Use bingo as a teaching tool

Bingo is not only a game for fun, but also a teaching game for the young ones who find it difficult to study some of the topics in school or kindergarten. All the teacher must have is a little imagination, and for the imaginative teachers bingo can be a very effective teaching tool and if used properly children will definitely benefit from the bingo teaching.

teaching through bingo

teaching through bingo

The application of the bingo game as a teaching tool depends on the teacher’s initiative and if planned well it can be applied effectively to teach maths, biology, the alphabets, grammar, spelling and many others dry topics the kids fear most. Planning for the game is simple and needs minimum resources like some pieces of paper, pens and a lot of imagination and patience.

Once the bingo sheets are distributed to the students the teacher then can use the blackboard for further communication. Lets say that the class is that of English Vocabulary and spellings. The teacher can select are write the words on the blackboard wrongly spelt. The students are asked to select few of the words and write them correctly on their bingo sheets. After that teacher will select the words one by one and also tell the correct spellings. The students who have written the spelling correctly only can cross the word in his or her sheet. The one who cuts all the words first is the bingo winner or the spelling wizard of the class for the day.

This way, the children can learn to spell correctly while playing, and their competitiveness will come in handy for their future, in any other domain. It will be easier for them to remember how the words are spelled correctly by repeating them over and over, with their full attention working. Prizes can also be used, to make them even more competitive and attentive.

At the end of the bingo teaching, the teacher could give each student a sheet of paper where all the words are spelled correctly, alongwith their definitions. This teaching method will even make the children tell their parents about the game, and if the student has further problems with spelling, the parents can help him while playing bingo in the comfort of their own house. Also, the crossed sheets must remain with the children, so they can analyze their game any time they want, and maybe learn the lessons even better.

This game can be applied to any class, as said above, and the results will be easily observed by the teacher, the students and the parents as well. It is very important for the little ones to believe they are really just playing a game because that’s what they really understand the best. In the future, they might even apply the same method to learn more difficult classes, in high school or even college.

It is hence recommended that for the serious teachers who take their work seriously the game of bingo can be used very effectively to teach a plethora of complex topics very easily and in an entertaining manner. Besides teaching it also develops the team spirit among the class and improves the interpersonal relationships. These are the skills which are as important as that of the subject to lead a more fulfilling and successful life within and after completing the school.

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