Patterns used in Bingo

The patterns are declared and explained by the caller before the bingo game starts and are displayed on an overhead screen. A game can have two patterns. One player may win both the patterns or there may be one winner for each pattern.



Some popular patterns and how to understand them are given below.

The straight pattern is used in one line, two line or three line bingo cards. The line containing five numbers can be diagonal, vertical or horizontal in one line bingo. It can be in any direction in two or three line bingos.

The pattern T is shown upright whereas a crazy T pattern can be upside down, slanted or sideways.

Two lines in parallel make up a pattern similar to the two tracks of a railway line in double or triple bingo.

Two diagonal starting at opposite corners and a central vertical line make up the Asterisk pattern. Adding a horizontal line through the middle forms the Starburst pattern. The Bow Tie pattern is made up of the diagonal lines connected by two vertical lines at each edge.

Straight lines are used to make patterns look like alphabets both normal and crazy ones with their upside down, reverse and sideways formations.

A horizontal line in the topmost row connected to a diagonal line starting at the top rightmost corner makes up the 7 pattern.

A coverall or blackout pattern consists of all the numbers on a card getting marked within a fixed number of calls in a progressive game. If progressive jackpots are not allowed, then the game is carried on without any restrictions on the number of calls.

The odd-even pattern is made up of all the odd numbers or all the even numbers of a card.

Speedball pattern is the same as coverall pattern with only the speed of the caller being very fast by omitting the letters of the numbered balls.

All the spaces along the edges of the card makes up the pattern called the outside picture frame. The inside frame pattern is formed by squares surrounding an empty square in the middle.

The little diamond pattern is made up of four squares with an empty square at the centre. The big diamond is made up of eight squares with five empty squares in the centre.

A Single Postage Stamp pattern is made up of four adjacent squares at the corner of the card. Double or Triple Postage Stamp patterns are two or three corners of the card. A postage stamp pattern with four corners is called a Clover Leaf pattern

Just like the postage stamp pattern which has two adjacent rows with two squares each, the Six Pack pattern has two adjacent rows with three squares in each row and the Block of Eight pattern has four squares in adjacent two rows.

The kite or magic wand pattern is made up of four adjacent squares in one corner of the card with a diagonal line across the card. A crazy kite pattern is upside down with the tail pointing towards any one corner. The arrow pattern is a six square triangle.

The pattern looking like the American flag consists of all squares on the three top rows with two vertical squares as flag poles on either the left or the rightmost edge of the card. The castle pattern has all squares on the bottom two rows and a vertical line in the centre column.

A zigzag line made up of five squares starting at column B, represents the snake pattern. A crazy snake pattern can start at any of the other corners of a bingo card.

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Playing Bingo with electronic gadgets

In a game of electronic bingo you can track a large number of cards which is always not possible in the traditional form of Playing Bingo . Before deciding which is better you have to play bingo with modern electronic tools.

Playing Bingo

Playing Bingo

Handheld devices used for playing bingo at the bingo halls

The inconvenient paper cards in the bingo halls are being replaced by portable handheld devices. These devices allow the players to play with numerous cards without any problem, sometimes allowing the players to play with twice or thrice the number of cards which they could not manage earlier. Almost 20 per cent of the players in bingo halls use these devices nowadays to play bingo.

The handheld devices are equipped to track every card of the set bought by the player without missing any. This equipment helps even novices and physically disabled players to play with the same confidence as the experts.

The players have to punch the keys corresponding to the number being called on these handheld devices and the computer marks the numbers automatically. A player has to only to shout bingo if the winning card appears on the screen of his device.

There are different kinds of handheld devices in existence. One type can display up to 12 cards on its screen. It has a tracker for the cards and background sounds to complete the effect. There are other devices which can display up to 200 cards for one game depending on the restrictions adopted by the particular bingo hall.

Restrictions in Texas allow only 66 cards to be displayed per game as the owners of the bingo halls are afraid that the number of old-fashioned players will diminish if the players using the handheld devices win consistently.

Video devices used for playing bingo at casinos

The video bingo machine is a standalone machine just as other video machines for playing poker or a slot game. Though these machines have not become as popular as the other machines, they can still be used for passing your time and to have fun.

25 cents to one dollar is required to play these machines and the payout is 80 to 90 per cent of the total collection which can be up to $1,000. You have to press the “cash out” button which gives a printed ticket to be exchanged for the cash you win.

Evergreen is a game played on a number of video machines connected to each other. The winning pattern is the four corners of the bingo card chosen by a player. Balls numbered B-1 to O-75 are chosen by the machine at random and the numbers are displayed on the screen. The players are given three seconds to push the “Daub” button to mark the numbers on their cards.

The prize is split between the multiple winners. The jackpot can be won by getting all the four corners in the first four calls.

The difference between Bingo and Keno

Keno originated in China and was introduced to the American people by the immigrants from China during the last part of the 19th century.

Players mark numbers between 1 and 80 printed on a card and insert it into a computer which reads the markings and prints out a ticket with the marked numbers. The computer randomly chooses a set of its own. The player wins prizes depending on the matches between his numbers and the numbers selected by the computer.

All those who really love playing traditional bingo can also enhance their playing experience with electronic bingo. They have both the options available to them to enjoy.

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Play Bingo on sites which give you the Best Service

There a large number of online bingo sites which are vying with each other for your custom. But all sites do not offer the same level of services and any site which provides substandard service should be avoided by you. If you are not at all satisfied with the online play bingo site where you play regularly, then you should change over to a site whose services are better than the others. You should avoid the sites which have disadvantages like those given below.

Play Bingo Online

Play Bingo Online

You are forced to play the game on a substandard site.

It can be assumed that you spend a large part of your time daily in front the computer playing online bingo because you love the game and play regularly. You will find that a large number of sites use obsolete technology for their online bingo games. The online game offered by them may be made of bad graphics where images get frozen from time to time or the response of the graphics to your inputs is delayed. If these problems appear on the online bingo site where you are playing at the moment, then it is prudent that you change over to another site which is better. Imagine what an upsetting situation it would be for you if the screen froze when you were just about to win a bingo.

There are no bonuses offered by the site for loyalty or for reloading your stake.

The hundreds of online sites which are competing against each other to retain their old members and attract new players, offer bonuses for loyalty and the reloading of bets. If the online bingo site you are playing on does not have these facilities then you should stop playing on those sites. As soon as you get yourself registered with a site you should get a deluge of incentives and bonuses so that you remain loyal to that site. Special promotional offers and reload bonuses are offered by many online bingo sites to retain their members.

The customer service of the site does not respond to any request for help or information.

If the customer services of the online bingo site where you play do not respond immediately to any of your requests, then you should leave that site and play on another site. If you are ignored by one site, there are several other online sites which you can choose from. How would you feel if the online site takes four days to respond to your urgent query? You should always choose those online bingo sites with customer services which respond to your queries during 24 hours a day and 7 days a week over telephone, e-mail or through an inbuilt live chat feature without any fail.

If you experience any of the drawbacks mentioned above at any of the online bingo sites you play in, then it is better that you change over to some other site where your presence is appreciated. Lots of people are moving over from substandard online bingo sites to top notch sites because of the quality of service provided by them. You can start getting the real feel of online bingo and how it is supposed to be played when you get a signup bonus from these sites. You can actually give them a try and see what all they have to offer.

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Bingo Chat Rooms – The Chat and Chatter of the Bingo Site

It is true that all of those who really love to play bingo in land based bingo halls, may not be interested in playing online bingo. It is also true that all of those who love to play online bingo may not be interested in the facilities and entertainment provided by the Bingo chat rooms.

Bingo Chat Rooms

Bingo Chat Rooms

The reason why people want privacy while playing online bingo is not known exactly. It maybe because of some guilty pleasure they want to enjoy alone, or maybe they do not have the time or are not inclined to mix with other players. It is very difficult to change their attitudes, but there may be newcomers to the game of online bingo, who would like to experience the enjoyment, offered by the bingo chat rooms but have not yet made up their minds to do so.

The purpose of the people who visited the bingo halls during the period from 1950’s to 1980’s was not only to play bingo but also to socialize with other players. The bingo halls still provide the environment for socializing, while the online bingo sites have started to provide the same environment with the help of their integrated bingo chat rooms. The advantage of these chat rooms are, that you can meet people hitherto unknown to you and you can become a part of an online community of bingo lovers. You get a chance to come across people whose interests are similar to yours and you can start relationships quite easily with them. You can achieve all this while enjoying the comforts provided by your own home.

You can find people who welcome and encourage you, show their interest in you and what you do, when you join bingo chat rooms for the very first time. The initial conversations may start with basic things like whether you have played online bingo earlier, what are the sites which interest you most and maybe some personal questions like where you stay, what hobbies you have and all that.

There are moderators in the chat rooms who overlook the conversations taking place in the bingo chat rooms, and who will steer away from you players who ask too many questions. The chat room moderators make you feel at home and take care so that you do not get bothered by other players.

You may often find events in bingo chat rooms of an online bingo site which you can use for holding a private party with the players you have befriended recently without any problem. You can easily find out the chat rooms which you prefer and which are attended by like-minded players with whom you would like to chat and mix. But at the back of all this is the common love for bingo which is shared by all of you and your friends and which will make you return to the game again and again.

A special game called a Team Bingo is played in many online bingo sites. In this game the bingo chat rooms are divided into separate teams of players which compete against one another and try to get as many bingo wins as they can. The players in each team chat among themselves and easily form bonds of friendship especially when they work together to win a bingo.

Your experience of online bingo can easily be enhanced by befriending players in the chat rooms. It has happened that people have met their future spouses when they attended these bingo chat rooms. A time may come when marriage ceremonies may be held in these chat rooms but as of now, it is not possible.

Recent news that has come of recently in Cyberbingo chat room is given below for the benefit of readers to tell them what actually can happen in these chat rooms. This is actually the message from one Jackpot winner, actually a thanks giving message to the site and all the friends playing on the site

“Thank you so much Cyberbingo Sky! I love playing at this site! It is the best site online!

I was playing the new game in the Arcade Tweet Tweet I was having fun i love how the birds fly in and out.

The Winner

The Winner

I could not believe it when I had a bunch of the same birds and won $1,000. I was so excited! Then I played a few more times and hit $2,000. Those were the prettiest birds I ever saw. I could not believe my eyes! I love all of the games and everyone is so nice! I will be playing here for a long time! Thank you again!! Good Luck to everyone!! If I can win so can you”!

So, are readers able to get what actually can happen on a Cyberbingo Site? What are you waiting for then?

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The Bingo luck – as they call it

Bingo is a game of chance; there are lot of combinations that can be drawn in one game. The only real talent that you need in order to win is your bingo luck and fortune. It is a matter of having the chance to win by having a body full of luck.

Bingo Luck

Bingo Luck

There are many people in this world who believe that they can catch Luck and play around with Fortune. There are people who believe that their fate depend on the stars and signs. They believe that these star signs have similar characteristics that they possess. Newspapers publish horoscope for each star signs and the players of Bingo sometimes depend on the message on the horoscope to foresee their future in playing the game. They even take the advice and live with what is written in the papers. They depend on the “lucky number” column and the number of cards that they should buy. Some people even have the time to read numerous newspapers and magazines just to see their horoscopes and see if they’re lucky to play a game at that day.

Many people consider lucky numbers in their lives and it is not just the “lucky 7” of the western world and the “lucky 8” of the orient. I have an acquaintance whose lucky number is 91 because it is the number of the house of his favourite Auntie (who he used to think as a white witch). It may be a lucky number in some places, but not for 90 or 75 number Bingo!

By attending live Bingo games, I see people who played in pairs, because they believe that it is lucky. Some people sit in particular places that they believe would be lucky—sometimes even falling in line to get the seats that they wanted. This isn’t always a stupid thing as it may seem. At Hastings on England (South coast), the least lucky (or popular) seats are those at the rear right side of the auditorium. This wasn’t false notion because that area is very close to the children’s play area and slots machines. This area is full of noise and the distraction can make you miss the number drawn or worse, make a false call.

Some people take with them a lucky pen or lucky charms that can help them win the game. Some even wear jewellery and clothes that they consider lucky. I had a friend who was a truck driver who plays Bingo while wearing a fake Rolex watch that came from Turkey and costs on a pound. The hands of that watch is turning counter-clockwise, which interfered with the motion of time and he said he could see the future when he wears it. He also admits that this watch makes him see the numbers that will come up. One time, he was successful in Bingo while wearing the fake Rolex watch!

There was a story that was told to me by a beginner in Bingo. He was known as the “unlucky person” for the regular Bingo players and local people at the certain Bingo hall. This is because the visitors and tourists win more frequently when he is running the game. He was fired after two weeks because of it. If the lucky Bingo charm is really true… I’m quite sure it didn’t apply to him.

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Learn saying “NO” to Bingo Bullies

Why do you have to be afraid in turning down Bingo Bullies in a Bingo Chat Room? Primarily, you do not want to hurt anybody’s feeling and probably not wanting to be labelled as “mean” in the bingo chat room where these bingo bullies are lurking to lure their next subject. With this, you might just find yourself saying yes even if it is contrary to your belief.

bingo bullies

bingo bullies

Actually, difficulty to say “NO” is not a rare issue. There are lot other people that are usually trapped in uncomfortable situation because of wanting to have social approval and end up doing the opposite of what they want to have. If you have this kind of personality and become a bingo player in the internet and these bingo bullies find you they will draw you to take their bait. You will be deceived by their schemes of making you their bingo buddy but they are only up to sizing you. They are just trying to know if you can loan them money if they run out of theirs. These manipulators have ways to annoy their targeted bingo player that the concerned may think that saying “yes” will solve their problem. Remember that once you give in to their tricks, they will keep on coming back to you making you someone they can run to for loans and they will do any way they can to convince you.

How will you identify these persons? Well, be cautious with those persons in bingo chat room who will be fond of offering you free points. They will keep on doing you favor even if you decline their offer, they will insist. This is the tactic that they do to make you feel indebted and you will not just turn them down whenever they seek for favor from you. However, this kind of players may be difficult to be differentiated from others who genuinely share their winnings but expects nothing in return. The best indicator of their difference, I guess the genuine ones will not call you in a private bingo chat room just to ask you to loan them money

How will you make protect yourself from becoming soft target of bingo bully? How will you do it in a way that you will not become mean-spirited and will not offend a so called “buddy”? Remember to be firm in your decision of saying NO. Then even if you do not actually have to explain to anybody, you may do so. This will make you appear not so aggressive. Tell someone asking for bingo loans that it is your principle not to lend money to anyone for the purpose of making things fair. Tell the concerned bingo buddy that you do this because you have tight budget. Do not feel guilty for not lending money. After all, you are doing it to everyone. This will protect from being fooled by bingo bully you will not end up regretting that the money you worked hard to earn was just carted away just as fast as saying “Yes” by someone who deceived you.

Do not be hesitant, say “NO”. Them nicely and be firm. You may ignore them or report them to bingo master if they become a nuisance.

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Play Online Game of Bingo and make New Friends

The game of bingo has been around for the last 500 years. The Italian people should get a vote of thanks for inventing this wonderful and hugely popular game which is played by hundreds of people throughout the world today. The bingo game today has a number of different versions which the people play for their enjoyment. By playing the online version of the bingo game, people are able to make new friends and money at the same time.



The popularity of the online bingo game has increased because more and more people start talking to each other, sharing their personal views and other experiences thus creating a bond between themselves. As they play the online bingo game together, they communicate with each other through the chat rooms and other such facilities provided by the online bingo sites. New players are able to clear their doubts about the game by chatting to older players who explain the rules and strategies needed to win money from playing online bingo. The game is so much fun and easy to play that people from all age groups, from very young to very old, can all participate in it. As two people chat and play online bingo together, a strong bond of friendship develops between them. People living far away from their families can talk to them on online bingo chat rooms. Thus bingo helps society as a whole by bringing people together.

Age is no bar for people to play a game of bingo. Adults as well as children can play this game. Children specially find this bingo game very attractive as they enjoy playing the game while talking between them. Just like the Germans did in the sixteenth century, the game of bingo can be used to teach mathematics to children to boost their mental skills. Thus the game of bingo has an educational side to it too. Both the young and the old can make new friends with the help of online bingo. Old people, who are lonely, can make friends and chat with them while engaged in a game of online bingo, or they can visit bingo halls where they can meet people of their age and befriend them while taking part in the same bingo game.

The real-life bingo halls which have been catering to the people for such a long time are starting to have stiff competition from the online bingo sites which have come up with the help of the Internet. Just like the old fashioned bingo halls where you can meet and talk to friends, the online bingo sites offer chat rooms where friends can talk with each other while enjoying the game of bingo. The chat rooms of the online bingo sites allow people to talk to friends and relatives about everything on earth. The greatest experience for anybody would be to befriend someone in the chat rooms of an online bingo site and then meet the person face to face on the street.

It is very easy to prolong friendships by playing bingo on online bingo sites. Some of the other pastimes or hobbies are so individual oriented that you cannot make friends easily by sharing them with other people. But playing bingo gives a different kind of entertainment. A visit to a bingo hall or an online bingo site will expose the player to people they have never met before, who will become friends, give advise, share their experiences and help the player enjoy the visit. So if anyone feels lonely and sad, then the person should immediately pay a visit to a real-life bingo hall or an online bingo site in search of friends with whom the person can liven up his life and spirit.

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Points of interest in a Online Bingo site

In 1996, the Bingo Act laid down in the UK, changed the classification of the bingo game from a game for gambling to a game for recreation. But as far as the levy of taxes on online bingo sites were concerned, they remained the same as per gambling laws.



Millions of people across the world play online bingo everyday on the Internet, which has further boosted the existing 60 year old popularity of the bingo game.

The online bingo sites are under huge pressure to make the best services available to the large number of competing players as otherwise they would have to close down. The mandatory services that an online bingo site should provide are given below.

To choose the best online bingo sites, a new player looking for information on online bingo sites, will be able to decide better by considering the following:

1. Quality and number of bingo games on offer: The features of the games on offer are various:

· A good number of both the 75-ball and 90-ball games should be on offer by any decent online bingo site. To retain the interest of the players in the interval between two main bingo games a decent site should offer other games like keno and slot-machine games. Without these, the online bingo site becomes unpopular, with less people playing and less prize money being involved.

· The online bingo games should have expertly designed graphics which can be easily handled by the player’s computer.

· Most of the online bingo games should have their entry price usually on the lower side between the range from $0.10 to $0.50 and not more. Games with jackpots may be higher priced as an exception.

· Tournaments and progressive jackpots should be offered by the online bingo site regularly.

· Online bingo sites should have schemes where loyalties and rewards are available.

2. Online bingo sites should offer incentives for the promotion of the game:

· All new players should be offered a bonus as a welcome gesture by all online bingo sites which seriously want to do business.

· Players should play on those online bingo sites which offer promotions like bonuses on deposits. Sites like these are in plenty to choose from.

· Referral bonuses should be offered to players by the best online bingo sites for introducing new players to the site.

3. More about prizes:

· In order to offer more excitement and a large prize, sometimes almost half a million dollars, online bingo sites should have a minimum of one game where a progressive jackpot is on offer.

· A minimum of one tournament for winning a big prize should be held per week or month.

· To win some great prize money over and above the money to be won in a regular bingo game, the best online bingo sites should have chat rooms with more games on offer for the player.

4. Forums for discussion, information from chat rooms and services available to players:

· A player should be able to access the online bingo site’s helpdesk or service desk on a 24-hour basis without which the site may be considered below normal standards.

· Online bingo sites should have the best software running on their machine to make sure that the player can play without any hindrance. In the case of a player moving away or a lost connection, the software should be running the auto-daub feature to mark the cards.

· In some of the online bingo sites the color of the cards change when only three cards out of several remain. This change signifies that the end of the game is near and enhances the feeling of excitement.

· A bingo player should play bingo only on those online bingo sites which presently allow the player to play more than one game simultaneously.

· A new player should have access to discussions and reviews related to the bingo game in general, and the online bingo site in particular, to help him to make his own decisions. But the player should always be wary of those online bingo sites which have shady chat rooms and biased reviews reeking of self promotion.

To choose the most suitable bingo site to play on, the information given above can be used to check the credibility of the online bingo site. To help the player derive the maximum enjoyment out of a game of bingo, the online bingo site should always provide incentives, ensure smooth play, offer chat rooms and discussion forums par excellence, and give access to round-the-clock helpdesk services.

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The reason why online bingo is so popular

A sense of belonging to a large group of people that is created by the chat room of an online bingo site is the greatest reason for the popularity of playing bingo on an online bingo site. People, who are fond of keeping in touch with their family and friends, find the online bingo chat rooms very attractive and useful.



People from different age groups and backgrounds find a game of bingo very interesting to play. Each group has its very own reasons for playing bingo on an online bingo site. The young people are more interested in chatting with one another. They feel that the chat features of online bingo sites and the chance to win prizes at the same time, most lucrative. Older people who do not feel like visiting real-life bingo halls filled with the smoke from the cigars and cigarettes of other players, find that the online bingo sites to be easily accessible while sitting at home and having all the comforts around. The online bingo sites have various chat rooms where different kinds of games are conducted in each chat room. These games offer a variety that is very entertaining to the players using the chat rooms. The online bingo sites offer games where a player can win prizes worth 5 to 8 times of the cost of the entry tickets bought by the player.

The option of choosing the number of cards to play with, are available to a player as soon as the player logs into the favorite online bingo site. The choice to play with a minimum number of three cards is always allowed to a player by the online bingo site. The auto-dab or automatic marker feature makes a game of bingo very easy to play for people of all age groups. When this feature is used, any number which may have been missed due to distractions do not affect the game as the marking is done automatically by the software running the game on that online bingo site. Hands do not get stained by daubers used for marking the numbers. While the bingo game is going on, phones can be attended to, when this feature is used. Even breaks can be taken by players who want to temporarily leave the game while using this feature.

It has been found that most of the online bingo players come from age groups less than 50 and these groups comprise mostly of women players.

The biggest advantage of the chat rooms offered by the online bingo sites is that a person can easily keep in touch with family and friends even though being separated by large distances, while enjoying the fun and excitement provided by an online bingo game at the same time. Private chat rooms offer the choice of friends a player wants to make, or to converse with family and friends in complete privacy. All these features allow anyone to pick the time, the place and the person for communicating with.

Most of the online bingo players are likely to be more than 45 years of age. The online bingo sites conduct surveys to target the players of this age group. There is no alternative to conducting surveys as it is the best way to find out the type of people who mostly play bingo. These surveys indicate that most of the online bingo sites are situated in the United Kingdom though the United States has an 85% share of the bingo market, followed by the United Kingdom.

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The modest start of the fun called Bingo Game

Bingo as a game was originally played in Italy in the 1530’s. The bingo game came to America in the 1929’s and was played in simple surroundings like village carnivals. It was known as BEANO at that time. Slowly it came to be played by households all over the country. It started with the original name of BEANO which changed to the familiar name of Bingo as it is known presently.

bingo game

bingo game

A toy salesman named Edwin Lowe luckily came across this game being played at a booth in a carnival in Jacksonville in America in the year 1929. The booth where the game was being played was the most crowded one among others. He saw a game called “Beano” and having cards containing numbers was going on. Numbers were being called by a caller and the matching numbers were being covered by beans. The winning patterns being used were horizontal, vertical and diagonal lines. The prize being offered was a doll.

Edwin Lowe got in touch with the man conducting the game that very night. He found out that the man had picked it up from a similar carnival in Germany. The name of the German game was “Lotto”. The man described all the aspects of the game to Edwin Lowe which aroused his interest in the game.

Lowe set up this game at home and asked his friends to join him when he came back from his trip. One of his lady friends became excited while playing the game and mistakenly called out “bingo” instead of “beano”, when she won the game. The name stuck, and that is how the bingo game is known today.

As the years passed, the bingo game came to be used for raising money for charitable work and for household fun and entertainment. Gradually it made its way into the gambling industry and ultimately to online gambling websites.

Tips for playing online Bingo

Ø Online bingo sites which are less crowded should always be chosen to maximize the chances of winning.

Ø A player should try to play at night on weekdays as the number of players is lesser than on nights during weekends.

Ø A player should take part in the chat rooms, bingo clubs which publish newsletters to acquire first-hand knowledge about bingo games, promotions and bonuses.

Ø The numbers marked on the bingo cards should always be matched for errors with the numbers displayed on the bingo board. The last three called numbers are also displayed for reference.

Ø When the displayed number is 23/75, it means that the last number called was 23 out of a total of 75 balls.

Ø A player should take part in those bingo games which offer cards for 25 cents or more as larger prize money can be won in them.

Ø A player should immediately break away and join again later when he is relaxed if he finds himself losing every bingo game. The Auto-daub mode which marks the cards automatically, can be used during the period when the player is away.

Ø A player should attempt to play on reputed online bingo sites which make payments without any problems. Preference should be given to sites which offer the highest bonuses on deposits.

Ø Sometimes playing with a larger number of cards maximizes the chances of winning a bingo.

Ø The best time to play online bingo is between eight o’clock and eleven o’clock on Fridays and Saturdays as the chance of winning jackpots is always there during this period.

Ø Colored bingo balls are used by some online bingo sites. These colored balls represent bonuses which are given if any of the numbers of the colored balls match any number in the winning pattern.

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The Art of Bingo Patterns

Playing Bingo game has never been so fun and interesting. The creative operators that made this game, managed to attract more and more players for it by adding different bingo patterns for each of its versions. The players are getting constantly amused by this art of adding limitless patterns for the game and can’t refuse one more session.

Online Bingo patterns

Online Bingo patterns

All this sensation of the different patterns for the game of bingo impulsed some of the players to create a few by themselves. They know what they prefer when it comes to bingo patterns and they thought there couldn’t be greater ones than the ones made by them. So, the list of numerous patterns for this game is now even bigger than it was when the creators started this whole frenzy.

Even so, there are some bingo patterns that may appear under different names. For example, out of the huge list of bingo patterns, one could find the kite pattern and the magic wand pattern as being one and the same.

Usually, before the bingo session starts, the winning pattern is already known because it is announced in the bingo hall. But when playing, one should know that he/ she can base his luck not only on a single winning patter. For example, one could be playing for the picture frame and for the blackout pattern at the same time.

This game gives you the chance of winning two jackpots. Or, you could share your luck with a friend, and play a couple of patterns during a single game, which will make you both jackpot winners. The crazy pattern, which a bingo pattern may take, may make it point to different card direction. For example, it can go on a side to side direction. Also, there is the possibility of an up side down direction, increasing the players’ chances of winning.

This roll down of bingo patterns proved to be confusing for some of the players. Because they are more complicated now, together with their increase in number, some players find it hard to cope with their complexity and they sometimes miss calling a bingo.

Still, the constant renewal of bingo patterns has as goal to make the game more interesting and to avoid monotony from part of the players. The patterns will help building a skill factor in order to play the game successfully.

The bingo halls have electronic boards for the player to keep track of the lucky, winning numbers that were called. Also, these electronic boards help the players to keep their eyes on the winning bingo patterns that are so important in this game.

Besides the electronic boards that are very helpful for players, the callers from the bingo hall are there to provide instructions for the most complicated bingo patterns. This way, before the beginning of the game, by having things clear and by paying attention to one’s card, the game won’t be erratic or complicated.

The emergence of bingo patterns manages to attract more and more players for this game. Their complexity challenge the players to win and besides all the enigma created around the bingo patterns, it seems that the players have gradually increasing attraction to this game, the game of bingo.

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Win money at a game of free online Bingo without investing anything

Online Bingo is one of the most popular games which everybody plays nowadays. The difference between real-life and free online bingo is that unlike the real-life bingo games, online bingo game sites offer free games while winning actual money. These sites also offer rewards on top of the prize money for playing bingo on their sites.

Free Online Bingo

Free Online Bingo

The greatest incentive for playing online bingo is that money can be won without investing any on a player’s part. A game of free bingo can be played on hundreds of sites. Of course, free online bingo does not make anybody rich, but enough can be won as pocket money. This article helps a player to understand how free money can be won in a game of online bingo.

The bingo game has two forms in the online type, i.e. it can be downloaded and played or it can be played instantly. The type of play has to be chosen by the player initially.

The software used by most online bingo sites is easy and attractive. Only those sites which offer free downloadable software should be chosen. Each software has its own advantages and disadvantages. The choice depends on the player’s like and dislikes. In case there are doubts about allowing unknown software to affect the computer, a player should search for sites offering ‘free flash bingo’ software.

Online bingo sites offer three types of free money which can be won.

Promotion bonus on fresh deposit is the most common practice. Terms and conditions vary according to the sites. A bonus can be offered on the first deposit or on a minimum deposit amount.

Rewards offered when a player wins a game of online bingo is another form of free money to be won. Bingo games offering rewards are usually held at specific times of the day. The prize amount is small and the number of players competing very large. Information on these sites is available on bingo forums. An alternative way to find more of these sites is to join them.

A one-time free bonus on the win is also offered to a new player by some sites. Though money can be won using this bonus, withdrawing the cash means agreeing to the terms and conditions laid down by the site. Usually the winning player is requested to play bingo a number of times with the same amount as the bonus money before the prize cash can released. If the player wins $100 and the bonus offered is $10, then the site may ask the player to play 10 times more by depositing $10 each time before the bonus is paid out. Thus in reality the player spends $100 on the online bingo game session and is allowed to get only the extra money over and above the $100 spent in playing 10 times.

All sites do not accept players from the US. Again, there are sites which offer better bingo bonus to players from the US. Players from the US have to choose those sites which are ready to accept these players and vice-versa.

Before doing research on the perfect bingo site it is better to find out whether the American player is acceptable by the site or not to save a lot of trouble.

A bingo portal or a bingo review site helps in choosing that most reputable site which offers the best promotions, rewards and bonuses and is ideal for the bingo player.

Bonuses can be claimed by following the instructions provided by the online bingo sites. Some sites automatically allow bonus claims while others need a code to be entered. In case the player forgets the code then he may not be able to claim the bonus which is highly irritating. Most of the online bingo sites offer online help to search lobbies for information about free money games on offer.

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Bingo Biz: Bingo for Free to Stimulate Your Business

Advertisement comes in many different shapes and sizes. You know how it goes; flyers, pamphlets, posters, banners… Word of mouth works nicely too, and technology and social working helps move your product along the right channels for everybody’s awareness. Get your product on air through radio or television and you can be sure to get the hits. And why not just do good old fashioned demonstrations at the nearest mall? People could be crowding up the stall just to take a look at this wonderful new product of yours, as if they were going to play bingo for free.

business bingo for free promotion

business bingo for free promotion

Needless to say, and whatever that product is, advertisement is the key to selling your stuff. One can only imagine how much profit you can get if you do the right thing with this very important phase, or otherwise how much potential profit you can lose by not doing anything to show it. Variation, originality, great presentation, and above all catching the vibe of today’s consumers, are only some of the ways you can get your product in the spotlight. Just being imaginative goes a long way.

There’s one form of advertisement out there that’s always known to work. How about if you took one of the most popular games of all time, a game for all ages and social status, a game so recognizable and so easy to participate in and win, and use that as a commercial tool? You’ll probably have a lot of examples in mind right now: poker, spin-the-wheel, obstacle relay, Ping-Pong even (for the beer fanatics) lottery games, basketball shoot-outs, and what else do you have? Why not something more straightforward? Why not a game linked to big winnings? My dear potential business giants and actual business giants alike, since we mentioned it already why not just host a bingo for free game for your own claim to great takings? Why not get people to play bingo to give your product the exposure it needs, and have them try that product out as well?

The idea is simple, really. For people to play bingo associated to something you want to promote, have them play free bingo. This will of course have to be sponsored by the mall and the makers of the product themselves, as a show of generosity, and also so that they know how serious you are and yet how much you want your potential customers to have fun. Set the whole event up so that the lucky winner gets to have a nice cash prize and a free unit of the product you are selling (so if it’s an appliance, it should be one unit; for food and other non-count products, be unstinting and give them a nice fat basket will you?). Make it sound like people will want to win this product; that is, you have to make it sound exciting right before the bingo for free game starts. Get other small freebies in the mix for the game proper itself and you’ll be all set.

Now all you have to do is to get the game going! Work out a pattern that spells the name of your product for example (letter patterns) or print out bingo cards that have your company and product designs on them. The possibilities are limitless!

Now get everybody to play bingo, and you might just be getting the jackpot yourself!

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Christmas Ideas to Play Free Bingo for the Family

At the end of the year, when the air starts getting colder and the final countdown starts to when Christmas arrives, everyone starts becoming excited about it. Christmas is the time of the year when everyone with their friends and families comes together to celebrate a wonderful year that has passed. Usually, someone gets stuck with the task of coming up with a plan for the activities to help the whole family reconnect with each other after a long year apart. And if you’re looking for an idea, why not use an old game to form a new tradition? A game where everyone can join in, an idea that can be done practically to play free bingo, family style!



One of the most wonderful and great things about family is that no matter what happens, the family will always be there for you, and as such, getting to know them should be something very important. And Christmas is as good an excuse as any to get to know family members better. And a good activity for such a celebration is a tradition-free bingo game! Instead of using numbers and letters for the bingo game, you will want people to interact with each other, and thus improving family relations and having a good time in general. Because you want your family members to play free bingo is the idea.

So, like it was mentioned earlier, you want the numbers and letters to be replaced by personal characteristics. For example, instead of having B3, D16 and A5 on the playing cards, you can have “A Person with Curly Hair” or “A Left Handed Person” or “The Prettiest Cousin.” Go wild with it; use your imagination to come up with fun for practically free! Bingo does this best, as instead of using marks or punching holes in the card, you want your family to interact by going around and getting people who meet the description to sign on their card. It is pretty simple and straight forward, and children should find it easy to play. Free bingo prizes at the end for the winners are a must!

If you aren’t interested in a human bingo game, another variation to the old bingo game would be a picture bingo game. Instead of using numbers and letters, you take drawings of Christmas-related images like snowmen, angels, presents, reindeer and others, arrange them then print them onto some paper. In order to play free bingo space must be maintained so that everyone can see what the selected drawings are, and everyone colors them in. This style of bingo is child-friendly, so it means everyone can really play!

So, to conclude, Christmas is a very good time to reconnect with the family and free bingo is a good activity that can draw people together during this time at the end of the year. Adding a new tradition to the family celebrations might just be repeated the following years, and it is a good reminder of how well games can bring people together, even if it is just a simple matter of gathering to play free bingo or some other group game. The heart of the matter is that bingo and Christmas can go together to bring everyone closer together in the spirit of Christmas.

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Free Bingo Party on marriage anniversary: a perfect analogy!

A bingo game is of various types and forms and can be played on many occasions. One such possibility to use bingo as fun activity is the marriage anniversary party, to make it more meaningful. Bingo is a game where players get involved to have some fun and to test their chances to winning, while passing through humor and fun! Today, we see many occasions like birthday and marriage anniversary using different free bingo game themes to add colors to the party and to make moments more memorable.

For anniversary party, different ideas can be used to make Bingo cards. One can use some laughing or smiling faces along-with quotes. The pictures and the quotes selected for such Bingo calls have to be consistent to each other. Like pointing at a smiling face of the bride can be correlated with the quote “Few people have the true beauty when they smile, but these few are those who are lucky”. This quote tells about the expression of love revealed through smile. Another trick is of using different significant dates to remind unique memories associated with t he relation. For example, “how many months do we have in our vault?”— asking this type of questions relates to the digit or numerical grid of the bingo chart.

anniversary free bingo party

anniversary free bingo party

The best part is that one can plan the free bingo sessions, where games are played just for fun to recall the old memories and spend good time with friends. Playing Bingo games always bears the magical power to enchant people involving them to the point where the end is cherished so much that the expectation of playing Bingo once again is enjoyed by everybody.

As there is a very good opportunity to match different prize for Bingo winners (both in terms of physical gifts or just some acts to have fun), this approach further attract people to get engaged into it. Bingo is such a game that can adjust into every situation involving people of all ages, with different characteristic, choice, color, and background. These combinations when work out together can easily create a better fun filled atmosphere.

Making the couple remember about their sweet memories they enjoyed together, by playing Bingo games designed accordingly can further strengthen the relationship. The game can be designed by making the cards based on possible answers to the questions related to likes and dislikes of the couple and the one who gives maximum correct answers cab be declared as the winner.

Some interesting terms (pseudo) with the real meaning disguised like sweet sixteen, doctor’s order, you and me, jump and jive goes for she is very lovely, never been kissed, dinner time, romantic rhyme, fifty wives can also be used for the guess work. These interesting terms are enough to make a jovial and happy environment.

Different session with different new topics and ideas can merrily involve the guests towards a nice time together, forgetting all the mundane things and remember the party for long. Once the couples are made to involve in the game, they try to match together their calls and judge their luck or intuition. When the winner say “bingo!” the whole atmosphere gets charged with happiness and fun.

Thus, Playing Bingo is a fantastic way of entertaining guests on occasions to successfully enlivening the party. It makes the people feel relaxed and free.

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Bingo for free at Alumni Party

One of the most appreciated games in the world, Bingo, can be played on various occasions as it is such a great fun activity. One such great idea is to play bingo at the Alumni party. With the dose of fun and excitement at hand, bingo will be a great way to spend time with your old colleagues, making everyone want to win (once again), and restoring the competitive spirit that was once present in your group. Alumni party bingo is a good idea because you can also play bingo for free. Other activities may involve a lot of money, but bingo is simple and cheap. All you need is some paper, pens and someone willing to run the activity, and with no expenses you can have a lot of fun with your old buddies. When you play bingo you get to stay in group, and thus get time to talk and remember all the fun adventures you and your colleagues had together during good old college days. Competition will also be again revived, just like in the old days when you fought for grades, but now you do it for a first place in bingo.

Bingo for free at Alumni Party

Bingo for free at Alumni Party

The Alumni party is a great occasion to see once again all your friends and go down memory lane. While seated together at a bingo game, this is very easy to accomplish. Other formats of such parties may be boring as the alumni might not have been in touch and thus they may not have pretty much in common. Maybe sometimes they feel reluctant to open a discussion, but if they play bingo, they will have the opportunity to start a discussion just because they are having fun together – just like in the old days.

Another great idea would be to make the winner give a speech. This will give the chance for a lot of people to talk freely and to be remembered by all the other guests, and also to raise long distant memories. They can compare if the winners are still the persons who always had success while in school.

If the winners have to give a speech, maybe the losers should get punished. They would have to tell a funny or an embarrassing story from the good old days about them or about other colleagues. These stories and speeches will make everybody laugh, and it will also make some people focus harder while playing bingo if they don’t want to share anything, or they do want to tell something.

Bingo creates friendships, and even if you didn’t keep in touch with your old colleagues, you will now have the opportunity to catch up. This is only the first step in reviving friendships. You will be amazed to find out how easy it is to trust once again people that you already knew and with whom you share a lot of great memories. If you did keep in touch, then this will be a good way to see who’s best, everyone knows that a competitive spirit never settles down, and if there’s a stake involved (the speech or the story), that’s one more reason to want to win. So if you want to spice up your alumni party, one of the best solutions for you and your colleagues may be to play bingo, because it is free, fun and allows you to catch up.

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