Mobile Bingo

Fans of the time-tested game of BINGO now have a new way to enjoy their favorite pastime. BINGO went digital in the 1990’s, moving into our homes and onto our PCs and Laptops. Now, like many other of our favorite games, it’s available on your Smartphone. With a simple download, BINGO fans can take their game anywhere they can take their phone. It can be enjoyed on a bus, in the park, or at a party. Players can enjoy not only the mobile bingo game, but the chat rooms. Androids, Blackberry’s, Nokia’s and iPhone’s are all supported. The new tech has taken BINGO out of the community centre gymnasium and put it back into the mainstream.

mobile bingo

mobile bingo

Programmers have worked hard to make this game accessible to everyone. Chat rooms and slots have been added to help capture the community feel that has made BINGO so successful in the past. Work has also gone into ensuring PC and laptop users don’t struggle with the transition to the Smartphone. The interface is easy to use. It’s familiar to the BINGO veterans and easy to pick up for BINGO beginners. Handheld devices have also allowed programmers to set up proximity games. If two or more players are in the same area they have the option of playing with each other, making this a game that can be enjoyed at parties as well as on the commute.

Some BINGO sites are also allowing their players to put money on their games. The paid sites request a phone number when you sign up. Once you choose a game and enter your phone number, the site texts you a link leading to your round. All bets can then be placed on your phone bill, though debit and credit are also accepted. The game makers are excited to get BINGO back on the market and have tried to provide as many paths as possible to their players.

Many of the mobile companies are also offering their customers a sign-up credit. New players can browse the site and the rounds, play a few and really get a feel for the game before committing any of their own money. Each site is different so check with your moderators before signing up.

When money is involved players are less willing to risk their game on a bad connection. This is why fall backs have been included in the phone technology. They allow games to go into stasis when a connection is lost. The game can then be picked back up when connection is re-established, and wins during the downtime are still credited to the player. Players don’t have to fear going into tunnels or dead zones.

BINGO has been an American pastime for generations and now it will continue to be so. Check out the sites for yourself and get started today.

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