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Great site for online bingo

The quality and number of games, promotions and the excellent customer service offered by the top notch online bingo sites make the players of bingo go crazy about the game. They love the game of online bingo because it provides both excitement and monetary benefits, but it is doubtful whether they know anything about the history of bingo and its evolution.

History of Bingo

History of Bingo

Bingo in its infancy.

Opinions and arguments have differed about the origin of bingo just as the origins of all other games from the past. There is a common consent that the game of bingo, as it is known today, was first conducted as a game of lottery on a nationwide basis in Italy in 1530. This game was used by the Italian government to raise money to meet its expenses. In the 1700s the game was imported by the French and the French government started to sponsor this bingo game as a state effort for the same purpose of raising money for the common exchequer. The game started by the French government did not have the name of bingo at that time and was not exactly similar to the bingo game which is played today.

Change of the Bingo game with time

With the passage of time, people who were spreading the knowledge of this game of bingo realised that the game had some qualities which could contribute to the field of education. They understood that the children could be taught numbers, mathematics and multiplication tables with the help of this game. This is why the popularity of bingo started growing amongst the children in schools in the 1800s.

Arrival in America

The game of bingo was known by different names in different parts of the world before it arrived in America. An American toy salesman while travelling chanced upon a carnival in a village where this game was being played. He was fascinated by the game and spread it amongst his friends who started playing the game in real earnest. At that time beans were used to mark the numbers on the cards and anyone achieving a winning pattern would call out “Beano”. The history of evolution of the game of bingo says the name got changed to “Bingo” as the game became more and more popular and the name stuck.

The present status of bingo and what it holds for the future.

Online bingo at present is the most popular online gambling game being played with the help of internet though it did not catch the fancy of the people in the beginning when online poker was more appealing. But as a greater number people realised the advantages of playing online bingo, they started to crowd the online bingo web sites to play the game. The reputed online bingo sites are facing a population explosion and there is no stopping the game in the future. What is the future of bingo? Nobody is sure about where the game is headed for in the future, but the top notch operators are trying hard to incorporate more and more new concepts into the game so that it becomes more thrilling to the players and they can achieve more financial gains. Even online bingo tournaments are held nowadays which had never been heard of before. The existence of chat rooms and chat applications on the online bingo sites were never thought to be possible earlier. The only fact that everyone seems to be sure about is that online bingo will become more and more exciting in the coming days.

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Great site for online bingo

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