How many Balls for game Bingo

As we are aware of the most loved game of our time as the enchanting game bingo .It still hides some facts from us .There is a problem of defining the exact number of balls which are used in the game. As some people believe, they use 75 balls to play their standard bingo in the North America, while the standard players of the European countries state that the number is 90.So what is the correct figure?

game bingo

game bingo

To find the answer we have to go back in to the history of the Bingo game.

As we all know the base of the bingo is a game which is related to the game Lotto. That evolved in to the most cherished game of our time. Since a long time ago people were used to lotteries. At the beginning they were not like the things that we have now. In those days the players matched the numbers and become winners. About 2 centuries of the birth of the lottery, the game bingo did start to take place in the European countries. If I mention preciously first in UK and then spread to other countries.

In the lotteries you have to pick your winning numbers but in the system of bingo you were given a card with a printed set of selected numbers on it. If we look in to some more difference the lottery will be held in selected days and times, while bingo can be played anywhere and anytime. And you can try your luck in online, live or at the Bingo halls. Not only one system appears in the lottery system, you can enjoy many types to play in the bingo.

Let’s go back to the 19th century; they played a game with 90 balls in countries like Germany as a result of the influence of the games in the UK. The British Army and Navy did a great service to spread the game in many places of the world. At that time in the UK they played another game which has got similar rules and regulations to 90 balls Bingo. Until 1960 the game had not a proper name .It was widely known as Bingo after1966.

On the same time there were some activities in the USA and some other European countries. They have adapted this game with the number of 75 balls and they called the game as Beano. It was very popular event in the carnivals thosedays. That game was the ancestor of the modern Bingo with 75 balls. So that is the story of the bingo game of 75 balls.

There was a toy seller called Edwin Lowe in the city of New York in 1929. He used to travel long distances for his commercial purposes. He saw some people were playing and went near, suddenly a winner cried out “Bingo “instead of “beano”. At once he saw the chance and try to market the new game and later become a very successful businessman. So he was the creator of the modern game of 75 balls.

At the end of the day, we can’t be sure where the missing 15 balls went when the game crossed to North America. Online, you can usually take your choice and play 90, 75 or even 80 balls Bingo. Just remember that if you’re playing 75 ball Bingo and you get a card with a number between 76 and 90 on it, you will go Bingo!

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