A message for Bingo Community to Shoot for the Moon

We often hear about a certain phrase saying “Shoot for the moon”. In the world of playing cards, the hidden message behind this line is that you have to resort to all the possible tricks in the trade to win. But in the bingo community, “Shoot for the moon” means getting all the bingo numbers in the right place and attain the one goal—to win.

bingo community

bingo community

Yes. Whether it’s a full moon, half moon or crescent moon, your only concern is just about one thing. It’s about winning—or is it?

Another famous quote says, “Shoot for the moon. Even if you miss, you’ll land among the stars” It answers everything. Claiming your success in a bingo game is your one big, supreme reason why you are playing. But here’s another thing. Let us not forget the social essence of the game. You may either win or lose, but one thing that shall greatly take part in your success or failure is the atmosphere of the bingo room where you are playing. The atmosphere of certain bingo rooms is something that will excite you.

Bingo, like any other game, is a game of chance and anticipating possibilities is the real key to success. But unlike other games of chance, where you are left out in the corner licking your own wound, in bingo you will certainly find bingo roomies which are constantly on your side whether you lose or draw.

It’s an ultimate goal for every bingo player to hit a Progressive Jackpot and that is when shooting the moon really comes into play. For instance, a player needs a Coverall in 54 numbers or less to win a Progressive Jackpot. And oh by the way, your chances of winning are 1 in 18,738 for a card. Say, if there are 600 total cards in play in a bingo room, chances of one of those cards to win is only 3.21%

For that reason, simply depending on a lot of luck, to actually win a shining Progressive Jackpot makes a player ride over the moon and right off the swing! Chances of winning the Jackpots in any game are pretty slim and if you are going to hit the Progressive Jackpot, well—that’s what makes your game really momentous.

Bingo Progressive Jackpots stands out among the other games such as Slots, Poker and other Casino Jackpots because the odds are much better in bingo compared to them. Each day, the number of required bingo calls increases and instead of waiting for months or even a year in some casino games, bingo games tend to give the result much faster.

It’s also not at all a great risk to shoot for the moon and reach for the stars through bingo game. Bingo games take much longer for a player per game. The cost of cards are also lesser than what one might expect in case of other gambling options.

Do you ever dream of winning a jackpot? So your answer is yes than a good game to start chasing the stars and shooting for the moon to win big is a bingo game. And if you think winning a major Jackpot is way too impossible—think again. The odds might be in your favor.

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The Impact of Music to Gambling Success of Bingo Players

Music plays a significant part in the gambling world just like money, and money is something for which we normally participate in gambling. But while playing we also consider mixing music in the air, and if it is done intelligently I am sure everyone will like it. Music actually influences our feelings which lead us to either winning or losing. An example of a lively song that works great in a gambling atmosphere is the song entitled, ‘I Got a Feeling’. This is a very common song and everyone usually hears it everywhere. Its melody is perfect for bingo players.

Bingo Players

Bingo Players

I find the music very dynamic whenever I play online bingo. The song is usually played when I visit my local bingo club. So, when I am playing online, it does great to me because as a person who never gets that feeling otherwise, just by listening to it makes me want to have that feeling. It makes me feel that I am playing in my local bingo hall with all the special vibes and excitement.

And let me tell you whenever I have such a feeling I am usually rewarded by wins and, every such winning experience for me comes as a surprise because I never had a chance to win. And I never consider playing bingo though many of my friends engage in this game. They always have that gut feeling within which makes them feel motivated to play.

A lot of questions always keep up with me when it comes to this feeling. Is the feeling a state of mind? How would a positive outlook affect your game? I tried to find it out whenever I come to gambling. But every time I try, despite my fondness to engage in the game, I constantly lose. And thinking about the previous games which I enjoyed and won, I guess having fun and not hoping for luck is the key.

Music is such a powerful influential thing. Sometimes we tend to relate the lyrics to ourselves. In so many ways they even play as our personal soundtrack. Same goes with bingo. Certain songs just feel oh so right.

Whenever you try to sit down and visit online bingo websites, you will just hear bingo music beats. Those set of songs are usually played that can either inspire us or make up a bad day.

You would generally like to turn on the tunes while you’re at home and playing bingo online, but certain folks are no stranger to firing up the iPod at bingo halls. Recalling back the day when I saw an energetic woman who was playing bingo next to my table while dabbing away with her buds. Since she couldn’t hear her caller, she made use of the screens around the club to play along. I could imagine her conversing with her caller in a very loud voice as what we would tend to do whenever we wear our headphones. With this, a bingo would be perfect to create an explosion. And of course, for the first time in my life, I found myself wishing that somebody else would win aside from me.

After a while, I saw her bobbing her head and even started to sing. I think she was enjoying it. And as the bingo diva started to wiggle in her chair, it never really fails to create an explosion. BINGOOOOOOO!

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Bingo Chat Rooms – The Chat and Chatter of the Bingo Site

Modern technology gave birth to games with convenience and easy access anytime and anywhere the player feels like playing. Just like online bingo sites that flourished on the web as people who want to play bingo grew exponentially. It makes you earn bonuses. How does it work in games played on online bingo sites? Are the bonus offers real?

Play Bingo

Play Bingo

Pay out in online bingo sites is close to 70% on real cash. You will earn the same regardless the amount of bonus money given. On a card-by-card basis, if you use your bonus money in playing, your pay out per card lowers.

· You cannot redeem bonus money as real cash. As you play bingo online, you will have to make deposits. You will also win and earn bonuses but you can spend bonuses only as last recourse.

· Bonus money discourages cash out in live bingo. On per card basis, it improves effective pay out. It will also be lost when you redeem your winnings. Most sites reset bonus money to $0 if you claim your winnings.

· Bonus money expires. There is bonus money offered in live bingo. The bonus money may come from deposits or chat games. To play bingo online with bonuses offered, they let it expire after 30 days.

· Scams detected in bingo bonuses. As mentioned earlier, you cannot redeem bonus money and disregarding the amount of bonus money in pay out makes me wonder more. So, what is the essence of having this bonus money if you play bingo? Will live bingo be more credible? It seems that earning bonuses is just an illusion to add value on their sites.

Looking at the brighter side, bonuses can also become valuable in sites with live bingo. Here is how bonus money becomes an advantage … you only have to know how it works.

This happens if as you play bingo, you decrease the bonus money in play. How will it happen? Thru redeeming cash, expiration of bonus money or spending it on promotions. Yet, the reality on payout never changes.

· The amount of bingo bonus is greater than the average bonus money. It is helpful if you get more bonus money than the average player does. The pay out of about 70% is distributed to real and bonus money. With the same pay out and let’ average bonus of 50% then the net payout 47%. You will get $35, which is 47% of $75. That $35 is also the 70% of $50. A 100% bonus on a $50 deposit while having average bonus of 50%, payout is in your advantage. However, this does not give you greater chances of winning but gives the ability to buy more cards.

· What is great with unused bonus? It lowers the average bonus.

Generally, bingo bonus encourages greater distribution of winnings. Truly remains an illusion if the net average bonus in play is greater than your bonus money. Claim your money if you win greater amount. Do not play with your deposits or bonus money but with your winnings. Now that live bingo games are flourishing over the internet, it provides more attraction than going to bingo halls.

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Ten best hints on how to win a game of bingo

The fun and excitement derived from all gambling games, except poker, is the main attraction while making some money by winning the game is just an extra on the side. It does not mean that a player would have a good time by losing a game of bingo. A player should always try to win when he plays. Following are ten best hints which can be useful to win in a online game of bingo:



1. Sometimes there may be 10 players or even less playing on an online bingo site. At other times there may be more than 300 players. A player should choose those games which have less number of players as the possibility of winning becomes remote with a large number of players. Though the prize money lessens with less number of players, the possibility of winning at regular intervals is more in these rooms.

2. All new players should become familiar with the different aspects of the bingo game before expecting to win big amounts. The new players should play in tournaments and free games on online bingo sites, discuss the game with others, let others know what they had learnt and follow hints on playing methods acquired from friends in the chat rooms.

3. Out of the total number of balls used during a bingo game, sometimes a few balls are used to give bonus points or extra tickets to the player. Unfortunately, these bonuses are specially offered only by some online bingo sites and not all.

4. A player should buy tickets in the range of $0.25 to $0.50 to win more money. But care should be taken regarding which tickets to buy because losing in the bingo game after buying costlier ticket means more money lost.

5. Playing on new online bingo sites is risky because a player may lose more money than what he is able to win. To avoid this happening, an online bingo player should go through the reviews about the site and choose only those online bingo sites which have good reputations.

6. Normally the chances of winning frequently become more with larger number of cards bought for a single bingo game. Since a player needs to keep track of all the cards he has bought and to prevent spending too much too quickly, it is advisable to buy approximately half the number of tickets being offered or whatever number is affordable for a single game of bingo.

7. While playing a game of bingo, players sometimes go through both winning and losing streaks. If a player finds himself in a losing streak, then it is advisable that the player cuts his losses and leaves the game to come back later and join the game again.

8. All online bingo sites offer the auto-dab facility which automatically marks the card even if the player is away or the connection is lost. If this feature is switched off to give the game a real-life feeling for fun, then a player would have to manually keep track of the numbers being called, and to do this, quiet surroundings is a must.

9. By keeping himself updated through reviews and e-mails, a player can have fun and win extra cash by playing in free games offered by online bingo sites during certain time frames.

10. Some online bingo sites offer promotional offers by allowing the player to take part midway in a bingo game which is already in progress. This is advantageous to those players who do not have a ticket comprising the numbers being called. But this offer is not available on most of the online bingo sites.

Gamble Aware (www.gambleaware.co.uk) is managed by the Responsibility in Gambling Trust, an independent charity which funds treatment, research and education about responsible gambling. The website has been developed by a Task Force made up of representatives from the Gambling Commission, DCMS, academia and industry.

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Bingo is for whom?

Most of us think of bingo goers as older women who don’t have anything else more exciting going on in their lives. Well, this is just stereotyping. From what I have learned, which you can guess came from playing too much bingo, here are some of the conclusions that I have come to arrive at. They are not what you expect most bingo players to be and you will surely be surprised at some of them.



Those who have just set out on their journey towards being a gambler:

These players are mostly those who seem to be occupying a large percentage of people who play gambling on the internet. Usually, they are men and women who have just reached their age of majority – the time when they can be allowed to gamble according to the law. They are the types who will grab any type of opportunity to gamble that comes their way.

Bingo is becoming one of their top favorites due to the speed that where the game is played. Today, the younger types of gamblers are being exposed to the game in different types of advertisements. One of its main attracting qualities to the younger gamblers is the amount of prize, which can be quite larger than in other types of gambling, and it can also be won at a much faster pace.

Those who do not get much social exposure aside from their homes:

These types of players are those who cannot find the time to get out of their houses and do other activities. They are the handicapped, parents who have much to do at home, and those who perform their social vocation in their homes.

Since it can be quite an easy task to play bingo while you are doing other chores inside the home, this is definitely a suitable game for these people. You can still pay attention to the numbers as they are being called and cook a simple dish or check on the children while doing so.

Hardworking people:

It can be quite surprising to learn that people in their offices are actually playing the online version of this game from their computers. According to them, it is their way of relieving the stress that they get from work and is also a pleasurable distraction from it. It is quite effective as it can take your mind off of your work in a moment and forget about a hard task or an overbearing boss.

The elderly:

Can you imagine a bingo hall where you cannot see older people playing? Of course not, I bet the experience wouldn’t be the same if it were not for these old folks.

Online bingo sites are now even creating ways to make it easier for these folks to play the virtual version of the game. They made larger font sizes for these people as well as methods of manually marking their tickets so they would still get the experience even if it’s played online.

As you can see, bingo is not just for your old aunts or grandmothers. There are different kinds of people who play the bingo game ranging from the young, the professional, and the unemployed and even professional gamblers. It is gambling conducted in a more amiable tone and you can play it online if your country is one of those who allow such games.

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Play Online Game of Bingo and make New Friends

The game of bingo has been around for the last 500 years. The Italian people should get a vote of thanks for inventing this wonderful and hugely popular game which is played by hundreds of people throughout the world today. The bingo game today has a number of different versions which the people play for their enjoyment. By playing the online version of the bingo game, people are able to make new friends and money at the same time.



The popularity of the online bingo game has increased because more and more people start talking to each other, sharing their personal views and other experiences thus creating a bond between themselves. As they play the online bingo game together, they communicate with each other through the chat rooms and other such facilities provided by the online bingo sites. New players are able to clear their doubts about the game by chatting to older players who explain the rules and strategies needed to win money from playing online bingo. The game is so much fun and easy to play that people from all age groups, from very young to very old, can all participate in it. As two people chat and play online bingo together, a strong bond of friendship develops between them. People living far away from their families can talk to them on online bingo chat rooms. Thus bingo helps society as a whole by bringing people together.

Age is no bar for people to play a game of bingo. Adults as well as children can play this game. Children specially find this bingo game very attractive as they enjoy playing the game while talking between them. Just like the Germans did in the sixteenth century, the game of bingo can be used to teach mathematics to children to boost their mental skills. Thus the game of bingo has an educational side to it too. Both the young and the old can make new friends with the help of online bingo. Old people, who are lonely, can make friends and chat with them while engaged in a game of online bingo, or they can visit bingo halls where they can meet people of their age and befriend them while taking part in the same bingo game.

The real-life bingo halls which have been catering to the people for such a long time are starting to have stiff competition from the online bingo sites which have come up with the help of the Internet. Just like the old fashioned bingo halls where you can meet and talk to friends, the online bingo sites offer chat rooms where friends can talk with each other while enjoying the game of bingo. The chat rooms of the online bingo sites allow people to talk to friends and relatives about everything on earth. The greatest experience for anybody would be to befriend someone in the chat rooms of an online bingo site and then meet the person face to face on the street.

It is very easy to prolong friendships by playing bingo on online bingo sites. Some of the other pastimes or hobbies are so individual oriented that you cannot make friends easily by sharing them with other people. But playing bingo gives a different kind of entertainment. A visit to a bingo hall or an online bingo site will expose the player to people they have never met before, who will become friends, give advise, share their experiences and help the player enjoy the visit. So if anyone feels lonely and sad, then the person should immediately pay a visit to a real-life bingo hall or an online bingo site in search of friends with whom the person can liven up his life and spirit.

Gamble Aware (www.gambleaware.co.uk) is managed by the Responsibility in Gambling Trust, an independent charity which funds treatment, research and education about responsible gambling. The website has been developed by a Task Force made up of representatives from the Gambling Commission, DCMS, academia and industry.

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The reason why online bingo is so popular

A sense of belonging to a large group of people that is created by the chat room of an online bingo site is the greatest reason for the popularity of playing bingo on an online bingo site. People, who are fond of keeping in touch with their family and friends, find the online bingo chat rooms very attractive and useful.



People from different age groups and backgrounds find a game of bingo very interesting to play. Each group has its very own reasons for playing bingo on an online bingo site. The young people are more interested in chatting with one another. They feel that the chat features of online bingo sites and the chance to win prizes at the same time, most lucrative. Older people who do not feel like visiting real-life bingo halls filled with the smoke from the cigars and cigarettes of other players, find that the online bingo sites to be easily accessible while sitting at home and having all the comforts around. The online bingo sites have various chat rooms where different kinds of games are conducted in each chat room. These games offer a variety that is very entertaining to the players using the chat rooms. The online bingo sites offer games where a player can win prizes worth 5 to 8 times of the cost of the entry tickets bought by the player.

The option of choosing the number of cards to play with, are available to a player as soon as the player logs into the favorite online bingo site. The choice to play with a minimum number of three cards is always allowed to a player by the online bingo site. The auto-dab or automatic marker feature makes a game of bingo very easy to play for people of all age groups. When this feature is used, any number which may have been missed due to distractions do not affect the game as the marking is done automatically by the software running the game on that online bingo site. Hands do not get stained by daubers used for marking the numbers. While the bingo game is going on, phones can be attended to, when this feature is used. Even breaks can be taken by players who want to temporarily leave the game while using this feature.

It has been found that most of the online bingo players come from age groups less than 50 and these groups comprise mostly of women players.

The biggest advantage of the chat rooms offered by the online bingo sites is that a person can easily keep in touch with family and friends even though being separated by large distances, while enjoying the fun and excitement provided by an online bingo game at the same time. Private chat rooms offer the choice of friends a player wants to make, or to converse with family and friends in complete privacy. All these features allow anyone to pick the time, the place and the person for communicating with.

Most of the online bingo players are likely to be more than 45 years of age. The online bingo sites conduct surveys to target the players of this age group. There is no alternative to conducting surveys as it is the best way to find out the type of people who mostly play bingo. These surveys indicate that most of the online bingo sites are situated in the United Kingdom though the United States has an 85% share of the bingo market, followed by the United Kingdom.

Gamble Aware (www.gambleaware.co.uk) is managed by the Responsibility in Gambling Trust, an independent charity which funds treatment, research and education about responsible gambling. The website has been developed by a Task Force made up of representatives from the Gambling Commission, DCMS, academia and industry.

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The modest start of the fun called Bingo Game

Bingo as a game was originally played in Italy in the 1530’s. The bingo game came to America in the 1929’s and was played in simple surroundings like village carnivals. It was known as BEANO at that time. Slowly it came to be played by households all over the country. It started with the original name of BEANO which changed to the familiar name of Bingo as it is known presently.

bingo game

bingo game

A toy salesman named Edwin Lowe luckily came across this game being played at a booth in a carnival in Jacksonville in America in the year 1929. The booth where the game was being played was the most crowded one among others. He saw a game called “Beano” and having cards containing numbers was going on. Numbers were being called by a caller and the matching numbers were being covered by beans. The winning patterns being used were horizontal, vertical and diagonal lines. The prize being offered was a doll.

Edwin Lowe got in touch with the man conducting the game that very night. He found out that the man had picked it up from a similar carnival in Germany. The name of the German game was “Lotto”. The man described all the aspects of the game to Edwin Lowe which aroused his interest in the game.

Lowe set up this game at home and asked his friends to join him when he came back from his trip. One of his lady friends became excited while playing the game and mistakenly called out “bingo” instead of “beano”, when she won the game. The name stuck, and that is how the bingo game is known today.

As the years passed, the bingo game came to be used for raising money for charitable work and for household fun and entertainment. Gradually it made its way into the gambling industry and ultimately to online gambling websites.

Tips for playing online Bingo

Ø Online bingo sites which are less crowded should always be chosen to maximize the chances of winning.

Ø A player should try to play at night on weekdays as the number of players is lesser than on nights during weekends.

Ø A player should take part in the chat rooms, bingo clubs which publish newsletters to acquire first-hand knowledge about bingo games, promotions and bonuses.

Ø The numbers marked on the bingo cards should always be matched for errors with the numbers displayed on the bingo board. The last three called numbers are also displayed for reference.

Ø When the displayed number is 23/75, it means that the last number called was 23 out of a total of 75 balls.

Ø A player should take part in those bingo games which offer cards for 25 cents or more as larger prize money can be won in them.

Ø A player should immediately break away and join again later when he is relaxed if he finds himself losing every bingo game. The Auto-daub mode which marks the cards automatically, can be used during the period when the player is away.

Ø A player should attempt to play on reputed online bingo sites which make payments without any problems. Preference should be given to sites which offer the highest bonuses on deposits.

Ø Sometimes playing with a larger number of cards maximizes the chances of winning a bingo.

Ø The best time to play online bingo is between eight o’clock and eleven o’clock on Fridays and Saturdays as the chance of winning jackpots is always there during this period.

Ø Colored bingo balls are used by some online bingo sites. These colored balls represent bonuses which are given if any of the numbers of the colored balls match any number in the winning pattern.

Gamble Aware (www.gambleaware.co.uk) is managed by the Responsibility in Gambling Trust, an independent charity which funds treatment, research and education about responsible gambling. The website has been developed by a Task Force made up of representatives from the Gambling Commission, DCMS, academia and industry.

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Chat with friends while playing Online Bingo

Society benefits from Chat rooms offered by online bingo sites. Let’s see how?



An introduction to Bingo Chat rooms

People derive a lot of excitement from gambling. Unlike other games in the gambling industry, online bingo benefits the society when players chat with their friends whom they get to know in the chat rooms. The players are also able to meet new people and befriend them with the help of these chat rooms.

Despite the ban clamped on bingo by the laws of the United States government, online bingo has become very popular with the gambling industry in America.

About five years ago, people used the internet only for activities which did not have any relation with others. As web technologies became more efficient, people started using the internet for socializing as well as other activities. As a matter of fact, some people nowadays use the internet extensively for communicating with friends and near and dear ones.

Today, in the 21st century, sitting at home, it is wonderful to be able to connect with millions of people throughout the entire world with the help of internet.

The recent trend of people to use internet for socializing has increased internet traffic manifold. All websites, including those concerned with gambling, are trying to increase their usage by taking advantage of this situation. Online bingo sites are no exceptions in this matter.

In order not to lose dedicated customers, all online companies engaged in gambling, especially the online bingo sites have to make the facility of socializing available to the players by default.

The chat facility offered by online bingo sites

In the earlier days, players communicated with each other with the help of facilities like MSN. Unlike the online bingo sites of today, surprisingly, the earlier online bingo sites did not have the option for the players to chat with one another.

The online bingo sites soon realized that, while playing, the players were chatting amongst themselves with the help of other sites. This prompted these sites to start their own chatting facilities to increase their popularity and to rope in more new players.

Two kinds of chat rooms are available to the players in the latest online bingo sites. Open chat rooms are there for everyone to use, while private chat rooms are used by a group of players for themselves only.

The online bingo sites have Chat Hosts or Chat Moderators who introduce people to others and help the conversations to flow evenly. They prevent anyone player from dominating the conversation and also help the players in having fun and excitement. They also supervise the chat room games which are played in the intermission between two bingo games.

Nowadays, players avoid those online bingo sites which do not have Chat Hosts or Chat Moderators as the player does not get the same fun and excitement.

The recent trend of Chat rooms with webcams

The advent of larger internet bandwidths, new generation broadband and the latest video technologies, chat rooms are using webcams in increasing numbers. Needless to say, to keep up with modern requirements, the online bingo sites have to set up video communications starting with their small private chat rooms and then later on including the main chat rooms also.

The introduction of webcams in the chat rooms will enable players to see each other while playing a game of online bingo. Players would now have to hide their feelings so as not to give themselves away. As a futuristic trend, some players who would like to be seen by others as an iconic figure, may be required to upload a thumbnail picture onto the online bingo site. This may not be compulsory for other players.

The future of Bingo chat rooms

The revolution to the internet brought about by Web 2.0 has made its presence felt in the online bingo rooms also. It may happen in the near future, that players, who have been iconic stature, are asked to call out the numbers just like that in the real-life bingo hall scenarios.

As in real-life bingo games, as an alternate arrangement, callers visible through webcams, may be deputed in online bingo sites to give an aura of realism to the bingo game.

It is very difficult to predict with any kind of authority what the future holds for online bingo sites as far as social benefits are concerned. Some changes that may possibly occur are given below.

· Using webcams the players will be able see and talk to each other.

· Over the internet, players will be able to order drinks, foodstuff and gifts for themselves and their fellow players just as it happens in the real-life bingo halls.

· Online bingo sites will be able to tie up with restaurants and gift shops so that the orders placed by the players for themselves and their fellow players will be delivered directly to their homes.

The opportunities that are going to be presented by the development of technology and the internet in the coming days are quite mind boggling. Though it sounds a bit far-fetched, it may happen that while playing a game of online bingo, waiting for the delivery boy will no more be required and computers themselves will be sufficient to deliver the items ordered over the internet. It may be possible to transport people over the internet as the character called Scotty was done in Star Trek.

Gamble Aware (www.gambleaware.co.uk) is managed by the Responsibility in Gambling Trust, an independent charity which funds treatment, research and education about responsible gambling. The website has been developed by a Task Force made up of representatives from the Gambling Commission, DCMS, academia and industry.

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The Art of Bingo Patterns

Playing Bingo game has never been so fun and interesting. The creative operators that made this game, managed to attract more and more players for it by adding different bingo patterns for each of its versions. The players are getting constantly amused by this art of adding limitless patterns for the game and can’t refuse one more session.

Online Bingo patterns

Online Bingo patterns

All this sensation of the different patterns for the game of bingo impulsed some of the players to create a few by themselves. They know what they prefer when it comes to bingo patterns and they thought there couldn’t be greater ones than the ones made by them. So, the list of numerous patterns for this game is now even bigger than it was when the creators started this whole frenzy.

Even so, there are some bingo patterns that may appear under different names. For example, out of the huge list of bingo patterns, one could find the kite pattern and the magic wand pattern as being one and the same.

Usually, before the bingo session starts, the winning pattern is already known because it is announced in the bingo hall. But when playing, one should know that he/ she can base his luck not only on a single winning patter. For example, one could be playing for the picture frame and for the blackout pattern at the same time.

This game gives you the chance of winning two jackpots. Or, you could share your luck with a friend, and play a couple of patterns during a single game, which will make you both jackpot winners. The crazy pattern, which a bingo pattern may take, may make it point to different card direction. For example, it can go on a side to side direction. Also, there is the possibility of an up side down direction, increasing the players’ chances of winning.

This roll down of bingo patterns proved to be confusing for some of the players. Because they are more complicated now, together with their increase in number, some players find it hard to cope with their complexity and they sometimes miss calling a bingo.

Still, the constant renewal of bingo patterns has as goal to make the game more interesting and to avoid monotony from part of the players. The patterns will help building a skill factor in order to play the game successfully.

The bingo halls have electronic boards for the player to keep track of the lucky, winning numbers that were called. Also, these electronic boards help the players to keep their eyes on the winning bingo patterns that are so important in this game.

Besides the electronic boards that are very helpful for players, the callers from the bingo hall are there to provide instructions for the most complicated bingo patterns. This way, before the beginning of the game, by having things clear and by paying attention to one’s card, the game won’t be erratic or complicated.

The emergence of bingo patterns manages to attract more and more players for this game. Their complexity challenge the players to win and besides all the enigma created around the bingo patterns, it seems that the players have gradually increasing attraction to this game, the game of bingo.

Gamble Aware (www.gambleaware.co.uk) is managed by the Responsibility in Gambling Trust, an independent charity which funds treatment, research and education about responsible gambling. The website has been developed by a Task Force made up of representatives from the Gambling Commission, DCMS, academia and industry.

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To Play Bingo on Facebook

If you like to play bingo but you don’t want to take risks and put your money in the game, you should try playing online bingo. Unlike other online games, online bingo is easy to find on any internet site, but you still have to know which one to choose, the one that fits you best. You don’t need to search too much for a good place to play online bingo. I am convinced that not only you have a Facebook account but that you also enjoy spending your time on this social networking site. The good news is that you can now play bingo on Facebook, at the same time keeping in touch with your friends and relatives.

play bingo

play bingo

Online bingo on Facebook is the best practice you can get for this game because it is fun, easy to follow the rules and it does not require from you more than you can give. The very good features and applications offered by playing bingo on Facebook will please you and will provide you the practice you need. Besides, the game is very easy to access and very popular amongst players of all ages around the world. You can play it whenever you have time, by day or by night, this being another reason of why it is so popular.

The online bingo game on Facebook has many options for you to choose from. Maybe that is why millions of people are enjoying and playing it. If you think of it, one would not play a game without having the version matching his criteria and his requirements. This game managed to please millions of people even though it doesn’t offer real cash. It seems that cash is not the only reward that one can get out of playing bingo. I think the feeling of winning is more important than the material reward. One often feels the need to compensate his drawback from real life by doing his best while virtually getting involved in something and after a day of work in which you had to cope with your employer’s demands, playing online bingo and winning can definitely make you feel better. Once you get accustomed with the game’s version you will find plenty “rewards” for you, regardless of the cash. If you are bored or tired or you are not into doing anything, online bingo on Facebook can cheer you up. It will also please your sight with its great graphics and audio- visual effects and make you realize how beautiful life is.

Besides, playing this game online on Facebook, gives you the opportunity to reunite with your friends. Even though you are miles apart you can all play together without having to spend any cash. This will make your game even more exciting, because you know the ones you are playing with; it is just like in real life, only without money involved. Maybe even most important, all this can happen in the comfort of your own house, while enjoying your favorite drink or snack. Once you start the application all you need to do is to find your way through its different levels, which is not difficult at all.

After practicing enough on playing online bingo on Facebook you can move to play for real money, without any concerns of loosing something, just winning.

Gamble Aware (www.gambleaware.co.uk) is managed by the Responsibility in Gambling Trust, an independent charity which funds treatment, research and education about responsible gambling. The website has been developed by a Task Force made up of representatives from the Gambling Commission, DCMS, academia and industry.

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No Deposit Bingo, a Better Way Exploring Bingo Games

What is no deposit bingo and how does it work? Perhaps, these are some of the questions that you are asking yourself. Play bingo without depositing a single coin? Yes, this is true! As much as you may have the financial capacity to deposit a specific amount in your bingo games’ account, you will be more than pleased if the same games are offered for free. We are living in a heavily commercialised world but still there are some scenarios, attributed to the cut-throat competition in the market, which if we exploit well we can benefit greatly. One of these loopholes is the no deposit bingo.

Why You May Choose No Deposit Bingo

There are numerous advantages of exploiting the No deposit bingo, however, there are players who don’t like playing for free and don’t wish to capitalize on them. But here are some of the reasons that may lead you to considering these bonuses.

Bingo bonuses range from real cash to redeemable bingo points. You can redeem these points for free bingo games and you can win fabulous prizes if you emerge the game winner. While playing bingo to win is a gamble, when you exploit the No deposit bingo leeway, you have chances of winning great prices without risking your money at all.

If you specialize in no deposit bingo, you will have a chance to make the most of the bingo websites available in the market. Because you’ll be playing at no cost, you can move from one website to another and while doing so, you get to compare the quality of services offered by different websites. You can judge the sites by the quality of their chat tools, the graphic and sound quality, and how interactive they are. It is difficult to do this if your money is involved in each case. Interestingly, you are not barred from competing with other players and thus you can also win amazing prizes while doing this.

No deposit bingo is even better for the greenhorns, given that they can lose a lot of money if they were to deposit in order to play.  Since these players don’t have adequate experience, taking advantage of no deposit bingo will allow them to gain enough experience at no cost. They will play free bingo, learn the bingo rules and have a chance to meet seasoned players. Therefore, if you are still new into bingo, you have a chance of gaining a lot from these bonuses.

For those who play deposit bingo, you might run out of cash while you still have lust for the game. You don’t have to worry; all you need to do is find bingo online slots from trusted websites that will allow you to play no deposit bingo game.

How to Choose a No Deposit Bingo Website

There are numerous websites that offer no deposit bingo, however, not all websites that state this, actually do it! You will find many bogus offers meant to attract you to website for cyber traffic reasons. Therefore, you need to know how to identify genuine offers.

The first way to identify a true bingo royalty is to look for the seal and authentication of that website. You will find this feature on the landing page of the website. Another effective way is to read reviews and opinions of season bingo players in bingo forums. You can also use the chat feature that is available on these websites to interact with other players and find any important information.


There is no better way to explore the benefits of bingo games than taking advantage of no deposit bingo bonuses. It gives you an opportunity to enjoy free online bingo games with maximum benefits at stake. Freeroll today in a trusted bingo website, and enjoy super bingo absolutely for free!

Gamble Aware (www.gambleaware.co.uk) is managed by the Responsibility in Gambling Trust, an independent charity which funds treatment, research and education about responsible gambling. The website has been developed by a Task Force made up of representatives from the Gambling Commission, DCMS, academia and industry.

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Online bingo rules and regulations are intended to make the game smooth and flow without grumble. They are simple and easy to follow thus making the game easy and interesting for every bingo player. Actually, there are not many game rules as far as bingo is concerned; it is only natural that where people gather there must be guiding principles on conduct and order of how things should be done.

The cyber bingo rules, which are made by the chat masters, address the conduct of players in a bingo chat room during the game. The chat masters are employees of the games sponsors and are often there in the chat room to guide you through the game and will be at your aid in case you meet any trouble. They announce the game contest and any available promotions that players might find attractive.

Before you start playing the online bingo, you need to go through the site policy and the rules that will guide the game. If there is anywhere you feel the policy is not clear, the chat masters are always there to address your queries. In fact, the chat masters use players’ opinions to adjust the rules and make the game even more appealing. So it is important that you forward your suggestions to keep the game huge and benefit many players.

Online bingo rules are known as chatiquette, a combination of chat and etiquette! From this name, it is okay to conclude that the rules are etiquette for the chat rooms. They are simple, straightforward and are just common sense. If you observe good conduct during the game, you can never break any of these rules.

The rules bar players from gossiping about other gamblers to create cohesive environment for playing. Gossip build bad feelings and it is not good for progress of any game. Players should also avoid quarrelling with fellow players or the chat master.

Players are advised not to type all words in cap while chatting. In online conversations, words in capital letters are considered as shouting. It is quite indecorous for you to talk to people at the top of your lungs, and I hope you don’t want the fellow players to have the feeling that you are doing so. Only the chat masters are allowed to type in all CAPS to stress a point, proclaim a game/competition, or make an announcement.

When you lose the game, it is important that you congratulate the winner and harbour no hard feeling against her/him. Always remember that bingo is a game of chances and you could win or lose! And if you lose today, tomorrow you might win. When you lose, do not complain or protest but hope for the best in the next game. This is a game, and in every game there must be a winner and a looser, so just be a good sportsman.

In chat rooms, you may find new gamblers, often referred to as the newbie’s. These players are looking for experience and if you are a seasoned player, perhaps you can be of great help to them. Hence, it is imperative for every player to be friendly as this is the only way newbie’s can be encouraged to continue playing this game.

Don’t also be surprised when a bingo site bar you from arguing about other bingo websites, after all it is business and no one feels comfortable when rival’s name is constantly mentioned.

The online bingo rules are very simple and if you follow them you are bound to enjoy the game.

Gamble Aware (www.gambleaware.co.uk) is managed by the Responsibility in Gambling Trust, an independent charity which funds treatment, research and education about responsible gambling. The website has been developed by a Task Force made up of representatives from the Gambling Commission, DCMS, academia and industry.

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From Italian Lottery to Online Bingo

A diversity of bingo games including online bingo is currently enjoyed worldwide. However, not so many people are aware of the origin of this interesting game. The original game itself is several centuries old but there are different variations that pop up each and every day. The real ancestor of bingo is the Italian lottery. Bingo is traced back Italy where it was played as a gamble game and was used to finance the country’s coffers. It is from there that it spread to Europe and beyond the continent, arriving in varying guises.

While online bingo exhibit features of the Italian lottery game, it is in the United States where the name Bingo originated. The game was used in fundraisers and originally players used beans to gamble leading to it being named Beano, which was later changed to “Bean-Go” whose abridged version is “BINGO”.

In Germany, in the late 19th century Bingo became famous tool in educating Mathematics, especially multiplication. This is a feature that bingo still exhibit today as it used in enhancing understanding of English language among foreign students.

In the UK, bingo was never considered as a gambling game but a thrilling social pastime enjoyed by all. Therefore, the laws gave a leeway for investors to take advantage and Eric Morley’s company did this in style, after Mecca had introduced the bingo obsession. It was only then that the profitability of bingo became bare attracting the government’s attention. Ever since bingo has become a bomb and until today Britain still hold an annual Caller of the Year competition.

Bingo became famous and by early 80’s bingo halls had began to be modernized introducing the ambience of true casinos. The old boring and mourning-like feel was completely gone. The first bingo hall is recorded to have been built in Canton, Cardiff. Bingo became a lifestyle and many venues begun arranging night events attended by people of different walks of life including celebrities such Mariah Carey and other musicians. People gathered early, had meals and drunk before the game crowned the occasion.

Back in 2004, bingo went viral and bingo halls were highly attended to than the famous UK football matches. This is attributed to the fact that the game also attracted fancied celebrities. And even as you read this piece, Bingo still happens to dictate fashion and social trends.

Online bingo which begun in the US is now considered a multimillion dollar business and UK leads in terms of market strength and benefits. Even though most old people still enjoy going to bingo halls, online bingo has swept the foot of younger players. Statistics shows that only 10% of online bingo players are above 50 years.

Online bingo is loved by the game enthusiast mainly because it can be played at any time without having to travel at all. Rather than go and take a seat in the bingo halls, most players take pleasure playing the game in the ease of their residence where they are safe and protected.

Even in its online niche, bingo remains a very social game, courtesy of the social network tools and the chat options. With the grip that Bingo has on the internet and the innovative world we live in today, it is only realistic that we accept the death of custom bingo halls.

Gamble Aware (www.gambleaware.co.uk) is managed by the Responsibility in Gambling Trust, an independent charity which funds treatment, research and education about responsible gambling. The website has been developed by a Task Force made up of representatives from the Gambling Commission, DCMS, academia and industry.

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Library Bingo Games – Fiction, Non-Fiction, Decimal and Reference

Feeling bored? Wanting to create new and easy to play bingo games which will not only have you experience bursts of fun and enjoy yourself, but at the same time also help in learning new library skills? These bingo games can be used as a pure personal fun between mates, while waiting in line to use the internet or if you are bored and have nothing else to do.

bingo games

Library Bingo Games

Before you head to the library, type in a 5 x 5 table on a piece of card or on the computer, and in the spaces write in words as fiction, non-fiction, reference, poetry , short stories, Dewey decimal system. These are the common jargon used when working or anything to do with the library. Make sure though that when you are typing up the words on the cards, you do not print out the same list so that when it comes to calling out the bingo cards , there is no possibility to have more than one winner.

To make it more relevant to libraries , instead of shouting bingo when you have completed your library bingo games card (as libraries are supposed to be a quiet place), why not have some silly fun and shout Shhhhhhhhh!. If the librarians are cool, then you shouldn’t get into trouble but don’t do this if the libraries near you is filled with old-biddies and librarians that match your stereotypical cast as they might actually Shhhh you back and have you removed.

The other way that one might play the library bingo games are that if you are working in the library and running a school visit session for the children, is that to help them find their way around the library, become more familiar with the library terminology and also by playing the library bingo games. It is a fun and interactive activity for the children, and all you have to do is to make sure that the activities you use will hold their attention.

When coming up with the library terminology for your library bingo games , use words that the children are more familiar with e.g. Author , Illustrator, Non-Fiction , Spine Labels, Fairy Tales etc. Make sure that when you print the cards , they are different as you don’t want every single child winning the first bingo game.

To make the game more challenging, when you call out the library bingo games calling cards,  have the children tell something about it e.g. Author – What is an Author? Or Fiction – What is fiction and where can you find it? , Fairy Tales – Can you name a fairy tale? This way the library bingo game will also get the children thinking about what they have learnt on the different visits and enhancing their own knowledge of items and terminology used.

As prizes, you can always give the children free book vouchers which will allow them to receive a free Top Title DVD or pay items from the library. Other prizes can be free books, stationary etc. as most libraries have a prize cupboard which they keep on hand for holiday program competition winners.

So next time you are headed to your local library and you’re not one to just sit there and wait patiently for your time to go on the internet –why not take along your library bingo cards and have some fun or if you are running a school visit and have a group of children coming in, then turn learning and the library into a fun and exciting environment by preparing a game of library bingo and even better you can make it suited to your very own library and children. So players, on your marks – ready, set, go – SHHHHHH !!!!!! With Library Bingo.

Gamble Aware (www.gambleaware.co.uk) is managed by the Responsibility in Gambling Trust, an independent charity which funds treatment, research and education about responsible gambling. The website has been developed by a Task Force made up of representatives from the Gambling Commission, DCMS, academia and industry.

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Rediscover Your Romantic Charm with Bingo

“Bingo!” That is all I could often hear from my ever giggling wife! So many things ran into my mind, and I thought, “Perhaps she has another man!” She often spent most of her free time on her laptop and after all, I’m never at home and when I’m there, I’m always too tied to try something new with her. “There must be always another man in my life,” she said. “You no longer have time for us, but he is always there for me, be it a night or in the morning! Whenever I want to let go the daily jumble in my life, I resort to him!”I couldn’t believe my ears, and I thought I had already lost her. She must have found her own way to deal with me, and then it became obvious to me that she must be having an online boyfriend!But to my surprise, she laughed at me and said, “Come on boy, it is just a joke!” But how was I supposed to believe this? And would you believe who is new “boyfriend” was? Online Bingo! Yes, bingo the game which utilizes the numerical numbers 1 through 75 but sometimes is varied to include phrases or words! At that point a made a sigh of relief, but never stopped there! I went on to find out why this game could be so interesting to her that she could no longer complain about my absence.

how to use bingo to build your relationshipAnd she invited me to join her and have a game. This time she told me she was going Halloween! Halloween bingo involves identifying the names or verbs that are related to ghosts. I can’t lie, even though I lost the game, it proved to be such a thrill. And it is then that I realised why she was always absorbed in the game. Since then, I’ve joined the players and I’m now an ardent fun of bingo. When am at home, we can’t go to bed without losing ourselves in a game or two.

Bingo has brought us back together, and even though I’ve not reduced my working time at all, I always have time for my dear wife. And now that she is pregnant, I can’t wait to make some bingo cards using the online bingo card generator for my family. I envy my friend who has two lovely kids aged 6 and 8. He plays all sorts of bingo games with them, and I can’t wait to play with my family too.

If you thought bingo was a women’s thing, then you must be wrong. The thrill associated with this game is rarely in any other game. Moreover, you can win enormous amount of cash and fabulous prizes. I never liked bingo, but I gave it try and see where I’m now! Deep inside it absorbed by the global game with fabulous prizes up for grabs in the weekly draws. I don’t play this game to win, but I do it mostly for fun!

When am away on business trips, I still find time to rollout my laptop and play one or two games. As always, my wife is always on the chat-room so we get to chat a lot while enjoying the game. With online bingo, no one is ever far!

So if you feel you spend very little time with your spouse and you are scared you might drift away from each other, introduce bingo into your relationship, you won’t regret it! My wife did this, and it spiced our relationship.

Gamble Aware (www.gambleaware.co.uk) is managed by the Responsibility in Gambling Trust, an independent charity which funds treatment, research and education about responsible gambling. The website has been developed by a Task Force made up of representatives from the Gambling Commission, DCMS, academia and industry.
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