Get to play the online Bingo and win loads of money

This article is to help those who want to play online bingo in the State of Arizona. The information is about the rules and regulations that are to be followed. If at any point it is found inconsistent or something has been omitted due to oversight, then the Arizona Revised Statutes and/or the Arizona Administrative Code will be over-riding over the information given below.

arizona online bingo

arizona online bingo

How a game of Bingo is to be conducted:

1. The maximum prize money cannot be more than $1000 for any single game of bingo.

2. Except in the case when a Special Bonus Game is conducted, the maximum prize money cannot be more than $3000 for a single session of more than one bingo game.

3. Any incentive given cannot be more than $250 during a single session of bingo.

4. If any player asks for a copy of the bingo rules and regulations then he is to be provided with a copy.

5. While the bingo session is going on, a qualified supervisor should be present all through.

6. It is to be seen that all equipment for conducting the game are working without any problems.

7. It has to be ensured by the Licensees in the presence of one or more bingo players that the receptacle contains all the bingo balls and they do not have any defects.

8. Players take the cards to the playing area only after paying for them.

9. Cards can neither be reserved for any player nor can any player reserve them for someone.

10. Bingo cards cannot be duplicated.

11. The amount of prize money and the winning pattern have to be declared before the game is started.

12. The ball which is to be called next has to be secured in case the machine has been turned off.

13. A player who is not the winner has to be called upon to verify the winning card in that game.

14. There can be only one winning pattern which can be verified for any one bingo game.

15. Each game is closed officially only when the caller calls out.

16. Checks can be signed only by the supervisor or any of the officers of the organization.

17. Enough quantity of money has to be maintained by the Licensee in his account so that all the checks which are being signed can be covered.

18. When cash is awarded to the winners, they have to sign the receipts for the cash.

19. Only Class A Licensees and not any of those conducting the session, can take part in game of bingo when the session is in progress.

20. The age of each player has to be at least 18 years and above.

21. Except the state lottery, no other lottery or raffle can be conducted within twelve hours prior to or after the end of a bingo session as per law.

22. All records related to the cards sold to and the money received from the players has to be maintained by the Licensees.

Notices displayed

1. During a bingo session, the license for conducting the bingo and any amendments to the license, have to be displayed prominently on the notice board.

2. The license for any Special Bonus Game, if conducted, has to be displayed also so that it can be seen by everybody during the bingo session.

3. Before any bingo cards can be sold, all information regarding fees for admission, the cost of services and incentives being offered and the cost of the bingo cards have to be clearly displayed.

4. The exact amount of each prize has to be displayed on the notice board. Exact information regarding “Split-the-pot” or “Winner-take-all” prizes have also to be displayed. A statement saying that the prize money will be equally divided between all the verified winners in the event of multiple winners, has also to be put up on the notice board.

5. There should also be a notice saying that the booklet describing all the bingo rules and regulations is available for reference on request.

Limitations on Prize money

1. For any Licensee, except for a Class B or a Class C Licensee who has a Special Bonus Game License, the prize money for a single game of bingo is limited to a maximum of $1000.

2. For a session of more than one game of bingo, $3000 is the maximum limit for the prize money which a Licensee can offer, except for a Class B or a Class C Licensee who has a Special Bonus Game License.

3. To get a Special Bonus Game license, a Class B or a Class C Licensee has to apply for it. A Special Bonus Game is a game held on two consecutive days of a week with a prize money limited to a maximum $12,000 in a quarter.

4. Payments are to be made in the form of checks for any prize money which equals to or exceeds $150.

5. The winner(s) have to sign receipts for any prize money which is less than $150.

6. Prizes awarded for bingo cannot include alcoholic beverages.

7. Prize money won by multiple winners have to be equally divided amongst all winners. The Licensee is allowed to round off any fraction of the equally divided money to the next highest dollar.

8. In case the prize is not cash but some other merchandise which cannot be equally divided amongst the winners, then the Licensee has to give away substitute merchandise, whose total value is equal to the value of the original merchandise, to all the winners.

9. Conversion or redemption of prizes given in the form of merchandise into cash is not permissible in bingo.

10. The selection of the minimum prize is at the discretion of the Licensee.

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Have lots of bingo free fun at your child’s party

If that time of the year has come, when your dear child will celebrate another year in this world and you are findging yourself out of ideas for party themes, maybe you my like to consider the option of bingo free fun. Bingo is more than just a game for people either trying to relax or to earn some money. It is an immense source of fun and entertainment, and the little ones will definitely enjoy it very much it you plan it on the day of your child’s birthday.



The use of numbers for bingo may not be the best choice when it comes to children’s play time, and you as parent, will have to work your imagination at full speed to come up with new and interesting symbols to be used as the bingo theme. You may like to consider the symbolds to represent the things that are related to the child on whose birthday the bingo game is planned.

To play bingo is, just like the name says, a game. If your little child has an affinity for an animated cartoon, or maybe a character like Batman, Superman, smurfs and so on, you can use that to make your own bingo theme. There are certain things you will need in order to prepare the game.

For starters, you must search the symbols which will be on the bingo sheet. It doesn’t have to be solely from only one theme. You can combine superheroes with action figures or even cartoons, so the game will be covering more diverse topics. Once you have all these symbols counted for, make either bingo sheets with the symbols already on them, or miniature images for the children to complete their own sheet.

If the children are between 4 and 8 years old, a 3 x 3 game will be just fine for the bingo fun, and if they are between 9-12, you can make it more complex like a 6 x 6 or 9 x 9. It all depends also on your organizational skills. Make also small cards with the same symbols, which you will use to extract at the time of playing the game.

After everything is set and the children know what to do, you can begin the bingo fun time. It would be probably best to announce the prizes from the beginning. This will motivate the kids to concentrate and to play bingo with a stake in mind while having a lot of fun.

When it comes to decorate the bingo theme party, there are many options available. For example, napkins imitating the bingo game with numbers will make the children wonder about the numbers, and maybe even to make their own bingo game. They can also play bingo hunt, if you have previously hidden numbers throughout the house. Once you called a number, the first kid that finds it can cross it off his sheet. It will be a very active game and the children will love all the thrill and the action involved.

If there are more than 10 guests, you can also organize a bingo game with their names instead of numbers. What would the kids love most than to hear their names called and to find out they are on somebody’s bingo sheet?

The ideas for the party don’t have to stop here, and you can work with everything that comes to mind in order to offer your precious little child a party to remember. Don’t forget, the hard part and work will fall on your shoulders, so make sure you prepare everything with at least two weeks before the party.

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Use bingo as a teaching tool

Bingo is not only a game for fun, but also a teaching game for the young ones who find it difficult to study some of the topics in school or kindergarten. All the teacher must have is a little imagination, and for the imaginative teachers bingo can be a very effective teaching tool and if used properly children will definitely benefit from the bingo teaching.

teaching through bingo

teaching through bingo

The application of the bingo game as a teaching tool depends on the teacher’s initiative and if planned well it can be applied effectively to teach maths, biology, the alphabets, grammar, spelling and many others dry topics the kids fear most. Planning for the game is simple and needs minimum resources like some pieces of paper, pens and a lot of imagination and patience.

Once the bingo sheets are distributed to the students the teacher then can use the blackboard for further communication. Lets say that the class is that of English Vocabulary and spellings. The teacher can select are write the words on the blackboard wrongly spelt. The students are asked to select few of the words and write them correctly on their bingo sheets. After that teacher will select the words one by one and also tell the correct spellings. The students who have written the spelling correctly only can cross the word in his or her sheet. The one who cuts all the words first is the bingo winner or the spelling wizard of the class for the day.

This way, the children can learn to spell correctly while playing, and their competitiveness will come in handy for their future, in any other domain. It will be easier for them to remember how the words are spelled correctly by repeating them over and over, with their full attention working. Prizes can also be used, to make them even more competitive and attentive.

At the end of the bingo teaching, the teacher could give each student a sheet of paper where all the words are spelled correctly, alongwith their definitions. This teaching method will even make the children tell their parents about the game, and if the student has further problems with spelling, the parents can help him while playing bingo in the comfort of their own house. Also, the crossed sheets must remain with the children, so they can analyze their game any time they want, and maybe learn the lessons even better.

This game can be applied to any class, as said above, and the results will be easily observed by the teacher, the students and the parents as well. It is very important for the little ones to believe they are really just playing a game because that’s what they really understand the best. In the future, they might even apply the same method to learn more difficult classes, in high school or even college.

It is hence recommended that for the serious teachers who take their work seriously the game of bingo can be used very effectively to teach a plethora of complex topics very easily and in an entertaining manner. Besides teaching it also develops the team spirit among the class and improves the interpersonal relationships. These are the skills which are as important as that of the subject to lead a more fulfilling and successful life within and after completing the school.

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Bingo Game, an Ecstasy to Pass a Nice Time!

Bingo game is basically a game of fun that lets you play with an idea of releasing unlimited creativity and efficiency. There are good chances that you end up playing with a number of players together. You are expected to call loudly “bingo” to inform other players of your win but you will be considered a winner only after the verification that you have matched your numbers well.

bingo game

bingo game

By using the bingo game, like many churches one can easily raise funds for a social cause, for the betterment of people by contributing to their needs. The actions so performed may either be simply an act of benefaction or otherwise a social contribution out of welfare fund. It is indeed remarkable to see that many churches and welfare organizations, involved in noble deeds, use the game of bingo to meet these social obligations easily.

There are several versions of these games and one may select the best to suit his taste after discussing with other gamers. Once it is done and you know what suits your liking best then you can go on. Bingo game applies the 5X5 structured matrices and players are provided with pre-printed cards with written numbers on them or one can play online with electronic display. Some players like to play with single card and thus enjoy only the fun that goes with the game, while other more serious players like to play with pack of card to improve their chances of win. The rules for being a winner are preset and declared to all, and the one to meet them first shall call out loud “Bingo” and then claim the prize, which he will get only when his claim is authenticated in the number verifications process. If his call is found out to be wrong, his card is confiscated and he will go out of the game.

When the game reaches the end, the excitement reaches the highest degree. Each number increases the heartbeat of the players and when finally someone declared “Bingo”, one can easily hear the curses and sighs in the hall, from the losers of course. The hero of the game, the winner, must be ready for lots of thanks and congratulations that are going to soon come in his way.

The Free Bingo game options are also available online and offer unlimited fun with nothing at stake, just pure fun. But it can definitely prove to be a way of developing communication with other people through bingo room chatting options, sitting on your chair at home. A computer screen can bring to you almost unlimited versions of free bingo games. In the free domestic environment, free bingo games throw open the opportunity to join from remote. Online free bingo is an effective tool for improving social communication. It lets you have a perfect social network and expand it continuously sitting at home. As it is an upfront free game, anybody can join here at zero cost. There is although some restrictions in free bingo games which may not be liked by more serious players.

But one thing is there for sure, you may enter the scene as a free bingo player, but over time he will surely develop the taste for it and then, when he wish to go for serious gaming, he has to deposit some amount and if luck is in his favor then he will definitely see the money double or quadruple in short time.

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Super Bingo – The Real Game of Chances

Bingo! This is the golden word for lots of bingo players yearn to exclaim. The probability of being able to say the word may not be that high, considering the many opponents also hoping to be able to shout it before anyone will ever do, but nobody can deny how lots of people find this game delightfully entertaining, and possibly for a few, even addictive. Nowadays, lots of lottery games have taken the internet territory. One of the biggest and the most played, clearly because it is not only fun but can also be profitable, if the odds are not against you, is Super Bingo.



What makes it enjoyable is definitely not the risk involved. Bingo players have already assumed that the minute they bought the ticket. Like any other game, there will be a winner, a lucky person or perhaps a few fortunate individuals. But there will always be a great number of those who lose their money. This is the risk a lot of people who get into games like this fear, and ultimately want to outmaneuver. It is also the reason why many of them get thrilled.

How do you play Super Bingo anyway? Just like any other similar bingo game, you mark the numbers on your card once it is drawn. The drawing is taken randomly, of course. That makes it fair to everybody. The first player to uncover a pattern such as a line, 4 corners, the letter T or X, or a box, wins. The minute he creates the match, he should call out “Bingo”. He then gets the money prize. Super Bingo is said to have a prize payout of more than fifty thousand dollars. That certainly explains why a lot of bingo players don’t mind the risk. Aside from that, the mechanics of the game are very simple and straightforward. That is why this game is played by people of all ages, except those who can’t recognize numbers, obviously.

It is not a matter to be questioned. Super Bingo is a game of chances. There are chances of winning it big, of winning it but with plenty to divide the gain with, or of losing it. It is definitely gambling in every sense. As such, it is not good to rely on luck all the time, for you may not be as fortunate as the others. You need to have a reality check from time to time. If you realize you have already spent far too much and even after winning will not be able to recover the waste of your money and your time, then better stop. Don’t let the game become an uncontrollable addiction. It is not a harmless hobby anymore if you cut your social life and your productivity as a person altogether. It is not engaging anymore if you are leading yourself to financial ruins. Keep yourself together. If you have the means, then play. Play not only for money, but also for the fun of it.

Super Bingo is a good game. Try it if you have the time. It is not all money. It is also an avenue to have a great bonding time with friends or with your family. Enjoy the game, bingo players! And may the odds always be with you.

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Bingo games are only a click away with Apple

Everybody loves a good game of bingo; it can be addicting and fun, a game of chance which brings the adrenaline racing throughout our bodies. However with our busy schedules, it is quite difficult to go out and play bingo games or join in on bingo gala. Now with the world becoming more and more connected to the web, you can play bingo online with just a click of a button and even more exciting is that it is accessible to you 24/7.

As many households now have access to Apple technology in one form of another, whether it is the iPod, iPad or Apple Laptop, with the iTunes store, you can download and play bingo for free or if you wish to up your bingo game skills, there are online bingo games you can join in and earn some dough.

Bingo games can be available for fun times and educational purposes for your children. Here is a list of bingo rules , the top four bingo for free applications which includes a mixture of bingo games that adults and teens can play for fun. All are available for downloading from your Apple iTunes store.

Top Five fun free bingo games:

1) Bingo Live – Operated by Playphone, Free Bingo Live! Has been rated with 5 stars and you can earn online bingo gold. When you join the bingo game, you receive $10,000 Bingo Gold and for every day that you play, your credit goes up $5,000. The game has a real-time multiplayer option and you can add friends to your games and chat online. Like many console games, you have achievements to unlock. Bingo Live has a list of achievements to unlock for those who like the victory and feeling that comes to shouting BINGO

2) Bingo 90 Live HD – This is one of the Bingo applications that I play on my IPad. As a result of writing these bingo articles, I decided to start playing Bingo. With Bingo 90 you can play Bingo with up to 90 balls. As you play each game, you earn credits which can help you play the games and buy bingo tickets online. There are three different game levels, starting with $1 and working its way to $100 a game. Like Bingo Live, you can also chat with friends and others who are playing the games and it is so addicting and can get that blood pumping when the caller brings up your number on the screen.

3) The bingo Jungle – Farmhouse has been known as one of the best gaming providers online in the PC world and now they have brought to Apple, a free bingo game. Bingo Jungle is a mixture of Russian roulette and Bingo combined. The game is a single bingo game with numbers from 1-25 and contains over 28 different game skills to choose from. With its use of bright colors and casino aspects, Bingo Jungle is one of the best applications to download for a bingo for free game.

4) Bingo Bash HD –Hosted by BitRhymes Inc., Bingo Bash HD has been cited as being the no one Bingo game in the world and one of the most popular provided in the iTunes store. Bingo Bash has more than a million players playing per day. It is available to be played on any Smartphone or similar device. Bingo Bash adds a new flavor of classic bingo skills with a new contemporary twist which excites and draws in players throughout the world and more exciting is that this Bingo game is free.

bingo games

bingo games

So next time reader, you have an urge or that inkling building up within you to play bingo and wanting to try your luck at the game of Bingo. Head to your local iTunes store on your computer or apple accessory and get clicking as your App store contains over 300 free bingo games online to play individually or with a friend. The Bingo search contains both bingo games for pure fun with no actual monetary values crossing hands as well as bingo games for those who want to earn a couple of extra dollars on the side.

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Why Bingo Players Prefer Online Bingo

Online Bingo is killing the traditional bingo halls, but why? This article explains.

Bingo has been in existence for centuries, people were accustomed to going to bingo halls and playing with bingo cards or balls randomly withdrawn from a container. The game had a caller whose responsibility was to draw out the cards or balls and call out the numbers. The players’ duty was to identify the called numbers on their cards and mark if there is a match.  After completion of a line on the card or after marking the whole card, depending on the rules of the game, the player would shout “BINGO!” The first player to do so would be declared the winner. This is the same criteria that also used in online bingo and the modern bingo played in casinos. It is in this regard that I found it imperative to compare these two types of this game, the traditional bingo versus the modern bingo.

If you have visited the bingo halls, you will agree with me that players are not allowed to talk to each other while the game is on. Surprisingly, online bingo does not observe this rule as it gives players a window of communication via the chat rooms. So if you love talking while actively playing, you will find the online version much more interesting.

Since the bingo halls rely on players’ losses to make earnings, they hardly give free games. But when it comes to online bingo sites, they have diversified means of accumulating income including signing up and product promos. Hence, offering free games is well within the reach of online bingo sites. Therefore, you should not be surprised by the innumerable lists of the websites providing free bingo games, and please take advantage of them without worrying at all! Apart from the benefit of enjoying a free game, you can win fabulous prizes.

I’ve never heard of bonus deals in traditional bingo halls, but this is quite common in the online bingo casinos! There are various bingo bonuses and each one of them is predetermined, for instance online casino offers you double the amount you deposit, or you can also get deposit bonus upon creation of an account. There are also referral programs and players take advantage of this by bringing in as many friends as possible. However, the most common bonus comes when you sign-up.

With all those benefits associated with online bingo casinos, few people can ignore them. But that is not all, in fact not the main allure of online gaming. The main reason why people have abandoned bingo halls is the expediency and comfort of the online bingo. If you have to play bingo in a traditional bingo hall, you always need to be ahead of time. First you have to locate the hall; sometimes it may be far from your place so you have to dig into your wallet. And it could even be worse if the hall has a dress code. Money, effort plus frustration are too much to bear! Playing bingo at home is much more convenient than going through all that. Furthermore, while playing online you can access a variety of bingo games and there is a huge amount of money at stake, thanks to the large number of players.

While online bingo employs the similar rules and methods of this old game, it is obvious that it takes the cake. Online bingo sites offer players a lot more than the traditional bingo halls do! You can access themed games, customized beginner games and free games. Let me just say with online bingo, there is something for everyone.

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Does Playing Multiple Bingo Cards Tilt Fortunes?

Bingo is among the oldest games yet it is still very popular, thanks to its simple rules and mechanics. The game is easy grasp, but that is not what I want to talk about today. I’ve been playing bingo for a while and I’ve seen players use a number of tricks, especially playing multiple bingo cards to enhance winning chances! Does doing this really work? And if it does, precisely how many cards can an individual player hold onto? In this article, I shade some light on this.

Multiple Bingo Cards

Before we get into details, I want us to have a common understanding that bingo is a game of chances, and in better terms, it is a type of gambling. What makes it different from other casino games is the fact that a bingo player doesn’t have as much control over the game results as in other casino games such as poker. This means that bingo is mostly played for fun and any financial rewards that may come with it should be considered a bonus.

So what are the advantages of buying multiple bingo cards in a single game? First, the chances of you emerging the winner are based on probability. This means that to know your mathematical chance of winning, you need to know the total number of cards in play. If the total number of cards in play are 15, and you are playing with 6, it means that you have 2/5 chances of winning the game. A player with a single card has a 1/15 chance of winning, which is very minimal.

Even though playing multiple bingo cards turns the odds in your favour, it greatly reduces your concentration and level of control. You’ll be anxious in most part of the game as you keep turning the cards to see if you got the pattern. You’ll agree with me that it is much easier to track a single card or two than to track a pack of bingo cards. If you feel that you can effectively track the cards, then you will certainly be on the winning side. However, if you get mixed up, you might miss calling out “BINGO!” and miss fabulous prizes that you could have otherwise won if only you had practised better control.

Just like in other casino game, bingo should be played within a defined budget. When buying bingo cards, there financial repercussions especially when you don’t win. But as I said earlier, you play primarily to enjoy yourself and any financial gains should be considered a bonus. This is why when you purchase 15 cards to play concurrently, you should know that your opponent playing with fewer cards has less to loose in case the game does not go his way! But what if the game goes against you?

Whenever you are opting to play multiple cards, strategise yourself so that you achieve your main goal. The number of cards you play will be determined by the finances involved and the number of cards you’re able to comfortably manage in a game. You should not sacrifice the thrill of the game for the sake of winning, it therefore important that you enjoy the game. Note that bingo is game that is purely based on luck and no matter how many cards you play in a single game, if the game’s inherent edge is against you, no win will come your way. And this is why seasoned players advice that if you have a losing spell, it is advisable to take a break.

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