Halloween Bingo, Let Boredom R.I.P!

Halloween Bingo and Holiday in Brief

Have you ever asked yourself if Halloween bingo is associated with Halloween holiday which is an annual celebration held on October 31 in UK and extends to Nov 2 in other parts of the world? They are indeed linked, as people use the holiday to commemorate different things but it is generally associated with ghosts and horrors, while Halloween bingo game is also associated with ghost’s names.

The holiday which begun in Ireland is celebrated in different styles including settling in groups to watch horror movies, children wearing scary clothing and playing horror fun games such as Halloween Bingo. This day coincides with the final school holiday which is also the lengthiest school holiday. Regrettably, Halloween is one of those holidays which do not guarantee workers an off, but at least when you get home you can play bingo and have fun with your kids.

How to Play Halloween Bingo

  • Get Halloween Bingo cards for each of your kids. The cards can easily be found over the internet, you just need to print them out.
  • Let your kids mark the middle free space.
  • Assume the role of the caller. To make the game interesting, you can download or print a call list. Your role as a caller is to read loud the items on the list one after the other.
  • While you call the items one at a time, your kids will crosscheck the words on their cards and mark or cross them.
  •  The first person to complete a set of five items shouts “BINGO!” You’ll confirm that indeed the kid got them right and if so, he/she is declared the winner.

Get one kid, preferably the winner to assume the role of the caller in the succeeding game. Since kids love a chance to stand out, this will be a very good motivation, as the kid assuming this role will feel special. This will also reduce the chances of one kid winning multiple games. There are also other variation methods that you can use to add more flare to the game and to also get multiple winners.

Prizes for Halloween Bingo
If you want to put a smile on the faces of your kids, you should come with some great prizes for rewarding them during the game. You can use candies, but I would suggest you use what you deem the best for your kids.

Bingo for any Occasion
Remember Halloween Bingo is a game you can often play with your kids as long as you are together. Occasions such as birthday celebrations and kids fun days are among the best days to roll out this game. I promise you that an occasion spent playing Halloween with your kids together with their friends go down as the sweetest moments you ever had.

Halloween for Teachers
Halloween Bingo can also be a very good game for you too if you are a teacher. If your students can no longer concentrate in class due to boredom, it is bingo that will lay boredom to rest. The game which is often associated with zombies, bats and all horror characters will get blood running in your students and ready to concentrate again. Nothing I know of chases the bats of boredom like Halloween bingo! You could also use it to help your students in spellings, especially in a special language class.

Bingo! It is Halloween, let boredom R.I.P! Happy Halloween!

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Gary Beal

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