The modest start of the fun called Bingo Game

Bingo as a game was originally played in Italy in the 1530’s. The bingo game came to America in the 1929’s and was played in simple surroundings like village carnivals. It was known as BEANO at that time. Slowly it came to be played by households all over the country. It started with the original name of BEANO which changed to the familiar name of Bingo as it is known presently.

bingo game

bingo game

A toy salesman named Edwin Lowe luckily came across this game being played at a booth in a carnival in Jacksonville in America in the year 1929. The booth where the game was being played was the most crowded one among others. He saw a game called “Beano” and having cards containing numbers was going on. Numbers were being called by a caller and the matching numbers were being covered by beans. The winning patterns being used were horizontal, vertical and diagonal lines. The prize being offered was a doll.

Edwin Lowe got in touch with the man conducting the game that very night. He found out that the man had picked it up from a similar carnival in Germany. The name of the German game was “Lotto”. The man described all the aspects of the game to Edwin Lowe which aroused his interest in the game.

Lowe set up this game at home and asked his friends to join him when he came back from his trip. One of his lady friends became excited while playing the game and mistakenly called out “bingo” instead of “beano”, when she won the game. The name stuck, and that is how the bingo game is known today.

As the years passed, the bingo game came to be used for raising money for charitable work and for household fun and entertainment. Gradually it made its way into the gambling industry and ultimately to online gambling websites.

Tips for playing online Bingo

Ø Online bingo sites which are less crowded should always be chosen to maximize the chances of winning.

Ø A player should try to play at night on weekdays as the number of players is lesser than on nights during weekends.

Ø A player should take part in the chat rooms, bingo clubs which publish newsletters to acquire first-hand knowledge about bingo games, promotions and bonuses.

Ø The numbers marked on the bingo cards should always be matched for errors with the numbers displayed on the bingo board. The last three called numbers are also displayed for reference.

Ø When the displayed number is 23/75, it means that the last number called was 23 out of a total of 75 balls.

Ø A player should take part in those bingo games which offer cards for 25 cents or more as larger prize money can be won in them.

Ø A player should immediately break away and join again later when he is relaxed if he finds himself losing every bingo game. The Auto-daub mode which marks the cards automatically, can be used during the period when the player is away.

Ø A player should attempt to play on reputed online bingo sites which make payments without any problems. Preference should be given to sites which offer the highest bonuses on deposits.

Ø Sometimes playing with a larger number of cards maximizes the chances of winning a bingo.

Ø The best time to play online bingo is between eight o’clock and eleven o’clock on Fridays and Saturdays as the chance of winning jackpots is always there during this period.

Ø Colored bingo balls are used by some online bingo sites. These colored balls represent bonuses which are given if any of the numbers of the colored balls match any number in the winning pattern.

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