Points in favour of the entertainment provided by Online Bingo

The basic aim of the online bingo sites is to entertain the players who are interested in an online game. You can win some money by playing bingo on these online sites, but usually nobody plays bingo to make a profit.

Most of the new online bingo sites have players who say that they play online bingo for entertainment and to relax themselves. In case they win some money from the game, it goes to enable them to continue with their game by paying for it. If they lose some money then they consider that the money has been spent on entertaining themselves.

Online Bingo

Online Bingo

The players who are dedicated to playing online bingo are actually trying to find a portal with the help of which they can fulfil all their wishes. Since there are no restrictions imposed by the online bingo sites on location, age, gender or language, the game of bingo has become extremely popular to the people all over the world. Instead of losing popularity, the game of bingo has spread like wildfire among the masses throughout the globe and has a large number of people who are huge fans of the game.

The integration of the chat rooms with the operation of the online bingo sites has been the most attractive aspect of the game of online bingo. On top of this facility anyone can choose to play bingo without any money if he wants to. The chat rooms which are an integral part of the online bingo sites help the players to socialize as well as play the game of bingo. They help the players to keep in constant contact with one another during the period when the game is in progress.

The minimum requirement for playing the online bingo game is a personal computer which is connected to the internet. The online bingo sites offer huge bonuses which can be used to play a large number of games as soon as a player logs into the site and registers himself in order to play the game. Any fan of online bingo will tell you on being asked all about the games offered by the online site and how these games can help to increase the popularity of the industry related to gaming.

A large number of features have been added to the existing regulations and rules which a player should be conversant with. There are a large number of sites which pay cash to the winners directly. In order to show their trustworthiness some sites ask for deposits. Before putting your money on these sites it is better if you check beforehand reliability of the gateways used by the sites for making payments.

The availability of the numerous online bingo sites on the internet increases the opportunity of playing bingo for all the serious bingo players. As the online bingo is very similar to the land based bingo game, it becomes very easy for people who are familiar with the land based game to adapt to the online version.

You can relax after a day’s work by playing online bingo as the game does not require too much mental pressure. The software of the online bingo game does all the work for you by purchasing the cards, checking the numbers, auto daubing the cards and calling out bingo as well. The automatic feature of the game helps to reduce the errors caused by human intervention to a minimum. Thus it can be confidently stated that there is no entertainment like the one provided by a game of online bingo.

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Investing in Bingo

Bingo, like many other games, has moved online. We often think of Bingo as a homey game played in community centers across the world. But it also has a more serious side as a betting and jackpot game. In traditional Bingo halls, the rules for winning and collecting winnings are different from place to place, but they are usually stated at the Bingo hall itself. If players get confused, there is an attendant who can help explain the policy.



When playing online Bingo, players can be at a bit of a disadvantage. Like in traditional Bingo halls, online Bingo sites clearly state their financial policies in a special section on their website. However, if they are unclear to you it is rare that someone can explain them. This article will seek to explain some of the common practices found among online Bingo sites so that you can make smart decisions about your betting.

The first thing to be aware of is that not all sites are reputable. Online Bingo attracts as many as 3 million players per day, and it is no surprise to anyone that there are scam artists on the internet hoping to cash in on this type of trade. A scammer will set up a real looking site that allows you to deposit money, but will never pay you if you win. The best way to spot them is to check out their discussion boards. Healthy online Bingo sites tend to attract a community of repeated players. If the players have stuck around, then the site is clearly operating a legitimate business. You can also try checking independent online Bingo sites and forums. They will be populated by players who frequent many sites and, most likely, have discovered the ones that are scams. If you don’t have much time, try typing in the name of your Bingo site and see if any posts have been made about it.

The second consideration is the withdrawal limits. Once you’ve found a reputable site you’ll want to look closely at their financial policies to determine just when and how much money you can withdraw at a time. Sites will often have a minimum amount that you must meet to withdraw your funds, and most will also have a maximum. This is to protect the site. First, the site wants you to stay invested. Having a short waiting period or barrier to withdrawing ensures that the players make some sort of commitment before sitting down. Second, the sites operate like a bank in that if everyone withdrew at the same time, or if they suffered a large withdrawal, they might shut down or be unable to meet the amount. By spreading large withdrawals over a set amount of time, the site has the ability to make money to meet its obligations.

So remember, before investing in any site, do your research. You’ll want to know if the site is reputable and that your financial information will be safe. You’ll also want to understand what its withdrawal policies are before you go to withdraw and find that you can’t. If you arm yourself with knowledge, you’ll enjoy the bingo game much more.

Gamble Aware (www.gambleaware.co.uk) is managed by the Responsibility in Gambling Trust, an independent charity which funds treatment, research and education about responsible gambling. The website has been developed by a Task Force made up of representatives from the Gambling Commission, DCMS, academia and industry.

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Recession does not affect Online Bingo

The game of online bingo is no more restricted to aged players, old ladies and grandmothers at the recreation functions held by the churches. The demographic change brought about by the popularity of online bingo has seen a huge shift towards the dominance of young women players in the present world of online bingo players. The number of men who play online bingo has also increased to a large extent. As a matter of fact, there are no more online bingo sites which have exclusively male clientele only.

Online Bingo

Online Bingo

The game of bingo is sometimes considered as an integral part of the British culture and has been looked upon as a means of passing some spare time. Both the land based and online forms have been greatly appreciated by the masses for its entertainment content. The huge cash prizes and high stakes are considered to be secondary to the entertainment value by many bingo players.

Most of the players think that the chance to meet and mix with people from different corners of the world in the chat rooms is the most important feature provided by the game of online bingo. This feature is considered to be the best part in the industry of online gaming at present.

The number of new sites entering the gaming industry has spurred the speedy growth of the industry of online gaming. The new sites are bringing in better features with them making the overall playing experience reach new heights. More and more new sites had contributed hugely to the growth of the gaming industry in the past also.

One such new contribution to the gaming industry is the webcam which has brought the game bingo played in land based bingo halls live to the homes of the online bingo players.

The internet and the networking features have led to the development of a large number of online games and have helped in the building up of a large community of bingo players. All the online sites encourage the players to join this online community and participate in the chat room games and the discussions.

The chat rooms are the meeting places for the community of online bingo players. The charisma of the chat room moderators in many of the chat rooms of the online sites have contributed to the cause of retaining the members to a large extent. The webcams which have been added recently in the chat rooms enable the players to have visual contact with the chat room moderators and other players.

These features had been planned a long time ago but their implementation finally has helped the industry attain higher levels in providing entertainment to the players. More number of players joining the site for socializing makes it all the more interesting and attractive to induce more affiliated companies to open new sites.

The companies affiliated to the online bingo gaming industry are attracted by the huge commissions and revenue earned by these online bingo sites. In fact, the online bingo sites are responsible for creating a large number of jobs for the professional engaged in marketing and advertising. These online games are capable of generating huge amounts of money for the affiliated industries.

The growth and expansion of the industry has been very steady due to the constant introduction of new online gaming sites every week. Due to the positive growth there has been no effect of recession in this particular industry. There are almost 400 such online gaming sites on the internet and the number is growing every week.

Gamble Aware (www.gambleaware.co.uk) is managed by the Responsibility in Gambling Trust, an independent charity which funds treatment, research and education about responsible gambling. The website has been developed by a Task Force made up of representatives from the Gambling Commission, DCMS, academia and industry.

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A Bingo Winner story

As the story goes for a bingo winner, there was this lady player who would regularly spent some time playing online bingo but could not win much even after playing every day without fail.

The lady was an avid bingo player but could not spare enough time to play during the day or night as she felt very tired after a day’s hard work. But being a great lover of the game, she used to get up early every morning and have a game of bingo before moving over to her daily household tasks. She had to do the laundry, scrub the tiles, sweep the floors, vacuum the carpets and myriad other jobs which a housewife has to do.

Bingo Winner

Bingo Winner

One day as usual she got up early end logged into her favourite online bingo site and started playing bingo. But soon she realized that she was not winning anything at all, but just like all the other days only losing money steadily. Frustrated due to the losing streak she was facing, she decided to finish off her daily chores which looked more important to her.

But she could not give up the game and so she bought some cards and then she went about her business. She started by sweeping the floors as she could use a machine to do the job and did not have to go down on her knees to do it. This made it easier for her to make frequent checks on the computer and the progress of the game as she worked on her chores at the same time. She would hurry to the computer, buy some cards if required to continue the game, and return to her work.

But every time as usual, she would find that the balance was getting less and less as she bought the cards but won nothing in return. She was afraid that she would soon lose all her balance and have no more money to pay for the cards. She started to dread this moment as it would mean that she would have to borrow money from her family so that she could play online bingo.

It happened on one of her frequent checks when she found that her balance amount displayed on the computer screen had suddenly shot up by a huge amount. She stood staring at the computer screen for some time unable to believe what she was seeing.

She was so habituated to losing that she could not absorb the fact the Lady Luck had smiled on her at last. Not able to take in what she saw on the screen she stopped the game and logged herself out from the online bingo site. She thought that there must be something wrong with the computer or the internet or the site’s server conducting the game.

She logged in again into the online bingo site and checked the balance displayed on the screen again. Indeed the screen displayed that she had won a huge amount of cash in the last game she had played and the amount was being displayed after being added to her balance. She was totally unable comprehend as to how or when she had won the bingo but felt elated that she had been able to win.

She felt herself on cloud nine after winning such a huge prize. Such was her excitement at winning this huge amount of cash after patiently playing the game of online bingo for such a long time, that she forgot all about her daily chores in the exhilaration of the moment.

Patience and consistency in bingo definitely has its rewards.

Gamble Aware (www.gambleaware.co.uk) is managed by the Responsibility in Gambling Trust, an independent charity which funds treatment, research and education about responsible gambling. The website has been developed by a Task Force made up of representatives from the Gambling Commission, DCMS, academia and industry.

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Resolutions taken by Bingo players for the New Year 2013

2012 was bid goodbye and the New Year 2013 was welcomed all over the world over cork-popping bottles of champagne and good humour. As fire crackers burst all over the sky, everybody hugged each other and their loved ones with sky-high expectations of the good things to come in 2013. People were having incredible visions and even more incredible dreams of good health and prosperity which they would be able to achieve in the coming months of this New Year. Resolutions to discard old habits and beliefs and to take up new strategies to go forward were taken. New decisions and resolutions became the order of the day and bingo players across the world also came up with some of their own.

bingo players

bingo players

Though bingo provides a lot of thrill an excitement, discipline is a very vital factor for winning in any game of luck. All bingo players should exercise restraint to remain in control of the game and make smart decisions while playing bingo. Once you start on a game of bingo the circumstances prevailing at the moment can make you get carried away. It is absolutely essential for you to decide on your strategy before you proceed any further. You should spend your money judiciously by setting limits to your expenses and by remaining within those limits you have created for yourself whatever happens.

Stop yourself from chasing your losses with the idea of regaining some of it. It is a common mistake which is made by all inexperienced bingo players which results in a bigger loss than if they had stopped their game in time when the loss was small. Going after a big win when you are having a losing streak is usually very foolhardy and normally does not work.

Avoid drinking too much while you are placing your bets. Too much alcohol deprives you of a clear mind and straight thinking and makes you take rash decisions and unnecessary risks. Limit your intake of alcohol to small amounts when you are playing bingo so that you can remain completely sober throughout the game.

Do not consider your winnings to be money belonging to the bingo house and not to you and do not return it because you think so. The actual game is not only to have fun and enjoy the game but also to win some money as you play bingo against the house. So whenever you are lucky enough to win some cash, try to get it out from the house for which you will be thanking your stars at a later date.

Retain your style of playing bingo even if you are on a winning streak. If you are a habitual low bettor, then you should try to retain the way you bet even if it is tough when you are having a winning streak and thinking that you may win more if you bet more. There is always chance that your winning streak may end suddenly and you will lose much more because your wager was big.

A lot of fun and excitement can be derived out of the games of slots, bingo and scratch cards. But you should remember to disengage yourself from the game and rethink a different strategy if the present strategy is forcing you to draw upon your funds for household uses. Take a resolution that you will use your wisdom to play smart bingo this New Year 2013 and if Lady Luck smiles on you then you might come out a winner after all.

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A message for Bingo Community to Shoot for the Moon

We often hear about a certain phrase saying “Shoot for the moon”. In the world of playing cards, the hidden message behind this line is that you have to resort to all the possible tricks in the trade to win. But in the bingo community, “Shoot for the moon” means getting all the bingo numbers in the right place and attain the one goal—to win.

bingo community

bingo community

Yes. Whether it’s a full moon, half moon or crescent moon, your only concern is just about one thing. It’s about winning—or is it?

Another famous quote says, “Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars” It answers everything. Claiming your success in a bingo game is your one big, supreme reason why you are playing. But here’s another thing. Let us not forget the social essence of the game. You may either win or lose, but one thing that shall greatly take part in your success or failure is the atmosphere of the bingo room where you are playing. The atmosphere of certain bingo rooms is something that will excite you.

Bingo, like any other game, is a game of chance and anticipating possibilities is the real key to success. But unlike other games of chance, where you are left out in the corner licking your own wound, in bingo you will certainly find bingo roomies which are constantly on your side whether you lose or draw.

It’s an ultimate goal for every bingo player to hit a Progressive Jackpot and that is when shooting the moon really comes into play. For instance, a player needs a Coverall in 54 numbers or less to win a Progressive Jackpot. And oh by the way, your chances of winning are 1 in 18,738 for a card. Say, if there are 600 total cards in play in a bingo room, chances of one of those cards to win is only 3.21%

For that reason, simply depending on a lot of luck, to actually win a shining Progressive Jackpot makes a player ride over the moon and right off the swing! Chances of winning the Jackpots in any game are pretty slim and if you are going to hit the Progressive Jackpot, well—that’s what makes your game really momentous.

Bingo Progressive Jackpots stands out among the other games such as Slots, Poker and other Casino Jackpots because the odds are much better in bingo compared to them. Each day, the number of required bingo calls increases and instead of waiting for months or even a year in some casino games, bingo games tend to give the result much faster.

It’s also not at all a great risk to shoot for the moon and reach for the stars through bingo game. Bingo games take much longer for a player per game. The cost of cards are also lesser than what one might expect in case of other gambling options.

Do you ever dream of winning a jackpot? So your answer is yes than a good game to start chasing the stars and shooting for the moon to win big is a bingo game. And if you think winning a major Jackpot is way too impossible—think again. The odds might be in your favor.

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The Impact of Music to Gambling Success of Bingo Players

Music plays a significant part in the gambling world just like money, and money is something for which we normally participate in gambling. But while playing we also consider mixing music in the air, and if it is done intelligently I am sure everyone will like it. Music actually influences our feelings which lead us to either winning or losing. An example of a lively song that works great in a gambling atmosphere is the song entitled, ‘I Got a Feeling’. This is a very common song and everyone usually hears it everywhere. Its melody is perfect for bingo players.

Bingo Players

Bingo Players

I find the music very dynamic whenever I play online bingo. The song is usually played when I visit my local bingo club. So, when I am playing online, it does great to me because as a person who never gets that feeling otherwise, just by listening to it makes me want to have that feeling. It makes me feel that I am playing in my local bingo hall with all the special vibes and excitement.

And let me tell you whenever I have such a feeling I am usually rewarded by wins and, every such winning experience for me comes as a surprise because I never had a chance to win. And I never consider playing bingo though many of my friends engage in this game. They always have that gut feeling within which makes them feel motivated to play.

A lot of questions always keep up with me when it comes to this feeling. Is the feeling a state of mind? How would a positive outlook affect your game? I tried to find it out whenever I come to gambling. But every time I try, despite my fondness to engage in the game, I constantly lose. And thinking about the previous games which I enjoyed and won, I guess having fun and not hoping for luck is the key.

Music is such a powerful influential thing. Sometimes we tend to relate the lyrics to ourselves. In so many ways they even play as our personal soundtrack. Same goes with bingo. Certain songs just feel oh so right.

Whenever you try to sit down and visit online bingo websites, you will just hear bingo music beats. Those set of songs are usually played that can either inspire us or make up a bad day.

You would generally like to turn on the tunes while you’re at home and playing bingo online, but certain folks are no stranger to firing up the iPod at bingo halls. Recalling back the day when I saw an energetic woman who was playing bingo next to my table while dabbing away with her buds. Since she couldn’t hear her caller, she made use of the screens around the club to play along. I could imagine her conversing with her caller in a very loud voice as what we would tend to do whenever we wear our headphones. With this, a bingo would be perfect to create an explosion. And of course, for the first time in my life, I found myself wishing that somebody else would win aside from me.

After a while, I saw her bobbing her head and even started to sing. I think she was enjoying it. And as the bingo diva started to wiggle in her chair, it never really fails to create an explosion. BINGOOOOOOO!

Gamble Aware (www.gambleaware.co.uk) is managed by the Responsibility in Gambling Trust, an independent charity which funds treatment, research and education about responsible gambling. The website has been developed by a Task Force made up of representatives from the Gambling Commission, DCMS, academia and industry.

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TV Bingo – Bingo Game and the TV

The popularity of the game of bingo is increasing at a rapid pace all over the world. The growth of its popularity is due to its ability to provide entertainment to a person whenever he has some free time on his hand accompanied by the excitement of winning money while playing the game. The game of bingo is highly popular throughout the world, but it has achieved maximum popularity especially in the United Kingdom and in the United States. This popularity has been given a boost mainly by the rapid proliferation of the internet, its allied technology and the affordability of a computer. The easy availability of an internet connection helps everybody to set up his own game console and start playing online bingo. However the importance of the TV has also played a significant part in increasing the popularity and interest which are created by seeing this game being played on the TV. The minds of the viewers get influenced by the sight of players trying to win a huge cash prize in a game of TV bingo which make them wish that they also participate in the game. As a result, TV shows on the bingo game are still being telecast in the UK and the US to attract more and more new players to the game of bingo. The names and details of some of the TV shows are mentioned below.

The TV serial called “Bingo America”

The most popular TV Bingo show presently being telecast regularly in the United States and hosted by Patrick Duffy is the show called Bingo America. In this TV serial in each episode one male player and one female player compete against each other to win a jackpot of $100,000. They are joined by people in their homes who have downloaded and printed the cards from the GSN web site. Each number drawn has a question that has to be answered by the players. Money is won by a player when the player on the opposite side gives an incorrect answer. The bonus round for the $100,000 jackpot is played when there is a tie. The game captivates the audience and provides a lot of tension and excitement sometimes. The thrilling TV bingo game is very popular to both new and experienced bingo players and attracts new viewers as well.

The TV serial called “TV Bingo Night Live”

ITV telecasts a TV Bingo show called Bingo Night Live in UK. This game is played with printed cards by people sitting at their homes. The TV serial takes one hour to complete and offers both free games and games that can be played with actual money. It is worth playing with real money as the value of the Golden Jackpot can go up to 25,000 British Pounds. To participate in the game the players have to get themselves registered with the game website to get the cards for free. Michael Underwood and Melinda Messenger are the hosts who make jokes which are very funny and liven up the proceedings with their flirting.

The TV shows and serials can definitely help you to enjoy yourself if you like to play the bingo game on TV. But if you want to play online bingo, then there are a lot of sites you can choose from. You enjoy more because in an online bingo site you have a worldwide community of professional and new players who have the same intention as you have, that of playing bingo only.

Gamble Aware (www.gambleaware.co.uk) is managed by the Responsibility in Gambling Trust, an independent charity which funds treatment, research and education about responsible gambling. The website has been developed by a Task Force made up of representatives from the Gambling Commission, DCMS, academia and industry.

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Bingo is picking up Speed

What exactly is Speed Bingo? How is the game of bingo beginning to get faster? Bingo is not becoming faster because the caller of a land based bingo hall suddenly starts calling out the numbers very fast because he has a nature’s call to attend to and he wants to finish the bingo game fast in order to rush off. Nor it is an online bingo game where a virus infects the server of the bingo provider and instead of degrading the system performance it makes the numbers appear at ever increasing speeds and there is a cacophony of unbearable sounds until the system eventually crashes and the game ends.



A game of bingo has become faster by the introduction of the 30-ball bingo game. In this new version of the game, the total number of balls has been reduced from 90 to 30 and the cards have a 3×3 square matrix instead of the normal 3×9 format. Only one-third of the numbers in the original game i.e. 30 numbers are required to be called for finishing a game in lesser time. You need to mark only 9 numbers on each card to win. There are no one-line or two-lines to be won in this game. You can only win a full-house in this form of bingo game whether it is land based or online. The short span of time required by this version of the game to finish enables you to play more games in an hour’s time thereby increasing your chances of winning a bingo more frequently.

The popularity this form of the 30-ball bingo game has been phenomenal with the amount of the jackpots becoming more and more as larger number of players are getting attracted to the game.

Since there are less numbers to call out, you need to concentrate more to avoid getting distracted and failing to hear the number being called out when you are playing in a land based bingo hall. The auto-dauber feature of an online bingo game is able to handle the speed at which the numbers appear on your computer screen without any problem.

Speed Bingo is preferred by players who want to play a warm up game before they play an actual 90-ball game. New players can get acquainted with the rudiments of the game by playing a game of Speed Bingo. It is quite possible that the young people who do not seem to have much time on their hands or feel impatient about a normal game taking too much time to finish, normally prefer the Speed Bingo.

If you have not played 30-ball Speed Bingo till now, it is recommended that you try your hand at it at least once. You can play the Speed Bingo as a warm up game before the actual session of bingo starts or a cool down game after the actual session of bingo has ended. The best part of a game of bingo is the suspense created by your cards getting filled up by marked numbers and the tension generated by the thought about whether you are going to win or not. With the calling of more and more numbers your level of anticipation flow of adrenalin increases which is not there in a 30-ball Speed Bingo. The large time taken for you to win eventually gives you a higher level of enjoyment. But it is your discretion to choose whichever form of the game you prefer as after all it is your money and you are paying for the game.

Gamble Aware (www.gambleaware.co.uk) is managed by the Responsibility in Gambling Trust, an independent charity which funds treatment, research and education about responsible gambling. The website has been developed by a Task Force made up of representatives from the Gambling Commission, DCMS, academia and industry.

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Play live bingo on your mobile phone

Since its invention in the 1990s, the game of online live bingo had been confined to desktops and laptops. Not anymore. Presently, with the help of modern technology, it has spread to include mobile phones also. It can be downloaded to all types of mobile phones like Blackberry, Nokia, Apple iPhones and iPods and many others which use different operating systems. You can now participate in a game of bingo while travelling by car or a bus, or while sitting in a park and even in the midst of a dreadful party. You require a signal only to play the bingo game.

Live Bingo

Live Bingo

All the primary features like slot games and chat rooms are provided in online bingo games on a mobile phone.

Why do you play games on your mobile phone whenever you get a chance? It is because commuting to the workplace and back by public transport takes a lot of time and you play to pass this time. Those who spend very little time on travel have to visit relatives or go on sightseeing trips sometimes or other. You can play online bingo on your mobile phones and enjoy while you travel.

Maybe, your daily chores or jobs do not allow you to sit down in front of your desktop to have a game of your favourite online live bingo. It gets more frustrating when you have to wait for your turn to use the computer. Your mobile phone comes in very handy at this time and you can use it to play online bingo as well as carry on with your daily job. Playing online bingo on your mobile phone is more rewarding than reading a book especially when you win a bingo.

The first step to download the game is to provide your phone number to the bingo provider. When you click on the link sent to you through a text message, the game is downloaded into your mobile phone. Some sites send a text message containing a WAP link for downloading the game software in return to your message. If you prefer to play online live bingo without downloading the software onto your mobile phone, you will find many sites which offer this facility. Whatever you prefer to do, you can enquire with the service provider who will be too glad to help you.

You can find out from the service provider how to deposit money into your mobile phone account for playing bingo. Payment through both debit and credit cards are also acceptable to the service provider. Other sites offer the facility of payment through phone bills every month.

Sites also use the strategy of attracting new players by offering a free bonus without any deposit which helps you to check the credentials of the site before you decide to place a bet with your own money. This strategy has been very successful and is being replicated by all the sites.

Since mobile phones are very susceptible to lost connections, initially it was thought that online live bingo on mobile phones will not be successful. But on enquiry with mobile players, it has been found that even if you lose the connection for a few seconds you are you can still continue with the game. You still get the credit for the game even if the win occurred when the connection was lost.

The quality of the services is undergoing continuous development as an increasing number of people like to play bingo online on their handsets. Playing online bingo with the help of thought processes may not be a distant dream altogether.

Gamble Aware (www.gambleaware.co.uk) is managed by the Responsibility in Gambling Trust, an independent charity which funds treatment, research and education about responsible gambling. The website has been developed by a Task Force made up of representatives from the Gambling Commission, DCMS, academia and industry.

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Bingo Halls for learning Bingo and its Ten Commandments

The Ten Commandments of bingo were not brought down from the mountains on stone tablets. They had no single author but evolved over time with the increasing popularity of bingo. They are the basic rules laid down when playing bingo during good old days in bingo halls. A few of these rules are valid for online bingo also.

Bingo Halls

Bingo Halls

The etiquettes you need to observe when play0ing against experienced bingo players have been described in the first five commandments. If you do not follow them then you may find yourself in trouble. For example, if you attend a real poker game after gaining some experience in playing some free online poker games, you may not be aware that the cards in your hand are to be held in such a way so that the back of all the cards are visible to the other players. You may get reprimanded for your inexperience and lack of knowledge regarding the rules of the game.

Following are the ten commandments of bingo:

1. You cannot sit in the favorite seat of another player. All regular persons frequenting a particular bar have their own favorite sitting arrangements. Similarly in bingo the regular players have their favorite or lucky seats which they occupy while playing. But as they are not marked and being new to the bingo hall, you cannot make them out as being reserved for some regular person. Before being sorry for getting rebuked, it is better for you to ask the staff about vacant seats available which you can occupy safely.

2. You cannot steal or borrow cards, dauber for marking the cards or the dabbers from some other player.

3. You cannot call for a replacement of the caller even if you think that he is responsible for your loss or your run of bad luck.

4. You cannot wish bad luck to the other players or speak badly of them.

5. You cannot call out bingo if you have not actually won the game.

6. You cannot harm the caller in any way because you were not able to win the game or lost too much money.

7. You cannot steal from your spouse and use the money to play bingo.

8. You cannot lie to others when asked about the amount you have won. If you do not want to disclose the amount you have to tell them that you prefer not to mention the amount or just say that you have won a modest amount.

9. You cannot usurp or steal the money won by another player.

10. You have to be quiet during a game of bingo and refrain yourself from irritating, disturbing or distracting the other players participating in the game.

The commandments numbered 3, 4, 5, 6, 8 and 10 out of the Ten Commandments given above can also easily apply to a game of online bingo. The commandments ensure that the exchange of information, views and news which goes on in the chat rooms between games, remain courteous.

All callers and ex-callers feel happy about the implementation of the commandments number 3 and 6 even if they are unable to match the required speed in responding to the players demands, are inaudible while calling out the numbers or are unable to control the game. The commandments save the callers from players who seem very menacing and try to disrupt the game.

Remember the Ten Commandments of bingo when you log into an online bingo site next time or go to a land based bingo hall to play bingo.

Gamble Aware (www.gambleaware.co.uk) is managed by the Responsibility in Gambling Trust, an independent charity which funds treatment, research and education about responsible gambling. The website has been developed by a Task Force made up of representatives from the Gambling Commission, DCMS, academia and industry.

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Bingo Chat Rooms – The Chat and Chatter of the Bingo Site

Modern technology gave birth to games with convenience and easy access anytime and anywhere the player feels like playing. Just like online bingo sites that flourished on the web as people who want to play bingo grew exponentially. It makes you earn bonuses. How does it work in games played on online bingo sites? Are the bonus offers real?

Play Bingo

Play Bingo

Pay out in online bingo sites is close to 70% on real cash. You will earn the same regardless the amount of bonus money given. On a card-by-card basis, if you use your bonus money in playing, your pay out per card lowers.

· You cannot redeem bonus money as real cash. As you play bingo online, you will have to make deposits. You will also win and earn bonuses but you can spend bonuses only as last recourse.

· Bonus money discourages cash out in live bingo. On per card basis, it improves effective pay out. It will also be lost when you redeem your winnings. Most sites reset bonus money to $0 if you claim your winnings.

· Bonus money expires. There is bonus money offered in live bingo. The bonus money may come from deposits or chat games. To play bingo online with bonuses offered, they let it expire after 30 days.

· Scams detected in bingo bonuses. As mentioned earlier, you cannot redeem bonus money and disregarding the amount of bonus money in pay out makes me wonder more. So, what is the essence of having this bonus money if you play bingo? Will live bingo be more credible? It seems that earning bonuses is just an illusion to add value on their sites.

Looking at the brighter side, bonuses can also become valuable in sites with live bingo. Here is how bonus money becomes an advantage … you only have to know how it works.

This happens if as you play bingo, you decrease the bonus money in play. How will it happen? Thru redeeming cash, expiration of bonus money or spending it on promotions. Yet, the reality on payout never changes.

· The amount of bingo bonus is greater than the average bonus money. It is helpful if you get more bonus money than the average player does. The pay out of about 70% is distributed to real and bonus money. With the same pay out and let’ average bonus of 50% then the net payout 47%. You will get $35, which is 47% of $75. That $35 is also the 70% of $50. A 100% bonus on a $50 deposit while having average bonus of 50%, payout is in your advantage. However, this does not give you greater chances of winning but gives the ability to buy more cards.

· What is great with unused bonus? It lowers the average bonus.

Generally, bingo bonus encourages greater distribution of winnings. Truly remains an illusion if the net average bonus in play is greater than your bonus money. Claim your money if you win greater amount. Do not play with your deposits or bonus money but with your winnings. Now that live bingo games are flourishing over the internet, it provides more attraction than going to bingo halls.

Gamble Aware (www.gambleaware.co.uk) is managed by the Responsibility in Gambling Trust, an independent charity which funds treatment, research and education about responsible gambling. The website has been developed by a Task Force made up of representatives from the Gambling Commission, DCMS, academia and industry.

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Bingo Chat Rooms – The Chat and Chatter of the Bingo Site

It is true that all of those who really love to play bingo in land based bingo halls, may not be interested in playing online bingo. It is also true that all of those who love to play online bingo may not be interested in the facilities and entertainment provided by the Bingo chat rooms.

Bingo Chat Rooms

Bingo Chat Rooms

The reason why people want privacy while playing online bingo is not known exactly. It maybe because of some guilty pleasure they want to enjoy alone, or maybe they do not have the time or are not inclined to mix with other players. It is very difficult to change their attitudes, but there may be newcomers to the game of online bingo, who would like to experience the enjoyment, offered by the bingo chat rooms but have not yet made up their minds to do so.

The purpose of the people who visited the bingo halls during the period from 1950’s to 1980’s was not only to play bingo but also to socialize with other players. The bingo halls still provide the environment for socializing, while the online bingo sites have started to provide the same environment with the help of their integrated bingo chat rooms. The advantage of these chat rooms are, that you can meet people hitherto unknown to you and you can become a part of an online community of bingo lovers. You get a chance to come across people whose interests are similar to yours and you can start relationships quite easily with them. You can achieve all this while enjoying the comforts provided by your own home.

You can find people who welcome and encourage you, show their interest in you and what you do, when you join bingo chat rooms for the very first time. The initial conversations may start with basic things like whether you have played online bingo earlier, what are the sites which interest you most and maybe some personal questions like where you stay, what hobbies you have and all that.

There are moderators in the chat rooms who overlook the conversations taking place in the bingo chat rooms, and who will steer away from you players who ask too many questions. The chat room moderators make you feel at home and take care so that you do not get bothered by other players.

You may often find events in bingo chat rooms of an online bingo site which you can use for holding a private party with the players you have befriended recently without any problem. You can easily find out the chat rooms which you prefer and which are attended by like-minded players with whom you would like to chat and mix. But at the back of all this is the common love for bingo which is shared by all of you and your friends and which will make you return to the game again and again.

A special game called a Team Bingo is played in many online bingo sites. In this game the bingo chat rooms are divided into separate teams of players which compete against one another and try to get as many bingo wins as they can. The players in each team chat among themselves and easily form bonds of friendship especially when they work together to win a bingo.

Your experience of online bingo can easily be enhanced by befriending players in the chat rooms. It has happened that people have met their future spouses when they attended these bingo chat rooms. A time may come when marriage ceremonies may be held in these chat rooms but as of now, it is not possible.

Recent news that has come of recently in Cyberbingo chat room is given below for the benefit of readers to tell them what actually can happen in these chat rooms. This is actually the message from one Jackpot winner, actually a thanks giving message to the site and all the friends playing on the site

“Thank you so much Cyberbingo Sky! I love playing at this site! It is the best site online!

I was playing the new game in the Arcade Tweet Tweet I was having fun i love how the birds fly in and out.

The Winner

The Winner

I could not believe it when I had a bunch of the same birds and won $1,000. I was so excited! Then I played a few more times and hit $2,000. Those were the prettiest birds I ever saw. I could not believe my eyes! I love all of the games and everyone is so nice! I will be playing here for a long time! Thank you again!! Good Luck to everyone!! If I can win so can you”!

So, are readers able to get what actually can happen on a Cyberbingo Site? What are you waiting for then?

Gamble Aware (www.gambleaware.co.uk) is managed by the Responsibility in Gambling Trust, an independent charity which funds treatment, research and education about responsible gambling. The website has been developed by a Task Force made up of representatives from the Gambling Commission, DCMS, academia and industry.

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Bingo Articles – A thing or two to know about game

While you wait for the next online bingo game to start, you can browse through some Bingo Articles for your amusement or time-pass and you may come across the following tit-bits.

Bingo Articles

Bingo Articles

In the Greene County, Ohio, United States, a dispute whether operating a bingo machine was legal or not, had been going on for a long time. A pretrial hearing on the legal aspects of bingo remained unheard because a judge could not be found to hear the case. The dispute started after a “Task Force” to stop illegal gambling, formed by the Governor of the State, confiscated about 800 bingo machines from bingo halls spread over the state. After disbanding the Task Force later, the gambling houses in the state demanded that this dispute be settled and the ban be lifted permanently as similar bingo machines were still being used by casinos and bingo halls in other states throughout America. For example, all the casinos in Las Vegas were using these bingo machines as there was no law in Las-Vegas against any form of gambling whatsoever.

The story of Rupert and his bespectacled white terrier named Bingo from the Rupert Bear Annuals which appeared from 50’s to 70’s may still be fresh in the minds of the people playing bingo. Bingo used to walk on two legs and got considered as a great inventor by the villagers of Nutwood.

People in a website called OfficialVoices.com talk about the characters created in audio plays and how their voices used to match these characters. The people who give these talks and lend their voices for TV advertisements include some of those who are very famous in their respective fields. During a game of bingo, a contributor to these talk shows once declared that she was studying some voice patterns which are excellent to work with by developing and imitating them. One of them was the voice of the caller in that bingo game which she described as having a distinct personality of its own. If this good bit of news could be passed on to the caller, then he or she could be delighted to use their so-called distinctive voice for promoting insurance, furniture or even toilet paper on TV. Somebody could also imitate their distinctive style of talking for advertising different types of products. Imagine the amount of money that could be earned every time we use this copyrighted voice. Of course, this idea is improbable as otherwise all the politicians could have become very rich comedians and mimics imitated their voices while speaking to the public on TV.

There are some online bingo sites that help you make bingo cards for a range of subjects but without any numbers on them. This fact is relatively unknown to many people. The cards are on different subjects like literature, religion, physical and life sciences, and even on tools and tackles. Instead of numbers being called out, the caller calls out questions related to one of the subjects. The square with the correct answer is the marked by the bingo player. Sometimes the game becomes quite confusing when someone shouts “bingo”, and it is found that a square with a wrong answer id marked. The 90 number system is always preferred as it is very difficult to remember 90 types of chemicals or tools for that matter.

Gamble Aware (www.gambleaware.co.uk) is managed by the Responsibility in Gambling Trust, an independent charity which funds treatment, research and education about responsible gambling. The website has been developed by a Task Force made up of representatives from the Gambling Commission, DCMS, academia and industry.

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More information on bingo chat room moderation

Are you a person who likes to play online bingo? People who love playing online bingo are habituated to enjoy these online games hugely as they normally make use of the chat rooms besides playing the online bingo game itself. Do you use the chat rooms while playing online bingo? Are you aware of the friendly gossip that goes on in the chat rooms? While using bingo chat room do you ever have any doubts about who oversees all the verbal traffic? Those of you, who use the chat room while playing online bingo, know very well the benefits of chat rooms by this time that flow of verbal traffic is controlled by the moderators. The moderator is known by different names like chat room host, facilitator, administrator or plain operator. The job done by him is very important to the functioning of the chat room.

The basic job of the moderator is to ensure that the users of the Bingo chat room are enjoying themselves, telling each other their experiences and stories and passing on information between themselves and their bingo friends. The conversation may be on any topic provided it is within the rules and regulations of the online bingo sites. The moderators lay down the rules and regulations required to accomplish this task. The rules and regulations are very similar to those found in social gatherings and online communications between two or more people. The rules and regulations cover good manners, etiquette, respect and common sense you need to have, for mutual communication and conversation.

The standard rules followed by most of the online bingo sites have the following characteristics:

· Upper case words or words marked in red colour represents shouted communication and are not allowed.

· Icons with sexual intonation or abusive icons of any type cannot be used in your conversation.

· Bingo Chat rooms cannot have offensive names.

· Disguises and masquerading as someone else are prohibited.

· Abusing or disrespecting others based on their age, creed colour, race, religion, gender, sexuality, intellectual prowess, or physical appearance is not tolerated.

· You are not allowed to use the site for marketing your products or services or for creating a spam.

You are advised to be aware and keep away from playing on those online bingo sites where the owners, employees or employers of rival online bingo sites register themselves as genuine bingo players and use the chat rooms to influence the players to leave this site and play on the sites they promote. Though you have all the liberty to choose any online bingo site which you like, it is unfair on the part of these people to circulate malicious and fictitious misinformation like payment problems or data security about the site.

bingo chat room

bingo chat room

This is the reason why the conversation in the bingo chat rooms is controlled by the moderators. The moderators act as a Big Brother and overlook the conversations taking place in the chat rooms of the online bingo site to prevent any untoward incidents. Before you feel upset with some admonition from any moderator and want to shout at him, calm down and think that the moderators are doing their job and they are there for your own good. Stop for a moment and go over what you have done to get rebuked and you will understand why the moderators in the bingo chat rooms of online bingo sites are needed.

Gamble Aware (www.gambleaware.co.uk) is managed by the Responsibility in Gambling Trust, an independent charity which funds treatment, research and education about responsible gambling. The website has been developed by a Task Force made up of representatives from the Gambling Commission, DCMS, academia and industry.

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Bingo Halls and Cinemas

When I was a nipper (as all smart stories begin) I remember vaguely, that native cinemas near American state were not doing well on movies, however some were turning into one thing else that I didn’t quite perceive. As a Saturday morning photos fan, I favoured getting to the cinema and was ravaged to seek out that on a Saturday trip to our native in Catford, South East London, in 1966, there appeared to be just one film. That film was referred to as “bingo”, didn’t enable kids in, and ne’er modified for following fifteen years! What was that blockbuster board game moving picture that recurrent every week?



Aaah i used to be so innocent in those days!

In fact there was an invention that had a dramatic result on individuals hard bent on Cinema from 1955 forager, a minimum of alb initio, the TV. Unimaginable to assume that the shrunken black and white indistinct set of beam pictures designed into a walnut wardrobe would have such a sway. If you could afford a TV, or going spherical to someone’s place that had one, it absolutely was low cost amusement.

Moreover until the 1960 there was a UK based “entertainment tax” to supply funds for the govt (originally for the primary World War) once you went bent on the cinema or theatre. This was scrapped in 1960, however the mix of the TV and reduced post-war incomes meant that the death knell for several cinemas had plumbed.

A lot of ad hoc cinemas within the Great Britain at the time reacted in numerous ways. So that some people dismantled a number of their cinemas and sold the land. Some re-opened to faucet into the new artefact wave of youth entertainment- the Bowling Alley (and the Lewisham one remains going sturdy today!). Others unfit, back to the past and have become dance/concert halls (with the appearance of rock n roll these were not getting to last long!). Whereas others embraced the new phenomenon… board game!

Some qualified their bets by keeping the venue as a twin purpose one- Bingo weekday and weekday, cinema alternative days, except diversion Saturday. Except for a short while board game was the salvation of the many of the venues.

Changing a cinema to a board game Hall was not that complicated:

1. Taking away the moving picture screen and make a stage.

2. Install necessary board game equipment and a couple of armed bandits (now referred to as slot machines!).

3. Improve the lighting in order that players might see their board game cards well.

4. Commutation with the stalls with tables and chairs.

5. If one wasn’t already gift, adding a bar or place for food/refreshments.

With the appearance of home computers, on-line board game, and plenty of alternative leisure and pleasures competitive for our time and cash, several bingo game Halls also eventually fell into decline and neglect.

However the sport of bingo game continues to grow in quality along with huge popularity and most of the people currently like the convenience of enjoying on-line. Simply don’t be tempted to yell “Bingo” once you next in your native cinema as a blast back to the past!

Gamble Aware (www.gambleaware.co.uk) is managed by the Responsibility in Gambling Trust, an independent charity which funds treatment, research and education about responsible gambling. The website has been developed by a Task Force made up of representatives from the Gambling Commission, DCMS, academia and industry.

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The Brand new year for a Bingo Player for Bingo Dreams

The New Year has come out of the dark shadows of the disaster and some pains in the past and all the hard and sad memories leaving behind for the darkness of the past. We emerged our selves in to a new era of hopes, aspirations and many more novel things, the sky of the radiant color, the tinkling of the glasses of Champaign and many more made the New Year prominent. There are new hopes expectations everywhere, the Bingo player and the gambler also come in to the arena with new hopes of the victory.

bingo player

bingo player

So my dear all are set for the work and we know for sure that playing bingo or other forms of online casino games are the most favorite suppliers of excitement and thrill to our lives. Since a long time this has been most cherished pastime of the people, which depends on the luck or in other words chance. There is a way to be on the top of the game .you can practice it by being very discipline, and you can be a smart player of the game.

Pay your attention if you want to be a smart player in bingo game:

· When you are to play first think and decide about the money that you are going to spend or invest .There should be a clear vision .so first decide the way you gamble and amount that you put as bets

· And must be very careful when you are loosing most of the gamblers get lost in this situation .They try to recover the lost and end up with a great disaster. By running after your loses you can not reach the success, as you figure

· This will be a very smart decision you must to take liquor and gambling ,though very close in the sense ,have to be refrained .your decisive ability will be totally affected by the drink .so do not drink a lot if you are going to gamble for higher amounts. Some people make drastic decisions under influence of the liquor, and ultimately fall in to the dark side of the game.

· Now gentlemen come to the point .the aim of our task is to be a winner and collect as much as possible. But some people are not like that they have the wrong idea of losing the amount back to the house. That should be refrained and we must try our best to beat the house and try to get the maximum amount in to our hands

· Like to the loved ones in your life, you must be closer to the game that you play as well as the style that you play should be managed in a proper manner. Without changing your way, you will be able to be smart player, who will be admired by the masses.

· The playing is very interesting and it will help you to get rid of the monotony as well as the stress of the life. But you must be very careful, when you are using the money of the house. There you should be very serious about your pastime.

· Please do not let the game to drag you totally in to, as it will be harmful to you as well as the loved ones of your life. So control the game and do not let it do.

Gamble Aware (www.gambleaware.co.uk) is managed by the Responsibility in Gambling Trust, an independent charity which funds treatment, research and education about responsible gambling. The website has been developed by a Task Force made up of representatives from the Gambling Commission, DCMS, academia and industry.

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Reincarnation of the traditional bingo game

You will definitely be curios about connection of the popular dancing style and the bingo game. That is understandable as both topics are very different options. Any way the particular dancing style has become the most admired one among the people without any nationality, race, creed or cast. So the famous dancing style of the world, if I ask most probably your answer will be Gangnam style. And it has got he hearts of the young generation by steel grip. Though there are many styles prevailing in the society the new comer has become more popular than the others .so what is the connection with this Korean folk dance and the online bingo? The answer is here you can understand very easily if you have seen the video.

bingo game

bingo game

The song is no need to say attractive ant there are some pauses which gave the most effective features of the song and the dance he performs is an actions of rider. They are very simple and also easy to follow. So as a result many people selected this new easy to and but more thrilling style. The secret of the success of the song is not the creativity or the dance but the selection of the time for the release of the song and the dancing style. At that time there wasn’t any new trend for the people. They were fed up at that time as there is a need to have new creations in the field, so there was a vacuum for a new creation. As result the Gangnam style took that opportunity. So when you want to market some thing you must find the correct product as well as the need of the time

So the same truth should be introduced to the bingo game too. Those days you had to go out to play bingo as we mentioned before. With the introduction of clubs to play bingo the players got a bigger chance to play and the recent development is you can play the game online while enjoying all the facilities that you need .the game has along history and it is a very solid one but no one can predict about the future .so like the style of dancing bingo also should evolve otherwise there will be a challenge to the game in the near future, To achieve that they can create different types and stages of the game to catch the interest of the players. The game is very old and indeed it needs the attention of the young creatures to find new states of success. The traditional game should be given a fresh way of thinking to consolidate its huge players from going away as result of playing the same game over and over again.

Then the answer depends on the person or people who can reinvent the game or reshape like the Gangnam style created by the talented artist to capture the current market .This can be done with the increasing development of the technology. It makes new ways and means to create novel systems. As the game has got on to the climax with the invention of the online bingo the people are expecting more and more exciting and easy things to do with. The future of this game can be made more hopeful if they can introduce Gangnam style here too.

Gamble Aware (www.gambleaware.co.uk) is managed by the Responsibility in Gambling Trust, an independent charity which funds treatment, research and education about responsible gambling. The website has been developed by a Task Force made up of representatives from the Gambling Commission, DCMS, academia and industry.

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Mobile Bingo

Fans of the time-tested game of BINGO now have a new way to enjoy their favorite pastime. BINGO went digital in the 1990’s, moving into our homes and onto our PCs and Laptops. Now, like many other of our favorite games, it’s available on your Smartphone. With a simple download, BINGO fans can take their game anywhere they can take their phone. It can be enjoyed on a bus, in the park, or at a party. Players can enjoy not only the mobile bingo game, but the chat rooms. Androids, Blackberry’s, Nokia’s and iPhone’s are all supported. The new tech has taken BINGO out of the community centre gymnasium and put it back into the mainstream.

mobile bingo

mobile bingo

Programmers have worked hard to make this game accessible to everyone. Chat rooms and slots have been added to help capture the community feel that has made BINGO so successful in the past. Work has also gone into ensuring PC and laptop users don’t struggle with the transition to the Smartphone. The interface is easy to use. It’s familiar to the BINGO veterans and easy to pick up for BINGO beginners. Handheld devices have also allowed programmers to set up proximity games. If two or more players are in the same area they have the option of playing with each other, making this a game that can be enjoyed at parties as well as on the commute.

Some BINGO sites are also allowing their players to put money on their games. The paid sites request a phone number when you sign up. Once you choose a game and enter your phone number, the site texts you a link leading to your round. All bets can then be placed on your phone bill, though debit and credit are also accepted. The game makers are excited to get BINGO back on the market and have tried to provide as many paths as possible to their players.

Many of the mobile companies are also offering their customers a sign-up credit. New players can browse the site and the rounds, play a few and really get a feel for the game before committing any of their own money. Each site is different so check with your moderators before signing up.

When money is involved players are less willing to risk their game on a bad connection. This is why fall backs have been included in the phone technology. They allow games to go into stasis when a connection is lost. The game can then be picked back up when connection is re-established, and wins during the downtime are still credited to the player. Players don’t have to fear going into tunnels or dead zones.

BINGO has been an American pastime for generations and now it will continue to be so. Check out the sites for yourself and get started today.

Gamble Aware (www.gambleaware.co.uk) is managed by the Responsibility in Gambling Trust, an independent charity which funds treatment, research and education about responsible gambling. The website has been developed by a Task Force made up of representatives from the Gambling Commission, DCMS, academia and industry.

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Make friends in the Online Bingo Chat Rooms

There are a lot of serious players who enjoy playing online bingo but do not understand the advantages offered by the chat rooms and its culture.

bingo games

bingo games

It is accepted that to some players, playing online bingo is a very private matter which is not to be disclosed to anybody else. They may also feel a sense of guilt for playing online bingo without informing even their family members or friends. These players may not feel inclined to know the other players who are participating in the online bingo game or whom they are competing against. They may not feel like spending any of their time to get to know the other players. But there are always new players who would like to make good use of the chat rooms and get to know other players with the help of these chat rooms but are a bit hesitant to do so at the moment.

The actual reason why people visited the Bingo halls during the period stretching from 1950s to 1980s was to meet other people as well as play bingo. The custom of visiting the real life Bingo halls to meet and talk to other people still holds good even to this day. The online bingo sites have adopted this idea and have replicated the same environment with the help of chat rooms. These are an integral part of the online bingo game and give the player a chance to befriend new people and to become a member of a community of online bingo players. As the people playing online bingo have similar interests, meeting new players and building relationships with them becomes very easy. And this has been made possible while sitting at home amid all the comforts it provides.

The first time a player joins a chat room, there will be other players, who welcome, encourage, show their interest about the new player and his background, and help him to play the game of bingo. The initial questions a player may be asked would be concerning some personal and basic information, e.g. hobbies, place of residence, favourite things, grasp of the game and so forth. The chat rooms have moderators who do the actual job of introducing new players to old ones. In case a player tries to become too overbearing, then the chat room moderator steps in to diffuse the situation.

Online bingo sites conduct games and other social activities in these chat rooms besides having the main game of bingo. The chat rooms offer like-minded players to gather in these chat rooms and have a virtual party of their very own. To do this the player needs to find out which chat room is the most suitable and collect his like-minded friends by talking to all the players in the chat rooms. Behind all this, the game of bingo which every person is interested in playing holds everyone together as a community.

An event called the Team Bingo is conducted by many online bingo sites. Groups of players are assigned to different chat rooms and the idea is to win as many bingo games as possible by the group in each of those chat rooms. In this type of game, an individual player does not have to compete against the others but the groups of players compete within themselves. As the players form groups, they chat within themselves and come close to each other very easily. The bond thus formed becomes stronger if the group together manages to win a bingo.

Making friends in the chat rooms of online bingo is absolutely easy. This experience makes the game of online bingo more interesting and wonderful. Some players have met their future spouses in these chat rooms offered by online bingo.

Gamble Aware (www.gambleaware.co.uk) is managed by the Responsibility in Gambling Trust, an independent charity which funds treatment, research and education about responsible gambling. The website has been developed by a Task Force made up of representatives from the Gambling Commission, DCMS, academia and industry.

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