Bingo Players and their beliefs to reign in Lady Luck


Bingo is the game of luck, and naturally there are many beliefs prevalent among the Bingo players to make the luck work in their favor. These beliefs have a strong effect on the behavior of players. These beliefs vary from place to place and depend mainly on the cultural background of the individual, and are the best psychological tool that players deploy to feel in control against the uncertainty. These beliefs are classic examples of humankind’s incessant efforts to reign in the uncertainty.

Let’s discuss some of these beliefs that are most common among Bingo players:

  • To buy cards for the came in a predetermined order.
  • To use the lucky charms: believe it or not, most of the bingo players have their lucky charms. Ever heard a student saying they perform best in their tests when wearing certain clothes, color, socks or some other lucky charm, The same is true for Bingo players also. There is no shortage of such beliefs be it the lucky pen, the lucky clothes of lucky color, the lucky key chain or a specific gemstone etc. Each Bingo player has its own ways to reign in the Lady Luck.
  • To believe on the instincts: Many Bingo players believe that the success in the game lies in the ability to listen to the sixth sense which speaks in the forms of hunch. So one has to believe the first hunch, whenever faced with uncertainty.
  • The Lucky Seats: This is one of the most common believe prevalent among the bingo players, The Lucky Seat syndrome. And if you are a newcomer to a live Bingo club, be careful before taking a seat or you may be trespassing on the lucky territory of somebody.  But, with some effort and after a few games, you may also find your own lucky seat.
  • Placing Your Money Right: Many Bingo players believe that is shall be unfortunate to keep the money on top of the table at the time of playing as it will bring them bad luck. Some others believe that placing money on the table in a particular order can bring them good luck.
  • My own Lucky Numbers: This is one of the most common beliefs among bingo players. It is possible that next time you go for bingo and get a ticket with some else lucky number; you may be able to trade it for gains, so it becomes even your own lucky number.

The lucky day, The Lucky Bingo Hall, The Lucky Companion or so many of the other general superstitions that can bring good luck or bad luck are affecting the gaming behaviors of bingo players. And these keep on changing with the country and cultures, but what is common is the popularity of the game which is same everywhere.

There may be as many beliefs as are the players. There is no denying the fact that it is after all a game of chance, but still such beliefs make the players to be in control of destiny, the mankind’s age old dream getting manifested in the Bingo game also through these superstitions. But in the end, it is the fun that makes this game so popular. The adrenaline rush, the anxiety that you face when waiting for the last number to go Bingo, is the real feeling which actually draws so many to this game.

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Gary Beal

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