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game of bingo

game of bingo

Patience and fast reflexes are the virtues which are of great importance in a game of bingo. And if you have these qualities, it is really fun to play bingo. For new entrants to the game of bingo, the article will help them adjust themselves to this fast paced game.

A regular game of bingo provides a lot of mental exercise and exhilaration. A game of bingo may be good fun in the beginning, but there is always a tendency to get carried away which should be avoided. Again if proper care is not taken, then there is a possibility of getting addicted to the game, which is true for all kinds of gambling.

At the start of a bingo game, a book containing some sheets is given to each player. Each sheet contains six separate cards. The sheets have square matrices where the numbers ranging from 1 to 90 are printed.

In the UK version of the bingo game, every card (on each sheet) has 27 square matrix, made up of 3 rows and 9 columns. Each of the numbers from 1 to 90 are printed only once in the square spaces of the six cards in one sheet. Numbers are not duplicated in any of the cards in that sheet.

Each row in the UK version of bingo has 4 blank squares and 5 squares with numbers printed in them at random, i.e. out of the total 27 squares in the bingo card, 15 squares will have numbers and the rest 12 squares blank. If the first card has the number 1 printed in the first square of the first column of the first row, then none of the other cards can have number 1 printed in the same space.

During the game of bingo, numbers that are called are matched with the same number on one of the 6 cards. If there is a match, the square is struck off with a marker or dabber. To win the game, the squares thus struck off should give the pattern which was declared at the beginning of the game. Each game of bingo has a different pattern to be marked.

A variety of patterns like houses, stars, blackout (all the numbered in a card are marked), U’s, T’s and others are used in a game of bingo. As soon the pre-declared pattern is complete, the player has to call out “bingo”. Immediately the caller stops the game and the employees of the bingo hall, club or casino verify the winning card and the prize money is paid to the winner. The game is declared closed by the caller and the next game starts. In case a player fails to call out, the prize is forfeited by the winner and the game moves on till the next winner calls out. If there are multiple winners, then the prize money is equally distributed among them.

Normally, a game of bingo is conducted in buildings or halls specially built for the game. These halls are massive structures with a large number of tables to sit all the players at the same time. Other games such as slot machines can be found in the rooms adjacent to these halls. Bars and food counters may also be set up there. These bars and food counters serve drinks and food during the break between games so as not to disturb the players when the bingo game is in progress.

Presently a game of bingo can be played online while sitting comfortably at home. The basic rules are the same for online bingo games with respect to those played in real life. Marking or dabbing of the squares in the bingo cards is automatic. This reduces chances of any disagreements and inconclusive results due to faulty internet connections (a player can still win even if the internet connection with the site server is lost as the game is designed that way).

The online bingo game does not require you to call out “bingo” as the bingo site automatically comes to know that a player has won. During an online bingo game, players are allowed to chat between themselves. This is not allowed in real life bingo games held in clubs or casinos as it distracts all the players. Of course, a real life game of bingo is conducted so fast, that there is no time or urge for players to chat among themselves. The players have only the time to concentrate on the game.

In the automated online bingo game a player has the option to play with a number of cards. In the real life situation, an experienced player can handle only two cards at the most at a time. Though a game of bingo is a lot of fun, it can be quite expensive when a player is new and learning the basics of the game and likely to make mistakes more than a player normally does.

If a player is looking for a unique and lifetime experience, then he should play at least once in a real life bingo game held in a bingo club or casino. Any player who is serious about playing bingo is advised to have a go at it as a bingo game is really full of fun, excitement and good entertainment.

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