Making our planet a better place

Cyberbingo is inviting all roomies to get together on Friday April 22nd in an attempt to make our planet a better place and celebrate Earth Day as a community.

To do this we are offering you four hours of great bingo fun as we play for guaranteed cash prizes in our Save the Planet Multi-Part Bingo games, starting from 10pm BST in the spring bingo room.

And with an amazing Buy 6 Get 3 Free on all cards in our Save the Planet Multi- Part Bingo games, you can join in today’s celebrations with more chances to win for free!Save-the-Planet-Multi-Part-Bingo-700x700

Literally millions of people around the world come together and participate in Earth Day celebrations as a way to encourage changes in human behaviour and trigger positive changes with the hope of making our home a better place to live in.

Simple acts like buying local products, making use of reusable shopping bags, switching to more energy saving light bulbs can all be considered as small acts which can considerably make a positive impact on our planet.

Naturally deciding whether or not you want to make a difference in the environment we live in is up to you but while Earth Day activities may be portrayed as useless and ineffective acts, in the end making a move to support positive change will always make a difference.

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