St. Patrick’s Guaranteed Pots

When you think of March 17th, you almost surely think of green, spending time with friends and having a good time.

From rowdy pub crawls to entertaining parades and family-friendly festivals; there is nothing quite like St. Patrick’s’ day for a guaranteed fun day.

With such a popular holiday being celebrated all over the world, from the U.S. to Australia to Argentina and even the Asian region, we all know Cyberbingo is the perfect place to be when it comes to celebrating popular events and having a great time together.

In fact, Cyberbingo is inviting you to wear your favourite green shirt and make your way to the Spring Bingo room on March 17th for a chance to win £1,500 cash playing in our Saint Patrick’s guaranteed

Playing from 10 PM GMT, each pot will have a guaranteed prize of £500 cash which means all you have to do is show up with your lucky charm!

Not sure you will be around for the day? Why not Pre-order your cards now for your chance to win up to £1,500 in cash? Simply log into your Cyberbingo account and Pre-order your cards TODAY!

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