Bingo Jackpots and Prizes offered in Bingo

The value of the cash prizes offered by the bingo halls may vary from a mere $50 to $100 and can sometimes go up to a $1 million or even more in the casinos located in the reservations of North America. The prize can also take the form of gifts like trips, cars and even drinks. The money that is at stake in bingo bingo jackpotsis defined by the money that the bingo hall will finally earn in the process. Normally is is around 50 to 60% of the jackpot amount. In some states the laws restricts the maximum payout amount per night. In Georgia the limit is $1100 per night and in the state of Louisiana this limit is about $4500 per session.

Bingo jackpot

Bingo jackpot

The progressive jackpot amount goes on increasing with every passing game until there is a winner. Instead of being a percentage of the money earned, the initial seed money for a progressive jackpot may be declared as $500. To win this jackpot a player should get a blackout i.e. getting all the numbers on a bingo card marked when the 49th ball is called. As long as there is no winner, then the money in the progressive jackpot goes on increasing, sometimes at the rate of $100 per game, throughout the sessions held maybe for days and weeks.

State laws put a limit to what the maximum value of a progressive jackpot can be and the value remains at that point until a winner is declared. The state of Michigan on the other hand does not put any cap on the amount a progressive jackpot can have.

Games with high stakes like $50,000, $100,000, $1 million or more has become the latest phenomenon because of the great popularity of the bingo game. Bingo halls are getting insured against bankruptcy as they compete with each other to offer these high stakes.

A few bingo halls hold the game in steps in which $50,000 is paid for getting a blackout in 49 balls or $100,000 is paid out if the blackout occurs in 45 balls. But as it is very difficult to get a blackout with so few balls, the progressive jackpot game can stretch over weeks and months.

Some of the bingo halls offer $100,000 jackpots which can be won in a session spread over a week comprising of five games at night and one game in the afternoon. In this session the winner should get a special winning pattern within a limited number of balls. They may also have to chose a winning card or spin a wheel to win after they get the winning pattern.

A player may win the top jackpot prize at the first chance he plays bingo or may take weeks or months or even years to win it.

Winners of a large progressive jackpot do not get the money immediately. They have to wait for 48 hours before they can be paid. During those 48 hours the balls are checked for tampering by labs and the video tape footage is checked by the insurance companies. Only after passing these tests does the winner get the money in lump sum cash or check if it is less than $100,000. If the value is more than $100,000 then he is paid in yearly installments.

A type of bingo game is called Satellite Bingo where a number of bingo halls in one area are connected by satellite so they can offer a bigger jackpot. The bingo halls can thus offer a bigger jackpot collectively than they could have offered individually.

These are some of the important points you should remember when playing a game of bingo.

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Bingo Game, an Ecstasy to Pass a Nice Time!

Bingo game is basically a game of fun that lets you play with an idea of releasing unlimited creativity and efficiency. There are good chances that you end up playing with a number of players together. You are expected to call loudly “bingo” to inform other players of your win but you will be considered a winner only after the verification that you have matched your numbers well.

bingo game

bingo game

By using the bingo game, like many churches one can easily raise funds for a social cause, for the betterment of people by contributing to their needs. The actions so performed may either be simply an act of benefaction or otherwise a social contribution out of welfare fund. It is indeed remarkable to see that many churches and welfare organizations, involved in noble deeds, use the game of bingo to meet these social obligations easily.

There are several versions of these games and one may select the best to suit his taste after discussing with other gamers. Once it is done and you know what suits your liking best then you can go on. Bingo game applies the 5X5 structured matrices and players are provided with pre-printed cards with written numbers on them or one can play online with electronic display. Some players like to play with single card and thus enjoy only the fun that goes with the game, while other more serious players like to play with pack of card to improve their chances of win. The rules for being a winner are preset and declared to all, and the one to meet them first shall call out loud “Bingo” and then claim the prize, which he will get only when his claim is authenticated in the number verifications process. If his call is found out to be wrong, his card is confiscated and he will go out of the game.

When the game reaches the end, the excitement reaches the highest degree. Each number increases the heartbeat of the players and when finally someone declared “Bingo”, one can easily hear the curses and sighs in the hall, from the losers of course. The hero of the game, the winner, must be ready for lots of thanks and congratulations that are going to soon come in his way.

The Free Bingo game options are also available online and offer unlimited fun with nothing at stake, just pure fun. But it can definitely prove to be a way of developing communication with other people through bingo room chatting options, sitting on your chair at home. A computer screen can bring to you almost unlimited versions of free bingo games. In the free domestic environment, free bingo games throw open the opportunity to join from remote. Online free bingo is an effective tool for improving social communication. It lets you have a perfect social network and expand it continuously sitting at home. As it is an upfront free game, anybody can join here at zero cost. There is although some restrictions in free bingo games which may not be liked by more serious players.

But one thing is there for sure, you may enter the scene as a free bingo player, but over time he will surely develop the taste for it and then, when he wish to go for serious gaming, he has to deposit some amount and if luck is in his favor then he will definitely see the money double or quadruple in short time.

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Thanksgiving Bingo – 86,400 seconds in a day can lead to a lot of fun

Thanksgiving is not only a time to thank family and everyone else for their support, but also a day off for many. A day when the family gets together for full 86,400 seconds during the day. It leaves ample free time for fun many activities. Why not get the family together and have a bingo game using the theme of the Thanksgiving Holiday.

Thanksgiving is a North American holiday that is celebrated on the second day of November in Canada and the fourth Thursday of November in the United States. It is a time when families get together and sit around the dinner table eating mashed potatoes, turkey in gravy and discuss what they are thankful for in the past year. With the whole family, there you can include a game of bingo to improve family bonding.

Free bingo on Thanksgiving also provides a kid-friendly game that is fun, easy to organize and even sneaks in some educational purposes as you can use the pieces to learn about the history of Thanksgiving.


Thanksgiving Bingo

How about this Thanksgiving trying a different sort of free bingo? Are you bored of the old-fashioned way of bingo? Wanting something more attractive and visual? Try a game of picture bingo, instead of words, why not have your free bingo board scattered with pictures of orange pumpkins, gobbling turkeys, a plate of sweet potatoes or a jug of brown onion gravy

You can stick with the original idea of bingo by using the calling cards with the written words that are associated with Thanksgiving e.g. November , Yams , Maize, 1621 , Turkey etc.  On a piece of card, design a 5×5 bingo table and write in the different words in each of the sections, again make sure that each card has some differences to it , as you don’t want them all shouting bingo at the same time otherwise the free bingo game will turn out a Thanksgiving flop.

Is your Thanksgiving crowd a little bit older? If so, then this Thanksgiving you can make your free bingo game a little more complicated by asking the participants call out the meaning of some of the Thanksgiving objects and topics e.g. If a picture of a turkey has been called then you could ask the question of  “Why Turkeys are used for the Thanksgiving meals “ ? . Answer: One explanation was that we eat the turkey on Thanksgiving, because of Benjamin Franklin’s statement that the turkeys were a ‘respectable bird”.  Benjamin Franklin thought that the turkeys should be the national symbol of America. It is true that, at the time turkeys were cooked for other special occasions and therefore Thanksgiving was added to the list.

If you needed to gather inspiration for your Thanksgiving game of free bingo you may type into the Google search term “Thanksgiving Bingo”. It would bring up approximately 4, 430, 00 hits within 0.21 seconds. Sites filled with How to make your own Thanksgiving bingo cards to sites that include free printable Thanksgiving Bingo cards both written and oral.

So readers, if you are trying to decide what fun family bonding activities that you can fit into your 86,400 seconds of fun on Thanksgiving day, one that the whole family will enjoy, then why not suggest a fun free bingo game of Thanksgiving Bingo. This will be perfect way to light the household up and have them truly realize the origin of Thanksgiving and what it means to be blessed with a family that you can actually bond over with, with such a simple and inexpensive game like Thanksgiving Bingo.

Gamble Aware ( is managed by the Responsibility in Gambling Trust, an independent charity which funds treatment, research and education about responsible gambling. The website has been developed by a Task Force made up of representatives from the Gambling Commission, DCMS, academia and industry.

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