Online bingo – Thy sleigh bells are ringing, and the fingers are clicking

With Halloween finished, Thanksgiving nearly over and Black Friday is approaching it can only mean one thing that those Christmas bells will soon be ringing as it comes to the countdown of the big man in the red suit that flies on his sleigh delivering presents to all the good girls and boys. Christmas time though however, means it’s that time of the year to have some fun, and nothing beats playing bingo with family and friends. Christmas without a game of bingo especially the online bingo, is like Christmas without the decorations and holiday cheer. A great tip though, before you head to play Christmas Bingo with your friends and family, why not gather and build up your experience and gain some tips and advantages by playing a few games of online bingo.

online bingo

Online Bingo

Even better is that when you decide to look up and track down some online bingo games, you will discover a mixture of free bingo games online as well as a few paid bingo games. The paid online bingo games if you are keen and confident is a great way to earn some extra cash to help you over the Christmas period.

Over the Christmas period, one of my favorite online bingo gaming pages I like to follow is a bingo and lifestyle community page called “Online Bingo Lady”. It contains online bingo links for a number of different sectors from USA Bingo Games to UK Bingo Sites, Are you a new bingo play and wanting to learn beginner bingo to prepare you for the bingo games against your friends and family when you gather for the Christmas season. What’s my favorite thing about Online Bingo Lady is that it includes a Bingo Blog where you can read up on posts which include bingo techniques to keep you on top of your game and a forum where you can post questions and meet other online bingo fanatics. To get you into the Christmas spirit, you can play an Advent calendar filled with different online bingo games – one a day to prepare you for the takedown of your family come the 25th December 2012.

If you are experiencing a white Christmas in the United Kingdom and are a more experienced bingo player, why not check out the phenomenon known as Gala Bingo. What is gala bingo you may ask? For over two decades, Gala bingo has been the United Kingdom’s most loved and trusted bingo operators, a name that has become synonymous in households with the gaming industry. Gala bingo boasts to having over 143 clubs with 5 million members and pays out prizes totalling approximately £42 million pounds in both retail and online bingo games.

Gala Bingo is a great way this Christmas to have some fun, enjoy a bit of entertainment and meet a lot of like minded and similar people. Gala bingo is all about making friends this Christmas, with a set of friendly chat hosts and members who like to ensure that their Gala bingo club is a warm and friendly environment for all.  With any game of bingo, it is a chance of luck and with gala bingo there is nothing that quite beats the thrill and the pump of adrenaline that is pulsating through your body as they call your numbers and the most awesome thing about Gala bingo is that everyone leaves with something and there’s a lot of games that are no cost to join. Imagine all the money you can earn to buy Christmas presents all by playing a few rounds of gala bingo.

So bingo lovers from far and wide , gather around and discover the world of Christmas Bingo – whether it’s brushing up your skills playing games of free bingo online or checking out the world of gala bingo and earning some hard-cold pennies to help you have a little more spending money to reel in the Christmas period with.  As the title said “The sleigh bells are ringing and dinging and that means it’s time to get those fingers a-clicking through the gaming world of online bingo and opening those eyes to a new opportunity in gala bingo.

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