Game Bingo – Everything You Need To Know About


The game bingo originated from Italy in the year 1530 A.D. and gained maximum popularity in the United States of America and throughout Europe in the twentieth century. The credit in popularizing bingo in the United States of America goes to famous gambler Edwin S. Lowe of New York, who first played the game in Atlanta. In no time, the game gained enormous popularity in the United States of America and in Europe; therefore, it began to attract more bingo players. Now, there is barely an adult who does not know about bingo; this clearly reveals the popularity of the game bingo. In most of the countries, playing bingo is legal only when one steps the age of 18.

How to Play the Game Bingo?

If you ask this question to an experienced bingo player, he will probably laugh because this game is so easy to play! First of all, you need to know that bingo is played with cards and is a game of chance. Though there is not a universal rule to play it, most of the rules often match and are similar. As soon as you enter the hall, where the game bingo is played, you are given set of rules to follow during the game. Go through the instructions properly and if you don’t understand any, just ask for the manager. Bingo cards, which are generally made up of cardboard or disposable papers, consist of twenty-five squares arranged in five horizontal rows and five vertical columns. Most of the bingo games use the number from 1 to 75 and there are five columns of the card which are labeled “B”, “I”, “N”, “G” and “O”. Free space at the center is automatically considered as a filled space. The winner of the game calls out loud, “Bingo” to claim his victory. You can play the game bingo online too in many websites. Unlike the rules of table bingo games, rules of online bingo games differ slightly; however, if you know how to play bingo in a table, you will not face any difficulty in playing bingo online.

Tips to Play Bingo Properly In Bingo Hall

You should give ample time to go through the set of rules and regulations of the game bingo, which is given to bingo players. Cheating is not allowed in the game; therefore, you should not opt for cheating in the game. Most of the experienced bingo players follow a trend to come early to the hall for playing bingo so that they can manage their time to go through the instructions properly, choose the best seat available, and comforting themselves. Most of the bingo players and the manager advice new bingo players not to revise the bingo cards because it is not worth it. If you are playing bingo online, beware of the myriad bingo frauds in the internet. Play safe and enjoy!


In a nutshell, bingo is a game worth playing because, not only it provides you entertainment but also it promotes friendship and makes any relationship stronger, provided that it is played safe. Most of the bingo players consider the game bingo as a helpful tool to relieve work tension. However, it is not advised you to be bingo addicts, like there are myriad out there, who even have to go to rehabilitation centers to leave the addiction.

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