How to keep your Online Bingo Service up and running

Some hints to fix technical glitches in your online bingo service are given below. You can use these hints to fix the problem yourself or give the service provider or online bingo site customer service a call.

online bingo

online bingo

Before trying anything you should always compare other online bingo sites with the problematic one. This way you can become sure whether problem lies with that particular site or the service provider or you. Something may be wrong with your computer if the same problem occurs with all online bingo sites.

If you press the F11 key on your keyboard then you can fit the game screen to your monitor screen. If you want to change the resolution of the monitor screen, then follow the steps given below.

1. Click on the Start Menu

2. Click on Control Panel

3. Click the Display icon twice

4. Click on the Settings option

5. Move the slider on Screen Resolution to increase or decrease the monitor screen resolution

6. Clicking on the Apply button will change the monitor screen resolution and you will be asked for confirmation. You can either confirm by clicking on the Yes button or go back to the earlier resolution by clicking on the Revert button.

Ensure that you have the latest version of the Internet browser installed in your computer along with the correct plug-in. This will reduce problems with your browser.

Turn off the sound from the options menu of the online bingo site if you are having connection problems with your bingo site. If the Network Congestion problem shows up, or your connection fails, check whether your firewall or anti-virus software or the proxy-server is disallowing the connection. Try to connect to other sites on the Internet. If the connection problem still persists then there is no problem with your online bingo site. You have to check the hardware and the software of your computer for regaining your internet connection.

To overcome a firewall or a proxy-server problem, the settings have to be changed by entering TCP port values on your computer. Make use of the help files to change these settings or ask the network administrator to help you.

The ActiveX control for your browser should be enabled. Reset the Security values of your Windows system to their default settings using the following steps.

1. Click on the Start Menu, the Control Panel option and then Internet Options.

2. Choose the Security option

3. Choose the Custom Level tab

4. Change the option to Medium in the Reset options menu

5. Click the Reset tab

6. Close the browser and all running applications and Restart your computer to enable the changes made.

To take care of internet lag or latency, which increases the time to load the game or interrupts the process of loading or disconnects the computer while the loading process is on, do the following.

1. Start your computer again.

2. End all applications.

3. Start you Internet connection with minimum windows open in your Web browser.

4. If you have a dial-up connection, try to connect with help of other numbers provided by the ISP. The internet connections should be all right.

5. Take the help of your network administrator to get back the default network settings of your computer.

6. If your ISP software is outdated, then update it with the latest releases.

7. Updates for drivers are regularly available to enhance the functionality of the hardware. Use the updates offered by your manufacturer to increase the performance of your computer. Else, the hardware needs to be upgraded.

8. Too many Anti-virus and Spyware software running at the same time slows down your computer. Select the best and de-install the rest to make your computer faster.

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