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Bingo games are played widely throughout world, in both physical as well as online bingo format. This is a game wherein bingo cards are being purchased. These cards are printed with numbers from 1 to 75 or up to 90. Numbers are randomly called out. If the called out number is in your card, you mark it off. The winner declares “bingo” when a line of number in your card is all marked off. The players in this game include the caller and the player. The “caller” is calling the number randomly selected by electronic number generator or any simple way to draw a number. Bingo games that are not online start when the caller declares so and orders “eyes down”. Then the caller starts calling numbers. Meanwhile, the players will listen to the numbers being called and mark off any number that is found in your number card.

Online Bingo

Online Bingo

Most people buy more than 1 number card in each game. Shading the number that matches in your card should be carefully done in a way that number underneath can still be seen. This is done so that when you are the one who first got “bingo” or completely marked off a line of numbers, the organizers will examine your numbers and the number cards. If confirmed, you will be the declared winner. In bingo games, there is the so-called “session” where it offers not only one opportunity to win a prize. In UK, there are three ways to win: one line across, two lines across, and a full house which means all numbers in the card is marked off.

What is the difference when we talk of online bingo games? Everything is almost the same – rules and schemes but in online bingo there is the absence of real caller but a “virtual” caller and you can play anywhere as long as you have a PC or laptop and internet connection. One more thing, you are able to chat with other players in bingo chat rooms.

Unlike real bingo games where geographical considerations are set whether 75 or 90 number games. Like for example 90 number game is most popular bingo game in Australia and New Zealand. The 75 number game is popular in North America. Online bingo eliminated these differences since you only have to enter whichever number games you prefer. The role of the player is to win by marking off the number called and be the first to have a line of numbers or all numbers are marked off – full house. A 75 ball game has twenty five number displayed in number card with 5 x 5 grid lay in the card. The 90 ball game has a number card with 9 x 3 lay out giving you a total selection of fifteen numbers.

Chances of winning in 90 number game is 1 in 4 while 1 in 3 chances are available if playing in 75 number games. Here, it is better to have more players though it gives less chances of winning, bigger prizes are available.

Nowadays, online bingo games were able to have 80 number game. However, the original rules of the land bingo are still being adapted in this newly developed game. Purchase a card, listen and mark number in your card that matches called number, then win or lose.

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