Don’t miss February’s Big Game Venice Getaway £25,000 Coverall Minimum £5,000

The city of Venice, is quite simply a stunning and amazingly unique place to be. The beauty of Venice is founded around its’ series of canals and bridges which are the reason why the city is famously referred to as the ‘City on the water’.

It goes without saying that the city is without a doubt one of the most beautiful and popular cities in the world, admired and enjoyed by many travellers from around the world. More interestingly for our Cyberbingo romantics, Venice is also known for being one of the most romantic cities in Europe.

The Grand Canal is a popular tourist destination, a stretch of water which runs through the city and is famously referred to as the ‘most beautiful street in Venice’. Quite naturally, you cannot think of Venice without the mention of its romantic gondolas. What could be more romantic than a sunset ride along a Venetian canal?aff-venice-getaway-coverall-fb

Speaking of romance, what could possibly be more romantic than spending a romantic night in February with Cyberbingo? We so much believe in heart pounding love stories and our wonderful Cyberbingo community will be offered the opportunity to play for an amazing cash prize of up to £25,000 that could see you taking the one you love to the romantic city of Venice.

Join us at Cyberbingo from 1am GMT in the Bingo Tourney room this Sunday, to be in with a chance to win up to £25,000 cash in our Venice Getaway £25,000 Coverall Minimum £5,000 Event.

Not sure to make for this Saturday’s Big Game? No problem. You can Pre order your cards for your chance to win up to £25,000 cash! Log in your Cyberbingo account and pre order today!

Love and the USA room

You will love our USA bingo room in February, full of love and bingo fun for you to enjoy.

Filled with exciting USA bingo games on our exclusive USA bingo patterns, there’s no end to the fantastic cash prizes up for grabs.  When?  Every Sunday and Monday at 11 pm GMT only in the USA Bingo room. usa-room-mailer-fb

Buy 6 Get 3 Free

Join us in the USA bingo fun and excitement between 11pm GMT and 5 am GMT every Sunday and Monday and receive a fantastic Buy 6 Get 3 free offer on cards to all games in the USA bingo room.

And that’s not all, we’ll even let you select your own free card.


Canada Flag Max Games

Get ready for some exciting bingo fun and fantastic cash prizes on Monday, February 16th at 1 AM GMT as Cyberbingo celebrates National Flag of Canada Day with two hours filled with thrills and excitement with our Canada Flag Max Games.

All the great bingo fun will take place in the Valentine Bingo room from 1 AM GMT on Tuesday, February 16th and each game starts with a guaranteed cash pot of £15 which will climb as the balls are called until it is won or hits a flag waving £150 in cash. The pot will then remain at £150 for the rest of the game until it is won.canada-flag-max-games-700x700-fb-like&share

With two hours of guaranteed bingo fun to enjoy and fantastic cash prizes to claim, make sure to make your way in the Valentine Bingo room from 1 AM GMT on Tuesday, February 16th.

Valentines’ Day with a difference

Get ready for more love, romance and excitement on Sunday February 14 with fabulous cash prizes waiting to be won in our £2,400 Guaranteed Cupid’s Arrows event taking place in the Valentine Bingo Room on Valentine’s Day. Playing from 1am GMT on Monday February 15th, Cupid will be set loose in his quest to spread the love and play for fantastic cash prizes of £600 every game as we share the bingo love.cupid-arrows-fb-700x700

Don’t forget the £2,400 Guaranteed Cupid’s Arrow bingo Games will also count towards the Valentine Bingo Tourney, and if you can’t make it for our Guaranteed Cupid’s Arrow event, you can always pre order your cards in advance from your PC, Tablet or Mobile for a chance to be a winner on Valentine’s Day.

What more could you wish for? :)

Celebrating St.Valentines with Cyberbingo

Valentine’s Day is known as the most romantic day of the year. A day where flowers, jewellery, cards and teddy bears are given and exchanged to solely express the act of love and affection.

Valentine’s Day, for most people, is about showing the one you love that you care about them. The day of romance as we know it is named for a Christian martyr and dates back to the 5th century. It is celebrated in many countries around the world.

At Cyberbingo we like to consider ourselves as super loving especially when it comes to our dearest bingo friends :)  We acknowledge how St. Valentines Day is a chance to express our love and affection to our closest and loved ones.  And it is just for that reason that we are giving our bingo players an opportunity to play and win fantastic prizes of up to £3,600 in our Valentine’s Bingo tourney and Valentines’ Slots tourney.blog_970x350

Our special Valentine bingo games will play once an hour in our Valentine Bingo room and the more games you win, the higher you climb up our tourney leader board and a bingo loving £600 cash as our tourney winner. There’s bingo love for everyone with fantastic prizes for the top 20 players in our Valentine’s Bingo tourney.

If you love slots, you will love and enjoy with our Valentines Slots tourney. Play any or all of our selected Valentine slots tourney slots for your chance to be one of 20 winners who will walk away with fantastic prizes of up to £1,800 in cash. Start spinning and winning to share the love in our Valentines Slots tourney.

Join in the Valentine bingo fun and share some Valentine bingo love with your amazing Cyberbingo community :)

New Nickel Bingo Room underway

Great times are looming ahead when the brand NEW Nickel Bingo Room gets underway on February 5th.

This brand new bingo game promises a time full of fun and excitement than ever before in the Nickel Bingo room every Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 8 pm GMT and 2 AM GMTnickel-games-fb-700x700

Offering a great variety of exhilarating B75 Bingo including the Crazy Nickel games, Starting £15 Games and £1,500 Coverall min £15 games, you can enjoy all these games for only a 3p a card!

Make sure to join the Nickel Bingo fun and excitement every Friday, Saturday and Sunday to enjoy the very best of bingo for the very low cost!

How playing Online Bingo can yield positive benefits to our players

blog header CB

Did you know that the majority of communities have at least one Bingo game available? The reason? Bingo has been shown to yield extremely positive on memory function particularly due to its low tech nature which provides mental stimulation which is highly therapeutic for people who may suffer from cognitive disorders.

Bingo and Online Bingo are ideal games for people of all ages. Why? It is certainly age-appropriate; while it is super easy to play. It’s a game which allows players to distinguish and match colours and shapes, which can be very beneficial to the brain function. The variation Bingo games provide are endless; players can identify anything from animals to items of food and even body parts. Thus, such different variations applied to the games allow for an enormous amount of stimulus and improvement of the thinking process.

Simply put, Bingo is a game which is enjoyed by everyone and it’s really not that hard to understand why. The whole social aspect plays an enormous role in its’ popularity which allows for players to enjoy the games with the freedom of engagement with others. Without adding too much, all you Cyber Bingo players know what I’m talking about. You all know the greatness of Bingo which ultimately  makes up our super amazing Bingo community.

However If you think you need a little bit more to get to know about Online Bingo, be sure to check out our promotions and offers for even more reasons to play online Bingo!

Let Cyber Bingo be your biggest companion :)

Three weeks into the New Year – How are those Resolutions coming along?

Setting and planning goals is easy. Very easy. But following them and keeping to the rules? Not so much. So we’re now three weeks into the New Year – can you believe? And I am sure that the majority of you Bingo Roomies, have set yourselves some very interesting, tough goals or resolutions. That’s great, because who wants to get out of bed in the morning with no motivation at all? It’s a great feeling knowing you’re trying something new, or moving towards something important. The New Year happens to be the perfect launching pad to do just that.newyearslights

The New Year is a natural time to try for a new start and do things better. Some of the most common resolutions- to lose weight, exercise more, and quit smoking – are all healthy habits that can help you lower risks of illness and benefit you for the rest of your lives. Statistics tell us that more than 40% of American adults (Bingo lovers included :)) make New Year’s resolutions, and almost half of them keep their resolutions for at least 6 months.

The important thing when setting new resolutions is to stick to one thing and do it well. Make one resolution, keep it.

Here are 5 tips for you to follow and try to keep your resolutions going;

1. Be realistic: One reason why a good number of New Year Resolutions don’t work is because people bit off more than they can chew. It is of essential importance that the chosen resolution is something which is extremely manageable to the individual. For example, committing to eating chocolate once a week is much more realistic than saying you’ll never eat chocolate again. So please, be realistic.

2. Be Specific: This I would say comes hand in hand with the first point. Its’ easy enough saying you’re going to lose weight. But losing 5lbs is one thing and losing 50 lbs is another. So make sure to specify your desired target because if not you risk of losing interest in pursuing your goal resulting in quitting completely. And then what? Back to square one!

3. Write your Plan of Action: You have so far come up with a realistic and specific goal / target. Now the next question you need to ask yourself is; how are you going to make it happen? Saying you will start following a healthier lifestyle is a great initiative, but have you thought about what measures you’re willing to take? Map out what it’s really going to take to achieve (time, effort, strong will) to make your goal a reality.

4. Make it Meaningful: Ask yourself why you want to set yourself this resolution and goal. Ask yourself how pursuing the established goal, will make you a better person. If the answers you find within yourself point to the right direction, then well done! You’re going after the right thing.

5. Talk with your friends: It’s always good to have someone to talk to and share personal stuff. This may be one of them. It could be an old friend, a good friend, a family member or co-worker even. Talk to people who will support you, who support your thinking. Talking about your goals and targets will make them even more concrete, while creating accountability.

A Trip down memory lane in the history of Bingo!

While Bingoblog header CB as we know it today is regarded as a very easy game to play, one cannot say the same on the origins and development of the game. One cannot expect and clear and concise description of the history of Bingo, as vague accounts and inconsistencies continued through its’ development. In fact, questions on who came up with the concept of Bingo and where it all began are still asked to this day.

The roots of the modern game as we know it today, go back to the 16th century Italy, where the first ever chance game was introduced as a lottery game with the name of ‘Lo Giuoco del Lotto D’Italia’.  After almost two centuries, the game made it’s way to France where it enjoyed particular success; with the game even referred to as Le Lotto among the French society who played the game.  The way Le Lotto was played was quite simple to grasp.  Special cards were divided into three rows and nine columns.  Each of the three columns consist of 10 numbers, while each column had five random numbers and four blank spaces in it.  Each player had a different lotto card used to mark the number announced by the caller.  The winner would be determined on who would cover one row first.5

By the end of the 19th century, the Lotto game continued to spread around Europe, even starting to being introduced as an educational Children’s game in Germany.  A very similar game to the Lotto Game made it’s way to the United States, and it’s exactly there where the name of ‘Bingo’ originated from…and quite by chance really.  I say by chance because the initial name of the game we know as Bingo today; was originally called ‘Beano’, where players placed beans on their cards to mark the called number.  ‘Beano’ was the word players yelled when completing a full row FIRST.  Incidentally in one game, one player shouted ‘Bingo’ instead.  It was then when a New Yorker salesman by the name of Edwin S. Lone decided to develop a new game and giving it the name BINGO.

By the 1940’s all of the United States seemed to be enjoying Bingo.  Being relatively easy going and fun, it was accessible at home, charity events and similar social events.  Today Bingo and online Bingo is one of the most popular chance games in the world being played throughout the United States, the UK, Australia, New Zealand and other parts of the world.

And as technology is becoming more and more sophisticated, so is Bingo which as a result of it’s friendly and interactive nature; is able to to lend itself easily to the web which has without a shred of doubt been a huge contributing factor in it’s continued growth and development in today’s digital age.

Get more from your Bingo site!

Everyone loves to get more for their money and when it comes to playing online bingo, why should it be any different?

Most bingo sites offer great introductory bonuses when you sign up, 300%, 400% and more just to get you playing but these great bonuses soon dry up and leave you feeling unwanted as a player. With meagre reload bonuses of 10%, 20% or 30% when you fund as a regular player, it’s time to move on to the next new bingo site and another great introductory offer. Most players now find themselves hopping between whichever bingo site offers the best bonus that day, if the bingo sites does not reward their loyalty, then why should players be loyal to the site?

With so many sites now belonging to two or 3 major bingo networks, the games and prizes are the same wherever you play, removing the individuality of the bingo sites and the exclusive fun they offer. This in turn makes online bingo dull, boring and no longer the interactive fun pastime that so many of us love. Ask yourself, when did you last login to play bingo and feel that you were part of a warm welcoming bingo community?

Great bonuses are all good and well, but do you have to jump through hoops and play through crazy amounts just to be able to withdraw your winnings? Wagering requirements are the quietly hidden away rule that most bingo sites now employ to ensure that withdrawing your winnings is so complicated and hard work that the majority of players just playing away anything they win. A 300% bonus sounds great until your look deeper and see that you have a 3x wagering requirement. That means that you have to play through a crazy amount before you can withdraw what remains of your winnings.

It’s not all gloom and doom though, at CyberBingo we have led the way in online bingo fun since 1996, providing our players with the very best online bingo experience. Built by players for players, enjoyment always comes first at CyberBingo and we give our players fantastic bonuses every time they fund, exclusive games and promotions to play and best of all we have absolutely No Wagering Requirements to keep them from their winnings.

We believe that the player comes first and without our players CyberBingo would be just another run of the mill bingo site. With incredible bonuses every time you fund, no silly rules to keep you from your winnings and fantastic bingo promotions that could see you joining our Big winner’s wall of fame, join in the bingo fun at CyberBingo to see for yourself why CyberBingo is bingo at its best!

With £25 free to play and no deposit required, sign up at CyberBingo today!

Welcome Funding Bonus





Pirates Vs Vikings

Pirates vs Vikings

High Sea Adventure

There’s high seas adventure and fabulous video slot fun to be found at CyberBingo in our action packed Pirates Vs. Vikings video slots tourney. There’s no need to talk like a Pirate or dress like a Viking to play, simply join in the video slot fun by playing any or all of our selected Pirates Vs. Vikings video slots between Friday, September 18 at 5:01AM BST and Monday, September 21 at 4:59AM BST for your chance to be our CyberBingo tourney winner of £300 cash.

With over £600 in prizes to be won by the top five (5) players, join in CyberBingo Pirates Vs. Vikings video action to be our tourney winner. The more you spin and win, the higher you will climb up our tourney leaderboard to be crowned the Pirates Vs. Vikings video slots tourney winner of £300 in cash!

The Big Bingo Event

The Big Bingo Event

August’s Big Bingo Event at CyberBingo is filled with summer bingo fun and excitement as they give away £6,500 in guaranteed cash prizes on Sunday, August 30 BST. With incredible guaranteed cash prizes that must be won, this is your chance to enjoy every moment of the summer as they play three (3) warm up games for £500 cash guaranteed and the main game for an amazing guaranteed cash prize of £5,000. No matter what your plans are this summer, CyberBingo’s £6,500 Guaranteed event is one you won’t want to miss.

Join in the Big Bingo excitement in the CyberBingo Tourney Bingo room from 1:00AM BST on Sunday, August 30 BST for your chance to win big in their £6,500 Guaranteed event. At 1:00AM BST, 2:00AM BST and 3:00AM BST they will play three top of the hour games, each with a guaranteed cash prize of £500. With a card cost of just £1.00 a card, these great games could be making your summer extra special.

At 4:00AM BST it’s time for CyberBingo’s big bingo game, playing for an unmissable £6,500 in cash guaranteed. Cards for this incredible game cost just £2.50 a card. With everything to play for, our £5,000 game could see you enjoying every moment of the summer as CyberBingo’s next big winner.

Want to enjoy the summer sunshine or a family BBQ but scared you’ll miss out on CyberBingo’s big game? Why not pre order your cards for the £6,500 Guaranteed Event in advance for your chance to win really big this summer in CyberBingo’s Big Bingo Event.

Father’s Day Bingo




fathers-day-headerFather’s Day is a celebration honouring fathers and celebrating fatherhood on Sunday June 21st, so join us for bingo fun and excitement at CyberBingo as we celebrate this great day with our action packed Father’s Day bingo Games. Playing from 10:00PM BST in the Spring Bingo room, you can enjoy four hours filled with bingo fun and excitement as we bring you a fabulous mix of everyone’s favorite bingo games.

Starting £60 games. Starting with a guaranteed prize pot of £60 for just £0.60 a card.

High or Low £120 / £60. High or Low, your chance to win big for only £0.60 per card.

Guaranteed £180 games. An incredible £180 guaranteed to be won every game for only £0.60 a card.

Join us at CyberBingo for Father’s Day bingo fun and fantastic cash prizes to be won and we’ll give you even more chances to win with an incredible Buy 6 Get 3 Free offer on all cards in our Father’s Day bingo games. All you have to do is select your 9 lucky cards and you will only be charged for 6. That’s incredible free chances to win with our Father’s Day Bingo games!


special-funding-bonuses-headerAt CyberBingo we love to offer our players the very best playing experience, fantastic promotions, incredible cash prizes and best of all fabulous Special Funding bonuses, giving you more bang for your buck every time you fund your account at CyberBingo.

There are NO CODES NEEDED, simply fund your account and we will instantly credit your fantastic Special Funding Bonus. That’s more bang for your buck every time!

Don’t forget that at CyberBingo we have NO SILLY WAGERING REQUIREMENTS!Unlike many other bingo sites that make you play through 3x or 4x your bonus, we believe that everything you win should be yours to keep!

Fund > Win > Withdraw – It’s as simple as that when you play at CyberBingo!


Deposit £60 or more to receive a massive 400% Bonus.

Deposit £59 or less to receive an amazing 200% Bonus.


Deposit between £10 and £29 and get a 99% bonus.

Deposit between £30 and £59 and get a 199% bonus.

Deposit £60 or more to receive a 299% bonus.


Deposit between £10 and £29 and get a 88% bonus.

Deposit between £30 and £59 and get a 188% bonus.

Deposit £60 or more to receive a 288% bonus.


Deposit £60 or more to receive a massive 300% Bonus.

Deposit £59 or less to receive an amazing 150% Bonus


Deposit £60 or more to receive a massive 400% Bonus.

Deposit £59 or less to receive an amazing 200% Bonus.


Deposit £60 or more to receive a massive 300% Bonus.

Deposit £59 or less to receive an amazing 150% Bonus.


Deposit £60 or more to receive a massive 200% Bonus.

Deposit £59 or less to receive an amazing 100% Bonus.

Play more every time you fund with fabulous Special Funding bonuses on every deposit at CyberBingo!

The £7,000 Spring Sweep

the-big-bingo-event-header-gbpIt’s time to let some fresh Spring air into your home with CyberBingo as you give it a Spring Sweep with £7,000 in guaranteed cash prizes to be won in CyberBingo’s Spring Sweep £7,000 Event on Sunday, April 26th. The bingo fun and excitement starts at 1am BST in the Bingo Tourney room. There will be three (3) £500 Guaranteed Top of the Hour warm up games at 1:00AM BST, 2:00AM BST and 3:00AM BST. Each one of these great games has a guaranteed cash prize of £500 and a card cost of just £1.00 a card.

The bingo fun and excitement builds as we head towards the big game at 4:00AM BST, the Spring Sweep 3 part game offering a guaranteed £5,625 in cash prizes. £125 for the 1st part, £500 for the 2nd part and an incredible £5,000 guaranteed cash prize for the 3rd part. With a card cost of just £2.50 a card and incredible guaranteed cash prizes to be won, this is your chance to be CyberBingo’s next big winner.

the-big-bingo-event-footerWhat would you do with an amazing £5,000 guaranteed cash prize? Redecorate your home? A new kitchen? or maybe just pay off some bills. CyberBingo’s fabulous guaranteed cash prize in their Big Bingo Event brings you countless possibilities as you spring sweep this month.

February Bingo Fun at CyberBingo

With so many incredible promotions, fantastic cash prizes and the very best in online Bingo fun, you’ll love the bingo fun this month at CyberBingo.

Spin and WinSpin and Win

Love is in the air this month and what better way to celebrate than with a fabulous Valentines Video slot tourney. There are prizes for the top 20 players, simply spin and win the most on our selected video slot games to be our tourney winner of £600 in cash.

B90 Bingo FunB90 Bingo Fun

Win an incredible £35.00 in prizes for Just £0.05 a ticket with our fantastic budget B90 35 for Five bingo games. With guaranteed cash prizes of £35.00 and an incredible Buy 6 Get 3 Free offer on all tickets, this has got to be the best value in B90 bingo fun.

Valentine BingoValentine Bingo

Valentine’s Day is a time to feel the Bingo love in our Share the Bingo Love bingo games. Playing for fantastic cash prizes in our back to back Valentine High or Low £90.00 / £45.00 and Valentine Starting £45.00 games, you’ll love the bingo fun!

Crazy Bingo GamesCrazy Bingo Games

Win up to £600 every game playing our fun filled Mardi Gras Crazy Games. Mardi Gras fun and excitement will keep you on the edge of your seat as the crazy prize pots randomly change to anywhere between £60 and an incredible £600 with each ball called.

Chart TopperChart Topper

Hit the top of the charts with a guaranteed number one playing our fantastic Elvis Lives £3,000 Fullhouse minimum £300 game. The King has a fantastic offer for his adoring fans… an incredible Buy 8 Get 4 Free offer on all tickets to win this fantastic cash prize.

Big Bingo EventBig Bingo Event

There’s nothing more exciting than winning big and our Big Bingo Event – The 3-Part £7,000 Mega Party is your chance to become our next big winner and win an amazing £5,000 guaranteed cash prize as we give away over £7,000 in cash.

We’ve got Christmas all wrapped up at CyberBingo

At CyberBingo we love to share and what better time of year than the Holidays to get together with your roomies for some festive bingo fun and excitement. We’ve filled the Holiday season to overflowing with incredible bingo games and fantastic Holiday promotions at CyberBingo to make your Holidays extra special with Bingo fun, excitement and incredible cash prizes guaranteed.


Santa’s got a sack filled with cash to make the Holidays extra special for our players this year as we play for an unbelievable £25,000 in cash in our Santa’s £25,000 Coverall event on Sunday, December 21 GMT. The fun starts at 1:00AM GMT, don’t miss your chance to Win Big this Christmas.

christmas-eve-bingo-partyJoin in the Holiday fun this Christmas Eve as we invite you to the best Christmas Eve Bingo Party ever. Starting at 10:00PM GMT in the Christmas Bingo room, get ready to play and win fantastic cash prizes as we bring you six hours of Bingo fun in our Christmas Eve Bingo Party.

supreme-bingoNo matter how crazy your Christmas Day gets, you’re guaranteed great prizes all day long with our fantastic Supreme Christmas Bingo games. Playing in the Christmas Bingo room, Christmas Day fun and excitement is guaranteed with our Supreme Christmas Bingo Games.

boxing-day-bingoGrab yourself an extra special Holiday treat in our incredible Boxing Day Buy 3 Get 1 Free Bingo event and win £600 for free. With a fantastic £2,400 in cash to be won and a chance to win for free, join us in the Bingo Tourney room on Saturday, December 27 from 1:00AM GMT.

new-years-eveWe’re waving goodbye to 2014 in the best possible way with six hours of bingo fun and excitement in our New Year’s Eve 3-Part Madness games. Join us from 10:00PM GMT in the New Year’s Eve Bingo room to win amazing cash prizes as we see out the year in style.

With incredible reload bonuses on every deposit you make, and no wagering requirements, join us at CyberBingo for the very best in Holiday bingo fun this Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

Remember, remember the 5th of November!

crazy-guy-fawkes-headerIt’s time for some crazy bingo fun at CyberBingo on November 5th as we play our Crazy Guy Fawkes Bingo games.

These fun filled crazy bingo games play in the CyberBingo Autumn Bingo Room from 10:00PM GMT and are sure to go with a bang as we play for fantastic cash prizes of up to £300 in cash.

Each one of our Crazy Guy Fawkes Bingo plays on an exclusive “Bonfire Night” themed patterns and guarantees a crazy prize pot that will will randomly change the to anywhere between £30 and £300 with every number called!

Get ready to set off the fireworks as we celebrate Bonfire Night at CyberBingo and give away incredible cash prizes in these Crazy Guy Fawkes Bingo games!


Win £100,000.00 for free with Birthday keno!


Celebrate CyberBingo’s 18th Birthday with us this summer and you could win £100,000.00 absolutely free with our Birthday Keno Machine!

We love to reward our loyal players with the best games and biggest jackpot prizes and to celebrate our 18th Birthday, we’re giving you the chance to join in our birthday celebrations by playing our incredible Birthday Keno Machine for free with a chance to win an incredible £100,000.00 in real cash!

Every time you fund your account this summer, not only will you receive a fabulous reload bonus, we will also award you free games to play on our Birthday Keno Machine where you can win real cash. For every £10 funded we will award you one free chance to win £100,000.00. The more you deposit the more free Games you can earn.

Celebrate 18 years of Bingo at its Best with CyberBingo!

Canada’s Birthday Bingo Party

Canada's Birthday Bingo Party

Happy Birthday Canada – Tuesday 1st July is Canada Day and to celebrate, we’re bringing you a fantastic Canada’s Birthday Bingo Party at CyberBingo. This fun filled party has a fabulous mixture of exciting Bingo birthday games for you to play. Starting £45 games with a cash prize that just keeps growing, High and Low £90 / £45 games and our Crazy £90 games. All these great games play on our great Canada patterns, so join in the fun and excitement of Canada Day in our Canada’s Birthday Bingo Party on Tuesday July 1st

Canada's CakeCanada’s Birthday Bingo Party plays in the CyberBingo World Cup Bingo Room on Tuesday, July 1 from 10:00PM BST. Bringing you four hours of fantastic Canada Day games with fabulous cash prizes to be won, join in the fun and party with us as we raise a cheer and wish Canada a very happy birthday!