A message for Bingo Community to Shoot for the Moon

We often hear about a certain phrase saying “Shoot for the moon”. In the world of playing cards, the hidden message behind this line is that you have to resort to all the possible tricks in the trade to win. But in the bingo community, “Shoot for the moon” means getting all the bingo numbers in the right place and attain the one goal—to win.

bingo community

bingo community

Yes. Whether it’s a full moon, half moon or crescent moon, your only concern is just about one thing. It’s about winning—or is it?

Another famous quote says, “Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars” It answers everything. Claiming your success in a bingo game is your one big, supreme reason why you are playing. But here’s another thing. Let us not forget the social essence of the game. You may either win or lose, but one thing that shall greatly take part in your success or failure is the atmosphere of the bingo room where you are playing. The atmosphere of certain bingo rooms is something that will excite you.

Bingo, like any other game, is a game of chance and anticipating possibilities is the real key to success. But unlike other games of chance, where you are left out in the corner licking your own wound, in bingo you will certainly find bingo roomies which are constantly on your side whether you lose or draw.

It’s an ultimate goal for every bingo player to hit a Progressive Jackpot and that is when shooting the moon really comes into play. For instance, a player needs a Coverall in 54 numbers or less to win a Progressive Jackpot. And oh by the way, your chances of winning are 1 in 18,738 for a card. Say, if there are 600 total cards in play in a bingo room, chances of one of those cards to win is only 3.21%

For that reason, simply depending on a lot of luck, to actually win a shining Progressive Jackpot makes a player ride over the moon and right off the swing! Chances of winning the Jackpots in any game are pretty slim and if you are going to hit the Progressive Jackpot, well—that’s what makes your game really momentous.

Bingo Progressive Jackpots stands out among the other games such as Slots, Poker and other Casino Jackpots because the odds are much better in bingo compared to them. Each day, the number of required bingo calls increases and instead of waiting for months or even a year in some casino games, bingo games tend to give the result much faster.

It’s also not at all a great risk to shoot for the moon and reach for the stars through bingo game. Bingo games take much longer for a player per game. The cost of cards are also lesser than what one might expect in case of other gambling options.

Do you ever dream of winning a jackpot? So your answer is yes than a good game to start chasing the stars and shooting for the moon to win big is a bingo game. And if you think winning a major Jackpot is way too impossible—think again. The odds might be in your favor.

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The Impact of Music to Gambling Success of Bingo Players

Music plays a significant part in the gambling world just like money, and money is something for which we normally participate in gambling. But while playing we also consider mixing music in the air, and if it is done intelligently I am sure everyone will like it. Music actually influences our feelings which lead us to either winning or losing. An example of a lively song that works great in a gambling atmosphere is the song entitled, ‘I Got a Feeling’. This is a very common song and everyone usually hears it everywhere. Its melody is perfect for bingo players.

Bingo Players

Bingo Players

I find the music very dynamic whenever I play online bingo. The song is usually played when I visit my local bingo club. So, when I am playing online, it does great to me because as a person who never gets that feeling otherwise, just by listening to it makes me want to have that feeling. It makes me feel that I am playing in my local bingo hall with all the special vibes and excitement.

And let me tell you whenever I have such a feeling I am usually rewarded by wins and, every such winning experience for me comes as a surprise because I never had a chance to win. And I never consider playing bingo though many of my friends engage in this game. They always have that gut feeling within which makes them feel motivated to play.

A lot of questions always keep up with me when it comes to this feeling. Is the feeling a state of mind? How would a positive outlook affect your game? I tried to find it out whenever I come to gambling. But every time I try, despite my fondness to engage in the game, I constantly lose. And thinking about the previous games which I enjoyed and won, I guess having fun and not hoping for luck is the key.

Music is such a powerful influential thing. Sometimes we tend to relate the lyrics to ourselves. In so many ways they even play as our personal soundtrack. Same goes with bingo. Certain songs just feel oh so right.

Whenever you try to sit down and visit online bingo websites, you will just hear bingo music beats. Those set of songs are usually played that can either inspire us or make up a bad day.

You would generally like to turn on the tunes while you’re at home and playing bingo online, but certain folks are no stranger to firing up the iPod at bingo halls. Recalling back the day when I saw an energetic woman who was playing bingo next to my table while dabbing away with her buds. Since she couldn’t hear her caller, she made use of the screens around the club to play along. I could imagine her conversing with her caller in a very loud voice as what we would tend to do whenever we wear our headphones. With this, a bingo would be perfect to create an explosion. And of course, for the first time in my life, I found myself wishing that somebody else would win aside from me.

After a while, I saw her bobbing her head and even started to sing. I think she was enjoying it. And as the bingo diva started to wiggle in her chair, it never really fails to create an explosion. BINGOOOOOOO!

Gamble Aware (www.gambleaware.co.uk) is managed by the Responsibility in Gambling Trust, an independent charity which funds treatment, research and education about responsible gambling. The website has been developed by a Task Force made up of representatives from the Gambling Commission, DCMS, academia and industry.

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More information on bingo chat room moderation

Are you a person who likes to play online bingo? People who love playing online bingo are habituated to enjoy these online games hugely as they normally make use of the chat rooms besides playing the online bingo game itself. Do you use the chat rooms while playing online bingo? Are you aware of the friendly gossip that goes on in the chat rooms? While using bingo chat room do you ever have any doubts about who oversees all the verbal traffic? Those of you, who use the chat room while playing online bingo, know very well the benefits of chat rooms by this time that flow of verbal traffic is controlled by the moderators. The moderator is known by different names like chat room host, facilitator, administrator or plain operator. The job done by him is very important to the functioning of the chat room.

The basic job of the moderator is to ensure that the users of the Bingo chat room are enjoying themselves, telling each other their experiences and stories and passing on information between themselves and their bingo friends. The conversation may be on any topic provided it is within the rules and regulations of the online bingo sites. The moderators lay down the rules and regulations required to accomplish this task. The rules and regulations are very similar to those found in social gatherings and online communications between two or more people. The rules and regulations cover good manners, etiquette, respect and common sense you need to have, for mutual communication and conversation.

The standard rules followed by most of the online bingo sites have the following characteristics:

· Upper case words or words marked in red colour represents shouted communication and are not allowed.

· Icons with sexual intonation or abusive icons of any type cannot be used in your conversation.

· Bingo Chat rooms cannot have offensive names.

· Disguises and masquerading as someone else are prohibited.

· Abusing or disrespecting others based on their age, creed colour, race, religion, gender, sexuality, intellectual prowess, or physical appearance is not tolerated.

· You are not allowed to use the site for marketing your products or services or for creating a spam.

You are advised to be aware and keep away from playing on those online bingo sites where the owners, employees or employers of rival online bingo sites register themselves as genuine bingo players and use the chat rooms to influence the players to leave this site and play on the sites they promote. Though you have all the liberty to choose any online bingo site which you like, it is unfair on the part of these people to circulate malicious and fictitious misinformation like payment problems or data security about the site.

bingo chat room

bingo chat room

This is the reason why the conversation in the bingo chat rooms is controlled by the moderators. The moderators act as a Big Brother and overlook the conversations taking place in the chat rooms of the online bingo site to prevent any untoward incidents. Before you feel upset with some admonition from any moderator and want to shout at him, calm down and think that the moderators are doing their job and they are there for your own good. Stop for a moment and go over what you have done to get rebuked and you will understand why the moderators in the bingo chat rooms of online bingo sites are needed.

Gamble Aware (www.gambleaware.co.uk) is managed by the Responsibility in Gambling Trust, an independent charity which funds treatment, research and education about responsible gambling. The website has been developed by a Task Force made up of representatives from the Gambling Commission, DCMS, academia and industry.

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