, have incorporated chat rooms into their software. The social aspect of Bingo helps build and maintain important social skills, and the community centers and chat rooms have also become a marketplace for ideas and a killing ground for negative stereotypes.

All in all, the study is sure to be a boon to Bingo fans everywhere. Bingo, a time honored American pastime, was beginning to slip into obscurity as a game only fit for the baby-boomer population. Well, while it has shown that it is beneficial to seniors, it’s also shown that younger generations have something to prove. The test results seem to prove that the kids of this age “just aren’t what they used to be.” Well, are you going to let your grandma whip you in a game?

Gamble Aware ( is managed by the Responsibility in Gambling Trust, an independent charity which funds treatment, research and education about responsible gambling. The website has been developed by a Task Force made up of representatives from the Gambling Commission, DCMS, academia and industry.

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Reincarnation of the traditional bingo game

You will definitely be curios about connection of the popular dancing style and the bingo game. That is understandable as both topics are very different options. Any way the particular dancing style has become the most admired one among the people without any nationality, race, creed or cast. So the famous dancing style of the world, if I ask most probably your answer will be Gangnam style. And it has got he hearts of the young generation by steel grip. Though there are many styles prevailing in the society the new comer has become more popular than the others .so what is the connection with this Korean folk dance and the online bingo? The answer is here you can understand very easily if you have seen the video.

bingo game

bingo game

The song is no need to say attractive ant there are some pauses which gave the most effective features of the song and the dance he performs is an actions of rider. They are very simple and also easy to follow. So as a result many people selected this new easy to and but more thrilling style. The secret of the success of the song is not the creativity or the dance but the selection of the time for the release of the song and the dancing style. At that time there wasn’t any new trend for the people. They were fed up at that time as there is a need to have new creations in the field, so there was a vacuum for a new creation. As result the Gangnam style took that opportunity. So when you want to market some thing you must find the correct product as well as the need of the time

So the same truth should be introduced to the bingo game too. Those days you had to go out to play bingo as we mentioned before. With the introduction of clubs to play bingo the players got a bigger chance to play and the recent development is you can play the game online while enjoying all the facilities that you need .the game has along history and it is a very solid one but no one can predict about the future .so like the style of dancing bingo also should evolve otherwise there will be a challenge to the game in the near future, To achieve that they can create different types and stages of the game to catch the interest of the players. The game is very old and indeed it needs the attention of the young creatures to find new states of success. The traditional game should be given a fresh way of thinking to consolidate its huge players from going away as result of playing the same game over and over again.

Then the answer depends on the person or people who can reinvent the game or reshape like the Gangnam style created by the talented artist to capture the current market .This can be done with the increasing development of the technology. It makes new ways and means to create novel systems. As the game has got on to the climax with the invention of the online bingo the people are expecting more and more exciting and easy things to do with. The future of this game can be made more hopeful if they can introduce Gangnam style here too.

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Mobile Bingo

Fans of the time-tested game of BINGO now have a new way to enjoy their favorite pastime. BINGO went digital in the 1990’s, moving into our homes and onto our PCs and Laptops. Now, like many other of our favorite games, it’s available on your Smartphone. With a simple download, BINGO fans can take their game anywhere they can take their phone. It can be enjoyed on a bus, in the park, or at a party. Players can enjoy not only the mobile bingo game, but the chat rooms. Androids, Blackberry’s, Nokia’s and iPhone’s are all supported. The new tech has taken BINGO out of the community centre gymnasium and put it back into the mainstream.

mobile bingo

mobile bingo

Programmers have worked hard to make this game accessible to everyone. Chat rooms and slots have been added to help capture the community feel that has made BINGO so successful in the past. Work has also gone into ensuring PC and laptop users don’t struggle with the transition to the Smartphone. The interface is easy to use. It’s familiar to the BINGO veterans and easy to pick up for BINGO beginners. Handheld devices have also allowed programmers to set up proximity games. If two or more players are in the same area they have the option of playing with each other, making this a game that can be enjoyed at parties as well as on the commute.

Some BINGO sites are also allowing their players to put money on their games. The paid sites request a phone number when you sign up. Once you choose a game and enter your phone number, the site texts you a link leading to your round. All bets can then be placed on your phone bill, though debit and credit are also accepted. The game makers are excited to get BINGO back on the market and have tried to provide as many paths as possible to their players.

Many of the mobile companies are also offering their customers a sign-up credit. New players can browse the site and the rounds, play a few and really get a feel for the game before committing any of their own money. Each site is different so check with your moderators before signing up.

When money is involved players are less willing to risk their game on a bad connection. This is why fall backs have been included in the phone technology. They allow games to go into stasis when a connection is lost. The game can then be picked back up when connection is re-established, and wins during the downtime are still credited to the player. Players don’t have to fear going into tunnels or dead zones.

BINGO has been an American pastime for generations and now it will continue to be so. Check out the sites for yourself and get started today.

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Make friends in the Online Bingo Chat Rooms

There are a lot of serious players who enjoy playing online bingo but do not understand the advantages offered by the chat rooms and its culture.

bingo games

bingo games

It is accepted that to some players, playing online bingo is a very private matter which is not to be disclosed to anybody else. They may also feel a sense of guilt for playing online bingo without informing even their family members or friends. These players may not feel inclined to know the other players who are participating in the online bingo game or whom they are competing against. They may not feel like spending any of their time to get to know the other players. But there are always new players who would like to make good use of the chat rooms and get to know other players with the help of these chat rooms but are a bit hesitant to do so at the moment.

The actual reason why people visited the Bingo halls during the period stretching from 1950s to 1980s was to meet other people as well as play bingo. The custom of visiting the real life Bingo halls to meet and talk to other people still holds good even to this day. The online bingo sites have adopted this idea and have replicated the same environment with the help of chat rooms. These are an integral part of the online bingo game and give the player a chance to befriend new people and to become a member of a community of online bingo players. As the people playing online bingo have similar interests, meeting new players and building relationships with them becomes very easy. And this has been made possible while sitting at home amid all the comforts it provides.

The first time a player joins a chat room, there will be other players, who welcome, encourage, show their interest about the new player and his background, and help him to play the game of bingo. The initial questions a player may be asked would be concerning some personal and basic information, e.g. hobbies, place of residence, favourite things, grasp of the game and so forth. The chat rooms have moderators who do the actual job of introducing new players to old ones. In case a player tries to become too overbearing, then the chat room moderator steps in to diffuse the situation.

Online bingo sites conduct games and other social activities in these chat rooms besides having the main game of bingo. The chat rooms offer like-minded players to gather in these chat rooms and have a virtual party of their very own. To do this the player needs to find out which chat room is the most suitable and collect his like-minded friends by talking to all the players in the chat rooms. Behind all this, the game of bingo which every person is interested in playing holds everyone together as a community.

An event called the Team Bingo is conducted by many online bingo sites. Groups of players are assigned to different chat rooms and the idea is to win as many bingo games as possible by the group in each of those chat rooms. In this type of game, an individual player does not have to compete against the others but the groups of players compete within themselves. As the players form groups, they chat within themselves and come close to each other very easily. The bond thus formed becomes stronger if the group together manages to win a bingo.

Making friends in the chat rooms of online bingo is absolutely easy. This experience makes the game of online bingo more interesting and wonderful. Some players have met their future spouses in these chat rooms offered by online bingo.

Gamble Aware ( is managed by the Responsibility in Gambling Trust, an independent charity which funds treatment, research and education about responsible gambling. The website has been developed by a Task Force made up of representatives from the Gambling Commission, DCMS, academia and industry.

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