Ice Cream Bingo Tourney

Everyone loves an ice cream to help cool down in the warm summer months in the warm summer months. Ice Cream is usually made from dairy products, such as milk and cream, and combined with a variety of fruits or other flavours to produce a wide selection of different tasting ice cream varieties.
Ice cream is loved by both children and adults and is mainly seen as a treat, a special occasion, although in this modern age most home have some form of ice cream in their freezers. Ice cream can vary greatly in consistency from soft scoop to a soft whipped version popular at fairs and fetes. With more recent demand for a luxurious, thicker ice cream, the popularity of brands such as Ben & Jerry’s and Häagen-Dazs have reinvented the humble ice cream to be more of a luxury treat that comes in an even larger selection of flavours and tastes.
ice-cream-tourney-desktop-gbpJuly is National Ice-cream month and you can enjoy a month filled with delicious Ice-Cream bingo fun at CyberBingo. Enjoy a scoop of your favorite Ice-Cream in July at CyberBingo as we play for a refreshingly cool £2,400 in delicious prizes in the CyberBingo Ice-Cream Bingo Tourney.
CyberBingo’s tasty Ice-cream Bingo Tourney plays in the Summer Bingo room from July 4th till July 31st and you can get more chances to win £600 as the tourney winner with a tasty Buy 6 Get 3 Free offer on all cards.

That’s free chances to win every game you play!

Sweet Tasting Candy Bingo Fun

Our taste buds love the taste of sweet things, candy, fizzy drinks chocolate bars and it’s hard to imagine a time when sweet foods were not part of our diet. Sweet foods date back to ancient times when people discovered that the well-guarded contents of a bee’s hive contain sweet tasting honey. Getting hold of this favored food may have been dangerous but the rewards were unrivalled by another other food in our diets. The first candy bars (or closest comparison) comprised of nuts and fruits that were rolled in honey. The manufacturing of sugar during the middle ages brought candy to the people but the cost was so prohibitive that is was reserved for the upper classes, those with money. As the price of manufacturing sugar was reduced in the seventeenth century, hard candy became popular within the masses and led to the modern day “sweet tooth” that sees us enjoy candy nearly every day.
candy-bingo-tourney-desktop-gbpEnjoy delicious bingo treats in CyberBingo’s Spring bingo room between June 6th and July 3rd and play for a share of £1,800 in fabulous prizes in the CyberBingo Candy Bingo Tourney. CyberBingo will play one its special tourney bingo games every hour of every day during this tasty tournament and each time you win one of these sweet bingo games, you will be added to the tourney leaderboard. The more of these games you win, the higher you can climb up the CyberBingo Candy Bingo Tourney leaderboard and the winner of a sweet £600 first prize!

Keno fun and excitement in June

Keno is one of the oldest games in the casinos, and as you would expect in a game that has existed for more than three thousand years. Best reports suggest that Keno was invented approximately 3000 years ago by Cheung Leung, a ruler of the great Han Dynasty. At the time, Leung’s city was involved in a long, drawn out war, one that had all but exhausted the city’s funds and resources. Unable to draw more tax money from the residents, Cheung Leung conceived of an idea that would both fill his city’s coffers and would not place extra taxation on his citizens. The game he invented was somewhat similar to the modern keno we play today and enabled Cheung Leung to earn enough money in order to finance the war. The game may have changed over the years from an original 1000-character game to our modern 80 number version but the method of play remains.

53018_thumb_keno-tourney-fbChoose your lucky numbers between June 6th and June 26th at CyberBingo and you could be crowned the CyberBingo Keno Tournament winner of £300 cash. For your chance to win, play any or all of CyberBingo’s selection of Keno machines and your aggregate winnings will be totaled up and added to the tourney leaderboard. With £1,500 in prizes to be won by the top 20 players who win the most playing keno, start playing CyberBingo’s fun filled Keno machines for your chance to be a winner in the CyberBingo Keno Tournament.

Spread the Word in May

When it comes to the good things in life, great deals, the best shops, our favorite restaurants, we all love to share them with our friends. Whether it’s by word of mouth, FaceBook, Twitter or any other method of social media, we want to make sure that all our friends know about them. On the flip side, we all love to receive great deals and suggestions from our friends, things that we did not know about and had been missing out on. Word of mouth and nowadays social media are the best form of advertising as you are sure that the information you receive comes from a trusted source, your friends.

Spread the word and share the fun and excitement of playing at CyberBingo with all your friends in May and you could be playing more of the great bingo games you love for free.

For every friend that registers a new account in May, CyberBingo will reward you with a fabulous £20 free bonus. All your friends will instantly receive a £25 free bonus to play and a massive 500% bonus on their first deposit. You’ll also receive a buddy commission of 5% on every deposit your friends make, that free bonuses every time they fund. That’s a win, win situation for both you and your friends as you share the great bingo playing experience of CyberBingo.
Spread the word in May!

National BBQ Month

Summer is just around the corner and it’s time to fire up the BBQ in May for National BBQ month. BBQ’s area way of life for the summer months, Steaks, ribs, burgers, there’s not much that can’t be cooked and enjoyed on a BBQ grill. When it comes to great BBQ food there are many views on how best to cook the perfect BBQ. Some love to marinade their meats in delicious secret recipes, others prefer to just throw meat straight on the grill as they are, but the real art to a great BBQ is the friends and family that you invite to come on over and join in the fun.

Celebrate National BBQ month with us at CyberBingo and your BBQ’s could be the talk of the town this summer as we give away a fabulous new BBQ grill. This incredible raffle is open to everyone and costs nothing to enter and is only open until 5am BST, June 1st, so make sure to get your entry in for your chance to win yourself an Incredible gas BBQ grill courtesy of CyberBingo.


All you have to do is follow 4 easy steps:
1) Follow CyberBingo on our Facebook page.
2) Post a photo of yourself playing Bingo games at CyberBingo.
3) Use the hashtag ‪#‎IWIN@CyberBingo along with your CyberBingo username.
4) Enter the Code BBQ2016 under my account>bonus section after placing a minimum of one deposit during the month of May.

Kentucky Derby Speedy Bingo

It’s time to experience “The Most Exciting Two Minutes In Sports” on Saturday May 7th as racegoers descend upon Churchill Downs in Louisville, Kentucky for the 142nd Kentucky Derby. The race is also known as “The Fastest Two Minutes in Sports” for the time it takes to run and also as “The Run for the Roses” due to the blanket of roses that are draped over the winner. Time seems to stop still for this great race, nothing else seems to matter for those 2 minutes, filled with excitement, it’s incredible how many £1000’s of pounds are won and lost in such a short space of time. Being the first race in the calendar for the American Triple Crown, it has great importance for riders and owners. Whether you watch it live from your home or at Churchill Downs, this truly is a sporting spectacle not to be missed.
51973_thumb_kentucky-derby-700x700Enjoy all the excitement of the Kentucky Derby with your CyberBingo roomies from 1am BST on Saturday night as we play our exclusive Kentucky Derby Speedy bingo games. The fun filled, fast paced bingo games are filled with bingo excitement as we race towards great cash prizes every game. We’re under Starters orders at 1am BST in the CyberBingo Spring bingo room, so grab your Mint Julep and get ready to keep up with the caller as we play Kentucky Derby Speedy Bingo!

How playing Online Bingo can yield positive benefits to our players

blog header CB

Did you know that the majority of communities have at least one Bingo game available? The reason? Bingo has been shown to yield extremely positive on memory function particularly due to its low tech nature which provides mental stimulation which is highly therapeutic for people who may suffer from cognitive disorders.

Bingo and Online Bingo are ideal games for people of all ages. Why? It is certainly age-appropriate; while it is super easy to play. It’s a game which allows players to distinguish and match colours and shapes, which can be very beneficial to the brain function. The variation Bingo games provide are endless; players can identify anything from animals to items of food and even body parts. Thus, such different variations applied to the games allow for an enormous amount of stimulus and improvement of the thinking process.

Simply put, Bingo is a game which is enjoyed by everyone and it’s really not that hard to understand why. The whole social aspect plays an enormous role in its’ popularity which allows for players to enjoy the games with the freedom of engagement with others. Without adding too much, all you Cyber Bingo players know what I’m talking about. You all know the greatness of Bingo which ultimately  makes up our super amazing Bingo community.

However If you think you need a little bit more to get to know about Online Bingo, be sure to check out our promotions and offers for even more reasons to play online Bingo!

Let Cyber Bingo be your biggest companion :)

Get more from your Bingo site!

Everyone loves to get more for their money and when it comes to playing online bingo, why should it be any different?

Most bingo sites offer great introductory bonuses when you sign up, 300%, 400% and more just to get you playing but these great bonuses soon dry up and leave you feeling unwanted as a player. With meagre reload bonuses of 10%, 20% or 30% when you fund as a regular player, it’s time to move on to the next new bingo site and another great introductory offer. Most players now find themselves hopping between whichever bingo site offers the best bonus that day, if the bingo sites does not reward their loyalty, then why should players be loyal to the site?

With so many sites now belonging to two or 3 major bingo networks, the games and prizes are the same wherever you play, removing the individuality of the bingo sites and the exclusive fun they offer. This in turn makes online bingo dull, boring and no longer the interactive fun pastime that so many of us love. Ask yourself, when did you last login to play bingo and feel that you were part of a warm welcoming bingo community?

Great bonuses are all good and well, but do you have to jump through hoops and play through crazy amounts just to be able to withdraw your winnings? Wagering requirements are the quietly hidden away rule that most bingo sites now employ to ensure that withdrawing your winnings is so complicated and hard work that the majority of players just playing away anything they win. A 300% bonus sounds great until your look deeper and see that you have a 3x wagering requirement. That means that you have to play through a crazy amount before you can withdraw what remains of your winnings.

It’s not all gloom and doom though, at CyberBingo we have led the way in online bingo fun since 1996, providing our players with the very best online bingo experience. Built by players for players, enjoyment always comes first at CyberBingo and we give our players fantastic bonuses every time they fund, exclusive games and promotions to play and best of all we have absolutely No Wagering Requirements to keep them from their winnings.

We believe that the player comes first and without our players CyberBingo would be just another run of the mill bingo site. With incredible bonuses every time you fund, no silly rules to keep you from your winnings and fantastic bingo promotions that could see you joining our Big winner’s wall of fame, join in the bingo fun at CyberBingo to see for yourself why CyberBingo is bingo at its best!

With £25 free to play and no deposit required, sign up at CyberBingo today!

Welcome Funding Bonus





Pirates Vs Vikings

Pirates vs Vikings

High Sea Adventure

There’s high seas adventure and fabulous video slot fun to be found at CyberBingo in our action packed Pirates Vs. Vikings video slots tourney. There’s no need to talk like a Pirate or dress like a Viking to play, simply join in the video slot fun by playing any or all of our selected Pirates Vs. Vikings video slots between Friday, September 18 at 5:01AM BST and Monday, September 21 at 4:59AM BST for your chance to be our CyberBingo tourney winner of £300 cash.

With over £600 in prizes to be won by the top five (5) players, join in CyberBingo Pirates Vs. Vikings video action to be our tourney winner. The more you spin and win, the higher you will climb up our tourney leaderboard to be crowned the Pirates Vs. Vikings video slots tourney winner of £300 in cash!

Father’s Day Bingo




fathers-day-headerFather’s Day is a celebration honouring fathers and celebrating fatherhood on Sunday June 21st, so join us for bingo fun and excitement at CyberBingo as we celebrate this great day with our action packed Father’s Day bingo Games. Playing from 10:00PM BST in the Spring Bingo room, you can enjoy four hours filled with bingo fun and excitement as we bring you a fabulous mix of everyone’s favorite bingo games.

Starting £60 games. Starting with a guaranteed prize pot of £60 for just £0.60 a card.

High or Low £120 / £60. High or Low, your chance to win big for only £0.60 per card.

Guaranteed £180 games. An incredible £180 guaranteed to be won every game for only £0.60 a card.

Join us at CyberBingo for Father’s Day bingo fun and fantastic cash prizes to be won and we’ll give you even more chances to win with an incredible Buy 6 Get 3 Free offer on all cards in our Father’s Day bingo games. All you have to do is select your 9 lucky cards and you will only be charged for 6. That’s incredible free chances to win with our Father’s Day Bingo games!


special-funding-bonuses-headerAt CyberBingo we love to offer our players the very best playing experience, fantastic promotions, incredible cash prizes and best of all fabulous Special Funding bonuses, giving you more bang for your buck every time you fund your account at CyberBingo.

There are NO CODES NEEDED, simply fund your account and we will instantly credit your fantastic Special Funding Bonus. That’s more bang for your buck every time!

Don’t forget that at CyberBingo we have NO SILLY WAGERING REQUIREMENTS!Unlike many other bingo sites that make you play through 3x or 4x your bonus, we believe that everything you win should be yours to keep!

Fund > Win > Withdraw – It’s as simple as that when you play at CyberBingo!


Deposit £60 or more to receive a massive 400% Bonus.

Deposit £59 or less to receive an amazing 200% Bonus.


Deposit between £10 and £29 and get a 99% bonus.

Deposit between £30 and £59 and get a 199% bonus.

Deposit £60 or more to receive a 299% bonus.


Deposit between £10 and £29 and get a 88% bonus.

Deposit between £30 and £59 and get a 188% bonus.

Deposit £60 or more to receive a 288% bonus.


Deposit £60 or more to receive a massive 300% Bonus.

Deposit £59 or less to receive an amazing 150% Bonus


Deposit £60 or more to receive a massive 400% Bonus.

Deposit £59 or less to receive an amazing 200% Bonus.


Deposit £60 or more to receive a massive 300% Bonus.

Deposit £59 or less to receive an amazing 150% Bonus.


Deposit £60 or more to receive a massive 200% Bonus.

Deposit £59 or less to receive an amazing 100% Bonus.

Play more every time you fund with fabulous Special Funding bonuses on every deposit at CyberBingo!

The CyberBingo Sunday Raffle

raffle_ukEvery Sunday in May gives you the chance to win a fantastic Microsoft Windows Surface Tablet absolutely free in the CyberBingo Sunday Raffle. Imagine being able to play all your favorite CyberBingo games from wherever you like, on the couch, lying in bed or even out in the garden. This great prize could be yours!


Every time you make a deposit of £10 or more between 5am and 4:59am EBST on any Sunday in May, CyberBingo will award you one free entry into The Sunday Raffle. That’s one entry for every £10 deposited, so if you make a deposit of £20, we will receive two (2) free entries into the Sunday Raffle.

The more times you deposit, the more chances to win this fabulous prize!


Betty Boop’s Guaranteed Games

It’s time for Betty Boop to take center stage as the spotlight falls on her fantastic £300 Guaranteed games, at CyberBingo.

bettymayBetty is everyone’s favorite film star and this month her incredible Betty Boop’s £300 Guaranteed games will play in the CyberBingo Candy Frenzy Room on Saturday, May 3rd at 10:00PM BST and Saturday, May 24th  at 10:00PM BST. There’s a guaranteed prize total of £600 to be won in May and with a ticket cost of just 30p, these great games are guaranteed be a box office hit.

betty2Ms Boop loves to shower her adoring fans with special treats and this month she is offering an incredible Buy 8 Get 4 Free offer on all tickets for these two great Betty Boop’s £300 Guaranteed Games. Make sure to join our very own CyberBingo starlet this month as we play for £600 in her two great £300 Guaranteed games!

Bella Roma £5,000 Guaranteed game

Sunday September 22nd is another big day to mark in your Bingo calendar. Here at CyberBingo we are offering another lucky player the chance to win big in our fabulous Big Bingo Event – Bella Roma where we will be giving away a guaranteed £5,000 cash. Could you be our September winner of this fantastic prize? What would you do with all that cash? The possibilities are endless.

Bella Roma, just picture the historic city and all the wonderful things that there are to see and enjoy. Take a stroll along its narrow streets, let your senses overload with the smells and flavors of authentic Italian cuisine or be more adventurous and visit the famous sites such as the Coliseum or the Trevi Fountain. There is guaranteed to be something for everyone, especially those with a weakness for a little shopping. Italy is the home of fashion with famous brands such as Dolce & Gabbana, Gucci and Versace.

To make this dream come true, join us here at CyberBingo in our Bingo Tourney Room on Sunday September 22nd .The fun will start with three £500 Guaranteed games which will play at 1am, 2am and 3am BST. Then at 4am BST we will have the Big Bingo Event, the Bella Roma £5,000 Guaranteed game. With cards at just £2.50 each, this is your chance to be one of our exclusive £5,000 winners.

Make sure to pre buy your tickets now and you can start dreaming of Rome

If you think winning £5,000 is impossible, check out and see what other winners have had to say. Their dreams came true!

Ciao! Buona Fortuna


Betty Boop’s offer you can’t refuse

Our latest promotion at Cyberbingo is Betty Boop’s $500 Guaranteed. So who is Betty Boop? Let’s find out more about her.
Betty Boop is an animated cartoon character created by Max Fleischer, with help from animators including Grim Natwick.

She originally appeared in the Talkartoon and Betty Boop film series, which were produced by Fleischer Studios and released by Paramount Pictures. She has also been featured in comic strips and mass merchandising. Despite having been toned down in the mid-1930s to appear more demure, she became one of the best-known and popular cartoon characters in the world.

Betty Boop is regarded as one of the first and most famous sex symbols on the animated screen; she is a symbol of the Depression era, and a reminder of the more carefree days of Jazz Age flappers. Her popularity was drawn largely from adult audiences, and the cartoons, while seemingly surreal, contained many sexual and psychological elements.

Following our hugely successful promotion last month, Betty Boop’s back with another offer that you simply can’t refuse! Look out for Betty Boop’s $500 Guaranteed Game selling tickets at $0.50c per ticket. Join Betty in the Budget Bingo 90 Room on Saturday August 17th at 6pm ET.

Ms Boop’s Tickets also have a special Buy 8 Tickets Get 4 FREE offer! All you have to do is select a total of 12 cards of your choice and you’ll get 4 of them for FREE!

The Big Bingo Event – make it count

As summer starts to gear up, as usual here at Cyberbingo, we’re offering you all sorts of options to get your hands full with all the possible fun at playing bingo.

Our next great special is the Big Bingo Event which will be held on Sunday June 30th at 4AM BST. This popular game also features a number of warm up games where you can also win up to $250 with tickets costing just GBP 1.25 per card, surely a winner on every level.

Do you really want to make your mark with bingo?

You could be this month’s GBP5,000 winner! The Big Bingo Event is back with the straight GBP5,000 Guaranteed Game in the Bingo Tourney Room on Saturday June 29th!

Start off with our three (3) GBP 250 Guaranteed Games from 1AM BST onwards and warm up before The Big Bingo Event which will commence at 4AM BST.

Join us for the big game on Sunday 30th June!

Bingo Jackpots and Prizes offered in Bingo

The value of the cash prizes offered by the bingo halls may vary from a mere $50 to $100 and can sometimes go up to a $1 million or even more in the casinos located in the reservations of North America. The prize can also take the form of gifts like trips, cars and even drinks. The money that is at stake in bingo bingo jackpotsis defined by the money that the bingo hall will finally earn in the process. Normally is is around 50 to 60% of the jackpot amount. In some states the laws restricts the maximum payout amount per night. In Georgia the limit is $1100 per night and in the state of Louisiana this limit is about $4500 per session.

Bingo jackpot

Bingo jackpot

The progressive jackpot amount goes on increasing with every passing game until there is a winner. Instead of being a percentage of the money earned, the initial seed money for a progressive jackpot may be declared as $500. To win this jackpot a player should get a blackout i.e. getting all the numbers on a bingo card marked when the 49th ball is called. As long as there is no winner, then the money in the progressive jackpot goes on increasing, sometimes at the rate of $100 per game, throughout the sessions held maybe for days and weeks.

State laws put a limit to what the maximum value of a progressive jackpot can be and the value remains at that point until a winner is declared. The state of Michigan on the other hand does not put any cap on the amount a progressive jackpot can have.

Games with high stakes like $50,000, $100,000, $1 million or more has become the latest phenomenon because of the great popularity of the bingo game. Bingo halls are getting insured against bankruptcy as they compete with each other to offer these high stakes.

A few bingo halls hold the game in steps in which $50,000 is paid for getting a blackout in 49 balls or $100,000 is paid out if the blackout occurs in 45 balls. But as it is very difficult to get a blackout with so few balls, the progressive jackpot game can stretch over weeks and months.

Some of the bingo halls offer $100,000 jackpots which can be won in a session spread over a week comprising of five games at night and one game in the afternoon. In this session the winner should get a special winning pattern within a limited number of balls. They may also have to chose a winning card or spin a wheel to win after they get the winning pattern.

A player may win the top jackpot prize at the first chance he plays bingo or may take weeks or months or even years to win it.

Winners of a large progressive jackpot do not get the money immediately. They have to wait for 48 hours before they can be paid. During those 48 hours the balls are checked for tampering by labs and the video tape footage is checked by the insurance companies. Only after passing these tests does the winner get the money in lump sum cash or check if it is less than $100,000. If the value is more than $100,000 then he is paid in yearly installments.

A type of bingo game is called Satellite Bingo where a number of bingo halls in one area are connected by satellite so they can offer a bigger jackpot. The bingo halls can thus offer a bigger jackpot collectively than they could have offered individually.

These are some of the important points you should remember when playing a game of bingo.

Gamble Aware ( is managed by the Responsibility in Gambling Trust, an independent charity which funds treatment, research and education about responsible gambling. The website has been developed by a Task Force made up of representatives from the Gambling Commission, DCMS, academia and industry.

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Bingo Chat Rooms – The Chat and Chatter of the Bingo Site

It is true that all of those who really love to play bingo in land based bingo halls, may not be interested in playing online bingo. It is also true that all of those who love to play online bingo may not be interested in the facilities and entertainment provided by the Bingo chat rooms.

Bingo Chat Rooms

Bingo Chat Rooms

The reason why people want privacy while playing online bingo is not known exactly. It maybe because of some guilty pleasure they want to enjoy alone, or maybe they do not have the time or are not inclined to mix with other players. It is very difficult to change their attitudes, but there may be newcomers to the game of online bingo, who would like to experience the enjoyment, offered by the bingo chat rooms but have not yet made up their minds to do so.

The purpose of the people who visited the bingo halls during the period from 1950’s to 1980’s was not only to play bingo but also to socialize with other players. The bingo halls still provide the environment for socializing, while the online bingo sites have started to provide the same environment with the help of their integrated bingo chat rooms. The advantage of these chat rooms are, that you can meet people hitherto unknown to you and you can become a part of an online community of bingo lovers. You get a chance to come across people whose interests are similar to yours and you can start relationships quite easily with them. You can achieve all this while enjoying the comforts provided by your own home.

You can find people who welcome and encourage you, show their interest in you and what you do, when you join bingo chat rooms for the very first time. The initial conversations may start with basic things like whether you have played online bingo earlier, what are the sites which interest you most and maybe some personal questions like where you stay, what hobbies you have and all that.

There are moderators in the chat rooms who overlook the conversations taking place in the bingo chat rooms, and who will steer away from you players who ask too many questions. The chat room moderators make you feel at home and take care so that you do not get bothered by other players.

You may often find events in bingo chat rooms of an online bingo site which you can use for holding a private party with the players you have befriended recently without any problem. You can easily find out the chat rooms which you prefer and which are attended by like-minded players with whom you would like to chat and mix. But at the back of all this is the common love for bingo which is shared by all of you and your friends and which will make you return to the game again and again.

A special game called a Team Bingo is played in many online bingo sites. In this game the bingo chat rooms are divided into separate teams of players which compete against one another and try to get as many bingo wins as they can. The players in each team chat among themselves and easily form bonds of friendship especially when they work together to win a bingo.

Your experience of online bingo can easily be enhanced by befriending players in the chat rooms. It has happened that people have met their future spouses when they attended these bingo chat rooms. A time may come when marriage ceremonies may be held in these chat rooms but as of now, it is not possible.

So, are readers able to get what actually can happen on a Cyberbingo Site? What are you waiting for then?

Gamble Aware ( is managed by the Responsibility in Gambling Trust, an independent charity which funds treatment, research and education about responsible gambling. The website has been developed by a Task Force made up of representatives from the Gambling Commission, DCMS, academia and industry.

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How to keep your Online Bingo Service up and running

Some hints to fix technical glitches in your online bingo service are given below. You can use these hints to fix the problem yourself or give the service provider or online bingo site customer service a call.

online bingo

online bingo

Before trying anything you should always compare other online bingo sites with the problematic one. This way you can become sure whether problem lies with that particular site or the service provider or you. Something may be wrong with your computer if the same problem occurs with all online bingo sites.

If you press the F11 key on your keyboard then you can fit the game screen to your monitor screen. If you want to change the resolution of the monitor screen, then follow the steps given below.

1. Click on the Start Menu

2. Click on Control Panel

3. Click the Display icon twice

4. Click on the Settings option

5. Move the slider on Screen Resolution to increase or decrease the monitor screen resolution

6. Clicking on the Apply button will change the monitor screen resolution and you will be asked for confirmation. You can either confirm by clicking on the Yes button or go back to the earlier resolution by clicking on the Revert button.

Ensure that you have the latest version of the Internet browser installed in your computer along with the correct plug-in. This will reduce problems with your browser.

Turn off the sound from the options menu of the online bingo site if you are having connection problems with your bingo site. If the Network Congestion problem shows up, or your connection fails, check whether your firewall or anti-virus software or the proxy-server is disallowing the connection. Try to connect to other sites on the Internet. If the connection problem still persists then there is no problem with your online bingo site. You have to check the hardware and the software of your computer for regaining your internet connection.

To overcome a firewall or a proxy-server problem, the settings have to be changed by entering TCP port values on your computer. Make use of the help files to change these settings or ask the network administrator to help you.

The ActiveX control for your browser should be enabled. Reset the Security values of your Windows system to their default settings using the following steps.

1. Click on the Start Menu, the Control Panel option and then Internet Options.

2. Choose the Security option

3. Choose the Custom Level tab

4. Change the option to Medium in the Reset options menu

5. Click the Reset tab

6. Close the browser and all running applications and Restart your computer to enable the changes made.

To take care of internet lag or latency, which increases the time to load the game or interrupts the process of loading or disconnects the computer while the loading process is on, do the following.

1. Start your computer again.

2. End all applications.

3. Start you Internet connection with minimum windows open in your Web browser.

4. If you have a dial-up connection, try to connect with help of other numbers provided by the ISP. The internet connections should be all right.

5. Take the help of your network administrator to get back the default network settings of your computer.

6. If your ISP software is outdated, then update it with the latest releases.

7. Updates for drivers are regularly available to enhance the functionality of the hardware. Use the updates offered by your manufacturer to increase the performance of your computer. Else, the hardware needs to be upgraded.

8. Too many Anti-virus and Spyware software running at the same time slows down your computer. Select the best and de-install the rest to make your computer faster.

Gamble Aware ( is managed by the Responsibility in Gambling Trust, an independent charity which funds treatment, research and education about responsible gambling. The website has been developed by a Task Force made up of representatives from the Gambling Commission, DCMS, academia and industry.

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How Bingo became a Booming business

The game of bingo was first played in Italy under the name of Lo Giuoco del Lotto or the Italian National Lottery in the year 1530. The game is still played on Saturdays and has helped the Italian treasury collect revenues up to a billion Euros every year. The highest win ever recorded was about 150 million Euros or 128,000,000 Pounds Sterling on 22nd August, 2009, by a person from Tuscany.



The game of bingo has different names in different countries. It is called Lotto or Tombola in European countries, Housey in the UK and Beano in the USA.

The game of Lotto would be played in Italy at all family gatherings on weekends and occasions like Christmas. Even the children were allowed to play this game. Cost of each card would be kept low and small prizes would be given to winners. A caller would draw the numbers ranging from 1 to 90 from a sack at random and call them out. The wooden discs containing the called number would be laid down on a table having a matrix of 90 squares.

In France, upper classes adopted this Italian game and made it very popular among the gentry. Later on, the French Revolution changed matters and the game took a back seat.

The Germans adopted this bingo game as a tool for teaching mathematics to their children. The game spread slowly in other countries too, and was brought to UK in 1918 by the British troops returning home after the First World War. The bingo game reached immense popularity and was successful commercially only when it reached America in 1929.

A toy salesman named Edwin Lowe, on his way to Georgia from New York, chanced upon the bingo game in a county fair. He saw the owner calling out numbers and the players covering the same number on their cards with beans. Whenever anybody completed covering a line on the card, he would shout out “Beano”, and would be given a Kewpie doll as a prize.

Edwin Lowe was so impressed with the addictive nature of the game, that on his return, he called his friends in New York to join him in a game of bingo. One day, while the game was in progress in his house, a lady friend, unable to hold back her excitement, called out “Bingo” instead of Beano, on winning a line. Edwin Lowe liked the new name and the name stuck. Edwin Lowe started a thriving business by selling 12 bingo cards for 1 dollar and 24 bingo cards for 2 dollars.

A Catholic priest from Pennsylvania saw the game and asked Lowe to use the game to raise funds to build his church. This caused a new problem to appear as the prize money had to be shared by more winners holding cards with the same numbers.

Edwin Lowe appointed Carl Leffler, a mathematics professor from Columbia University, to solve this problem. By the end of 1930, Leffler could design 6000 bingo cards, each with its own set of random numbers, but the pressure made him go insane. From 1934 onwards, more than 10,000 bingo games are played every day. Today almost 90 million dollars change hands daily due to this game of bingo.

A change in the gambling laws in UK enacted by the Macmillan government, gave a huge boost to the game of bingo. The owner of MECCA, Eric Morley, converted all cinema halls which had closed down due to the onslaught of television, into Mecca Bingo halls all over UK. Soon other entrepreneurs followed suit, and more and more people flocked to Mecca Bingo halls instead watching football matches.

Today, all the major companies holding bingo games have gone online. The online bingo games can be played from home without any restrictions about smoking and with no restrictions on dress codes. It is the greatest attraction with huge prize monies to be won sitting in the comfort of your homes. The business generated by online bingo sites seems to be going straight up with no downturn visible in the near future.

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Gary Beal