So many blends and so little time, don’t miss your chance

A cup of Coffee shared with your friends is happiness tasted and time well spent.

Come on over for a coffee with us at CyberBingo on Monday September 30th as we celebrate National Coffee Day. Whether you drink it right when you wake up as a way to get going, or as a pick-me-up, coffee is something that can be really savored and enjoyed throughout the whole day.


Win on one of our great Coffee Mug Bingo Patterns in the new Autumn Bingo Room and 3 lucky players will take away £500 cash plus a fabulous coffee gift set which we will have delivered to their house or most convenient place.

The £500 Coffee Guaranteed Event will play in the New Autumn Bingo Room on Monday September 30th with the first game playing as a Top of the Hour Game at 2am BST, the other two games will play at 3am and 4am BST. Cards cost £1.25 so make sure you pre-buy yours now.

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