Enjoying a day with our Pets!

Sometimes we tend to be so busy with our jobs, friends, travel and our lives in general that most often we tend to ignore (those who do own a pet) and deny our loving pets the quality time and attention they seek.  Even though we do love our pets every day, it is quite appreciative to have a whole day dedicated to pamper our pets a little bit more.  Well today is Pet Day, so here’s our chance.

There is so much one can do with his pets – If it’s a dog for example you can choose to go for an extra mile or two giving him the chance to socialise with other dogs.petday3

Give them a special treat.  Special treats are always a great way to pamper your pet.  Just always make sure it is suitable.  Best of all is that they all appreciate what we do for them.

Show them extra attention.  This is the easiest and simplest way to show that you truly care for your pet.  They are always there to keep us company and love us unconditionally, so why not take the chance to repay the favour?

Celebrating April fool’s day at Cyberbingo

One particular April Fool’s prank for the record books took place in Venice, Italy precisely in 1919.  What happened was that when the city’s residents woke up, what they could see was horse manure dotting the streets which can be considered as very strange for a city with such a few number of horses.  It’s funny even thinking about though!  It had turned that a visiting British who was well known for his pranks, took the time to transport manure from the mainland and drop piles of the stuff around the city.  It’s definitely one for the records!

Cyberbingo will this year be celebrating this tradition in the craziest of fashions.  We will be in the Spring Bingo room and everyone is invited to join the craziest bingo fun in our Crazy Fool Bingo playing for fabulous prizes.crazy-fool-bingo-700x700-fb2

Starting from 10pm BST in the spring bingo room, you can be with a chance to win prizes of up to £600 and with a card cost of £0.90 a card, you are definitely guaranteed a fantastic 4 hours of nonstop fun!

Free Cards

Increase your chances to win on April fool’s Day with our Great Buy 6 Get 3 Free bingo card offer.  All you have to do is pick 9 cards and you will get charged just for 6!

As we’re in the last few days before Easter, we try to remember what this festivity brings and what it means in different countries around the world and the customs people normally practice.  Traditionally Easter is widely regarded as a religious holiday which commemorates love, sacrifice and the beginning of a new life.

Such is the popularity of Chocolate and Easter eggs nowadays that confectionary industries seem to come up with all kinds of different chocolate eggs every year.  Who can blame anyone for this love for chocolates eggs filled with bonbons?  It’s these little things which makes life so great  :)

While we agree about the deliciousness of these little things, it is also important that Easter eggs carry a very old tradition symbolising spring and a new life.  In fact they are a popular custom in many countries not just in the United Kingdom, with many different games associated to egg hunts taking place.  Nowadays people give each other delicious Chocolate Easter eggs to indulge in, and children looking for their Easter eggs around their homes or garden by the Easter bunny.easterbunny

The inclusion of children in the origin of the fun side of Easter can be widely be accredited to the complex and different issues surrounding the real meaning of Easter, which is the life and death of Jesus Christ.  So because of this, we tend to divert to the more light hearted and eye catching symbols of eggs and rabbits which have therefore resulted in the traditional joy-filled egg hunts.

We hope our Cyberbingo readers have found this short insight to Easter traditions.  Remember our next blog edition will focus on our upcoming ‘Easter Eggstravaganza’ weekend as we bring you more fantastic chances to win amazing bingo prizes this Easter.

St. Patrick’s Guaranteed Pots

When you think of March 17th, you almost surely think of green, spending time with friends and having a good time.

From rowdy pub crawls to entertaining parades and family-friendly festivals; there is nothing quite like St. Patrick’s’ day for a guaranteed fun day.

With such a popular holiday being celebrated all over the world, from the U.S. to Australia to Argentina and even the Asian region, we all know Cyberbingo is the perfect place to be when it comes to celebrating popular events and having a great time together.

In fact, Cyberbingo is inviting you to wear your favourite green shirt and make your way to the Spring Bingo room on March 17th for a chance to win £1,500 cash playing in our Saint Patrick’s guaranteed pots.st-patricks-guaranteed-gold-pots-FB

Playing from 10 PM GMT, each pot will have a guaranteed prize of £500 cash which means all you have to do is show up with your lucky charm!

Not sure you will be around for the day? Why not Pre-order your cards now for your chance to win up to £1,500 in cash? Simply log into your Cyberbingo account and Pre-order your cards TODAY!

International Women’s day on Tuesday March 8th

International Women’s Day is celebrated all over the world, every year on March 8th. On this day the world celebrates womanhood and pays tribute to influential role models, mothers, sisters, powerful politicians and history makers that have been women. Values and achievements made by women across the globe.

Every country in the world celebrates this day differently. In certain countries for instance, the day is celebrated as a national holiday where women get the day off work! In other countries, it is a day where men get a chance to honour the women in their lives by giving flowers and nice gifts.

This day is all about recognising and appreciating the presence of women in our lives; whoever it might be. This is why here at Cyberbingo we want to join the celebration on International Women’s Day in recognition of the great women around us.international-womens-day-700x700-fb

Join your bingo roomies from 11pm GMT in the Spring Bingo room on March 8th room to enjoy a day full of excitement playing your favourite bingo games.

With fantastic cash prizes to be won every game and an incredible Buy 6 Get 3 Free offer on all cards, let’s make this day a day to remember with super bingo fun and excitement at Cyberbingo!

Remember, remember the 5th of November!

crazy-guy-fawkes-headerIt’s time for some crazy bingo fun at CyberBingo on November 5th as we play our Crazy Guy Fawkes Bingo games.

These fun filled crazy bingo games play in the CyberBingo Autumn Bingo Room from 10:00PM GMT and are sure to go with a bang as we play for fantastic cash prizes of up to £300 in cash.

Each one of our Crazy Guy Fawkes Bingo plays on an exclusive “Bonfire Night” themed patterns and guarantees a crazy prize pot that will will randomly change the to anywhere between £30 and £300 with every number called!

Get ready to set off the fireworks as we celebrate Bonfire Night at CyberBingo and give away incredible cash prizes in these Crazy Guy Fawkes Bingo games!


Canada’s Birthday Bingo Party

Canada's Birthday Bingo Party

Happy Birthday Canada – Tuesday 1st July is Canada Day and to celebrate, we’re bringing you a fantastic Canada’s Birthday Bingo Party at CyberBingo. This fun filled party has a fabulous mixture of exciting Bingo birthday games for you to play. Starting £45 games with a cash prize that just keeps growing, High and Low £90 / £45 games and our Crazy £90 games. All these great games play on our great Canada patterns, so join in the fun and excitement of Canada Day in our Canada’s Birthday Bingo Party on Tuesday July 1st

Canada's CakeCanada’s Birthday Bingo Party plays in the CyberBingo World Cup Bingo Room on Tuesday, July 1 from 10:00PM BST. Bringing you four hours of fantastic Canada Day games with fabulous cash prizes to be won, join in the fun and party with us as we raise a cheer and wish Canada a very happy birthday!


Christmas Day Max Games


We invite you to join us on Christmas Day as we play our fantastic CyberBingo Christmas Day Max Games.

These great games will play once an hour on our fantastic Christmas patterns. They start at £90 but soon rise to a maximum £300, making these Christmas Day games extra special.

The Christmas Day Max Games will play throughout the day from 5:00am GMT till 4:59am GMT on Wednesday December 25th in our festive Christmas Bingo Room. With great games and a warm festive welcome, spend some time with your roomies this Christmas and enjoy the very best bingo Games at CyberBingo.

August Holiday Bingo

august-holiday-bingoThe first Monday of August is a civic holiday for people all across Canada. Depending on where you’re from in Canada, this holiday can be known as Regatta Day in Newfoundland, Natal Day in Nova Scotia, Simcoe Day in Toronto, and Colonel By Day in Ottawa. Regardless of where you’re from however, everyone in Canada knows is as the August Long Weekend.

Many celebrations are organized by local community members and many people enjoy taking this time for road trips, camping, and going to the cottage.

For this reason, Monday August 5th calls for another celebration, CyberBingo will hold a Big Event called August Holiday Bingo to celebrate midsummer with all our Canadian roomies. This will consist of starting $75 Game at $0.75c per card. We will also have a High or Low $75/$150 Game at $0.75c per card fallow up by a mid-hour game of $200 Guaranteed in the Seasonal Room and an Hourly FREE $25 Bingo Game.

So make sure you preorder your bingo cards and don’t miss this great event. Come on over roomies, it’s time to play, win and have lots of fun!

Technology and Online Bingo at its Finest

Technology has made its mark in almost every aspect that is known to man – lifestyle, academics, sports, and even with the most primitive of sorts such as fire; it has paved its way towards everything imaginable to man and without technology, life would not become as easy as we know it already is. And now, it has made its way unto something usually done manually, bingo in its new avatar of online bingo.

Yes, technology has presented itself to this gaming trend that has been with the humans since the times when gambling became a good entertainment of sorts and a source to which money plays a big role and taking risks is the thrill of the game. It has leveled the game up a little bit, by introducing online bingo.

Online Bingo

Online Bingo

In this modern age, again, technology has made it possible for people who are busy with work to play bingo even when you are resting at your own abode, but if you plan to create a website where people can play online bingo, never think for a second that it will be an easy job. On a brighter side though, technology has developed applications such as Java and Adobe Flash in order to help with the development of online bingo – its layout, design, and the intricacies that makes it function which makes playing bingo online a pleasurable experience by being pleasing to the eye and having smooth operations, making it a definite experience.

In addition, you can now play bingo anywhere you go. If online bingo was developed years back, then certain limitations, imposed by the times, would not allow you to play online bingo anywhere. Back then, the only place which allows internet access would be the computer desktop and we all know that this kind of personal device is fixed in a certain area of your house. Moreover, you cannot carry it around since it would be too bulky especially with the number of components that it needs in order to run its functions, not to mention the complicated wirings.

In contrast, these times have allowed accessibility anywhere we go because in addition to the devices such as smart phones, PDAs, and Netbooks, to name a few, the internet connection is already available without wires and the devices can pick them up anywhere that a hotspot is available. With these, you can play bingo anywhere you can such as parks or restaurants, in devices that is getting smaller and smaller.

In relation to the previous paragraph, anywhere you go there is an assurance that you will get something when you play bingo, especially when it is online bingo. This also means that, anyone can win at anytime – may it be a co-worker in the office or a friend while you are hanging out – and if that happens, then you can be assured of free drinks and food, if they do not get too stingy.

Lastly, the question that might be hovering above the clouds is “Will bingo being played online replace traditional bingo?” The answer, maybe, but it could be more of complementary of each other. Since traditional bingo stations close earlier, you could continue playing at the comforts of your own home.

Gamble Aware (www.gambleaware.co.uk) is managed by the Responsibility in Gambling Trust, an independent charity which funds treatment, research and education about responsible gambling. The website has been developed by a Task Force made up of representatives from the Gambling Commission, DCMS, academia and industry.

Gary Beal

Points in favour of the entertainment provided by Online Bingo

The basic aim of the online bingo sites is to entertain the players who are interested in an online game. You can win some money by playing bingo on these online sites, but usually nobody plays bingo to make a profit.

Most of the new online bingo sites have players who say that they play online bingo for entertainment and to relax themselves. In case they win some money from the game, it goes to enable them to continue with their game by paying for it. If they lose some money then they consider that the money has been spent on entertaining themselves.

Online Bingo

Online Bingo

The players who are dedicated to playing online bingo are actually trying to find a portal with the help of which they can fulfil all their wishes. Since there are no restrictions imposed by the online bingo sites on location, age, gender or language, the game of bingo has become extremely popular to the people all over the world. Instead of losing popularity, the game of bingo has spread like wildfire among the masses throughout the globe and has a large number of people who are huge fans of the game.

The integration of the chat rooms with the operation of the online bingo sites has been the most attractive aspect of the game of online bingo. On top of this facility anyone can choose to play bingo without any money if he wants to. The chat rooms which are an integral part of the online bingo sites help the players to socialize as well as play the game of bingo. They help the players to keep in constant contact with one another during the period when the game is in progress.

The minimum requirement for playing the online bingo game is a personal computer which is connected to the internet. The online bingo sites offer huge bonuses which can be used to play a large number of games as soon as a player logs into the site and registers himself in order to play the game. Any fan of online bingo will tell you on being asked all about the games offered by the online site and how these games can help to increase the popularity of the industry related to gaming.

A large number of features have been added to the existing regulations and rules which a player should be conversant with. There are a large number of sites which pay cash to the winners directly. In order to show their trustworthiness some sites ask for deposits. Before putting your money on these sites it is better if you check beforehand reliability of the gateways used by the sites for making payments.

The availability of the numerous online bingo sites on the internet increases the opportunity of playing bingo for all the serious bingo players. As the online bingo is very similar to the land based bingo game, it becomes very easy for people who are familiar with the land based game to adapt to the online version.

You can relax after a day’s work by playing online bingo as the game does not require too much mental pressure. The software of the online bingo game does all the work for you by purchasing the cards, checking the numbers, auto daubing the cards and calling out bingo as well. The automatic feature of the game helps to reduce the errors caused by human intervention to a minimum. Thus it can be confidently stated that there is no entertainment like the one provided by a game of online bingo.

Gamble Aware (www.gambleaware.co.uk) is managed by the Responsibility in Gambling Trust, an independent charity which funds treatment, research and education about responsible gambling. The website has been developed by a Task Force made up of representatives from the Gambling Commission, DCMS, academia and industry.

Gary Beal

Patterns used in Bingo

The patterns are declared and explained by the caller before the bingo game starts and are displayed on an overhead screen. A game can have two patterns. One player may win both the patterns or there may be one winner for each pattern.



Some popular patterns and how to understand them are given below.

The straight pattern is used in one line, two line or three line bingo cards. The line containing five numbers can be diagonal, vertical or horizontal in one line bingo. It can be in any direction in two or three line bingos.

The pattern T is shown upright whereas a crazy T pattern can be upside down, slanted or sideways.

Two lines in parallel make up a pattern similar to the two tracks of a railway line in double or triple bingo.

Two diagonal starting at opposite corners and a central vertical line make up the Asterisk pattern. Adding a horizontal line through the middle forms the Starburst pattern. The Bow Tie pattern is made up of the diagonal lines connected by two vertical lines at each edge.

Straight lines are used to make patterns look like alphabets both normal and crazy ones with their upside down, reverse and sideways formations.

A horizontal line in the topmost row connected to a diagonal line starting at the top rightmost corner makes up the 7 pattern.

A coverall or blackout pattern consists of all the numbers on a card getting marked within a fixed number of calls in a progressive game. If progressive jackpots are not allowed, then the game is carried on without any restrictions on the number of calls.

The odd-even pattern is made up of all the odd numbers or all the even numbers of a card.

Speedball pattern is the same as coverall pattern with only the speed of the caller being very fast by omitting the letters of the numbered balls.

All the spaces along the edges of the card makes up the pattern called the outside picture frame. The inside frame pattern is formed by squares surrounding an empty square in the middle.

The little diamond pattern is made up of four squares with an empty square at the centre. The big diamond is made up of eight squares with five empty squares in the centre.

A Single Postage Stamp pattern is made up of four adjacent squares at the corner of the card. Double or Triple Postage Stamp patterns are two or three corners of the card. A postage stamp pattern with four corners is called a Clover Leaf pattern

Just like the postage stamp pattern which has two adjacent rows with two squares each, the Six Pack pattern has two adjacent rows with three squares in each row and the Block of Eight pattern has four squares in adjacent two rows.

The kite or magic wand pattern is made up of four adjacent squares in one corner of the card with a diagonal line across the card. A crazy kite pattern is upside down with the tail pointing towards any one corner. The arrow pattern is a six square triangle.

The pattern looking like the American flag consists of all squares on the three top rows with two vertical squares as flag poles on either the left or the rightmost edge of the card. The castle pattern has all squares on the bottom two rows and a vertical line in the centre column.

A zigzag line made up of five squares starting at column B, represents the snake pattern. A crazy snake pattern can start at any of the other corners of a bingo card.

Gamble Aware (www.gambleaware.co.uk) is managed by the Responsibility in Gambling Trust, an independent charity which funds treatment, research and education about responsible gambling. The website has been developed by a Task Force made up of representatives from the Gambling Commission, DCMS, academia and industry.

Gary Beal

Playing Bingo with electronic gadgets

In a game of electronic bingo you can track a large number of cards which is always not possible in the traditional form of Playing Bingo . Before deciding which is better you have to play bingo with modern electronic tools.

Playing Bingo

Playing Bingo

Handheld devices used for playing bingo at the bingo halls

The inconvenient paper cards in the bingo halls are being replaced by portable handheld devices. These devices allow the players to play with numerous cards without any problem, sometimes allowing the players to play with twice or thrice the number of cards which they could not manage earlier. Almost 20 per cent of the players in bingo halls use these devices nowadays to play bingo.

The handheld devices are equipped to track every card of the set bought by the player without missing any. This equipment helps even novices and physically disabled players to play with the same confidence as the experts.

The players have to punch the keys corresponding to the number being called on these handheld devices and the computer marks the numbers automatically. A player has to only to shout bingo if the winning card appears on the screen of his device.

There are different kinds of handheld devices in existence. One type can display up to 12 cards on its screen. It has a tracker for the cards and background sounds to complete the effect. There are other devices which can display up to 200 cards for one game depending on the restrictions adopted by the particular bingo hall.

Restrictions in Texas allow only 66 cards to be displayed per game as the owners of the bingo halls are afraid that the number of old-fashioned players will diminish if the players using the handheld devices win consistently.

Video devices used for playing bingo at casinos

The video bingo machine is a standalone machine just as other video machines for playing poker or a slot game. Though these machines have not become as popular as the other machines, they can still be used for passing your time and to have fun.

25 cents to one dollar is required to play these machines and the payout is 80 to 90 per cent of the total collection which can be up to $1,000. You have to press the “cash out” button which gives a printed ticket to be exchanged for the cash you win.

Evergreen is a game played on a number of video machines connected to each other. The winning pattern is the four corners of the bingo card chosen by a player. Balls numbered B-1 to O-75 are chosen by the machine at random and the numbers are displayed on the screen. The players are given three seconds to push the “Daub” button to mark the numbers on their cards.

The prize is split between the multiple winners. The jackpot can be won by getting all the four corners in the first four calls.

The difference between Bingo and Keno

Keno originated in China and was introduced to the American people by the immigrants from China during the last part of the 19th century.

Players mark numbers between 1 and 80 printed on a card and insert it into a computer which reads the markings and prints out a ticket with the marked numbers. The computer randomly chooses a set of its own. The player wins prizes depending on the matches between his numbers and the numbers selected by the computer.

All those who really love playing traditional bingo can also enhance their playing experience with electronic bingo. They have both the options available to them to enjoy.

Gamble Aware (www.gambleaware.co.uk) is managed by the Responsibility in Gambling Trust, an independent charity which funds treatment, research and education about responsible gambling. The website has been developed by a Task Force made up of representatives from the Gambling Commission, DCMS, academia and industry.

Gary Beal

Play Bingo on sites which give you the Best Service

There a large number of online bingo sites which are vying with each other for your custom. But all sites do not offer the same level of services and any site which provides substandard service should be avoided by you. If you are not at all satisfied with the online play bingo site where you play regularly, then you should change over to a site whose services are better than the others. You should avoid the sites which have disadvantages like those given below.

Play Bingo Online

Play Bingo Online

You are forced to play the game on a substandard site.

It can be assumed that you spend a large part of your time daily in front the computer playing online bingo because you love the game and play regularly. You will find that a large number of sites use obsolete technology for their online bingo games. The online game offered by them may be made of bad graphics where images get frozen from time to time or the response of the graphics to your inputs is delayed. If these problems appear on the online bingo site where you are playing at the moment, then it is prudent that you change over to another site which is better. Imagine what an upsetting situation it would be for you if the screen froze when you were just about to win a bingo.

There are no bonuses offered by the site for loyalty or for reloading your stake.

The hundreds of online sites which are competing against each other to retain their old members and attract new players, offer bonuses for loyalty and the reloading of bets. If the online bingo site you are playing on does not have these facilities then you should stop playing on those sites. As soon as you get yourself registered with a site you should get a deluge of incentives and bonuses so that you remain loyal to that site. Special promotional offers and reload bonuses are offered by many online bingo sites to retain their members.

The customer service of the site does not respond to any request for help or information.

If the customer services of the online bingo site where you play do not respond immediately to any of your requests, then you should leave that site and play on another site. If you are ignored by one site, there are several other online sites which you can choose from. How would you feel if the online site takes four days to respond to your urgent query? You should always choose those online bingo sites with customer services which respond to your queries during 24 hours a day and 7 days a week over telephone, e-mail or through an inbuilt live chat feature without any fail.

If you experience any of the drawbacks mentioned above at any of the online bingo sites you play in, then it is better that you change over to some other site where your presence is appreciated. Lots of people are moving over from substandard online bingo sites to top notch sites because of the quality of service provided by them. You can start getting the real feel of online bingo and how it is supposed to be played when you get a signup bonus from these sites. You can actually give them a try and see what all they have to offer.

Gamble Aware (www.gambleaware.co.uk) is managed by the Responsibility in Gambling Trust, an independent charity which funds treatment, research and education about responsible gambling. The website has been developed by a Task Force made up of representatives from the Gambling Commission, DCMS, academia and industry.

Gary Beal

The Bingo luck – as they call it

Bingo is a game of chance; there are lot of combinations that can be drawn in one game. The only real talent that you need in order to win is your bingo luck and fortune. It is a matter of having the chance to win by having a body full of luck.

Bingo Luck

Bingo Luck

There are many people in this world who believe that they can catch Luck and play around with Fortune. There are people who believe that their fate depend on the stars and signs. They believe that these star signs have similar characteristics that they possess. Newspapers publish horoscope for each star signs and the players of Bingo sometimes depend on the message on the horoscope to foresee their future in playing the game. They even take the advice and live with what is written in the papers. They depend on the “lucky number” column and the number of cards that they should buy. Some people even have the time to read numerous newspapers and magazines just to see their horoscopes and see if they’re lucky to play a game at that day.

Many people consider lucky numbers in their lives and it is not just the “lucky 7” of the western world and the “lucky 8” of the orient. I have an acquaintance whose lucky number is 91 because it is the number of the house of his favourite Auntie (who he used to think as a white witch). It may be a lucky number in some places, but not for 90 or 75 number Bingo!

By attending live Bingo games, I see people who played in pairs, because they believe that it is lucky. Some people sit in particular places that they believe would be lucky—sometimes even falling in line to get the seats that they wanted. This isn’t always a stupid thing as it may seem. At Hastings on England (South coast), the least lucky (or popular) seats are those at the rear right side of the auditorium. This wasn’t false notion because that area is very close to the children’s play area and slots machines. This area is full of noise and the distraction can make you miss the number drawn or worse, make a false call.

Some people take with them a lucky pen or lucky charms that can help them win the game. Some even wear jewellery and clothes that they consider lucky. I had a friend who was a truck driver who plays Bingo while wearing a fake Rolex watch that came from Turkey and costs on a pound. The hands of that watch is turning counter-clockwise, which interfered with the motion of time and he said he could see the future when he wears it. He also admits that this watch makes him see the numbers that will come up. One time, he was successful in Bingo while wearing the fake Rolex watch!

There was a story that was told to me by a beginner in Bingo. He was known as the “unlucky person” for the regular Bingo players and local people at the certain Bingo hall. This is because the visitors and tourists win more frequently when he is running the game. He was fired after two weeks because of it. If the lucky Bingo charm is really true… I’m quite sure it didn’t apply to him.

Gamble Aware (www.gambleaware.co.uk) is managed by the Responsibility in Gambling Trust, an independent charity which funds treatment, research and education about responsible gambling. The website has been developed by a Task Force made up of representatives from the Gambling Commission, DCMS, academia and industry.

Gary Beal

Learn saying “NO” to Bingo Bullies

Why do you have to be afraid in turning down Bingo Bullies in a Bingo Chat Room? Primarily, you do not want to hurt anybody’s feeling and probably not wanting to be labelled as “mean” in the bingo chat room where these bingo bullies are lurking to lure their next subject. With this, you might just find yourself saying yes even if it is contrary to your belief.

bingo bullies

bingo bullies

Actually, difficulty to say “NO” is not a rare issue. There are lot other people that are usually trapped in uncomfortable situation because of wanting to have social approval and end up doing the opposite of what they want to have. If you have this kind of personality and become a bingo player in the internet and these bingo bullies find you they will draw you to take their bait. You will be deceived by their schemes of making you their bingo buddy but they are only up to sizing you. They are just trying to know if you can loan them money if they run out of theirs. These manipulators have ways to annoy their targeted bingo player that the concerned may think that saying “yes” will solve their problem. Remember that once you give in to their tricks, they will keep on coming back to you making you someone they can run to for loans and they will do any way they can to convince you.

How will you identify these persons? Well, be cautious with those persons in bingo chat room who will be fond of offering you free points. They will keep on doing you favor even if you decline their offer, they will insist. This is the tactic that they do to make you feel indebted and you will not just turn them down whenever they seek for favor from you. However, this kind of players may be difficult to be differentiated from others who genuinely share their winnings but expects nothing in return. The best indicator of their difference, I guess the genuine ones will not call you in a private bingo chat room just to ask you to loan them money

How will you make protect yourself from becoming soft target of bingo bully? How will you do it in a way that you will not become mean-spirited and will not offend a so called “buddy”? Remember to be firm in your decision of saying NO. Then even if you do not actually have to explain to anybody, you may do so. This will make you appear not so aggressive. Tell someone asking for bingo loans that it is your principle not to lend money to anyone for the purpose of making things fair. Tell the concerned bingo buddy that you do this because you have tight budget. Do not feel guilty for not lending money. After all, you are doing it to everyone. This will protect from being fooled by bingo bully you will not end up regretting that the money you worked hard to earn was just carted away just as fast as saying “Yes” by someone who deceived you.

Do not be hesitant, say “NO”. Them nicely and be firm. You may ignore them or report them to bingo master if they become a nuisance.

Gamble Aware (www.gambleaware.co.uk) is managed by the Responsibility in Gambling Trust, an independent charity which funds treatment, research and education about responsible gambling. The website has been developed by a Task Force made up of representatives from the Gambling Commission, DCMS, academia and industry.

Gary Beal

Ten best hints on how to win a game of bingo

The fun and excitement derived from all gambling games, except poker, is the main attraction while making some money by winning the game is just an extra on the side. It does not mean that a player would have a good time by losing a game of bingo. A player should always try to win when he plays. Following are ten best hints which can be useful to win in a online game of bingo:



1. Sometimes there may be 10 players or even less playing on an online bingo site. At other times there may be more than 300 players. A player should choose those games which have less number of players as the possibility of winning becomes remote with a large number of players. Though the prize money lessens with less number of players, the possibility of winning at regular intervals is more in these rooms.

2. All new players should become familiar with the different aspects of the bingo game before expecting to win big amounts. The new players should play in tournaments and free games on online bingo sites, discuss the game with others, let others know what they had learnt and follow hints on playing methods acquired from friends in the chat rooms.

3. Out of the total number of balls used during a bingo game, sometimes a few balls are used to give bonus points or extra tickets to the player. Unfortunately, these bonuses are specially offered only by some online bingo sites and not all.

4. A player should buy tickets in the range of $0.25 to $0.50 to win more money. But care should be taken regarding which tickets to buy because losing in the bingo game after buying costlier ticket means more money lost.

5. Playing on new online bingo sites is risky because a player may lose more money than what he is able to win. To avoid this happening, an online bingo player should go through the reviews about the site and choose only those online bingo sites which have good reputations.

6. Normally the chances of winning frequently become more with larger number of cards bought for a single bingo game. Since a player needs to keep track of all the cards he has bought and to prevent spending too much too quickly, it is advisable to buy approximately half the number of tickets being offered or whatever number is affordable for a single game of bingo.

7. While playing a game of bingo, players sometimes go through both winning and losing streaks. If a player finds himself in a losing streak, then it is advisable that the player cuts his losses and leaves the game to come back later and join the game again.

8. All online bingo sites offer the auto-dab facility which automatically marks the card even if the player is away or the connection is lost. If this feature is switched off to give the game a real-life feeling for fun, then a player would have to manually keep track of the numbers being called, and to do this, quiet surroundings is a must.

9. By keeping himself updated through reviews and e-mails, a player can have fun and win extra cash by playing in free games offered by online bingo sites during certain time frames.

10. Some online bingo sites offer promotional offers by allowing the player to take part midway in a bingo game which is already in progress. This is advantageous to those players who do not have a ticket comprising the numbers being called. But this offer is not available on most of the online bingo sites.

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Bingo industry made the game easy for American citizens

The huge revenue garnered by the Bingo industry has prompted many online bingo sites to sap the huge American bingo market by making augmentations in the sites in order to be more attractive to the general American player. These sites are not necessarily based in the US or owned by Americans or have licenses issued by the American government.

bingo industry

bingo industry

The qualitative differences between US and non-US online bingo sites are not much. The rules governing these sites are neither uniform nor are they of the same quality.

Some of the characteristics of non-US sites but catering to American market are outlined below:

1) They basically target the American bingo market. As they cater to US citizens, they expect mostly American players to participate in their online bingo games. Hence the possibility of playing against and chatting to fellow Americans is more.

2) The currency used in the online bingo game is American dollars. Thus the value of the prices of the cards, the prizes, the bonuses and other transactions are given in American Dollars and Cents instead of British Pounds and Shillings or Euros.

3) All transactions with the bank are usually done in American dollars. Purchases have to be made in dollars and payouts also will be in dollars. The default currency is US Dollars though the option of UK Pounds and Euros may be there.

4) Payments by Visa and MasterCard are acceptable by these online bingo sites.

5) The sites may recruit Americans living in America to act as hosts in the chat rooms. This creates an atmosphere which is comfortable to American players in the chat rooms.

6) Although these online bingo sites are not located in America, they use pictures of the Empire State Building, the casinos at Las Vegas or Atlanta City in their sites to give a feeling of familiarity to the American players.

7) Both the UK type 90-ball game and the US type 75-ball games are offered by the majority of these online bingo sites. The 75-ball game using cards with 5×5 square matrices is mostly played in these sites as in the US. The 90-ball game using cards having 3×9 square matrices is usually played in Europe and elsewhere. The type of game offered by these online bingo sites depends on the software which runs on their server computer.

8) Help from the customer support service of these online bingo sites may be available for the fortunate few. But on most occasions as these sites are not located in America, only e-mail addresses are available for communication with them.

9) The owner of some of these online bingo sites may be American companies. They do not get involved in the daily activities of these sites. The employees or “Operators” running these sites may be located outside the American mainland.

10) These online bingo sites do not have licenses issued by the US government or by any other country where US laws have jurisdiction as the bingo game has been declared to be illegal by the US government. These online bingo sites have licenses issued by governments of countries which do not follow the laws of the American government.

The first two characteristics may be true for all these sites which market themselves as US online bingo sites and use American Dollars as the currency for all transactions to attract American players. All the other features are very dicey and need to be investigated by any American player who is interested in the facts of an online bingo site.

Gamble Aware (www.gambleaware.co.uk) is managed by the Responsibility in Gambling Trust, an independent charity which funds treatment, research and education about responsible gambling. The website has been developed by a Task Force made up of representatives from the Gambling Commission, DCMS, academia and industry.

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Indulge in an exciting game of bingo

game of bingo

game of bingo

Patience and fast reflexes are the virtues which are of great importance in a game of bingo. And if you have these qualities, it is really fun to play bingo. For new entrants to the game of bingo, the article will help them adjust themselves to this fast paced game.

A regular game of bingo provides a lot of mental exercise and exhilaration. A game of bingo may be good fun in the beginning, but there is always a tendency to get carried away which should be avoided. Again if proper care is not taken, then there is a possibility of getting addicted to the game, which is true for all kinds of gambling.

At the start of a bingo game, a book containing some sheets is given to each player. Each sheet contains six separate cards. The sheets have square matrices where the numbers ranging from 1 to 90 are printed.

In the UK version of the bingo game, every card (on each sheet) has 27 square matrix, made up of 3 rows and 9 columns. Each of the numbers from 1 to 90 are printed only once in the square spaces of the six cards in one sheet. Numbers are not duplicated in any of the cards in that sheet.

Each row in the UK version of bingo has 4 blank squares and 5 squares with numbers printed in them at random, i.e. out of the total 27 squares in the bingo card, 15 squares will have numbers and the rest 12 squares blank. If the first card has the number 1 printed in the first square of the first column of the first row, then none of the other cards can have number 1 printed in the same space.

During the game of bingo, numbers that are called are matched with the same number on one of the 6 cards. If there is a match, the square is struck off with a marker or dabber. To win the game, the squares thus struck off should give the pattern which was declared at the beginning of the game. Each game of bingo has a different pattern to be marked.

A variety of patterns like houses, stars, blackout (all the numbered in a card are marked), U’s, T’s and others are used in a game of bingo. As soon the pre-declared pattern is complete, the player has to call out “bingo”. Immediately the caller stops the game and the employees of the bingo hall, club or casino verify the winning card and the prize money is paid to the winner. The game is declared closed by the caller and the next game starts. In case a player fails to call out, the prize is forfeited by the winner and the game moves on till the next winner calls out. If there are multiple winners, then the prize money is equally distributed among them.

Normally, a game of bingo is conducted in buildings or halls specially built for the game. These halls are massive structures with a large number of tables to sit all the players at the same time. Other games such as slot machines can be found in the rooms adjacent to these halls. Bars and food counters may also be set up there. These bars and food counters serve drinks and food during the break between games so as not to disturb the players when the bingo game is in progress.

Presently a game of bingo can be played online while sitting comfortably at home. The basic rules are the same for online bingo games with respect to those played in real life. Marking or dabbing of the squares in the bingo cards is automatic. This reduces chances of any disagreements and inconclusive results due to faulty internet connections (a player can still win even if the internet connection with the site server is lost as the game is designed that way).

The online bingo game does not require you to call out “bingo” as the bingo site automatically comes to know that a player has won. During an online bingo game, players are allowed to chat between themselves. This is not allowed in real life bingo games held in clubs or casinos as it distracts all the players. Of course, a real life game of bingo is conducted so fast, that there is no time or urge for players to chat among themselves. The players have only the time to concentrate on the game.

In the automated online bingo game a player has the option to play with a number of cards. In the real life situation, an experienced player can handle only two cards at the most at a time. Though a game of bingo is a lot of fun, it can be quite expensive when a player is new and learning the basics of the game and likely to make mistakes more than a player normally does.

If a player is looking for a unique and lifetime experience, then he should play at least once in a real life bingo game held in a bingo club or casino. Any player who is serious about playing bingo is advised to have a go at it as a bingo game is really full of fun, excitement and good entertainment.

Gamble Aware (www.gambleaware.co.uk) is managed by the Responsibility in Gambling Trust, an independent charity which funds treatment, research and education about responsible gambling. The website has been developed by a Task Force made up of representatives from the Gambling Commission, DCMS, academia and industry.

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Evolution of bingo game over time

The origin of the bingo game which is played nowadays can be traced back to an Italian lottery named “Lo Giuco Del Lotta d’Italia” which used to be held in Italy in the 1530’s. It was a form of gambling which was vehemently opposed by the powerful Christian Church at that time. Even then, it became very popular amongst Italian people as a favorite pastime.

bingo game

bingo game

This lottery spread to France in the 1778’s and became equally popular among the French people. The Church in France too was against this kind of gambling but it could not stop the spread of this lottery in France. During the 1800’s, the vehement opposition by the Church only made this lottery and other such types of gambling become more popular with their spread all over Europe. With the spreading of this game to all parts of Europe, bingo started to be played with the help of square matrices drawn on table tops. The matrix on each table would have 9 columns in vertical and 3 rows in horizontal similar to the modern game using 90 balls. There would be five squares filled with nos. and 4 blank squares at random in each row. The numbers in the squares would range from 1 to 10 for the first column, 11 to 20 in the second column, and 21 to 30 in the third column and so on until the last column, which would have numbers ranging from 81 to 90. Similar to the modern bingo game, each table would have a definite number.

In the 1920’s, the game was exported from Europe to the United States. It became Americanized very quickly and came to be called “Beano” as the cards started to be marked with beans (please do not sneeze!). In the new version of bingo which came into existence, a new system of drawing the numbers from a cigar-box was started. The game of bingo became more popular in the rural villages than in the urban districts because of the strong anti-gambling laws enforced in cities and towns.

Edwin Lowe, a vendor from New York, first introduced the game of bingo to New York in 1929, and made it popular there. In an established incident, about which neither the date nor the circumstances are known, a player playing near Lowe got up from his chair and called “Bingo” instead of “Beano” to indicate that the player had won. Since Lowe liked the word “Bingo” which was more attractive than the word “Beano”, the name Bingo became the name of the game as it is known today. Edwin Lowe was responsible for the popularity of the game spreading all over New York and the rest of the United States.

Edwin Lowe wanted to create more cards than the initial 900 cards which would enable a single player to win more often in a bingo game. With the help of Carl Leffler, a professor of maths, he created 6000 cards with unique numbers. To create these unique cards and get them perfect, Lowe created so much pressure on Leffler, that it is believed that Leffler lost his sanity forever.

The popularity of the bingo game knew no bounds after being perfected by Lowe. To his surprise, Lowe discovered that the Church had become his greatest business partner. The more the Church enforced the ban on the game, the more it spread through various networks. The popularity was greatest in the remote northern territory of the United States. Every week more than 10,000 bingo games used to be played there. Presently, a huge number of games are played each day in the United States and all over the World. The bingo game has spread everywhere, including small religious groups and huge online populations. The revenue collected from bingo games worldwide runs into millions of dollars. Today the Bingo game is among the three topmost gambling games including Backgammon and Poker. Each day the prize money offered in a bingo game is increasing. More and more people are flocking to play a game of bingo each day as it is so easy to play. This is how the game of bingo evolved starting from the 1530’s to the present day.

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