The Bingo luck – as they call it

Bingo is a game of chance; there are lot of combinations that can be drawn in one game. The only real talent that you need in order to win is your bingo luck and fortune. It is a matter of having the chance to win by having a body full of luck.

Bingo Luck

Bingo Luck

There are many people in this world who believe that they can catch Luck and play around with Fortune. There are people who believe that their fate depend on the stars and signs. They believe that these star signs have similar characteristics that they possess. Newspapers publish horoscope for each star signs and the players of Bingo sometimes depend on the message on the horoscope to foresee their future in playing the game. They even take the advice and live with what is written in the papers. They depend on the “lucky number” column and the number of cards that they should buy. Some people even have the time to read numerous newspapers and magazines just to see their horoscopes and see if they’re lucky to play a game at that day.

Many people consider lucky numbers in their lives and it is not just the “lucky 7” of the western world and the “lucky 8” of the orient. I have an acquaintance whose lucky number is 91 because it is the number of the house of his favourite Auntie (who he used to think as a white witch). It may be a lucky number in some places, but not for 90 or 75 number Bingo!

By attending live Bingo games, I see people who played in pairs, because they believe that it is lucky. Some people sit in particular places that they believe would be lucky—sometimes even falling in line to get the seats that they wanted. This isn’t always a stupid thing as it may seem. At Hastings on England (South coast), the least lucky (or popular) seats are those at the rear right side of the auditorium. This wasn’t false notion because that area is very close to the children’s play area and slots machines. This area is full of noise and the distraction can make you miss the number drawn or worse, make a false call.

Some people take with them a lucky pen or lucky charms that can help them win the game. Some even wear jewellery and clothes that they consider lucky. I had a friend who was a truck driver who plays Bingo while wearing a fake Rolex watch that came from Turkey and costs on a pound. The hands of that watch is turning counter-clockwise, which interfered with the motion of time and he said he could see the future when he wears it. He also admits that this watch makes him see the numbers that will come up. One time, he was successful in Bingo while wearing the fake Rolex watch!

There was a story that was told to me by a beginner in Bingo. He was known as the “unlucky person” for the regular Bingo players and local people at the certain Bingo hall. This is because the visitors and tourists win more frequently when he is running the game. He was fired after two weeks because of it. If the lucky Bingo charm is really true… I’m quite sure it didn’t apply to him.

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