How to be a bingo winner

bingo winner Ms Florence Alred

bingo winner Ms Florence Alred

The nice lady in the photo is Ms Florence Alred is the bingo winner and she has something to say to all bingo players:

“Hello I’m fhalred. I’ve been playing at Cyberbingo for a couple months. I recently won $1000 and $500 several times on several different video games, I still have yet to win big on bingo! I have tried a different online bingo site and wasn’t pleased with the gaming experience. Cyberbingo is a great place to have fun! Thanks to Cyberbingo I will get an early start on my Christmas shopping! Have fun and good luck!”

Though opting for Cyberbingo can be a better way of winning in a bingo game, but How to normally win in bingo? or in other words how to tame the luck in the game of bingo? are the questions that are affecting  thousand of players and thus must be addressed. So we have dedicated this article to give tips to help better the chances in the game. But the readers must never forget that in the end bingo is a game of chance and these tips at best can improve your chances in the game.

The good or bad part of the issue is that actually bingo is a very simple game, that requires very little or no strategy and practically no complexity and extremely simple. In one way it is good that anyone can play it easily, but on the other hand this simplicity makes it more a game of chance and less about strategy or planning (which can improve the chances of the smart ones at least)

Still some tips, simple ones of course, to better your chances are:

  • Play on days when the number of players in the game is less. This will improve your chances to end with a gain. More players, means the more reward amount, but also the better probability to win.
  • One can also improve his chances to win by playing with as many cards as is possible for him to manage. But go only to the extent till when you can keep with. Also this strategy will work better with the physical games but may not work on the online bingo format as there most of the bingo rooms do not allow that one player play on more than one virtual card.
  • There is another interesting theory called the Tippet Theory. As per this the longer the game the better the probability that the numbers called are closer to the median of the number range and that is number 38. It means that of the game is expected to be short like that the early five formats, and then bingo player has better chances if he chooses his card with numbers close to 1 or 78. But if the format use of a longer game like that of full house format than the players is expected to perform better by choosing cards with numbers closer to 38.
  • One concept says that the longer you remain in the game better will be your chances to will the game.

So, next time you go to play the bingo game, despite that fact that it is actually more a game of chance, you may be able to start with a strategy so that in the end of the day you go only after winning a part of the bingo royalty.

excited bingo winner

excited bingo winner

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