Does Playing Multiple Bingo Cards Tilt Fortunes?

Bingo is among the oldest games yet it is still very popular, thanks to its simple rules and mechanics. The game is easy grasp, but that is not what I want to talk about today. I’ve been playing bingo for a while and I’ve seen players use a number of tricks, especially playing multiple bingo cards to enhance winning chances! Does doing this really work? And if it does, precisely how many cards can an individual player hold onto? In this article, I shade some light on this.

Multiple Bingo Cards

Before we get into details, I want us to have a common understanding that bingo is a game of chances, and in better terms, it is a type of gambling. What makes it different from other casino games is the fact that a bingo player doesn’t have as much control over the game results as in other casino games such as poker. This means that bingo is mostly played for fun and any financial rewards that may come with it should be considered a bonus.

So what are the advantages of buying multiple bingo cards in a single game? First, the chances of you emerging the winner are based on probability. This means that to know your mathematical chance of winning, you need to know the total number of cards in play. If the total number of cards in play are 15, and you are playing with 6, it means that you have 2/5 chances of winning the game. A player with a single card has a 1/15 chance of winning, which is very minimal.

Even though playing multiple bingo cards turns the odds in your favour, it greatly reduces your concentration and level of control. You’ll be anxious in most part of the game as you keep turning the cards to see if you got the pattern. You’ll agree with me that it is much easier to track a single card or two than to track a pack of bingo cards. If you feel that you can effectively track the cards, then you will certainly be on the winning side. However, if you get mixed up, you might miss calling out “BINGO!” and miss fabulous prizes that you could have otherwise won if only you had practised better control.

Just like in other casino game, bingo should be played within a defined budget. When buying bingo cards, there financial repercussions especially when you don’t win. But as I said earlier, you play primarily to enjoy yourself and any financial gains should be considered a bonus. This is why when you purchase 15 cards to play concurrently, you should know that your opponent playing with fewer cards has less to loose in case the game does not go his way! But what if the game goes against you?

Whenever you are opting to play multiple cards, strategise yourself so that you achieve your main goal. The number of cards you play will be determined by the finances involved and the number of cards you’re able to comfortably manage in a game. You should not sacrifice the thrill of the game for the sake of winning, it therefore important that you enjoy the game. Note that bingo is game that is purely based on luck and no matter how many cards you play in a single game, if the game’s inherent edge is against you, no win will come your way. And this is why seasoned players advice that if you have a losing spell, it is advisable to take a break.

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Gary Beal