Patriot’s Day with Cyberbingo

April 18th is Patriot’s Day.  This historic day is annually held on the third Monday of April and is celebrated as the first and major step in securing the independence of the United States.

Here are 5 things to know about this historic day;

  1. Significance

The significance of this day revolves around the importance of the country’s independence as a result of the American War of Independence.

  1. History

The American War of independence is considered to be as the great step which ensured the United State’s independence.  The first battles in this war were fought solely in the area of Lexington and Concord on April 19th, 1775.  It is therefore why this day is seen as a symbolic representation for the emerging renaissance of the country.

  1. Minutemen

Minutemen were part-time soldiers whose job was to quickly respond and assist to any threats which may occur.

  1. Paul Reverse

One of the most respected patriots to be commemorated with great honour on Patriot’s Day.  Reverse was an American silversmith who is memorialized in Henry Wadworth Longfellow’s poem ‘Paul Reverse’s Ride’.

  1. How do you celebrate Patriot’s Day?

With so many fun activities taking place, there is really nothing one cannot do to commemorate such an eventful day.  With festivities stretching over an entire weekend with parades, re-enactments and commemorative ceremonies in Boston, Lexington, Concord and surrounding towns, you can be rest assured to have a wide variety of options to choose from and enjoy.aff-patriots-day-700x700

At Cyberbingo we will be doing the exact same thing;  celebrating Patriot’s Day the only way we know how: play our favourite games in bingo.  We are inviting all roomies to join the fun in the USA bingo room and celebrate this historic occasion and play for fantastic cash prizes.

Our Patriot’s Day Coverall games start at 12AM BST on Monday April 18th and we will play 3 incredible £2,000 min £200 coverall games with each game playing as a top of the hour game with a cash pot starting at £2,000.

More Chance to win

With each card costing just £0.60 each and with a fantastic Buy 6 Get 3 offer on all cards, chances are you may very well end up a winner on Patriot’s Day at Cyberbingo.

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