The Big Bingo Event – make it count

As summer starts to gear up, as usual here at Cyberbingo, we’re offering you all sorts of options to get your hands full with all the possible fun at playing bingo.

Our next great special is the Big Bingo Event which will be held on Sunday June 30th at 4AM BST. This popular game also features a number of warm up games where you can also win up to $250 with tickets costing just GBP 1.25 per card, surely a winner on every level.

Do you really want to make your mark with bingo?

You could be this month’s GBP5,000 winner! The Big Bingo Event is back with the straight GBP5,000 Guaranteed Game in the Bingo Tourney Room on Saturday June 29th!

Start off with our three (3) GBP 250 Guaranteed Games from 1AM BST onwards and warm up before The Big Bingo Event which will commence at 4AM BST.

Join us for the big game on Sunday 30th June!

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