A Trip down memory lane in the history of Bingo!

While Bingoblog header CB as we know it today is regarded as a very easy game to play, one cannot say the same on the origins and development of the game. One cannot expect and clear and concise description of the history of Bingo, as vague accounts and inconsistencies continued through its’ development. In fact, questions on who came up with the concept of Bingo and where it all began are still asked to this day.

The roots of the modern game as we know it today, go back to the 16th century Italy, where the first ever chance game was introduced as a lottery game with the name of ‘Lo Giuoco del Lotto D’Italia’.  After almost two centuries, the game made it’s way to France where it enjoyed particular success; with the game even referred to as Le Lotto among the French society who played the game.  The way Le Lotto was played was quite simple to grasp.  Special cards were divided into three rows and nine columns.  Each of the three columns consist of 10 numbers, while each column had five random numbers and four blank spaces in it.  Each player had a different lotto card used to mark the number announced by the caller.  The winner would be determined on who would cover one row first.5

By the end of the 19th century, the Lotto game continued to spread around Europe, even starting to being introduced as an educational Children’s game in Germany.  A very similar game to the Lotto Game made it’s way to the United States, and it’s exactly there where the name of ‘Bingo’ originated from…and quite by chance really.  I say by chance because the initial name of the game we know as Bingo today; was originally called ‘Beano’, where players placed beans on their cards to mark the called number.  ‘Beano’ was the word players yelled when completing a full row FIRST.  Incidentally in one game, one player shouted ‘Bingo’ instead.  It was then when a New Yorker salesman by the name of Edwin S. Lone decided to develop a new game and giving it the name BINGO.

By the 1940’s all of the United States seemed to be enjoying Bingo.  Being relatively easy going and fun, it was accessible at home, charity events and similar social events.  Today Bingo and online Bingo is one of the most popular chance games in the world being played throughout the United States, the UK, Australia, New Zealand and other parts of the world.

And as technology is becoming more and more sophisticated, so is Bingo which as a result of it’s friendly and interactive nature; is able to to lend itself easily to the web which has without a shred of doubt been a huge contributing factor in it’s continued growth and development in today’s digital age.

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What a Bingo Winner feels

The Bingo Winner - lukkkyme_grand

The Bingo Winner – lukkkyme_grand

Let’s talk about a bingo winner:


Thank you so much Cyber, if ever i am asked to recommend a site – this would be the one...

I still can’t believe i won that money, I was sitting with a nice glass of wine and a very loving partner and we was so happy we were laughing and kissing. It has been a really hard winter with business very slow, this money will go a very long way to setting us up for the forthcoming season in our business, and its a wonderful feeling to know that the security is now there. Thank you so much Cyberbingo, if ever I am asked to recommend a site – this would be the one. Good luck to all bingo players, it really does happen.


You have to be very careful when choosing the site where you want to play online bingo. The reason for this caution is because when you want to get yourself registered with a site for playing bingo, you will be asked to provide your credit card or debit card number.

But some of the online bingo sites are too lax with their security which may allow offenders to steal your personal information and use it for their own gain. The possibility of such an occurrence taking place may cause you sleepless nights.

To know more about the online sites you can go through the reviews and discussions which take place in their chat rooms between different players. From these reviews and discussions you can make out whether the online site is dependable or not both financial wise and integrity wise.

This is what happened to a lady player when she decided to play bingo on a reputed online bingo site. This lady was facing acute financial distress because of a long and hard winter which had taken a heavy toll on her business and her day to day life. She was completely at a loss about how to go on operating her business under the circumstances. She had no more money to invest in the already failing business and was about to go bankrupt.

So with a heavy heart, she turned to the game of bingo for help. For a long time now she had been hearing people get rich playing bingo on the online sites. She had even read stories in the newspapers about bingo players winning a lot of cash. She was quite doubtful about these stories and did not trust unknown people getting hold of her credit card number.

But curiosity had got the better of her and whenever she found nobody around, she would try to do research on the subject of online bingo sites. Through painstaking research she found out the names of some of the online bingo site which looked respectable, dependable and secure.

As she was feeling quite desperate and depressed she chose one of these sites which looked most favourable in her opinion, got herself registered and started the game of bingo. At first she was a bit hesitant about what cards to buy and how much to bet. But as the game proceeded she became more and more confident.

The game was going on fairly well and she could see people winning a bingo now and then. She was wishing fervently for her turn to come to win a bingo when suddenly it happened. The colour of her card changed and a message on the screen started blinking saying that her card had won a huge sum of cash.

At first she could not believe her eyes but when she realized it was true, she was so elated that she hugged her partner sitting beside her with a glass of wine and kissed him in joy. By winning such a huge amount of cash she felt very relieved as all her worries about the future of her business had been reduced to zero in one stroke. She was so happy with the way the online bingo site had helped her in her hour of crisis that she wanted everybody to go through the same experience.

It is a wonderful feeling which you get when you win a huge amount of prize money by playing bingo on an online bingo site which is known for its credibility, honesty and fairness.

Gamble Aware (www.gambleaware.co.uk) is managed by the Responsibility in Gambling Trust, an independent charity which funds treatment, research and education about responsible gambling. The website has been developed by a Task Force made up of representatives from the Gambling Commission, DCMS, academia and industry.

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A Bingo Winner story

As the story goes for a bingo winner, there was this lady player who would regularly spent some time playing online bingo but could not win much even after playing every day without fail.

The lady was an avid bingo player but could not spare enough time to play during the day or night as she felt very tired after a day’s hard work. But being a great lover of the game, she used to get up early every morning and have a game of bingo before moving over to her daily household tasks. She had to do the laundry, scrub the tiles, sweep the floors, vacuum the carpets and myriad other jobs which a housewife has to do.

Bingo Winner

Bingo Winner

One day as usual she got up early end logged into her favourite online bingo site and started playing bingo. But soon she realized that she was not winning anything at all, but just like all the other days only losing money steadily. Frustrated due to the losing streak she was facing, she decided to finish off her daily chores which looked more important to her.

But she could not give up the game and so she bought some cards and then she went about her business. She started by sweeping the floors as she could use a machine to do the job and did not have to go down on her knees to do it. This made it easier for her to make frequent checks on the computer and the progress of the game as she worked on her chores at the same time. She would hurry to the computer, buy some cards if required to continue the game, and return to her work.

But every time as usual, she would find that the balance was getting less and less as she bought the cards but won nothing in return. She was afraid that she would soon lose all her balance and have no more money to pay for the cards. She started to dread this moment as it would mean that she would have to borrow money from her family so that she could play online bingo.

It happened on one of her frequent checks when she found that her balance amount displayed on the computer screen had suddenly shot up by a huge amount. She stood staring at the computer screen for some time unable to believe what she was seeing.

She was so habituated to losing that she could not absorb the fact the Lady Luck had smiled on her at last. Not able to take in what she saw on the screen she stopped the game and logged herself out from the online bingo site. She thought that there must be something wrong with the computer or the internet or the site’s server conducting the game.

She logged in again into the online bingo site and checked the balance displayed on the screen again. Indeed the screen displayed that she had won a huge amount of cash in the last game she had played and the amount was being displayed after being added to her balance. She was totally unable comprehend as to how or when she had won the bingo but felt elated that she had been able to win.

She felt herself on cloud nine after winning such a huge prize. Such was her excitement at winning this huge amount of cash after patiently playing the game of online bingo for such a long time, that she forgot all about her daily chores in the exhilaration of the moment.

Patience and consistency in bingo definitely has its rewards.

Gamble Aware (www.gambleaware.co.uk) is managed by the Responsibility in Gambling Trust, an independent charity which funds treatment, research and education about responsible gambling. The website has been developed by a Task Force made up of representatives from the Gambling Commission, DCMS, academia and industry.

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Rules and Etiquettes in a Bingo Game

What if you get the full bingo card pattern? A simple, loud “Bingo!” is the customary way to make caller notice you. Once you notify the caller, an assistant, who is sometimes called a floor walker, will verify your win. Once your bingo game numbers are verified by the computer, your winning bingo card will be posted all throughout the night for other players to check. This is needed to keep the things transparent.

bingo game

bingo game

If two players win a bingo game on the same declared number, the jackpot is equally divided into two. Same thing when three people win together. The prize is also divided into three.

Common Rules

  • Bingo halls may vary when it comes to rules. What you have to do is just read and observe the rules carefully before you start the game.
  • Never, ever cheat. Alteration of a card is worthless and you can’t fool anybody. Be a good example to every player. Play safe by being honest. Below are some common rules you may encounter:
  • In most halls, players must be 18 years of age or older.
  • Not every bingo hall permits alcoholic beverages although there are some who sells them and even soda drinks. Certain establishments may expect you to buy foods only within their area.
  • During special high-stakes games, players should not frequently enter and leave the room.
  • Reservation of specific cards is not allowed.
  • While playing, other people who are not part of the game should not stay inside to watch. Seats are exclusive only for people who have their buy-in. Some halls even require attendance tickets for the players.
  • If a player wins, he or she should notify the caller by shouting a loud “bingo!” to temporarily stop the game before the next number is announced. Bingo should be claimed right after most-recent number is called. If the caller already announced the next ball, then it’s too late to call for you to call “bingo”. When a caller closes the game and drops the balls for the next game, any missed bingos becomes invalid.
  • One practical reminder: Bring a photo ID in case you hit the big one. For large jackpots, players should produce a Social Security card which they would fill out to state their earnings and tax.
  • In addition, the hall has the right to announce the identity of the winners and the winning numbers.

Bingo Etiquettes

  • Most bingo players are cordial and they are more than happy to converse with you should you have any bingo problem. Always observe friendly manners to them.
  • Avoid stepping on any toes as you make your way through the bingo hall.
  • Pipe down instantly as soon as the caller gets down to business.
  • Choose a lucky seat.
  • Don’t serve as a parrot. Never announce numbers in repetition as you are just be distracting other players.
  • If you bring your kids along with you, make sure to involve them in certain activities to keep them quiet. This is to avoid distracting other players.
  • Whatever the game leads you, never ever let your frustrations annoy anybody around the hall. If you have any concern, the bingo manager is always there to listen and assist you.
  • Double check your numbers before you call bingo.
  • If you smoke, you can do it in a designated area.
  • For the first-timers and seasonal players, just follow the playing tips the players mention in the next section.

Gamble Aware (www.gambleaware.co.uk) is managed by the Responsibility in Gambling Trust, an independent charity which funds treatment, research and education about responsible gambling. The website has been developed by a Task Force made up of representatives from the Gambling Commission, DCMS, academia and industry.

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Bingo Jackpots and Prizes offered in Bingo

The value of the cash prizes offered by the bingo halls may vary from a mere $50 to $100 and can sometimes go up to a $1 million or even more in the casinos located in the reservations of North America. The prize can also take the form of gifts like trips, cars and even drinks. The money that is at stake in bingo bingo jackpotsis defined by the money that the bingo hall will finally earn in the process. Normally is is around 50 to 60% of the jackpot amount. In some states the laws restricts the maximum payout amount per night. In Georgia the limit is $1100 per night and in the state of Louisiana this limit is about $4500 per session.

Bingo jackpot

Bingo jackpot

The progressive jackpot amount goes on increasing with every passing game until there is a winner. Instead of being a percentage of the money earned, the initial seed money for a progressive jackpot may be declared as $500. To win this jackpot a player should get a blackout i.e. getting all the numbers on a bingo card marked when the 49th ball is called. As long as there is no winner, then the money in the progressive jackpot goes on increasing, sometimes at the rate of $100 per game, throughout the sessions held maybe for days and weeks.

State laws put a limit to what the maximum value of a progressive jackpot can be and the value remains at that point until a winner is declared. The state of Michigan on the other hand does not put any cap on the amount a progressive jackpot can have.

Games with high stakes like $50,000, $100,000, $1 million or more has become the latest phenomenon because of the great popularity of the bingo game. Bingo halls are getting insured against bankruptcy as they compete with each other to offer these high stakes.

A few bingo halls hold the game in steps in which $50,000 is paid for getting a blackout in 49 balls or $100,000 is paid out if the blackout occurs in 45 balls. But as it is very difficult to get a blackout with so few balls, the progressive jackpot game can stretch over weeks and months.

Some of the bingo halls offer $100,000 jackpots which can be won in a session spread over a week comprising of five games at night and one game in the afternoon. In this session the winner should get a special winning pattern within a limited number of balls. They may also have to chose a winning card or spin a wheel to win after they get the winning pattern.

A player may win the top jackpot prize at the first chance he plays bingo or may take weeks or months or even years to win it.

Winners of a large progressive jackpot do not get the money immediately. They have to wait for 48 hours before they can be paid. During those 48 hours the balls are checked for tampering by labs and the video tape footage is checked by the insurance companies. Only after passing these tests does the winner get the money in lump sum cash or check if it is less than $100,000. If the value is more than $100,000 then he is paid in yearly installments.

A type of bingo game is called Satellite Bingo where a number of bingo halls in one area are connected by satellite so they can offer a bigger jackpot. The bingo halls can thus offer a bigger jackpot collectively than they could have offered individually.

These are some of the important points you should remember when playing a game of bingo.

Gamble Aware (www.gambleaware.co.uk) is managed by the Responsibility in Gambling Trust, an independent charity which funds treatment, research and education about responsible gambling. The website has been developed by a Task Force made up of representatives from the Gambling Commission, DCMS, academia and industry.

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Play live bingo on your mobile phone

Since its invention in the 1990s, the game of online live bingo had been confined to desktops and laptops. Not anymore. Presently, with the help of modern technology, it has spread to include mobile phones also. It can be downloaded to all types of mobile phones like Blackberry, Nokia, Apple iPhones and iPods and many others which use different operating systems. You can now participate in a game of bingo while travelling by car or a bus, or while sitting in a park and even in the midst of a dreadful party. You require a signal only to play the bingo game.

Live Bingo

Live Bingo

All the primary features like slot games and chat rooms are provided in online bingo games on a mobile phone.

Why do you play games on your mobile phone whenever you get a chance? It is because commuting to the workplace and back by public transport takes a lot of time and you play to pass this time. Those who spend very little time on travel have to visit relatives or go on sightseeing trips sometimes or other. You can play online bingo on your mobile phones and enjoy while you travel.

Maybe, your daily chores or jobs do not allow you to sit down in front of your desktop to have a game of your favourite online live bingo. It gets more frustrating when you have to wait for your turn to use the computer. Your mobile phone comes in very handy at this time and you can use it to play online bingo as well as carry on with your daily job. Playing online bingo on your mobile phone is more rewarding than reading a book especially when you win a bingo.

The first step to download the game is to provide your phone number to the bingo provider. When you click on the link sent to you through a text message, the game is downloaded into your mobile phone. Some sites send a text message containing a WAP link for downloading the game software in return to your message. If you prefer to play online live bingo without downloading the software onto your mobile phone, you will find many sites which offer this facility. Whatever you prefer to do, you can enquire with the service provider who will be too glad to help you.

You can find out from the service provider how to deposit money into your mobile phone account for playing bingo. Payment through both debit and credit cards are also acceptable to the service provider. Other sites offer the facility of payment through phone bills every month.

Sites also use the strategy of attracting new players by offering a free bonus without any deposit which helps you to check the credentials of the site before you decide to place a bet with your own money. This strategy has been very successful and is being replicated by all the sites.

Since mobile phones are very susceptible to lost connections, initially it was thought that online live bingo on mobile phones will not be successful. But on enquiry with mobile players, it has been found that even if you lose the connection for a few seconds you are you can still continue with the game. You still get the credit for the game even if the win occurred when the connection was lost.

The quality of the services is undergoing continuous development as an increasing number of people like to play bingo online on their handsets. Playing online bingo with the help of thought processes may not be a distant dream altogether.

Gamble Aware (www.gambleaware.co.uk) is managed by the Responsibility in Gambling Trust, an independent charity which funds treatment, research and education about responsible gambling. The website has been developed by a Task Force made up of representatives from the Gambling Commission, DCMS, academia and industry.

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Bingo Halls for learning Bingo and its Ten Commandments

The Ten Commandments of bingo were not brought down from the mountains on stone tablets. They had no single author but evolved over time with the increasing popularity of bingo. They are the basic rules laid down when playing bingo during good old days in bingo halls. A few of these rules are valid for online bingo also.

Bingo Halls

Bingo Halls

The etiquettes you need to observe when play0ing against experienced bingo players have been described in the first five commandments. If you do not follow them then you may find yourself in trouble. For example, if you attend a real poker game after gaining some experience in playing some free online poker games, you may not be aware that the cards in your hand are to be held in such a way so that the back of all the cards are visible to the other players. You may get reprimanded for your inexperience and lack of knowledge regarding the rules of the game.

Following are the ten commandments of bingo:

1. You cannot sit in the favorite seat of another player. All regular persons frequenting a particular bar have their own favorite sitting arrangements. Similarly in bingo the regular players have their favorite or lucky seats which they occupy while playing. But as they are not marked and being new to the bingo hall, you cannot make them out as being reserved for some regular person. Before being sorry for getting rebuked, it is better for you to ask the staff about vacant seats available which you can occupy safely.

2. You cannot steal or borrow cards, dauber for marking the cards or the dabbers from some other player.

3. You cannot call for a replacement of the caller even if you think that he is responsible for your loss or your run of bad luck.

4. You cannot wish bad luck to the other players or speak badly of them.

5. You cannot call out bingo if you have not actually won the game.

6. You cannot harm the caller in any way because you were not able to win the game or lost too much money.

7. You cannot steal from your spouse and use the money to play bingo.

8. You cannot lie to others when asked about the amount you have won. If you do not want to disclose the amount you have to tell them that you prefer not to mention the amount or just say that you have won a modest amount.

9. You cannot usurp or steal the money won by another player.

10. You have to be quiet during a game of bingo and refrain yourself from irritating, disturbing or distracting the other players participating in the game.

The commandments numbered 3, 4, 5, 6, 8 and 10 out of the Ten Commandments given above can also easily apply to a game of online bingo. The commandments ensure that the exchange of information, views and news which goes on in the chat rooms between games, remain courteous.

All callers and ex-callers feel happy about the implementation of the commandments number 3 and 6 even if they are unable to match the required speed in responding to the players demands, are inaudible while calling out the numbers or are unable to control the game. The commandments save the callers from players who seem very menacing and try to disrupt the game.

Remember the Ten Commandments of bingo when you log into an online bingo site next time or go to a land based bingo hall to play bingo.

Gamble Aware (www.gambleaware.co.uk) is managed by the Responsibility in Gambling Trust, an independent charity which funds treatment, research and education about responsible gambling. The website has been developed by a Task Force made up of representatives from the Gambling Commission, DCMS, academia and industry.

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Play Online Game of Bingo and make New Friends

The game of bingo has been around for the last 500 years. The Italian people should get a vote of thanks for inventing this wonderful and hugely popular game which is played by hundreds of people throughout the world today. The bingo game today has a number of different versions which the people play for their enjoyment. By playing the online version of the bingo game, people are able to make new friends and money at the same time.



The popularity of the online bingo game has increased because more and more people start talking to each other, sharing their personal views and other experiences thus creating a bond between themselves. As they play the online bingo game together, they communicate with each other through the chat rooms and other such facilities provided by the online bingo sites. New players are able to clear their doubts about the game by chatting to older players who explain the rules and strategies needed to win money from playing online bingo. The game is so much fun and easy to play that people from all age groups, from very young to very old, can all participate in it. As two people chat and play online bingo together, a strong bond of friendship develops between them. People living far away from their families can talk to them on online bingo chat rooms. Thus bingo helps society as a whole by bringing people together.

Age is no bar for people to play a game of bingo. Adults as well as children can play this game. Children specially find this bingo game very attractive as they enjoy playing the game while talking between them. Just like the Germans did in the sixteenth century, the game of bingo can be used to teach mathematics to children to boost their mental skills. Thus the game of bingo has an educational side to it too. Both the young and the old can make new friends with the help of online bingo. Old people, who are lonely, can make friends and chat with them while engaged in a game of online bingo, or they can visit bingo halls where they can meet people of their age and befriend them while taking part in the same bingo game.

The real-life bingo halls which have been catering to the people for such a long time are starting to have stiff competition from the online bingo sites which have come up with the help of the Internet. Just like the old fashioned bingo halls where you can meet and talk to friends, the online bingo sites offer chat rooms where friends can talk with each other while enjoying the game of bingo. The chat rooms of the online bingo sites allow people to talk to friends and relatives about everything on earth. The greatest experience for anybody would be to befriend someone in the chat rooms of an online bingo site and then meet the person face to face on the street.

It is very easy to prolong friendships by playing bingo on online bingo sites. Some of the other pastimes or hobbies are so individual oriented that you cannot make friends easily by sharing them with other people. But playing bingo gives a different kind of entertainment. A visit to a bingo hall or an online bingo site will expose the player to people they have never met before, who will become friends, give advise, share their experiences and help the player enjoy the visit. So if anyone feels lonely and sad, then the person should immediately pay a visit to a real-life bingo hall or an online bingo site in search of friends with whom the person can liven up his life and spirit.

Gamble Aware (www.gambleaware.co.uk) is managed by the Responsibility in Gambling Trust, an independent charity which funds treatment, research and education about responsible gambling. The website has been developed by a Task Force made up of representatives from the Gambling Commission, DCMS, academia and industry.

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The Art of Bingo Patterns

Playing Bingo game has never been so fun and interesting. The creative operators that made this game, managed to attract more and more players for it by adding different bingo patterns for each of its versions. The players are getting constantly amused by this art of adding limitless patterns for the game and can’t refuse one more session.

Online Bingo patterns

Online Bingo patterns

All this sensation of the different patterns for the game of bingo impulsed some of the players to create a few by themselves. They know what they prefer when it comes to bingo patterns and they thought there couldn’t be greater ones than the ones made by them. So, the list of numerous patterns for this game is now even bigger than it was when the creators started this whole frenzy.

Even so, there are some bingo patterns that may appear under different names. For example, out of the huge list of bingo patterns, one could find the kite pattern and the magic wand pattern as being one and the same.

Usually, before the bingo session starts, the winning pattern is already known because it is announced in the bingo hall. But when playing, one should know that he/ she can base his luck not only on a single winning patter. For example, one could be playing for the picture frame and for the blackout pattern at the same time.

This game gives you the chance of winning two jackpots. Or, you could share your luck with a friend, and play a couple of patterns during a single game, which will make you both jackpot winners. The crazy pattern, which a bingo pattern may take, may make it point to different card direction. For example, it can go on a side to side direction. Also, there is the possibility of an up side down direction, increasing the players’ chances of winning.

This roll down of bingo patterns proved to be confusing for some of the players. Because they are more complicated now, together with their increase in number, some players find it hard to cope with their complexity and they sometimes miss calling a bingo.

Still, the constant renewal of bingo patterns has as goal to make the game more interesting and to avoid monotony from part of the players. The patterns will help building a skill factor in order to play the game successfully.

The bingo halls have electronic boards for the player to keep track of the lucky, winning numbers that were called. Also, these electronic boards help the players to keep their eyes on the winning bingo patterns that are so important in this game.

Besides the electronic boards that are very helpful for players, the callers from the bingo hall are there to provide instructions for the most complicated bingo patterns. This way, before the beginning of the game, by having things clear and by paying attention to one’s card, the game won’t be erratic or complicated.

The emergence of bingo patterns manages to attract more and more players for this game. Their complexity challenge the players to win and besides all the enigma created around the bingo patterns, it seems that the players have gradually increasing attraction to this game, the game of bingo.

Gamble Aware (www.gambleaware.co.uk) is managed by the Responsibility in Gambling Trust, an independent charity which funds treatment, research and education about responsible gambling. The website has been developed by a Task Force made up of representatives from the Gambling Commission, DCMS, academia and industry.

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Win money at a game of free online Bingo without investing anything

Online Bingo is one of the most popular games which everybody plays nowadays. The difference between real-life and free online bingo is that unlike the real-life bingo games, online bingo game sites offer free games while winning actual money. These sites also offer rewards on top of the prize money for playing bingo on their sites.

Free Online Bingo

Free Online Bingo

The greatest incentive for playing online bingo is that money can be won without investing any on a player’s part. A game of free bingo can be played on hundreds of sites. Of course, free online bingo does not make anybody rich, but enough can be won as pocket money. This article helps a player to understand how free money can be won in a game of online bingo.

The bingo game has two forms in the online type, i.e. it can be downloaded and played or it can be played instantly. The type of play has to be chosen by the player initially.

The software used by most online bingo sites is easy and attractive. Only those sites which offer free downloadable software should be chosen. Each software has its own advantages and disadvantages. The choice depends on the player’s like and dislikes. In case there are doubts about allowing unknown software to affect the computer, a player should search for sites offering ‘free flash bingo’ software.

Online bingo sites offer three types of free money which can be won.

Promotion bonus on fresh deposit is the most common practice. Terms and conditions vary according to the sites. A bonus can be offered on the first deposit or on a minimum deposit amount.

Rewards offered when a player wins a game of online bingo is another form of free money to be won. Bingo games offering rewards are usually held at specific times of the day. The prize amount is small and the number of players competing very large. Information on these sites is available on bingo forums. An alternative way to find more of these sites is to join them.

A one-time free bonus on the win is also offered to a new player by some sites. Though money can be won using this bonus, withdrawing the cash means agreeing to the terms and conditions laid down by the site. Usually the winning player is requested to play bingo a number of times with the same amount as the bonus money before the prize cash can released. If the player wins $100 and the bonus offered is $10, then the site may ask the player to play 10 times more by depositing $10 each time before the bonus is paid out. Thus in reality the player spends $100 on the online bingo game session and is allowed to get only the extra money over and above the $100 spent in playing 10 times.

All sites do not accept players from the US. Again, there are sites which offer better bingo bonus to players from the US. Players from the US have to choose those sites which are ready to accept these players and vice-versa.

Before doing research on the perfect bingo site it is better to find out whether the American player is acceptable by the site or not to save a lot of trouble.

A bingo portal or a bingo review site helps in choosing that most reputable site which offers the best promotions, rewards and bonuses and is ideal for the bingo player.

Bonuses can be claimed by following the instructions provided by the online bingo sites. Some sites automatically allow bonus claims while others need a code to be entered. In case the player forgets the code then he may not be able to claim the bonus which is highly irritating. Most of the online bingo sites offer online help to search lobbies for information about free money games on offer.

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Evolution of bingo game over time

The origin of the bingo game which is played nowadays can be traced back to an Italian lottery named “Lo Giuco Del Lotta d’Italia” which used to be held in Italy in the 1530’s. It was a form of gambling which was vehemently opposed by the powerful Christian Church at that time. Even then, it became very popular amongst Italian people as a favorite pastime.

bingo game

bingo game

This lottery spread to France in the 1778’s and became equally popular among the French people. The Church in France too was against this kind of gambling but it could not stop the spread of this lottery in France. During the 1800’s, the vehement opposition by the Church only made this lottery and other such types of gambling become more popular with their spread all over Europe. With the spreading of this game to all parts of Europe, bingo started to be played with the help of square matrices drawn on table tops. The matrix on each table would have 9 columns in vertical and 3 rows in horizontal similar to the modern game using 90 balls. There would be five squares filled with nos. and 4 blank squares at random in each row. The numbers in the squares would range from 1 to 10 for the first column, 11 to 20 in the second column, and 21 to 30 in the third column and so on until the last column, which would have numbers ranging from 81 to 90. Similar to the modern bingo game, each table would have a definite number.

In the 1920’s, the game was exported from Europe to the United States. It became Americanized very quickly and came to be called “Beano” as the cards started to be marked with beans (please do not sneeze!). In the new version of bingo which came into existence, a new system of drawing the numbers from a cigar-box was started. The game of bingo became more popular in the rural villages than in the urban districts because of the strong anti-gambling laws enforced in cities and towns.

Edwin Lowe, a vendor from New York, first introduced the game of bingo to New York in 1929, and made it popular there. In an established incident, about which neither the date nor the circumstances are known, a player playing near Lowe got up from his chair and called “Bingo” instead of “Beano” to indicate that the player had won. Since Lowe liked the word “Bingo” which was more attractive than the word “Beano”, the name Bingo became the name of the game as it is known today. Edwin Lowe was responsible for the popularity of the game spreading all over New York and the rest of the United States.

Edwin Lowe wanted to create more cards than the initial 900 cards which would enable a single player to win more often in a bingo game. With the help of Carl Leffler, a professor of maths, he created 6000 cards with unique numbers. To create these unique cards and get them perfect, Lowe created so much pressure on Leffler, that it is believed that Leffler lost his sanity forever.

The popularity of the bingo game knew no bounds after being perfected by Lowe. To his surprise, Lowe discovered that the Church had become his greatest business partner. The more the Church enforced the ban on the game, the more it spread through various networks. The popularity was greatest in the remote northern territory of the United States. Every week more than 10,000 bingo games used to be played there. Presently, a huge number of games are played each day in the United States and all over the World. The bingo game has spread everywhere, including small religious groups and huge online populations. The revenue collected from bingo games worldwide runs into millions of dollars. Today the Bingo game is among the three topmost gambling games including Backgammon and Poker. Each day the prize money offered in a bingo game is increasing. More and more people are flocking to play a game of bingo each day as it is so easy to play. This is how the game of bingo evolved starting from the 1530’s to the present day.

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Enjoying Securely: Pointers for Free Online Bingo Payments

Now an essential part of online bingo is linking a money account of some sort to your player account. This way, free online bingo payments can be made smoothly and without hassle, with the speed second only to your mouse-click. Now speed doesn’t have to mean you get your money stolen about as fast. Here’s a quick low-down of what you must know about payments made for your online bingo account.



How do you deposit money to your online playing account?

You, as a consumer acquainted with the daily necessity of purchasing things, probably know that there are numerous ways by which you can pay. Take for example the following list.

· Debit or Credit cards

· Cash cards such as Switch, Solo or Paysafe cards

· Direct wire transfer through net banking

· Online accounts like PayPal, UKash or Neteller

· Other transfer facilities like Click2Pay

All these methods are safe and fast. One thing you must remember though is details, details, details. For all of this to work you must put in some pretty sensitive data about your preferred payment method, but security measures are always in place.

How do you withdraw money from your account after you’ve won something?

Taking money out from your account is even simpler than depositing, though the site may have some conditions applied for withdrawing amount or the minimum balance in your account. If they are convinced about your withdrawal (most likely by some security measure), the money is immediately released through your preferred mode. Please keep in mind that you can withdraw only what you won as prizes or deposited in your account; bonuses received under promotional schemes can only be used to play paid games offered by the website and never withdrawn as cash. Remember that withdrawal fees may be involved though, so don’t get too trigger-happy with every little bit of win.

Are my transactions secured?

One can always be concerned about the safety of his/her crucial data while giving the details over an online form. All UK bingo sites take essential precautions to keep your information secured. There are various technologies applied and data is converted using the best encryption techniques available. The objective is to keep you assured that your details are safe and confidential.

There is one thing you have to watch out for though. For all of this to work, always remember to put in the sensitive information mentioned earlier when you see the green lock icon in the address bar of your internet browser.

Integrity of your personal information is a most important reason why the servers are always kept on a furtive location and only the authorized people are allowed to enter the premise which further makes certain that your details are in safe hands. The site or management never shares your personal data with any third party unless they receive a proper consent from your side.

Which are the supervising authorities?

Thanks to the increasing popularity and number of members on various online bingo sites, the industry had to come up with the typical rules and regulations for all of them, implemented by bodies that are required to spot-check the websites. To name a few, we have:

1. The Gibraltar Regulatory Authority

2. UK Gambling Commission

3. Alderney Gambling Control Commission

4. Malta Lotteries & Gaming Authority.

Societies like Gambleaware, Gamcare and Thawte take care of payment and withdrawals over Internet.

Are there ways to get help when I need it?

Simply follow the “Contact Us” or “Help” link on the website and it will navigate you to the support page. You can easily spot the toll-free number and the email address of support team. Some sites have online query forms where the responses are really quick. You can also get your questions answered in every game room using the instant chat option.

Gamble Aware (www.gambleaware.co.uk) is managed by the Responsibility in Gambling Trust, an independent charity which funds treatment, research and education about responsible gambling. The website has been developed by a Task Force made up of representatives from the Gambling Commission, DCMS, academia and industry.

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Play to Earn: From Free Online Bingo to Your Wallet

Bingo is not just about playing a game of random numbers, in which the player matches that number against the number on a card; it has become a money-making machine all over the world. Earlier, this game was played on cards but now online bingo has become a real business. Around the world, there are various types of free online bingo games played and some bingo sites even provide chat functionality.



One can find many operators offering bingo games offering varied platforms; for instance, a websites may require certain software to play these games which can be easily downloaded and played right on your desktop by launching it, while there are also many other sites where you will directly go to the playing section after registering yourself. Bingo for real money is the most popular thing nowadays, where one can play using cash and get more access to that particular website for avenues by which one can win (as opposed to playing for free, which employ limits on your potential earnings).

Auto daub is one of the features that one can see on bingo sites in which player don’t have to cut the numbers from their cards, they are managed by the site itself. There are many game rooms where one can experience features like Best Card Sorting and Best Card Highlighting. When someone is planning to play bingo using free money, it will give you pleasure in the start but won’t allow you to win a jackpot as it can only be achieved if you plan to play bingo for real money. With bingo money, there are certain liberties that one avails, such as access to a real room where they can see the promotions and even judge the quality of the website. As security is also one of the important concerns, this difficulty can also be overcome by using bingo bash Facebook application. One doesn’t need to give their credit card information, just have to login and play the game.

Reasons Why You Should Boot Up to Play

Here are just a little bit of what sort of entertainment you can expect by playing the online variant of bingo.

1. Variety of games

One can easily get variety in games as this application has been developed in such a way that it keeps the person gripped with this interesting game of luck. Plus you get to play other alternative forms of bingo.

2. Play with friends

Of course you can’t play bingo all by yourself. You have to socialize to really enjoy it, as is the essence of the classic bingo game we all recognize.

3. Chat function

One of the nice additions of online bingo is the chat function. This feature makes it breezier for the players to communicate with other players, for reasons obvious to anybody (try expressing your anticipation for that last number; you might just gain a new friend by doing that). The sites often have a Chat Monitor where players can have a friendly chat along with congratulating each other on winning a game.

There are few suggestions that one can keep in mind while playing bingo for real money, first and foremost of which is playing with friends just for fun and not to spend too much money. Secondly, it is advisable to play free for the first time on a website as one cannot judge a site’s credibility.

Well, the bottom line is that irrespective of the way you prefer to play this game, bristling as it is with security measures and nice modern features, it is still pretty straightforward: line them all up and win it big.

Gamble Aware (www.gambleaware.co.uk) is managed by the Responsibility in Gambling Trust, an independent charity which funds treatment, research and education about responsible gambling. The website has been developed by a Task Force made up of representatives from the Gambling Commission, DCMS, academia and industry.

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A well thought out strategy to increase the chance of winning in a game of online bingo

It is the usual belief that a great deal of luck is required to win an online bingo game. To some extent, this is true. But if the approach to the bingo game is made carefully, then a strategy can be devised which will definitely increase the chance of winning in this game. All this is possible by minutely observing all the aspects of the game.



There are a large number of people who have done a lot of research to find out ways on how to win more often in a bingo game. Some of the following methods described here can help a person win a game of bingo more frequently rather than once in a while. Before the game begins, all doubts about the procedures of the bingo game being conducted should be cleared. All the important aspects of the game should be considered and then only the way on how to proceed should be decided.

The way each bingo game is conducted, follows some defined steps. Each and every game of bingo is conducted in a definite way depending on who is conducting it. Though there are hundreds of ways of doing it, there will be some typical method being followed which will be apparent if observed carefully. This careful observation can greatly increase the chances of winning every bingo game.

Some people think that if you play with multiple cards, the chances of winning gets multiplied also. But it has been seen that in particular games of bingo, the chances of winning are more with lesser number of bingo cards. Lesser number of bingo cards per game does not imply that it is always the best option for all bingo games. Sometimes it may be better if a game is played with multiple cards instead of playing many games with only one bingo card per game.

It should always be kept in mind that the sequence of the bingo cards has a definite connection with the winning numbers. But the players are not permitted to buy the bingo cards of their choice by a lot of bingo sites. If they had allowed this, then it could be the best way to increase the chance of winning the bingo game.

Another thing that should be kept in mind is that there always exists a relation between even and odd numbers and also between small and big numbers. There is also the probability that a ball will come out in the first draw. This is true for all balls in a bingo game.

These are the observations which are needed to decide on the winning strategy for a bingo game.

Before starting on a game of bingo, all rules and regulations should be perfectly clear. Most of the bingo sites provide highly informative tutorials. These tutorials give guidance on how the game is to be played. They give instructions which steps are to be followed and how to decide on the steps and the strategies that need to be taken to increase the chances of winning more often. While playing online bingo games, it is recommended that too many bingo cards should not be bought together. Only the number which is manageable should suffice. Too many cards increase the probability of failing to get a bingo for those cards. It also increases the probability of losses.

Again, when playing online bingo, it is better to choose a room where there are a small number of players. The lesser the number of players, the lesser is the competition and greater is the probability of winning. Whether to play for big stakes with greater odds or to play for small stakes with lesser odds has to be decided beforehand. This is so because the winnings in any room are eventually distributed to all the players in that particular room. As a lot of money is spent on playing bingo, optimizing how the numbers of wins are to be increased is most crucial.

If the above techniques are followed whenever a game of bingo is played, then winning regularly will be a cakewalk. Before immediately participating in a bingo game where a lot of money is involved, analysis on the number of players and the total payout has to be carried out first. Newcomers to the game should be extra cautious as they are not yet acquainted with the intricacies of the online bingo game. A note should also be made of the frequency of big prize money being offered by an online bingo site. A thought should be given to where and when the maximum probability of winning in the bingo game occurs.

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The 5×5 Matrices and the Magic to Play Bingo!

Bingo is a popular game today derived from a lottery-based game once used to be played in Italy. To Play Bingohas now become a common word in the arena of online game lovers. Actually it is game where there are numerical numbers ranged from 1 to 75. The numbers are distributed in a square shape card, usually disposable paper cards. There are five vertical columns that represent the name Bingo (in this manner- B I N G O). The center portion of the card is marked as “free space” and is supposed to be filled automatically. Play Bingo and judge your chance of luck- a comment that goes best for Bingo game players as it is played by selecting randomly drawn numbers.

play bingo

play bingo

Bingo game player’s different terms and phrases are used to point out different situations. “Little duck, me and you, Home alone, Peek a boo”, “Doctor’s orders”, “one lady on the gate” are most common terms frequently used while playing Bingo. These metaphoric terms give special attention to the game and cast an aura of humor among the players. There are various types of Bingo games. Some of these are popular as U-Pick’Em bingo, Quick Shot bingo, horse racing bingo, table bingo etc. The Bingo game is normally related to the theory of possibility as every number is drawn randomly and that is the main mechanism of playing Bingo.

There are some frequently used terms (jargons) needed to paly Bingo games. Some of these terms are mentioned below:

· A cluster of words ready/cased/set/down/chance is used to mean the situation when one person needs only one number to complete the bingo shape.

· Admission: This word is used to get in the game or to join the Bingo game halls.

· After game: The next game when one session is ended and another is ready to begin.

· Ball runway: This is used to mean the channel toward which the shooter is going to position the ball.

· Bonanza Bingo: This is the jackpot used only on the 13th session of the game.

· Coverall: This means a pattern that symbolizes to cover the whole card to win.

· False alarm: When one is sure that he is going to win a Bingo, this term is used often saying “falsie”. The word bongo is used too.

· Crying number: When the game is just to be ended and the winner needs only one single number to complete the Bingo shape, this last needed number is called crying number.

· Hard way bingo: A hard way bingo is one when there is pattern created with a straight line without any free space.

· Jackpot: It is a prize usually given for winning a comparatively difficult patter.

· Late night bingo: It is the session of playing Bingo games at late night.

· Money ball: This is a number which is meant to be drawn before the game that will double a player’s winning.

· Rainbow pack: This is a paper pack used to allow the players three or four prizes at once.

These are the some interesting commonly used jargon of a Bingo game. These different words have different and distinct meanings as per the game played.

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Stuck in the Snow? Let’s Go and Play Free Bingo

Among the worst things that a person can experience is the sudden fall of snow that makes travel nearly impossible. Imagine a day stuck at home, unable to go out with friends because the snow has blocked up all the roads, and even the path to your door. The news says to expect the snow to continue falling until tomorrow evening, so what can you do? Some would think to play video games, others to sleep. But how much video games and sleep can one do before growing tired of it? May we suggest, how about gathering everyone at home and convince them to play free bingo with you?

play free bingo during snowfall

play free bingo during snowfall

Bingo, for free men and women, is an acceptable pastime when there is nothing else to do on a snowy day. While one might think it would be nice to invite friends over, one must not forget that the friends cannot leave their own homes. So, given the lack of friends, and only yourself and the people you live with; what can you do with bingo? Well, you’ll be surprised at the number of options available to you when you choose to play bingo on a snowy day.

For example, a traditional bingo game would require a large venue, with dozens of people and you could not play this kind of bingo for free. But at home, with the internet, the ability to play a random bingo game from your computer removes the need for large bingo venues, so you can play bingo at home. However, if your family is around you, you can quickly download some bingo games online, and print the cards on some paper and you have an instant mini bingo hall in the comfort of your home or living room. Even the kids can have fun with bingo if you teach them how to play!

What kinds of bingo can you play on a snowy day? Well, truth be told, the possibilities are endless. If you have the patience, you can have the traditional kind of bingo with numbers and letters. Or you can exercise some creativity and use your surroundings as the basis for your bingo game! Instead of using numbers and letters, use activities to fill the bingo card! For example, you can place activities like roast a marshmallow over an open fire, make a snow angel in the snow outside, and make a s’more and much more! These activities themselves would make the time pass by faster as you perform them to finish the bingo. For free ideas and inspiration, look around you! Everything can be used for such a bingo game.

The important thing with this kind of bingo is for everyone to have fun while unable to travel anywhere to do whatever it is people normally consider fun. Time flies when you’re having fun, they say, whether it is an online game to play bingo or some variation of winter bingo! What we should all remember is that one man or woman can have fun, even if it is just as simple as some version of bingo. For free or it requires payment, fun should be accessible for everyone, no matter where they live or what they do in life. Forget the snowfall, go and enjoy a game or two of bingo!

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Christmas Ideas to Play Free Bingo for the Family

At the end of the year, when the air starts getting colder and the final countdown starts to when Christmas arrives, everyone starts becoming excited about it. Christmas is the time of the year when everyone with their friends and families comes together to celebrate a wonderful year that has passed. Usually, someone gets stuck with the task of coming up with a plan for the activities to help the whole family reconnect with each other after a long year apart. And if you’re looking for an idea, why not use an old game to form a new tradition? A game where everyone can join in, an idea that can be done practically to play free bingo, family style!



One of the most wonderful and great things about family is that no matter what happens, the family will always be there for you, and as such, getting to know them should be something very important. And Christmas is as good an excuse as any to get to know family members better. And a good activity for such a celebration is a tradition-free bingo game! Instead of using numbers and letters for the bingo game, you will want people to interact with each other, and thus improving family relations and having a good time in general. Because you want your family members to play free bingo is the idea.

So, like it was mentioned earlier, you want the numbers and letters to be replaced by personal characteristics. For example, instead of having B3, D16 and A5 on the playing cards, you can have “A Person with Curly Hair” or “A Left Handed Person” or “The Prettiest Cousin.” Go wild with it; use your imagination to come up with fun for practically free! Bingo does this best, as instead of using marks or punching holes in the card, you want your family to interact by going around and getting people who meet the description to sign on their card. It is pretty simple and straight forward, and children should find it easy to play. Free bingo prizes at the end for the winners are a must!

If you aren’t interested in a human bingo game, another variation to the old bingo game would be a picture bingo game. Instead of using numbers and letters, you take drawings of Christmas-related images like snowmen, angels, presents, reindeer and others, arrange them then print them onto some paper. In order to play free bingo space must be maintained so that everyone can see what the selected drawings are, and everyone colors them in. This style of bingo is child-friendly, so it means everyone can really play!

So, to conclude, Christmas is a very good time to reconnect with the family and free bingo is a good activity that can draw people together during this time at the end of the year. Adding a new tradition to the family celebrations might just be repeated the following years, and it is a good reminder of how well games can bring people together, even if it is just a simple matter of gathering to play free bingo or some other group game. The heart of the matter is that bingo and Christmas can go together to bring everyone closer together in the spirit of Christmas.

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Bingo for free at Alumni Party

One of the most appreciated games in the world, Bingo, can be played on various occasions as it is such a great fun activity. One such great idea is to play bingo at the Alumni party. With the dose of fun and excitement at hand, bingo will be a great way to spend time with your old colleagues, making everyone want to win (once again), and restoring the competitive spirit that was once present in your group. Alumni party bingo is a good idea because you can also play bingo for free. Other activities may involve a lot of money, but bingo is simple and cheap. All you need is some paper, pens and someone willing to run the activity, and with no expenses you can have a lot of fun with your old buddies. When you play bingo you get to stay in group, and thus get time to talk and remember all the fun adventures you and your colleagues had together during good old college days. Competition will also be again revived, just like in the old days when you fought for grades, but now you do it for a first place in bingo.

Bingo for free at Alumni Party

Bingo for free at Alumni Party

The Alumni party is a great occasion to see once again all your friends and go down memory lane. While seated together at a bingo game, this is very easy to accomplish. Other formats of such parties may be boring as the alumni might not have been in touch and thus they may not have pretty much in common. Maybe sometimes they feel reluctant to open a discussion, but if they play bingo, they will have the opportunity to start a discussion just because they are having fun together – just like in the old days.

Another great idea would be to make the winner give a speech. This will give the chance for a lot of people to talk freely and to be remembered by all the other guests, and also to raise long distant memories. They can compare if the winners are still the persons who always had success while in school.

If the winners have to give a speech, maybe the losers should get punished. They would have to tell a funny or an embarrassing story from the good old days about them or about other colleagues. These stories and speeches will make everybody laugh, and it will also make some people focus harder while playing bingo if they don’t want to share anything, or they do want to tell something.

Bingo creates friendships, and even if you didn’t keep in touch with your old colleagues, you will now have the opportunity to catch up. This is only the first step in reviving friendships. You will be amazed to find out how easy it is to trust once again people that you already knew and with whom you share a lot of great memories. If you did keep in touch, then this will be a good way to see who’s best, everyone knows that a competitive spirit never settles down, and if there’s a stake involved (the speech or the story), that’s one more reason to want to win. So if you want to spice up your alumni party, one of the best solutions for you and your colleagues may be to play bingo, because it is free, fun and allows you to catch up.

Gamble Aware (www.gambleaware.co.uk) is managed by the Responsibility in Gambling Trust, an independent charity which funds treatment, research and education about responsible gambling. The website has been developed by a Task Force made up of representatives from the Gambling Commission, DCMS, academia and industry.

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The benefits of bingo gaming

When times get too stressed, every person looks for a way to relax. To read a book, to watch a movie or to hang out with friends are only few of all the possibilities, but to play a game can be more entertaining. As it is known, games have been and still are used for gambling sometimes, but the main purpose of the game must not only be the winning, but also the fun that comes while playing. The bingo gambling, for example, can develop a person’s intuition and to ability to plan strategies in every domain.

bingo gaming

bingo gaming

There have been research studies as well, and all concluded that playing bingo has great health benefits for the bingo player. Some of these advantages are a little peculiar, but true nonetheless. Firstly, the player must have, at all times, an active mind. This could be translated by the speed and ability to scan through the bingo sheet, in order to select the number to be marked. Not only that, but the mind must be able to take quick decisions and this process helps better to regenerate the brain cells.

Bingo gambling can also develop one’s skills of money administration. Based on the actions and results, the bingo player will form a connection with real life, and some of the decision made in the game could have a great applications in business management or others spheres of life and work.

It is not by chance that Bingo is used in the elderly homes. This game is able to offer mental stimulation, especially for the elderly. Also, if the game is played on a constant basis from young age, it will work like any other mental game, meant to maintain a healthy mind until old age. The scientists proved that, as an exercised body is able to remain healthy and working at almost full power, the mind follows the same principle. Therefore, there are less risks for a person to develop any mental illness.

This game can raise the competitiveness in children, a must for a better future and personality. Of course, it is not advisable for the young ones to perform bingo gambling until they are aware of the importance of money, but then they can definitely learn how to play and all the strategies behind the game.

And let’s not forget the most obvious advantage, the money. For someone who spends most of his free time playing or studying bingo, can learn how to play in order to gain money as well. Many gamblers start with this thing in mind, and when the rules of the game are not yet learnt, losing money might only lead to more loss. But a decent person who knows when to have fun and when to gamble can have a great time out of both.

The last advantage discussed here is the fun of the game, which in the end can be the most important one. A bingo player can have lots of fun not only following the game and trying new things, but can also meet a lot of people who share the same passion for bingo. The game is really a conversation starter, and once it has worked its magic, friendships will be made.

Even though it is still regarded by many as a gambling game where money and time are lost, there is more to bingo than that. Until one dares to play it to see for himself the truththat this game is nothing but pure fun.

Gamble Aware (www.gambleaware.co.uk) is managed by the Responsibility in Gambling Trust, an independent charity which funds treatment, research and education about responsible gambling. The website has been developed by a Task Force made up of representatives from the Gambling Commission, DCMS, academia and industry.

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